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Ultimate Coaster

Ultimate Coaster for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Phony Studios located at 8818 Jarrett Valley Drive Vienna, VA 22182. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is simply brilliant. I really enjoy games which involve using your own creativity, and Ultimate Coaster gives you exactly that. Once you've mastered the basic functions (which doesn't take long!), you can freely create your own coasters, be they simple and gentle, fast and flowing, or gut - wrenchingly impossible!!.... And you can even add your own colour schemes! Totally amazing, and very highly addictive. Congratulations to the developers for a truly superb game. Thank you!!
it is not as good as expected, I accidently once press the arrow button on my phone and doesn't save any of my roller coasters I had. and couldn't place any trees along the map area. PLEASE DOWNLOAD ULTIMATE COASTER 2! ITS BETTER!
The game mechanics are ok. the graphics are good except for the ground. i wish it was an actual park simulator game,almost like planet coaster. i like the sky. there should be a feature where you can smooth out the track. i wish it would autosave every time, and have an main menu screen. otherwise, the game is good. ; )
Rate app 5 can you add a people and the flat land make it larger and add more decoration and real water and add more coaster disign i love this game
Amazing game in general. If it needs one thing, you should have the option to ride your coaster from the back seat, since back row and front row rides are very different
I can't believe this app is free! Great graphics, good physics, and very easy and fun to use! No ads either! Great sandbox for roller-coasters
Everything about is great! So easy to use and you wont need to pay for a great experience. I love this app!
It's great once you know how to use it. There are some things that can help smooth out your coaster like using the auto connect for banking transitions. One little thing I noticed is that the auto build vertical loop is shaped very oddly. It doesn't look very elliptical to me. The top is too flat and it has slight corners where the geforce would peak which is what actual vertical loops are designed to prevent.
Generally ok. The reason this gets 3 stars for me is the fact you have to pay an absurd mount of money to get all the coaster types. It also lacks a lot features for a rollercoaster designer, like preset invertions, preset corners and other peices. (Mabye you should be able to dig underground and make tunnels too)
Great game Phony Studios you did a great job with this game but i would rate 4.5 stars because it needs more features like the track type you should get one free inverted coaster with the normal coaster type you get now and the track building needs to be a little better along with some lag that needs to be fixed and mayble like monthly/weekly updates would be great! overall could use some work but its really good!
I love this games sooo much ....... But if you can upgrade this game like these have free mode to build our own roller coaster to play and have driver mode that have passenger to drive and have level mode to play ....... I hope you can do it πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
The game is great! It provides realistic physics, and overall it enjoyable. The only thing I would like to see is development on the game. I really would like to see new things and features added. Here are some: Different types of trains like the ones in dice coaster with customizable things like, how many rows in a train, now many seats, etc. I would also love to see different types of supports. For example maybe an option in settings to generate wooden coaster like supports. Please work on it.
Awesome! Although, I do have something to say. Something to make this game better would be something like decorations, or buildings adding more life to it! Apart from that, probably the best roller coaster game. The physics are realistic and the graphics are great!
This is a very nice simulator! The only reason i leave 4 stars is because i cannot change the material of the tracks and supports. It is also possible to build higher than zoom allows, so you should probably limit build height to 2400 ft. Maybe add some more shapes of tracks instead of straight, left loop and right loop. Possibly add a community builds tab and multiple train support.
Game is terrible. Does not respond to commands. Controlls are next to impossible to use. Extremely difficult for something that should be fun and easy.
This is probably the best mobile roller coaster simulator!!!!! (well not probably it is the best) this isn't a game where it's a spaghetti thing, you get to build, ride and have fun!!
Developer needs to update the game. Maybe put in some more prefab elements, or add a smoothing tool. Or maybe add a new coaster type, maybe like a wooden coaster or something.
Thanks for the app. Its very simple to use but you can also customize your builds to exactly what you want. I think it would be better if it had scenery you can add.
Great app but one thing some coasters and seat should be available . And something that would be awesome is where you can add people on your ride and they can tell you how fun it was or how they didn't like it
great game. Love it, runs very well on my laptop which isnt the best laptop in the world but works very well. i like the way you can add loops in and automatically create 180 degree banking and put it back to 0 after. THey only think i think would be better is other inversions instead of just vertical loops as i find it very difficult to create them on my own.
Amazing graphics, physics do apply and for a mobile game, it's pc quality, only problems were camera controls(when building), and it'd be cool if instead of a plain non detailed green ground, there could be a park surrounding the ride, otherwise it looks really weird, a random roller coaster in the middle of a field. Maybe combine all your coasters in one park or at least the ones you want to that would be sick, and that would put that last star up for me. And track types should be free too πŸ€‘
The game is awsome its very helpful plus it's fun afther you ride.But one problem is that you can put other inversions in the game,but other wise it's fun you did awsome. Also can add a recoarder in the game so you can show friends and other people. The graphics are great make it more realistic ok it will look better the carts to make it look realiatic. Can you make sure you have a option for different biomes. It make game more realistic.
