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Type Race

Type Race for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Younick Games. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I will give it 2 stars because this game has so many ads and this is so easy game we have to type and the player will run so easy
THIS APP IS A WASTE OF TIME after every level theres an ad!! And also it wont let me type but it lets me lose, also my typing is fast but everytime i type a letter it won't let me, its just gonna led me to failure
This game is okay, but there are some minor issues, when I first played the pools my keyboard was too big and the words didn't show up. Secondly, there are some fast typer's out there that type faster than the game could move, that means that they are ahead and can't really type in the first words and make typos.
Played this game for about an hour to really make sure I left an honest review. I think a typing race game could be fun but this needs a lot of work. It's hard for fast typers like me because the text doesn't register. Plus, the sayings are a bit... boring? I feel as if there should be more choices too! Maybe 1v1, race against time, see how long you go before you mess up, just different ones. I also think character skins could be good. Overall, needs alot of work and I don't recommend this game.
You can't type fast because when you do it will pretend that you didn't type it. There is also a bunch of ads. This game sucks. I do NOT recommend it to anyone. It looks like fun when you see it in ads and stuff but it actually sucks.
I am so disappointed with such a terrible app!!! Whenever I type fast, it treats me as if I didn't even type and there is no option for the players to click on "start race". It started automatically and my keyboard wasn't coming out and I couldn't type. I wish I could give it 0 stars and I also wish that Google Play Store removes this app. This app MUST be banned. Generally, I don't write any bad review for any app but you forced me to do so. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS BADASS APP.😠😠😠😠😠😑😑😑😑😑🀬
The other players just start moving and you can't even do it first try. I think the players are computers
Its amazing and i really like it, like....... its just sooo amazing. I have never found any other really fun and awesome game like this on Google Play . Its soo fun!!!
It's very boring cuz I type faster than the system runs. And I saw it differently from the ads, the ads showing that it is a quiz game where we type the answers according to the question given, and the accurate & long answers ones get to the endpoint the fastest.
Easy to beat, if you type fast, it doesnt count, ads every single level. Im sorry, it doesnt test my typing skills.
It's good but every thing about relationships, loves and friends are weird. I give it three stars, I like it but about this things... . 3 stars are good for this game.
i m so to give such low rate but i actually wanna give lower this is a super terrible game when i first dowload it doesnt EVEN give instruction what to do i dont EVEN how to play and secondly thr game is so short but have such long ads after every levels
This game is so bad it doesn't even come close to one star don't waste your time this it's so bad . U have to wait till your character catches up to were u are and then the other chapters win so frustrating I hate it so much .friend me on my Snapchat kcommanche2021account
Boring game. All the quotes are about love, and since it only takes one letter at a time, half the time I'm typing to fast for it to count my letter.... Plus just having levels and nothing else is really boring. And even with the bad typing system the levels are really easy for me.
This game is very disappointing. I thought it will a good game but it's just so boring it would be more interesting if we already know whhat to write so we could go faster and it would be more interesting
This game is trash reason(one) this game has know instructions (Next) I can't type in the game (last) this game is so trash and need to get better. Game tarf ( Sorry for typing long sentence but I need to say my comment in this trash game
Thek keyboard is slow and won't let you type fast. And when it gets to the swimming bit it don't read the keyboard
it has to many ads everytime you end a level it has ads you should not try this game it has too many ads
rubbish -999999... when i looked ratings i saw that is 2.3 stars its very bad i installed and there so many ridicilious thingds and there are sooo many ads one match is 30 seconds it means if i play this game 30 seconds ad 30 seconds game it will go like this i am 100% sure rubbish i dont recommend this rubbishπŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŽπŸ—‘οΈ
I rate 3 because its literally trash 1.Every time you start or finish the round an ad comes.2.They always so about love when you type and 3.You can't even customise your skin or name.Don't even download this game.
Its weird. When i was in first place the character ran to slow and then i was 3rd place. When your typing fast to try to win i guess i typ too fast so it marks it wrong. Its a waste of your time. You should not download this game.
