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Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala: Idle Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by X.D. Global located at FLAT/RM A 21/F, NATHAN TOWER, 518-520 NATHAN ROAD Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can we PLEASE get a update so we get the notification icon whenever a message is sent on the clan chat!? That would be extremely helpful! We all want it but yet it's still not a thing. That's like the biggest complaint for clans.
Great and fun idle/active game. Developers, please please make it so we can delete old characters not just storage to free up character slots. Also give Hunters a buff!
It's a good game, I just think the "inactive" timer should be lengthened a little bit. Maybe move it to 3 or 4 days, or maybe even a week? Not everyone plays every game everyday, so it's quite easy to be counted as inactive. Otherwise, I love it!
Ive played for since launch, and loved the game wholeheartedly [Well, disconnects aside], but after this last patch all difficulty for PvE and all balance in PvP was tossed out the window. Light/Dark pets ruined the balance 100%.
This game has been great to pass by my time. Only suggestion I have is to make a seperate recruitment channel to make it easier to recruit teamates and to keep the other chats clear. Thank you for the good experience!
Very fresh idle game. Simple controls and mimalistic gameplay. Although I feel like it's a "higher level to win" sort of game. Like a "p2w" but with levels since most advance mechanics are unlocked when you reach a higher level. And it takes afew hours to level up. Overall all it's a great game with a fun atmosphere. Surely a game that I'll play for afew months or until I get bored with this game
This game has been really fun. However, not realizing you can't delete characters or have more than 7 slots takes away 1 star. My son made 2 characters on my account and they are 2 of the same classes I already have. I would really like the option to delete or have more slots. Having 1 of each character would be really nice.
I enjoy the game. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is I can't seem to find a volume setting or setting in general. This is a big issue for me since I like to listen to music while I play games but it is very distracting with a games music under it. pls fix or if there are settings I want to know where to find them.
Absoulute loved this game when it came out but these last couple of months have been rather difficult for players who want to expierence it but dont want to spend lots of cash. I have to 2 kids and a wife at home amd i cant afford to drop $200 on a costume
The support is pretty terrible to interact with, and the game is terribly unstable. The stability gets worse with each update. The game was fun at first, but with the constant need for more ram on a game that desires an extreme amount for a phone game, it becomes unplayable. This is likely one reason majority of people seem to become inactive within a month of playing.
I was fun but i wish the Mystic Realm wasnt so hard to beat like im a lvl 40 and all my teammates are lvl 40's trying to beat a lvl 30 boss and im not even getting him to the 2nd health bar. GET RID OF ENRAGE MODE FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST
I love this game, however, the reason for not giving 5 stars is because trying to do the update this morning is taking forever. I am on a wifi network not mobel and in 15 minutes of dl time I am only at 20%. If not for that I would definitely give 5 stars. Like I said I love love love this game.
I've been playing this game for over 120 days.. I now have multiple characters.. and even though it's a casual game you can get a little addicted..
Its a fun game I played like a year ago but people said inappropriate words and one of them had a inappropriate name but I really liked it now i have it again ima try it hope what u guys saying isn't true or is fixed wish me luck!
This is a great game. The game is fun but I can't play it in the car or at the park because I don't have internet. Pretty annoying for such a fun game. I uninstalled it a day ago and I'm really happy because I got my accounts back! Such a fun game. Love the current event, "Cake Fight", Its entertaining. I think the game could use maybe a enchanter. Like in minecraft to make your equipment glowy and enchanted I don't know if the enchanting is gonna be out, But I hope they make it.
Game breaking bug,cannot get passed connecting screen in afk awards,many others have same issue, tried everything, even deleting data and cache. 1/24 was fixed for three days utill again it it crashes, now says disconnected from server.
Good idle game that is still developing. Expect whales and many invitations to part with money. On saying that, it is possible to do relatively well with little or no expenditure. Grinding not too painful.
Had a blast at the beginning. Now the game move at slower pace due it's being an idle game. However it still have tons of things to do so it's not boring at all. Totally recommend it ☺️
I would give a higher star rating but with the frequently of crashing it has now is a huge disappointment. And the support is not much of a help., They tell me it needs to be bind to a FB or Google account then they tell me my ram needs to be at least 3 mb which it is and now they don't reply. So now I'm a f2p player. I will never spend on a game with this kind of issues.
I really like the idea of a co-op idle game. But unfortunarely its unplayable! No matter what im doing, the screen keeps flashing on the idle battling screen with no icons. Very frustrating.. I really do want to play.
I really like this game. I have had a lot of fun in the months I've been playing and have leveled up very fast. The is pay to win players, but they're so far a head that it's a whole different league. But with the last update it had a issue with the long in so I haven't been able to play for about a day.
