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Uciana for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Birdshel located at 446 Custer Ave. Ogden, UT 84404. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Criminally under rated game. It has a slightly higher learning curve since everything must be considered every move, including your very first ones. Games do last quite a while, and with complex games, it's hard to come back to an old save and just pick up where you left off. The amount of detail in the galaxy is incredible . I have played roughly 20 hours, and am still learning a couple things. It's simply an amazing game, and I would have gladly paid more for it. Too many people are sleeping on it, though. I'd keep going on, but this review is long enough. Some of the achievements are glitched however, like "BFF" is unobtainable, no matter how often you meet the simple requirement. Thanks dev, for this piece of art.
Please let us move the game to our MicroSD card. Right now your game can only stay on internal memory.
Sorta Comparable to Master of Orion but not nearly as good. Still a great game though. For the dollar i spent I'd say it was worth it.
This is a legitimate 4x game, not just a good "mobile" 4x game. Basically 2d Endless Space but with tactical battles, or MOO2 if you're old enough. Like all 4x games, it's complicated if you're new to the genre, but I'd say it's more streamlined than most (in a good way). If you're not new, you might want to ratchet up the difficulty a notch for your first game. It's worth way more that a dollar; screw freemium. If you want a good mobile 4x, spend the damn dollar and support the devs.
Uciana is possibly the best x4 strategy on Android. Anyone who grew up playing MoO and MoO2 can get their fix on the go. The mechanics are rather simple but still surprising. As an example, I played a few games thinking it would be nice to be able to refit a ship instead of scrapping it for an updated tech, only to find that there is a refit button under ship building list. I now wish to see an expanded Uciana 2. If it happens, devs have my support!
A disappointing game. The gold problem others describe isn't real because you can levy taxes. However, the fact that other races instantly attack you is a dealbreaker. You may start a trade treaty with another race one turn and then the very next turn they declare war on you. Dumb. It's fine if this happens occasionally, but it happens every time at even a moderate difficulty. I got rid of the game.
Too buggy and the whole war system is unfair. How can the other races just pull new ships out of nowhere. Needs more common sense upgrades.
I love Master of Orion 2 as a teenager, this is just as good. I have spent hundreds of hours playing, would like to see more alien species added, other than that the only thing that is frustrating is not being able to unlock the last 3 secret trophies
Good idea that needs a lot more work. Treaties are broken - cost you a ton of money or research they never pay back. Tax seems broken too as you have to sacrifice a ton of production to get just a few more dollars of income. The game also badly needs an internal concepts wiki or at least a tutorial. I can't recommend it in its current state.
Better than moo..easy to learn..user friendly amazing ai,really challenging,great graphics,great job devs!!!!.. looking forward to seeing more games you make,this game is a must have 4x strategy game for lovers of this genra.
This is most definitely the best space 4X I've played since GalCiv2. Honestly, bigger devs ought to take notes.
Great game, can't say much more. My only problems are that it is hard to really see how large enemy empires are, which could be fixed by potentially using the spy networks you put on their planets to see what systems they control. Also, as a quality of life improvement, i would like to be able to pass a turn while in planet or solar system view. As for additional features, i think it would be cool if you could make your own custom race, name, traits and maybe upload/crop a new race picture.
Way too complicated, you don't have a clue what to do as a fresh new player. The tutorials provided are too vague, hasty, and lack the proper depth. The amount of information per game screen is overwhelming, the occasional tool tips don't help in that regard. Gave this a serious try, but it's simply not fun in the current state.
It's truly a wonderful experience! I absolutely love Uciana, and have spent hours playing and working with my strategies to find new things to do! One negative thing I should mention, if players focus on research heavily, the game kind of breaks, because then you only need to worry about food and production. Otherwise, a wonderful game.
This is the best game that I have played in the past 5 years. The graphics are beautiful and the mechanics are very well thought out, making it a very immersive game where I have lived hours of enjoyment. I also really like that the game does not have ads, and is not trying to get your personal information. This game is much, much better than other similar games such as Civilization Revolution. Please make more games like this!
Fantastic game, $1 is definitely worth it. You need to be ready that even the smallest map game takes ~2h to complete, but it'll be fun! Things to improve are documentation (what does Outpost do? why can people be unhappy? how is the cost of shipping food calculated?) and harder AI: the hardest one didn't take any free homeworlds and that seriously affected it's chances.