Sometimes letters don't go through if you type too fast.. which is the whole point of playing.. There is also an ad after every race. The idea is there, but the way they went about it wasn't good. I know ads give them money for the game but there should not be this many, because that's when people don't play the game at all.
This is a really good game! It types fast no ads and it helped me type super fast!DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!
This game is TRASH. Reasons: 1. When I went into the game, it just dumped me into the game without any instructions. 2. When I started to tap, the players were moving and I was still there. Then I have to tap again, to start and type things. So, when I type too fast, they didn't correct me like the other game I downloaded, it corrected me. 3. When I saw the ad, I wanted to try this and it turns out to be BORING. 4. And also there too many ads. (Sorry, if this is too long.)
I give this app and f - I mean all the time I just miss I mean they did not even slow down because all the time I came in fourth place so who ever install it I think you should read my message and then uninstall
The game is fun sure. One major problem tho. The game doesn't register how fast I type. so I'm having to re-type things and it's really annoying.
AWFUL GAME. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. The game has to many ads (gave me an ad before I even played once) no instructions on how to play, to slow for me so I miss some words because I type faster then the game. NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.
I LOVE this game because it helps you type and its a pretty cool game it gives you challanges that help you typing? so why 2.4 stars?? it does need to update and add more stuff/challanges but its NICE so get this game and make it 5 stars its really fun not the best game ,but its nice so download it and change the ratings please! how would you feel if your the owner of this game and you see this ratings? why is it bad its fun and it helps you!! :) and i know their are a lot of ads but still enjoy
I think this game is great but there are issues with it. I am quite a fast typer and sometimes I would need to press the letter more than 3 times. Also, I don't think the amount of ads are necessary. One after every game and sometimes I need a break from the ads so I play something else. If they could fix these problems I would be playing this 24/7.
EXTREMELY BAD!!! When I entered the game I got directly thrown into a race not knowing what to do. now, when I started typing fastly it could not read the keyboard and telling me the word I just typed was incorrect even though I typed the right word. I WISHED I COULD GIVE THIS GAME 0 STARS
This game is so BAD, 1. there are way to many ads and when i try to type some one the words dont pop up and the other players are already playing and im just standing there, it looked fun on the add but its really just trash.Im so sorry if im being rude but its true.
So confused, I opened the app and I'm thrown right into a race. I can't even start the race, even when I do start typing nothing happens. There's no obvious button to press to start the race. Very dissappointing πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
I know this game is fun but. When im try to type, It doesn't allow me! So I guess this game is trash for me :) plz fix this problem!! And i will give you 5 star
The stuff you have to type is like really cringy and weird about friends and relation ships, and all weird kinda stuff. Also, DEFINITELY NOT A GAME FOR FAST TYPERS. You go ahainst bots whi are very easy to beat but if you type to fast, some of the letters will not type which makes me a little upset. I even lose sometimes because of that. And its weird because you can't change your skin which makes the game boring. I would recommend it for slow typers who looking for practice! It's somewhat cool.
Cool idea, really really really really bad execution. Most of the time the typing doesn't even work and you have to type super slow or else it won't register.
This app is terrible 1: it has so many ads after every level secondly you have to type to start the level which is pretty annoying if you don't know that.Also after two days of playing it I noticed that it was giving me a big strain my eyes and i got frequent headaches.
Firstly, when you try to type it sometimes doesnt get the letters down, as if it was purposely trying to make you slower. It is so anger inducing to me. I don't recommend it.
This game is horrible, it cant even keep up with my typing so it just lags behind and I end up having to retype. 0 stars, would not recommend.
This is honestly a terrible game. I understand ads are necessary but after every round?! Each round takes about 15-30 seconds which means every 15 seconds you get an ad. I wanted to play a fun game because I am bored but it is honestly ridiculous! I say do not download this app. There is nothing good about it.
I honeslty hate it so much, because it rarely senses the letters when I click them. I know it's not my phone because I just got it brand new two days ago
The game does not reach the single goal it has - to keep track of your typing. Sadly other things are disapponting too, for example the errors in the simple sentences from the beginning.
When you click for the key broad you cant see the Latter's that you are soupest to type. I am so disappointed in this game because I thought it was going to be a good game πŸ‘Ž.