I like this game its fun and is defiently an afk game but theres nothing to do in it and there needs to be more skins and you can get bored easily after about 1week you get bored of it thsi was last year ☆but it seems to have changed only played for a few days will change if i see any of these things still happing in the game though but so far a fun to play app thats an afk game but there is a few things that just dont seem to conect to the game and i feel like devs are just throwing in things
Graphic ok gameplay ok but you don't have the option to delete your character if you create it wrong you need to get a new Gmail account to restart all progress. Hate this kind of system whr it force you to start all over again
Very fun idle game, however it is not only expensive in game, it is also slow to progress. Also it is full of mean people in chat, often whenever 1 says something, everyone else joins in.
Games awesome but I'm not getting my shells from quick combat and I've done it a good amount of times I'm rank 4 and i should have over a million shells by now.
Game was a sure 5 star before. Now, devs are becoming quite greedy. Acquiring costumes became a 99% money paid function with in-game currency being completely limited to the point of being a joke. I wish devs revert this and start valuing starfish again. I have seen a lot of friends rage quitting during this anniversary event.
I've played this since day 1 of release and I love it. You don't need to spend to become a top player, super addictive and amazing graphics. The only let down is I want to delete characters I never use so I can start fresh with new friend's that want to play.
I'm totally hooked with this game! I have been playing this for 90 days now. It is actually great, fun and most interesting Idle game I ever played. I'll wait for the day that I'll reach Ulala!
His game is very good but two starts down because I installed yesterday and now I cant get back into the server. It would be 5 stars if I didnt have that problem. I have opened and closed the game many times. And still failed to work please fix this, this is a really good game.
Fun game but there is no guidance. You are thrown into the game and expected to fiqure out all the features yourself
Its an amazing game but not having the option to delete your characters is an absolute joke. I even send in a ticket requesting a full removal of my account and they said there is no option to do so.. Its simple to program a delete button that interacts with a database... please do so and i will rate it the 5 stars it deserves.
I like the game but wouldn't buy pearls because they are way over priced. Fun to just watch the screen and type in chat as the community is nice. Would reccomend this game if you have a lot of free time.
Very P2W. Recently the (unmutable) world chats have gotten so full of trolls and sexual insults it's uncomfortable to be in the app. Was fun when it started, now I'm stuck in a "not good enough" circle unless i drop hundreds of dollars.
During the dream event, the game crashed and when i tried to relog it says maintenance? I'm enjoying this game and now this.
Game needs improvement. Especially on deleting character. One main reason I hesitate to play it, because I cannot delete my character. 2nd thing is very buggy connection
It's good. Linear and straight forward. It truly is an idle adventure. You get all the benefits of playing the game jon stop, even when your away, and when you are online, a diverse community and easy to join co-op system is waiting for you. Characters level quickly, each class having clear cut roles. This game has no real flaws.
A very good time killer game, I'm nearing 3 million power on my main, and also own 15 alt accounts, this game is worth it, totally. I joined arounf season 3, which is a year ago.
This game is okay. I got in it and it asks you for your Facebook account. But here is where it gets even worse when you download it, it takes so long now it also is laggy but not to much the eyes on my character are gone but other than that this game is good to play.
Well i usually dont play idle games but i gave this game a try. Playing this game is very fun, i wanted to give this game a 5 star but some times i cant log in to the game and also we cant buy stuff at the costume store and now this game is becoming a pay to win game but other than that this is a good game
I really love this game but it crashes so frequently that sometimes I can't actually play it. Sometimes I get in game and it crashes when I push a button, sometimes it crashes before the loading screen is even properly loaded. I've tried clearing the cache but short of a full reinstall I don't know what else to do.
Been playing almost everyday for a year. It's addictive, yet simple enough to where you don't have to spend a lot of time doing daily tasks. The reason for 4 star is high prices of pearls for special events/offers and for "rushing" certain activies. That said, I'll still continue to play this game for the foreseeable future.
It was a great "idle" game at first... the constant events require you to drop hundreds of dollars to get any where. The costumes were nice at first till you realize the sets you can't get are given to others that drop 200$+ at a time, which then give them passive stat power increases This game should only be for people that have 500$ a week to waste away, with all your money grab events. Ruined it for me after seeing all these whales in game making it pointless for you to do anything....
Do not play! There was an event which allowed people a higher chance of getting special pets. A mistake by the devs meant that the bonus was not applied. Despite all players spening hundreds of dollars, they compensated with a single voucher. This continues the trend of freemium models scamming money anyway they can, then making excuses
This game is really fun for the most part but there are a lot of glitches. When I say a lot I mean a lot. For example when ur in the battle mode u cant see the other options of camp, shop, or character and the assassins face keeps on glitching like the eyes and background disappears and reappears. Otherwise this game is a 5/5.
This game is fantastic been playing for a long time. The only reason this is not getting 5 stars is because you can't delete an older character. You have to make a new account after you create the make players of around 6 characters.
Strategic idol game that relies on teamwork. A solid game for those looking for something simple yet rewarding. Although game has in app purchases it does not penalize players or limit progress to those who dont spend.
Would not invest, after starting a ticket with a problem purchasing pets, and the odds of winning after multiple, multiple, repeats during a (increased odds) their response was, oh well your welcome? Customer support is not, customer support. Changed to 1star, I responded by email to there response to my review. They never answered. Probably a bot response to all reviews.