The physics are amazing, the roller coasters are amazing, but I would like to see more parts like corkscrews, ride cycle settings, how many trains you want and overall, pretty amazing
Amazing game but over time there are these weird bumps or gaps in the track. Please try to stop this from happening but if you can't then please make the caridge fall off so that the game is more realistic and maybe add some scenery on the world. Apart from that it is a great game
The game itself is rather pleasant. On the other hand, it doesn't autosave which really sucks because I just built a really nice coaster that took much effort and time, then I accidentally pressed the home button, then my whole coaster got deleted. Also, you can't go backwards or do cool tricks like that. But, luckily there are no ads. But, altogether I would give it a three and a half.
An amazing app I wish you didn't have to pay for all of the coasters and choose how many seats and what style but overall this is an amazing app definitely recommend downloading
i like it at first, but it wasnt very specific how to make a coaster, and the controls aren't that very easy to control!! But, i still decide to keep the game, but when i struggle, i try to find out how to do it. I think it would be much simplier to control on a tablet, or a computer. but, if u find the same struggles or you want to download a very fun roller coaster game then, download: RollerCoaster Tycoon.
This game is amazing. I got it kinda skeptical that it would be an ad filled, bad graphic games, but I was very wrong. If you are looking for a game where you can build roller coasters, this is your best bet (just remember to save them)
okay okay I got to admit this game is pretty cool but maybe if the rails are going to go underground then maybe, you know, you should add tunnels so that way, you know, it will be more cooler that way cuz if it were to go underground then maybe you should add a tunnel underground. And plus I'd really like it if you add a switch rail, that switches to another one. Maybe just look it up but I'm not being rude though, and maybe at types of roller coasters to put on your rails.
I used to play it a while back and then deleted it. It was a great game with amazing controls, graphics, physics, and overall everything. I tried to install it again but it won't even open. Everytime I click the app, it crashes.
By far the BEST rollercoaster building mechanics I've ever seen in a mobile game. The only thing that would make it better if it were more of a tycoon game. The scenery is a little bit bland. I would install Rollercoaster Tycoon, but like I said, this game has WAY better constructing mechanics. Very excellent job! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Awesome game very good honestly download nothing bad bout the game its hard at first but if you get the hang of it its easy and fun honestly download this app and have fun building coasters.
The game is great, but I wish we had more options for the special elements (heartline rolls, corkscrews, etc.) instead of the vertical loops given. I also wish we had more options to choose from when it comes to the track type (possibly making some free?) because, honestly, using the default track type is kind of boring. If this happens then I will give the app 5 stars, but for now, 4 stars.
This is a great game that doesnt cram ads down your throat or make you pay to continue... Yeah you have to pay for the other coaster types but other than that you have free range... I would love if they added more types of loops or helixes and it would be awesome if they made a community page on the app where you could upload coasters that you made and download other peoples coasters... Overall this is a great game that you should get
The game is fun but it just feels empty without any sceneries just grass and what I'm really problems is because you literally have to buy a track with your actual money and that's not what make it feel like a find game since you had to make a poster with the same coaster track.
Grea app! Just please fix the bug where it looks as if the track is disconnected from the price in front of it.
AWESOME GAME! This game can look like it is only for fun, really, u can make it feel like a comedy act! Just brillant of the creator to think of an amazing game! <3 Defenite 5 stars
Create your own coasters! This is not a tycoon game. Build one coaster per save file. Ride your coasters. Several options in building the track, but it needs better editing tools. If the track gets long, the pieces load onto the track very slowly. one of my tracks is so long, (almost 200 pieces so far) it takes over a minute to attach the next piece after the "add piece" button is pressed. Very fast speeds are capable and no height or width limit makes it exemplary. Worth playing with!
This is a amazing game im in love with it but two sugestions 1. Please make wood coasters avalible! 2. Make it were you can edit the terain!! It realy would make this game even better... And one thing i love is that theres NO advertisments. So i really recomend this game to everyone!πŸ˜‰
this game is a very great rollercoaster simulator especially for mobie, but it would be even better if you guys can add scenery like trees or something. After a while the game can get a little boring since there are only a couple of tracks, but other than that everything is amazing. Thank you
The game is great fun when it works! It always gliches and deletes your work. Its easy to play and unlock new tracks. As truly underated game. BUT needs a wooden or hybrid coaster. You should also be able to have some senery. Also all the rides that aren't yours are clones 1 is of Apollo's chariot bgw 2 is i 305 kd 3 is millennium force cp.
I love how you can create your own rides. Litterly, create it! There is different types of rides you can build. And its realistic! Great ride if you like building stuff!
This game is really fun the only suggestion I would give is track primary and secondary colors like the base track is one color and the rails is a second color but overall a really good game
I have had this game before a long time ago. And l wanted it back. I would recommend this game to you, but if you wanted something more welcoming to a game this isn't the right one. It leaves you to do whatever you want but if you don't know how to play it, it can be a bit difficult to play. That is my only down side to it but the rest is good.
