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Typing Challenge

Typing Challenge for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Elastic Sea located at Husova 165/5 602 00 Brno-střed-Staré Brno Czech Republic. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really good app when it comes to typing practice and speed. Works very well. Rarely any adds. I recommend you get this app
Ha ha ha! It's been awhile since I have typed plus this tablet the keys are way spaced! Lol I did alright! Hit more keys, less wpm! Lol that's alright! But that's what I want to know is my wpm! I used to be able to type up to 90 wpm! Only the keys on this tablet weren't so spaced! Lol! I got 22 wpm, thought that ain't that bad! Lol I struck the keys over a hundred times though! LMFAO I like this game😂💓 I wonder if I was all warmed up, if I could get to like I used to almost 90 wpm! Lol
This game is really good.. I like it, kills time, and it gives me practice while I'm not in school practicing there.. it would be even better if I can challenge someone like a duel. Overall thank you &:)
I do enjoy this, although I think it would benefit from an options button. Maybe a Day/ Night swap for us night owls.
This app is quite pleasant I would say! It's quite easy to understand plus it has improved my speed and spelling in typing. I would definitely recommend! There are no ads no iffy things! I love it :)
Amazing for self taught texting! Sharpens your ability to write without thinking to hard and gives you a challenge!
it is so helpfull with my typing, i love this app, thank you so much for macking this app i hope you mack anouther one.Hi im Elys sis and i just want to say i dont this app so much because its hard and i know it says its a chalenge but make anouther one thats more ez thank you for this app for my sis Ely your the best for her but not me its so trashey ewwwww,hey sis sorry im Ely she is always rude well bye SAY SORRY SIS,bye.Im SoRrY hahahahahahahahahahah
I'm im fifth grade and I have the PARCC testing coming up so I thought it would be a good idea to download a typing app to help me. The only thing this app does is take up space on my phone. It's called Typing Challenge. Yes, it's a typing game, but where is the challenge!!!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲
Sir this a good app not very good app please update this app and make this more challenger than earlier please sir i think it can be the best typing app if you update this and make this more interesting please please sir update this app
I liked this app because it is helping me learn to type faster and better. And i also like it because it's been helping me in school to.
likeit i gave 100 % to the owner of the app ! i think is the best app im not in to game my score is or got it up to 16 wpm im amazed . thanks ! you welcome.
this app is intersting . it has tought me to typ but i would llike it to be a little more intersting. "such as a timer out how many misstakes you make for imporment."
I love it! I'm 9 years old and when I'm in high school, in the summer I'm going to be a secretary so I can have some money. I love typing on computers. Idk why but I like the noise lol. So I got this app so I can learn to type super fast. In this app you just type in a lot of random words in a minute. This app is good. Love it.
I don't like it much. I mean, it is so simple and it won't let me type certian letters so I get them wrong. I feel like uninstalling this app, it just makes me feel like i'm stupid. And i'm only 8!
The app is simple and does what it's intended to. However, if the idea was to test the speed and accuracy of phone keyboards, then there's no point in allowing the Bluetooth keyboards.
THANK YOU!!!! It's so simple! You simply type as many RANDOM words as you can in one minute. No ads, no bribes, no strange rearanging of the words. Just raw unchained typing. I LOVE THIS APP!!!!
I was a great typer before but my cp was gone i did not have any money at vacation too go to Computer shop so i lost my typing skills these app will help me bring them back and i am very unlikely to game and app i only want like the best game or app because I can be very addicted.
It's boring plus, the time goes too fast even though it's supposed to they should give us a limited time
No word prediction so you can't get to top speed with autocorrect keyboards. So only good for manual typing since you have to check every word and that shows you down.
This app is neat because you can use a bluetooth keyboard with it to practice real typing. The downside is that the words are very simple and there is no punctuation or capitalization. Also, you're only allowed to type for about 45 seconds before the app stops you. If this app offered full sentences with more challenging words and punctuation it would be the perfect typing practice app. I guess I can't complain much, because it's free.
I really like it, I can use a bluetooth keyboard and type on it. I just wish you can add numbers, punctuations and capital letters to make it a bit more challenging. Hopefully they will.
LookzzZ easy 2 learnt typng speedly...itzzZ vrY useful 2 me...but i cant typ speed highly...im trying...!yupp
this game is so good that im playing this game at night and its bad for your eyes but i keep playing it, one thing that is good my typing is getting faster the more i keep playing this game i can type super fast. I like the way you type and if you mess up, its like normal typing its so cool ilove this game, i want more games like this one so keep up the good work OPness OVER 9000
I like this app because kids 4_15 can learn how to type and im 29 and i still can not type at all thats why i like this app i reccamend this app commpletely
using this app purely to get used to my new tablet keyboard. its tiny and definitly need some practice. only app I found in the app store that allows for a blutooth keyboard on my tablet
This is an app that is now helping me with my typing skills and bordom! Getting better at typing every time I use it!!!! I like it alot
Has good graphics, good for practicing texting....well not that great. it has a few glitches when you text fast...idk what it is, I texted as fast as I could and the app couldn't seem to keep up. It kept skipping over the letters I typed and would only text the end of them. It also lacks challenge, this app is just a simple way to practice texting or typing. Maybe an idea for the creators, let your customers pick their own time limit. Also you could put in small mini games. I learned to type on a computer game back as a kid, they had a goal for the player to achieve and also let them write their own short story. As good as I am at typing I suck at texting. It takes me three minutes to give just a simple reply back to the person crazy enough to text me. Haha
it made me a better typer now can type faster and more fluently and im just 11 it starts of hard but you get better.