It's kinda boring for new player because you need to lvl up first before unlocking new features of the game and leveling it takes a long time to lvl up.This game is a bit boring for new players and it also lacks of mini games for fun while not doing anything
I give 4 stars because it's a fun game but there are a few things that need to be addressed. There needs to be a way to quickly select skills being used to upgrade (instead of having to tap each one individually) and there needs to be a way to mass temper *faster than long press cause I've got 20mil shells I'm trying to use and it takes forever. (If they fix this it will be 5*) thanks for your response.
Recently installed this game again, i had played this for so long like 2 years ago and had so much good stuff, good pets, good gear, about a years worth of progress. Now its all gone, my character didnt save and now i have to grind for so long AGAIN just to get back where i was, if you could find a way to fix this that would be great :)
Hi Devs! My account is fixed! I don't know how you did it but it's really great! Now I will give you a five star. Oh and I have a suggestion. You should put delete feature in the game but the character storage that you did is a really good feature. It organizes the characters. Second is please release a new char like Brawler that punches, kicks and crushes the monsters. That would be a great and enjoyable characrer to play. Thank you so much for fixing the bug in my account's chat!
Editing my review because it was empty with five stars! Anyway straight to the point. I love this game. It isn't flawless, but it is easily one of my favorite mobile games. Its flaws are worked on and the developer listens. Therefore the flaws don't take away from my 5 star rating. There isn't "energy" like most other mobile games, you can literally play as much as you want and there are plenty of events to go around. Definitely F2P friendly, but money is very well spent otherwise!
Im starting to hang of this game, this is just my first impresion, will be back if there are more something to talk about. I kinda have this bug that the chat icon is permanently there. Might want to fix that up. Also i got this pet egg from ore registering but it says "feature not available"
Like the game but I'm having issues with the hunting screen. When hunting begins the whole screen begins to flash with the icons appearing and disappearing. Farm doesn't seem to load anything either. Please fix
Game breaking bug. customer service is no help ! Eight days now and Can't even get passed the afk rewards screen. You get kicked out immediately and get told you are disconnected from server, Many others have tried everything from reinstalling to ceche cleaning and switching internet providers, to no avail... If losing eight days wasn't enough,you lose your team and event prizes for how much you spent !
Needs X3 speed in main game, its highly addictive im loving it, but late game gets super slow and battles just drag on and on. I see no reason why 3 times speed can't be used other games use it including this one on the training dummy. Please make this happen I just get so bored waiting now.
My only one frustrating complaint is the beginning. The guide sucks. I downloaded this app twice before I was like let me see how to at least start off really good (shout out to fg3000 love your channel) on YouTube. Please for beginners make the toutial a bit better than what it is because going into the game not knowing what to do and want to play it it could get confusing. And server keeps cutting me off my game.
If you are looking for a fun and cute idle game: Ulala fits the bill perfectly. There's no shortage of things to do if you're the Min/Max Fanatic or Analytical person like I am either. The game is just a cute idle game on its surface but if you peer a little deeper you'll find that Ulala is a very rewarding and profound game that is more than meets the eye.
Great game and lots of fun but ever since the update, it's been buggy. Menus flicker, my toon's face doesn't appear and some pages don't work at all. Hope it's fixed soon.
Ok been playing the game for over a year I love it very much. But some features of the game I wish can change, can you add a petstone conversion system in the game like I only use the dark and fire perstones.if possibly can you make the rng better for rewards or skill up. I have been playing the game for a long time and did many skill draws but haven't got most of the skills I use to skill up.
The foundation is there but they added too many different systems to upgrade and they all have p2w stuff associated with it. It has also started crashing so often. It would be worth 5 stars if they didn't push microtransactions everywhere. I usually slam 1 stars in these p2w games but the base game is good. It's just everything else around it sucks.
Maybe the most addicting game i been into on phone, I been playing for 4 months straight.... but only 1 problem is the game chat and all chat is god awful, I can't even type in team chat without my game freezing up on me. And u can't tell what your typing most of the time cuz its covered up by the keyboard so your just gonna have to wing it without messing up tbh. But over all if you have a good team this game is a 10/10
I was playing joyfully on. Babao coast when the store kicked me out. I hit clear catche because it said it would Re update the game and nothing else. But NO!, I Re loaded and it made me make a starting character! I had no high level mage in Babao coast. I had a starting mage, level 1, no legendary and pets no pets at all! PLEASE GIVE ME MY CHARTCTER Amethystツ back!!! It was level 38 in a 4 taken team. Overall though, good game. But please fix this I was also in Babao coast 56
It is an amazing game that doesn't require you to be active. Here is 4 stars, for future improvement, because the act of looking for teammates could be improvised.
Great game(Note to devs at the end). I like that I can actively play and keep myself busy, especially playing multiple characters, or if I don't have a lot of time that week to play, I'll still advance while "idle". To the devs, I'm really enjoying the current event "Cake Fight". I like that it's a long event, a month long, and I like the mechanics: Getting to choose different rates of production, etc. Make this event a regular event, please!