This app is not for people who lack basic CAD experience or for people who can't math lol. A big qualm is that the camera is very difficult to control on smaller devices, but on tablets its not too bad. With patience and practice, you'll be able to create some very smooth and realitic coasters. Is it Planet Coaster or No Limits? No. It is a very close facsimile however, and a great way to get ideas down in a 3D format. Needs some bugs worked out of it, but all in all, a great app.
It's the only mobile rc builder. It's actually good quality too. But the ground isn't. But that's not what matters. The ONLY thing i hate is that when you make a track piece sometimes the banking can cause a spiral when nobody asked for it. Plz fix this..Other than that, Great game. 5 stars.
A really good game I've downloaded it on every device I've owned and definitely recommended it but I just wish you didn't have to pay for the other coaster types
I love this game there's no limits to what rollercoaster you can build you have to pay for more track types but I used lucky patcher the camera can be hard at first but you can get used to it after a little while If your a rollercoaster fan then this game is for you and those haters out there shut up because if you dont like this game dot ruin it for the others and don't download it otherwise like it I reccomend this game but I have to ask can you update it so we can have more track types :-)
Great but could use some more features. There are only two loops to choose from(which is very frustrating). We could really use a park creator option( like a tycoon). The coaster building is great and works well with the limited power on mobile devices. The graphics are decent but shadows dont perform well. The render distance is low but only noticable on larger rides. I think we could also use a coaster share system. We could share our coasters and post them. Please add a coster pack instead.
Amazing coaster creator, physics are realistic and unlike nolimits2, coasters are very easy to create. There are a few downsides tho. Most notably, whenever you leave the game, all your progress is lost. Now there is a autosave file. But, it's SUPER annoying when the game decides to crash. This game has Soo much potential! I've fallen in love with creating realistic coasters in this game. Overall, great coaster creator, just has some annoying bugs and crashes here and there.
This game is fun in all, but can you Please make the Track options available without purchasing. Because 1 Don't have a card or money!!!πŸ₯Ί. Please!!!!?πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
Love it so much. But if you could add carts thag u can customise that will be awesome. Also some scenery aswell. But other then that its the best one going on mobile right now.
the expirience was great however you should include wooden coasters and have the inverted type of the box spine coaster type free to since the regular version is free.but my expirience was great i used it one month after it came out in 2017.and also when using the shadow feature it is highly sketchy and slows down the app however this app is a five star app The next update should have a option to switch to various train types.and view on various parts on train
Good game but glitches alot and crashes sometimes but other than that awesome and I mean awesome game
This app is great... but in case anyone reading this didn't know ultimate coaster 2 just came out recently and it has way more features so I recommend getting that app instead
There are pros and cons at the game Pros: Fantastic graphics, VR supported Cons: Gets only 1 track set if you don't want to pay πŸ’°, Weird track attachments if you attach 2 discontinuous tracks
I like how you build a roller coaster and uses your creativity and learining about the banking, speed, and the different types of parts of a coaster. However the reason why i am giving this a 4 star rating is because i think their could be more to this game. Like themeing, station designs, a day cycle, special effects, and other different types of coasters like a floorless coaster or a flying coaster, stuff like that.
Wow I like but 1 problem is when I build it's show the track go down please fix it I really love but the graphics are not bad is not like ultimate coaster x
Good graphic good for Kid easy to Play πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š and but not the least can you vr Your own Coaster
Different scenery plus longer trains and people to ride on itll be funny this needs some buildings and other things to add to make it a true theme park instead of just sky and land.
I got this app because i found oug my PC couldnt run Planet Coaster...i knew it wouldnt be the same. But it was alot better than i expected
There seems to be a rendering bug with riding that causes the track to look bent out of shape, but it doesnt affect the ride.
100% the most realistic coaster game on the store. The other games just lack logic. Some just go slow at some points. In this game, if you run out of speed, you start to go back, and it adds a lot more strategy. The camera is a teeny problem at the start, but it's easy to get used to. Any Coaster Enthusiast needs this app. My only problems are minor. The lack of free track types and lack of preset elements are a tad bit annoying, but all in all, this is easy to pick up, and a great time waster.
5 stars the best game I have played ever no ads wich i love and it's SOOOOOO fun I would play it all day if I could 10/10 or 5 stars how ever you put it in my book it's the best game one thing that I would like in it is models of animals and other stuff but it's a grate game over all good job to the creators 10/10 I love its a good game to kill time it your like me and have a lot of time to kill this is the perfect game I recommend to everyone 10/10 thank you for reading this have a good day bye
Love the app, but it keeps glitching out and showing more and more "Ride" and "Reset" buttons that fill up the screen. Gotta fix that. Other than that, AMAZING app. -Edit, 11/24/20 The glitch was fixed, this is now an underrated game!
Edited: Dev has a great concept here. It's No Limits Mobile, yet somehow the track smoothing works absurdly well. Controls definitely need some work but after playing no limits and rct for decades I'm impressed. A fully fledged version will sell among enthusiasts and honestly, IAPs for coaster types would be justified and very exciting. Put the 4axis controls to the sides instead of on the track, flesh out the touch controls and camera.. BAM! best coaster sim on mobile.