I absolutely love this game but agree that there's still loads to do. I think the Sol system should always be as close to the real one as it can get. I think terraformation shouldn't be instantaneous but be a long incremental process to be realistic. Also, it would be cool to see planets slowly become ecumenopoles as their population climbs, you can already kind of see this their in darksides but not the whole planet. It would also be cool for each main species... damn, why only 500 characters?!
Excellent game! Like all aspects, Bylon collective my fav. Tons of potential for future expansions/upgrades. Really great game!
Been playing this game for over a year, never prompted for a review. I'm writing this now because I really appreciate the constant updates with the game. Lots of good strategy games will keep my attention for a few months before I get bored, but this one keeps me entertained because there are always new elements to the game every few weeks or months. Gameplay is awesome and there is enough randomness to make each playthrough exciting and interesting. I wish there were more games like Uciana.
Worth the cost if viewed as a beta version only. Lots of spelling & grammar errors. UI is all over the place. Not intuitive options for control. Difficult to undo actions (eg moving fleets). Gets very repetitive very quickly.
This is one of the best games in the android store, seriously. Engrossing, fun and deep. I had totally given up on finding a decent mobile game before playing this ine.
great game. IMO it needs more depth, but for a mobile game its amazing (it could probably pass as a PC game if you modified the controls). I personally didn't do the tutorial and still understood to game, it is extremely similar to other 4x games(with it's own twists). ADVICE TO PURCHASER: look up what a 4x game is and watch a video to learn the very basics.
This is exactly the same as Masters of Orion back a long time ago. I liked the game back then. Sadly they could have freshened this more but they did Not! Technology is even capped easily. it is worth a buck That's it!
Impossible to understand what's going on unless you stare into the screen for hours and still is very difficult.
It's very well polished. Great ui. Easy to use and pick up ... Some gameplay things could be improved. The ai should not incredibly easy even on the hardest setting. The tech reseached should add to strategy and choices. As it stands things are just a more powerful version of prior technologies. MOO2 did this amazingly allowing for strategic choices in combat, and gameplay
Pretty in-depth game. I played for a few hours. Seems fairly fun, but far from intuitive in many aspects. There are some things I still don't understand how to do even after watching all the official tutorials online and playing through a whole game. Good luck to the devs!
Pretty damn good. Fairly easy to wrap my head around. Wish there was a story mode. Haven't figured out how to make friends. Oh well, guess the galaxy's only big enough for me.
Fantastic game, very similar to Masters of Orion 2. My only complaint is I wish the media was a higher resolution and more crisp images. Almost every background or image is a pixeley mess. But nonetheless very well made, zero microtransactions. Rumor has it that there is a second one coming and I absolutely can't wait!
Love this game. You really captured the spirit of the old classic 4x games. I especially like the ability to set different difficulty levels and the choice to select your own race bonuses. Ship Building is the real star of this show. There is alot of variety and customization. I have some feedback and improvement requests: 1) Add a Race symbol on ship icon in "ship in route" screen - This will make it easier to tell who is attacking your planets. 2) Add ship experience points - This will let individual ships get bonuses the more they are used. It will also make it worthwhile to refit an old ship instead of sacrificing it to the nearest enemy. 3) Add ship captains - Captains with added bonuses or abilities will give ships even more customization and help make the AI enemies tougher in the MID game turns. 4) I noticed that Blockaded planets do not rebuild destroyed Torpedo Turrets Overall this is a fantastic game and it makes time fly when you are stuck waiting for your friends or family.
This is an incredibly beautiful game. I've been playing it for around a year now and it doesn't cease to get any less intriguing. I'm trying to collect all the achievements step by step, so there's a lot of stuff to get through. I would love to know if the devs are planning any new victory types and or races in the future? Edit: Thanks for the response! I'm really looking forward to future updates.
Decent game and quite addictive, basically a Masters of Orion clone. The gameplay is generally pretty good but there are a number of flaws and bugs. The ai is ok early in the game but quickly becomes easy to defeat ( would be better if AI updated its ships), however diplomatically is very poor and quite random. Can also be a bit dull after the initial exploration and expansion phases. Other issues are trade deals which are completely broken, and happiness which is not a factor in most games.