Overall playable, its filled with bugs like boots you out, disconnection, lags like crazy sometimes. still contents nice but wish these small issues could be fixed/improved on. Making alts running solo fine, p2w and f2p is sorta balanced out. no need to rush just chill.
Great game, very engaging. Can spend 10 minutes a day, or several hours - what ever suits! And the community on the whole is very active and usually very friendly :) Very easy to play f2p. Seasons are a bit p2w but later game (around level 70+) there is little difference between the paying and non-paying players. When you reach this point, being active beats all.
I am now playing this game for a year since the release, and its really great game, its so easy to understand. I never spend single money on this game and im still top 80 player(warrior) and 99,94% on map progress. Its not much time consuming. Im so glad that i found this game. Highly recommend!!!!!!!
Im furious! I bought the month pass and finished out my first season. Halfway through the month pass and all of a sudden the game doesnt work on my LG Stylo 6 anymore!! When i log in the characters dont have eye balls. When i get into the game the screen flashes on the main hunting screen. The farm longer works!! I cant click the pens and when i try the badger runs to the stalls and throws food inside of them now? It keeps kicking me offline over and over! My team is gonna kick me! You broke it!
Game won't load. I was able to load it twice after creating two different characters. After that it won't load just bounces back and forth between 98 and 100%. I even tried closing apps running in the background and it did not help. I do like the stylized art. When I was able to log in, there was no tutorial, so you have to figure out how to play on your own.
Still love the hell out of this game, but every since last patch.....everything has been so lagging and they took away the dungeons which i was starting to love. Now its back to the same stuff. Pls bring more dungeons so we can level up and get sick gear.
This game is really Amazing , i highly recommend this game to everyone. The only reason why i put 4* is that the contents of the game is somehow lacking, once you've done daily you'll go back to idle again. Theres should be like mini games inside or some raids wherein morethan 4 players can team up. Anyway this is worth to try believe me.
I'm totally hooked! I love the idea of things opening up after hitting certain levels to prevent terrible whaling. The idea of a hunting season is absolutely genius. I haven't found a game this fun in years. I also noticed that "Gift Points" are there, but don't do anything. I was thinking maybe turn it into a completely new currency, and allow a certain amount of points to be traded for, let's say, rainbow gems.
I will not be rateing this game. It crashes frezes black screens and the tutorials are very lack luster. The newest update with the pet evolutions made the game crash even worse than before. I am on a stylo 4 and this is the only game that crashes every 10-15 minuites on my phone. Please fix this issue!
Just started the game and I am having a lot of fun. Very easy to pick up and play. Great part is the game does the grinding for you while your away. Easy to team up with others and no pressure to try hard if you just want to have fun. No pay to play so if you want a great experience that is free to play give it a try.
So far my favourite Idle-AFK mobile game. A good balance between pay-to-win and free-to-play by completing tasks diligently. Although you still can progress in AFK, you can also spend plenty of screen time optimizing battles and RPG, there's also nice social aspect of team battles (that's usually lack of in other idle games). Minor cons: The English descriptions and instructions are not perfect (likely translated), and the game consumes high memory after running awhile on-screen.
Fun game overall, good time killer. But I crash once every 5 minutes it seems. Hopefully they fix that soon.
Very well put for a afk game. Just as my first impression is that it is somwhat f2p friendly but favors the p2w. I cant really elaborate on it as I have only played for 15 days but as time goes on i will update this
Awesome concepts for an idle game. Combines a lot of fun elements from different types of games. Easy to learn, harder to master (but still easy). Doesn't get boring quickly because new elements of the game open up as you progress. 8 different classes, plus different regions, skills, bosses, pets, strategies. Is keeping my attention for two weeks solid. But can also be left to idle most of the day. Best of all worlds.
Game regularly undergoes maintenence and updates during the last hour of the (game) day so you lose all of your resources for that day and you are never given true compensation. Small amounts of free currency doesn't come close. Game is generally very buggy. It gets slow often, is prone to crashing at certain times. Unreliable as is, but game devs make terrible choices only making things worse. What game schedules their updates to screw you over? Only this one that I know of so far.
I really used to love this game. But it seems that over the past few months it has been dialed in more towards the pay to play players. This led to a drop of a numerous amount of players. The downfall of my team as well. First we lost 1 member, then the others followed. Now I am stuck on the last bit of c4 by myself with no way to advance. So now this game has lost alot of my interest. Good luck to you all.
This game is amazing. It is by far the best idle game I've played (and I've played a lot). It is super easy to be F2P and if you choose to be P2W their prices are insanely reasonable. This recent update is definitely my favorite, the new KittyKid is just too cute. Give it a try, I promise you won't regret it. Way to go you guys, keep up the incredible work! 5 stars all the way from me :)
Just a game that gives you great taping achievement from the world of breath of the wild Zelda to pokemon, Genshin,MMO feels. Just really a well put together afk Tapper definitely done well and they will go far if they play there cards right. Fully recommend just be careful of your wallet lmao 😆😉 any Developers please add voices to npc and give them more life 🧬 like in Genshin but good voice acting plz you have the money now lol
I can't play using different gmail please remove this auto sign in feature because i want to use 2 gmails since i can't even have a proper teammates if you can fix this i would change it into 5star
500 character limit? Ive playing since release, and would have given it 5 stars in 2019, but now, 0 stars. Pay to win is beyond real. Even if you pay 1,000 USD you have no guarantee to get anything. The core gameplay is ruined by P2W greed. Without paying it takes 1hr+ per character (7 max) daily to improve. You can create a clan with real money, but that can also get stolen from you if you are AFK for a day. Every chat is full of pedophiles grooming children 24/7. Goodbye from a loyal day 1.
I used to love this game I've played well over a year I don't pay to win but I do keep the pass active had it the whole time but however this new update where u can get the tiger kid by feast tickets is totally rigged u have to spend $100's to get him I've seen reviews of folks claiming they get him in one draw that's not true they are telling a big fat lie they are spending tons of money to get him and that's not fair u can't get him without investing tons of money
I like the game a lot. Been playing a couple months. It's a bit expensive if you want to be competitive but I think you can enjoy the game as a f2p if your expectations are realistic. 4* because PvP content crashes game constantly which is super annoying. Fix this and 5*
You play for days using your main account and then all of a sudden you can't log in anymore because ulala keep on selecting a different account. Everytime you log out, it logs in on a different account.You can't even choose which account to use.FIX THIS!
cool game idea that forces you to work with other people, but the UI could be cleaned up a lot -- really irritating to keep seeing notifications for something you fixed, or miss something for weeks because the design makes it easy to miss, especially for a new unlock like transformations.
The game is pretty fun, but their customer service is TERRIBLE. I am waiting for 3 weeks already on a reward I did not get when I bought it. If you refund it, they will ban you. This is not legal practice according to EU law as far as I know. Customer service keeps posting generic replies and "thank you for understanding" but don't provide any solutions at all. This is by far the worst game publisher I ever came across, and I work in the industry myself.
I was charged for a pack that a never received, and then bought it a second time to get the items. I had to manually refund the first pack through the play store, now I am locked out of my account unless I buy the pack again. This would be a total of 3 times I bought the one time purchase pack. They say they have a no refund policy, even if they don't fulfill their end of the bargain. Please be careful.
Lag, crashing these things happen all the time and the game was around for a long time and I'm surprised they still have not fixed the issue but it is still a fun game to play but really hate the bugs please fix this soon
I'm liking the relaxed nature of the game. It truly is an afk game where I don't feel locked into playing longer than I want. I can log in, level up my gear and skills, initiate a few boss battles, then go. No fuss. You aren't penalized for being afk. Just remember to pop in on once a day for 30 seconds, and you're good.
This game is great no need to babysit it, it just plays itself when you're too busy to play and greets you with level ups and new equipment I haven't been playing for very long but I can see myself keeping this app and continuing to come back
You need to fix either requirements, drops (especially food) or even better both for hero bond, since it's unbelievably stupid as it is right now, unnecessarily agonizing and long for no valid reason. If it wasn't for that, game would be easily 5 star, but that stupid system ticked me so much I can't give more than 3 until it's fixed.
Incredible game! I'd love playing it more if THE SADABA RAINFOREST AND FARM HAD A UI! I get into the sadaba rainforest and the fight UI dissapears, I finally am able to use the farm. And what do you know, there isn't a UI for it either!
How many hundreds of time am I supposed to refresh the toy store before I can get what I need? Not sure how I can see the same specific legendary toy appear countless of times and what I needed never appears...
Fun to play and the events are rewarding. So much stuff to collect 🥰 I have a suggestion. In the inventory I have to check every item one by one just to delete the items but it takes so long and is a pain. Could u put in a select all button?
Very fun, very enjoyable gameplay. Definitely a social mobile game, and everyone needs to play their part to move forward.
In it for the pets and art. But the community is also one of the nicer ones. My biggest complaint is that you can't name your pets. It makes them feel quite a bit more detached than they could have been. Like you are not going on an adventure with your companions (pets). You are adventuring, and you happen to also have some pets.
No ads, runs smooth, pretty straightforward too. Couldnt ask for more of an idle game. I get how some people tiffed about the pay to win thing but you can do well enough without paying too. It just requires patience.
Love the game, a nice balance between idle and playtime. Only a few complaints though. The ability to delete old characters and free up slots. I'd like to be able to run in a new season down the road but I'm out of character slots. Yes, it's great you get 7 slots per account but now I can't compete and find even more friends. The season passes are priced fairly at least in my opinion. Game is simple yet enjoyable. Bosses can feel cheap but it's rewarding to topple them in the end.