Reminds me of Master of Orion 2. Checks all the boxes for a scifi 4x game. Has a good tech tree, easy to understand development and combat. Has complexity but not at the cost of playability. I played through the first time by the seat of my pants and the learning curve was there but not so harsh I couldn't win. Devs did a GOOD job. I would give 6 stars if I could. AND buy them a beer.
Great game but it is really annoying when you don't have any money. If you are not real careful about the planets you choose, you end up not being able to afford to go to the next turn. This means that when I run out of money, that game is over and I lost because it won't allow me to go to next turn. Please fix.
reminds me of Masters Of Orion. has the same old school mechanics about it that made it familiar and easy to learn. for only $1 I am verry happy with what I got.
Overall great game, all I ever wanted on mobile strategy game. One issue, modding guide isn't opening..
This is a great turn based civilization builder. The battles are simple enough to pick up, but varies depending on your research. Because the game has so many options on how to play it replayability is high.
If you enjoy strategy games, if you enjoy space battles and managing colonies and resources, this is the best game on mobile, hands down. It's updated regularly, the updates are always new and useful features as well as welcome bug fixes, and I can't think of any other game I'm willing to actually put an entire day at a time into playing.
Really great mobile game for fans of 4X, space games, or strategy, but especially for fans of Master of Orion.
Love this game, lots of replay value and challenge. Best of all, works offline without any microtransactions. thank you so much for keeping it updated.
I love this game, reminds me so much of MOO2. Though as I've played it for a few years now and love the updates I do wish it was a little harder. Once one has found a winning strategy it's rare to lose.
Great game with lots of potential. It is a good Masters of Orion clone. I would like to see more stars with more planets. Better tax to production ratio. AI is good and challenging though treaties need to be more realistic.
I enjoyed how complicated it is and all the complication made it seem like a strategy game. Except you will be gold hungry throughout the game and not be able to do anything while you get attacked by an AI who don't seem to experience the same type of gold rarety you do. Even on the easiest difficulty it is this way. It doesn't matter if you research everything in the tech tree you will still be in debt.
A well-done 4X strategy. Explore solar systems, colonize planets, design and build spaceships, and defeat your enemies or join in a galactic alliance. Originally, the research was tier-based, requiring only a single item to be researched per tier to open the next. The developer has since added a great option to require research of all items in a category at a given tier to move to the next tier. Thus, I now actually use the weaker technologies. Any chance for Uciana 2?
Overall, a really solid, if not particularly deep 4X game. It is challenging enough that it takes a few tries to move up to higher difficulty. My main complaints are the AI and the tech balance. Going full on military is always the right tactic, and it would be nice to have more balance in strategic options. The AI will often make really boneheaded choices like sending unarmed transports right into your fleet. Worth the money, but could use improvements.
Fantastic game, takes me back to playing MOO2 as a kid! Gameplay is interesting and despite some initial confusion I actually think the menu/view navigation is really well laid out (tutorial videos were helpful). I'll be playing this for a long time to come... $1 is a ridiculously low price for hours and hours of gameplay. The only issue I've had is trying to install on a 2nd device (tablet). The Play store still says "Buy $0.99" instead of "install", but it won't let me re-buy the game.
The lack of any good instructions makes this game overwhelming. Edit: after a few times going back and starting a game you do get used to the game, but it really is alot to take in at once. I still don't understand alot of it, and it gets hard to keep up with everything when your empire grows to even a small size of 8 - 10 worlds. The game will grow on you after a while, if you get passed the intimidation of the complexity, that was actually the hard part. Edit: needs a undo move button for ships, too easy to get them into places you never wanted them.
This game is, as far as i'm concerned, a modern homage to Masters of Orion 2 (from 1995, which i still play in a DOS emulator). It's mostly a streamlined take on that game (e.g. far fewer racial special abilities), but it's not lacking depth (e.g. each and every ship can be customized and there is some degree of micro-management necessary to keep one's population fed). This isn't a MOO2 clone, to be clear, but that game's influence is definitely prevalent, in a good way, and has been improved upon (e.g. multiple smaller Guardian-style ships instead of a single monolithic one). The rich UI can take a bit of getting used to, but it is quite elegant (far, far more-so than MOO3's was), providing easy access to all levels of interface with a minimal number of clicks. Auto-saving makes it easy to hop in and out of the game and several manual-save slots make it easy to experiment and roll back to a "known-good" state. The only thing missing is the classic MOO2 soundtrack.