Fun game but the buttons on the main screen keep blinking and on the farm too. I've tried lowering the graphics and my last attempt will be trying to reinstall it. If it doesn't work I don't think I will continue playing. (Support helped me fix it, not five stars because getting enough crystals to buy clothes in the shop is ridiculously hard)
Such a great game easy to progress and if you cant beat a stage it just puts you at the lvl you can until you beat it and it gives great loot from idle not hard to get anything unusuall like leg pets or anmor. Love this game and recommend to all gamers and non gamers (pretty relaxing to, nice music)
I've been playing since the launch of the game, and I've loved every minute of it but recently it's becoming so much more pay to win, If you want to buy a hero soul from the voucher store you need to spend £600 just to get 40... its getting a bit silly if you ask me, and I was within top 200 this season, then you release a way to buy level 15 gems. It's getting worse and worse. Please sort this out.
I would say this is a fantastic game and leave it at that, but if you want to do the best you possibly can there's a overwhelming pay wall, and everything is extremely overpriced. Great game besides that!
Would be better if we could capture multiple pets with multiple foods at one time. Like click the ones we want to use then click capture and end up with a huge number of pets all at once! Other than that great game!
I've been playing for almost a year now and most of my characters are over 2 million cp and in the top 99%, so I know what I'm talking about when I say all the things I'm about to. All they do now spam us with events, most of them being p2p. The game has turned into a constant money grab. Not to mention the toxic players in chat. I've also been stuck with a broken notice board (to help find teams)for MONTHS! They won't even help! Only give me excuses, then shove p2p events in your face instead.
I like the way I can be offline and still get loot but takes to long to level up and past one island I would recommend this game if you just have a slow day
After nearly a year of not playing I redownloaded it again, it's safe to say nothing has changed, the minute I log back into the game, my characters won't fully load (all there eyes are missing), so of course I'm like weird but then the real glitches start when you get into the game. From the minute you click start this game breaks. It's sad because I really enjoyed this game when it first came out but since it's been a year and it's still glitching so bad I'm going to give it one star.
Really like it. A idle game you need a party to go further. Players are actually really respectful, social and tactical - A game for strategists. You can go as a free player and come really far. You can also buy a pass that gives some bonuses and in-game premium pearls. That would actually give a greater start and still be in the Top. If you wanna really pay to get stronger, you could do that but it's mostly for the achievements with a reward (any small amount of in-game item). Enjoy!~
I love this game, 5 stars, really. But theres one function that easily makes it 1 star. Developers, please, please add a delete character button. Me and my friends are at the point of wanting to give up bc of weak characters we don't enjoy, but we're stuck with. I'd hate to do that, ive spent a lot of money on the game. Please add this to your future updates.
9/10 would recommend although they dont add much content at all the game it is so extremely long with so many different play styles great way of mixing a coop team based game with an idle game, however this is only a review of the game the publisher and customer service is terrible and it seems people are struggling with transactions if only these devs were better.
So fun, it keeps you busy. I thhought I wouldn't like it because of it looking cartoonish but I can't stay off. I love how it runs even when you're offline.
I love the game play in succession directly with your friends the pets are incrdible!!! Loot cooking catching it's all amazing!!! But it wont let me buy season pass. I called my bank asked It was a prob with my card they told me nothing on there end. So here I am.this alsonmeans I csnt make any other purchases within the game. Plz fix or let me know what to do. Again I looooove this game definently gunna be around a while.
I levelled up my last skill to lvl 20 and it resets without letting me breakthrough. It is stuck on lvl 20 and I have wasted pearls on leveling it up this is the second time this has happened and i have lost high rarity skills due to this as well. I'm not impressed with this at all.
good game but terrible support. have a bug where i've met the conditions for the purple cake coin but didn't received it in my inventory. support said to join discord group as if they can fix my issue lol.
Im a returning player and I can't even play it now. I love the game and would love to 5 star it but everytime I log on and try to do anything, I just crash over and over within like a few seconds. Hopefully this gets fixed so I can make this a 5 star review.
Great game actually. Just one thing is that, I kinda played it later after it's release but I pre-registered for it. But when I installed it yesterday the pre-registration gifts, specifically the T-Rex Egg, can't be used (in my situation, it can't be hatched).
I really hope one of the game developers sees that I've changed my rating. When I first started playing a month ago I would have given you guys 200 Stars if I could this game is really fun and I'm still enjoying it tremendously when it's not crashing on me every 2 to 5 minutes.... What... The.... How is it that anybody I ask if they have the issue says yes but you guys haven't even mentioned it in the news as far as I know... Please 🙏 fix the crashing so I can actually play my game. PLEASE! Ty
On the surface this is an adorable, fun, team based game and you can play it as just that quite happily but for those who want to delve deeper, rise the ranks and claim Ulala this game is for you. Every choice, very change in a pet or skill with make or break your progress. Find the perfect team and clan for you and play your way. Truly a fun game for every type of person.
Amazing but add delete character or unbind accounts its a pretty common thing to have in games and you dont for some reason. Also very lacking in customer service and listening to consumer population. Would be a 10 star if i could and if you changed some things. Dont need a new hub or buttons changed work on real problems.