The game is much like the old PC Masters of Orion 2. On the first three levels of difficulty the game actually is a lot of fun and enjoyable. It has a decent research tree good, combat for both automated and tactical players, and a lot of the ins-and-outs that made Masters of Orion a good game. the only complaint I have had so far really with the game is at level 4 and 5 the game doesn't play smarter or use better tactics, but rather just flat-out cheats.
It was challenging. But i suggests you place more unit in this game. I am glad if you put many kind of unit and upgrades. Good job...
there should be a better tutorial system... for someone who has never played this type of game it was hard to figure what to do how to do it after I figured it all out I came to the conclusion this game is a good concept but it could be so much better so much more...I regret paying $.99 for this
Amazing callback to Master of Orion 2! Being able to play this on the go has been awesome! Like any game of this genre, it takes a bit to figure out all the little specifics, but as you progress, those specifics are what keep the game interesting and challenging in trying to win campaigns in new ways, with new difficulties, galaxy layouts, etc!
It's a Master of Orion clone. Which isn't bad of itself - there's no MOO for mobile devices; I checked. But it's not a terribly good clone. It needs a little more variety, a little more control over game settings - the game is acceptably good, but not REALLY good, which is why the 3-star rating.
I love this game but I hope they just add more unique planets, climates, and different ways to win other than just coalition or military victory. What would be cool to if like other things affected a solar system besides asteroid fields and gas planets also maybe have asteroid fields have resources like gold or later stuff like what was it, antimatter? But this game restored my faith in phone games. And I just like space games.
A wonderful 4X space strategy game, very much a clone of Master of Orion 2. The interface is exceptionally good looking and easy to use. The in-game tutorial teaches everything you need to know, and there are also some very good tutorial videos. Finally, there are no in-app purchases and it never even asks you to rate it - you just play the game! Truly a hidden gem.
Been playing this gem and watching youtube vids about the game for awhile now. What drew me at first was the steep learning curve and the yearning to dominate my enemies. Been a 4x fan for many years and for a game thats under a gig of memory it has impressed me a great deal. Keep up the great work devs and thanks you for putting out a terrific experience for my on the go life style.
An absolutely phenomenal space 4X game. So many QoL features it puts "AAA" games to shame. Great graphics and strategic gameplay. The only item on my wishlist would be a lefty mode. Bravo, Devs!
This game is definitely worth $1 for being ad free but maybe $2-3 for much replayability. Theres many alien species to play with different perks, many map options, and multiple tech trees which give a variety of strategies. Personally, I focus on food because a surplus grows the population and provides lots of gold income. I use the gold to buy the greens' buildings. I specialize planets so the "green" ones supply the entire galaxy while infertile ones do science or produce ships/trade goods.
Definitely a copycat of master of Orion, deserving low rate on originality. Should be paying intellectual property fees.
Loved it few stratgy games have i found that i sticked with I would recommend buying to at the least try it out like it is only a few dollars
The game is greatly appreciated, Especially because it works offline, Does Not Have Any Microtransaction, which is amazing. The graphics are good, the controls run smoothly and its just a genuinely good game which is really hard to find on mobile, it seems. The game is amazing but I still believe that there could be many more improvements or things to add, such as bigger maps and more civilizations or atleast the ability to play against more civs. I just hope to see more updates, thank you.
It's a great game! But can you create more difficult levels? Still too easy. Even in most difficult, enemies don't grow and attract enough.
needs more! random event not just space monsters. Like rogue fleets rebellion! and special chracters to add bonus to ship and fleet.
This game is reminiscent of turn-based strategy like Masters of Orion I used to love. After about 10 games in a couple weeks of playing I'm still finding complexities I didn't know were there - partly because of a lack of instructions, but I've felt like that's even a part of what makes the game fun. I'm going to stop doing auto combat this time around and see what a different experience controlling the ships are. Thanks Birdshel and I hope you do an expansion or v2! More than worth the price.
This is certainly one of the best 4X-Games for android. I love it. It has so much detail and superb graphics, a simple and effective ui - i can't believe its nearly free. The only thing i don't like is an "issue" where one can simply make any other party love you, by just offering every possible pact option one by one.
Had a problem with incompatibility with my new phone and the devs quickly solved it for me! An awesome game with an awesome dev just makes this whole experience much cooler!
I love this game, please add more variety, is it possible to have heroes with effect such as unique weapon or ships?
Its good game but i would like bigger ships more to the research tree and a race that has tech. U cant research but can get tech by raiding plts ships ect alot like moo2 thats 1 thing that made that game sweet😁
Amazing Game! One of the best I've ever played. I would LOVE a console version of this, with some expansion and extra features. I adore how this game delivers a challenging but fun and gratifying experience. love the visuals, space theme, planet/colony development and ship combat. Good job on making such an awesome game. Hope you keep doing it. :)
loved this turn based strategy game. battles are turn based tactics, economy is simple and robust, ai is decent. you will figure out how to overrun the ai eventually like in all strategy games. if you are like me though and are looking for a fun game to play over a couple 10 min sessions this is worth every penny.
Great game. I have enjoyed playing it and am looking forward to the future with more updates and releases. I enjoy both the ship combat and resource management. I do have one suggestion. While I find the game fun to play and the map large and diverse, I would enjoy it more if you had multiple galaxies, rather than just solar systems. The issue is that the endgame tends to feel too small, lacking something. Maybe introduce a new ship class to travel between galaxies? Regardless, I truly enjoy it.
A well-done 4X strategy. Explore solar systems, colonize planets, design and build spaceships, and defeat your enemies or join in a galactic alliance. The only part I didn't really like is the research. Instead of being a tree, it is more of a tier-based. You only need research one thing from each tier to move to the next. Ultimately, this makes it easy to develope the highest-tier ships and dominate the galaxy. In addition, you can develope the best weapons, armor, and ignore the weaker.
Best turn based strategy game I've ever played well worth the money I've played 3 games so far and beat it twice with different outcomes and I'm learning new techniques each playthrough that I never noticed the time before so I would recommend to anyone who likes space Sci fi type strategy games
Well-made, fun game! I'd recommend watching the tutorials, but, it will still take a few games before you find your style. It is designed well, with diverse playable species. Things I would request from the devs: -) bigger maps - up to 100 systems (but with a higher frequency of obstacles) -) more species - playable, but also non-playable species, like Pirates and Independent colonies you could trade with, Ally, or conquer. -) diplomacy menu/interface Otherwise, GREAT GAME!!!
Absolutely love this game! The challenge early game as you increase the difficulty is great but eventually the AI collapses if you stick it out. I love that building enough small ships can really hold off larger cruisers and battleships. The only other thing that would be wonderful are fighters, bombers and carriers. Again, great job! Love the game even as it is.
Could you add as supported device: SM-P605 , please? It's the Samsung Note 10 2014 (Australia) The game works fine on it. However, I cannot download the updates because this model is flagged as unsupported.
Quite fun to play but a tad confusing at first. I really like the diversity of races although i find a custom empire with +1 Science +1 Industy makes for a powerful race...
awesome. amazing game. i have alot of fun playing as the humans. I realized that if i fight the collective and accept the peace treaty, your relations go up alot. colective and humans op. I cant seem to load a certain game atm. im on turn 178 and didnt do anything new. thr game crahsed and when trying to open the game, it closes. Still amazing and deserves 5 stars.
Simple and effective, Uciana is a 4X game that doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but otherwise does a decent enough job. It is a MoO2 clone so one likely won't expect much new in gameplay elements, but it can play great on ones phone and has been optimized for touch controls. A great game for the price and to kill a little time.
Really fun colonization type game. Game was easy enough to figure out without tutorials, but make sure you look at all of the menus, so you can see where the screens for taxes, etc are. Gameplay slowed down when my empire got bigger, but i'm on an older tablet, so that isnt unexpected. For 99 cents, its a good little game. I look forward to trying some of the other races! ☺
Very engaging. Good 4X game. Recommend. Edit: EXCELLENT replay-ability, I've played dozens of games so far, still enjoyable. I wish more games were like this