Although this game sometimes has bad fps it does regain likeability with its fun offline and online rewards with unique gameplay, last time I played this was in beta, and it has grown so much so I highly recommend this game to anyone.
This game glitches! it needs to fixed.I know its not my Samsung galaxy A21 phone because I've done a hard reset and have done a software update on my phone and I have tested other apps on my phone and they don't glitch. Please fix it. Big fan!
Please give back us old version!!!!!!! The game now is so slow & lag, Event is very expensive, chat is very ugly, clan UX is very bad, free package is given for nothing!!! I'm paid player but now i don't want to pay anymore for this game!!!
The game is actually pretty good I think the prices of the pearls are to high but I like how they have so many events going on continously. I spent over 1.5k investing with yall so that should help get you motivated to keep the ball rolling. Oh yea I spent alot of money to just have my gift points sitting there not being able to use them so I would appreciate it if yall could put them back to work surely you have worked out the glitch with them by now.
I love this game greit's great! It's just that my save account that had my main account + side accounts is gone like I just restarted I find that incredibly annoying but other than that it's a great game
I had this game a long time ago before it started climbing in popularity. I decided to reinstall it to try it again but the servers won't let me on. I'm not sure why the connection is failing but i'd like to continue from where I left off. Hopefully I won't be disappointed when I can get it to work. I'd like to give a second chance. I really would. But if it's becoming more and more pay to win, then i'll have to pass and abandon it for good.
The game itself is great and would easily be 5 stars. But the minor bugs it has can be annoying (bearable though) . The worst though is support. They take forever to respond to tickets and give automated responses to such tickets. Makes you not feel valued as a customer. The minor issue I had got resolved on its own volition but was such a frustrating experience as I couldn't talk to my team for 24 hrs. Please rework your customer support team and ill change review. Great game otherwise!
As a f2p player i been enjoying the game for a whole year. There were always things that were behind a pay wall but mostly it didnt affect f2p players that much. But now with all new additions to the game (which are great) but are behind crazy pay wall it is really hard to compete. Getting Hero Souls without paying is almost not possible and all recent events have been targeted towards p2w players. Recent event required donation of $200 to get all rewads(which had new hero soul!!!) Discouraging.
Abysmal, could be good. Fun game, when it works. Freezes on loading screen 90% of the time. Freezes way to often. I give up. I've had this game for a week, and barely managed to play at all.
Very fun and straight forward. Starts with a thrill of the race just to open to a world of idle competition. Can be overwhelming at first, but reading up on guides do help a lot (There's a discord). Paying does have a slight advantage, but takes A LOT of money to pull away. This means a F2P player still has a say. Also, most events (like tournament) are power based. Meaning that you compete with those at your skill level. I believe this game is the best example of balance.
Overall pretty fun. My only problem with the game is the stupid Frenzy mode for the monsters. Even if they are 10 levels lower than you you'll instantly die. I just believe an extra 2000% damage buff and increase attack speed is a little too much. It doesn't even leave you a chance of winning at that point.
This is an idle game done right. The gameplay is engaging, the systems in place are excellent, and the classes (caveman choices) each have charm to them. The only gripe is the requirement of stone tomes to level up gear. Either make the tomes more available or find another method of upgrading them. Other than that, it is an amazing game.
This game was going amazingly, until it wasn't. Less than 2 days away from ending the Hunting Season as PM and I wake up to find my account has been frozen! I attempted to reach out to support to resolve the issue only to be told I essentially need to repurchase packs. I already spent the money once, not spending it again. If not for this, review would have easily been 5 stars. Game is great, but I spent a lot and to have my account frozen for no reason is not cool!
Great game untill you need support for transactions spent a little but made 1 big purchase and didn't recieve items nearly 2 weeks and no resolution if I could rate 0 stars I'd do it might change review if they ever sort my transaction but only get "Our team is investigating please be patient"
There are literally only 2 things wrong. 1: When I am in the hunting screen the menus and tabs will disappear and reappear randomly I can tap out of the screen but it will still be blank when I go back. 2: The farm is the same way. Please fix these and ill give u 5 stars. Thats all thanks for reading :) ps: have a good day.
I enjoyed this game for 60 whole days,and am still playing. I love it a lot. People are very nice in the chats,depending on what channel you choose,cause some of 'em are downright appalling. I was a new player at one time,but knew already what to do,playing games of similar genre. I really love the Cake Fight event. It's helped me considerably with it's rewards. There just needs to be a delete character button.That would be great. Otherwise this is a game worth playing.
It is a really good game I use to play it about a year ago but now I've come back and there was a cutsean at the beginning of the game. but there is only one problem. It is super laggy idk if it is just my phone or this is happening to other people I really do recommend fixing this or I whould have put a 4 or 5 star review.
I really enjoyed this game, but sadly I have to review one star after I for some reason cannot use my main character anymore. Any other characters I have are fine. I have gotten no response from the support staff and have found no fixes whatsoever. If at some point I can actually access my character again I'll update my review. Support has already been contacted but no response
can be fun, too much going on on the screen. so stupid how games just litter their screens with so many icons and menu buttons. it didnt use to be so overwhelming when first released. dont want to play now cause i get headaches everytime i try to navigate screens from so much going on.
Great game! Needs work though, I got kicked from the opening of there new event 10 times. Never got to see what happened because the game all of a sudden is under maintenance. Not the best way to roll out a new event. This is a fun and enjoyable game to play.
Love the game. I have played for months daily and spent well over 80 usd. I linked it to my google account and after the last update I had to relog into the game and my saved data is lost. Really upset I have put so much time and money into the game and now I can't even log in. I did message developers and waited for a week for a respond and I have not heard back. UPDATED. I have waited more than a month and no luck, no one has contacted me back and i still can't log in. OVER 80 USD WASTED!!
Prob my fav idle game, but has some problems I wish they'd fix. It's annoying that some skills become stuck in your inventory because they're being 'used somewhere else'. Even when you change the specified comp it still tells you that it's in use somewhere. It's annoying that the button to change your skill setup isn't available all the time, like when tourney ends/all arena entries are used, and that it doesn't always say where skills are in use. All comps should be changeable from one area/tab
Fun free idle game. And well it has Dinosaurs! While spending helps, it is not necessary. I finished in the top 95% of my first season with a cobbled together team while spending no money and not putting in too much time per day. Later I bought a season pass, which helps a bit, but not as much as doing daily and weekly quests regularly. Only silly thing is how you can't delete characters, so while they end up unblocking 6 slots (which is too many) not being able to free up one is annoying.
I really enjoy the game thus far. My problem right now is that there is a horrible glitch that leaves my character faceless. I'm fully capable of logging in but after that I'm not able to do anything. It just shows me and my team running but other than that I am not able to do anything. Please fix this
Was fun. Now they force clans in a game so dead you gotta have 5 phones to make enough alts for it if you want to unlock hero transform due to forced clan wars or beg around for an active late game clan. There are obvious P2W advantages as well with the sub pass. Uninstalled cos update caused constant crashes while loading.
This game is really fun but I can't lie about its updates, the updates take up a lot of space but that's ok I guess. I really like this game, it's super fun and you can get really far in a couple weeks of playing! I've been playing this game for about 2 weeks and I'm already on level 73! Sometimes it's a little laggy and crashes but that only happens when I pass a stage, so it's not that bad. This game has a lot of pros and cons, but overall, it's a great game.
Best Idle Game. Most are boring solo driven p2w. This let's u join with ur friends and play together while gaining Rewards for NOT being on. So it adjusts to you AND your friends schedule. And the cartoony anime makes it fun for the WHOLE Family. So if ur cooped upright now this game brings you together!
This game has paywalls literally inserted every 10 stage intervals to stall you, and cause you such annoyances that would lead you into pulling out your wallet. Take my advice and don't do it. The greed may look very subtle, but it's done in such an audacious manner which is what disgusts me the most...don't waste your time...
Very fun game to play and no need to push hard on it and no need to spend more money cause develop still give free reward thanks keep going sir😄
Great game, very free-to-play friendly, devs regularly give free rewards/game currency. It's more active than other idle games, but you'll still be idling for a lot of the game.
Fun concept, just wish there was a tutorial so I wasn't so lost in the beginning, but I'm enjoying it so far
I would like to give this game a higher review as I have played for a long time. However recently one of my characters has a bug that every time I select him it just sits there saying connecting despite I can see it's loaded the account behind the message. It was my main account so I have lost many hours of playing to this bug.
It keeps glitching to the point where it's flashing that could cause big issues with people that have seizures other than that it's an okay game updating. Now September 20th still glitches causing huge issues especially with people who have issues with flashy lights you know because of seizures
Its fun, unique game. I made friends, and also had a good time in its "official" discord community. The game is good to be played casual, free to play can live, but pay to win will have big advantages. Why am I rating 2 star? Because the game team of Ulala international does not seem to care about the international server. The so called official discord is run by players themselves. There is no love for the international server. Late updates, no staff interaction. Just like other XDGlobal games.
Super Fun and engaging game, the main problem comes down to how p2p this game is in the PvP and PvE aspect. It's almost impossible to stay top 99% during the hunt without paying 100-200$ atleast depending on your lobby. Then once you get out of the hunt, any type of cosmetic or character item will easily cost you from 500$-1000$. Meaning you would need atleast 3500$ for one complete cosmetic set (includes stat buffs). Maybe adding f2p/cheaper cosmetics (no stat buffs) would be a great addition.
This is a super fun idle level up game. It's also a very social game because each idle character is grouped up in a team of 4. And yes, you can have multiple characters! Yes, it is f2p but p2w if you want to beat the masses. I love this game but I can only give it 2 stars because it is ALWAYS crashing. In any given session on a character, it freezes and crashes 6+ times. It's agonizingly painful just to spend 1 min logging in just to freeze at the loading screen.