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Two Interviewees

Two Interviewees for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Mauro Vanetti located at Mauro Vanetti, viale Necchi 4/E, 27100 Pavia, Italy.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its incredibly inaccurate. Half the questions arent questions any employer would ask their interviewees unless they are a bad employer. Asking someone their marital status isnt standard procedure when interviewing. Its a tually frowned upon when employers ask thise questions.
Well, in real life, it is based on who is the interviewer and who is the interviewee. The personality, values, experience. So every answer from different person will give different impression to different person. Which make this "game" irrelevant for me :)
Pros: Nice art style, funny at some points and the ending was sad but sweet. Cons: The buttons were small and hard touch and this game was made with a clear message/agenda in mind. I don't mind that too much but it feels like it might have limited the potential of the narrative.
It truly is a thought provoking game that pretty much everyone should play. It definitely shows the sexism in today's society, a subject that many sadly believe does not exist.
This is definitely a very interesting game! It brings a lot of issues up that are well known problems for women who are looking for jobs, and issues that men face, particularly judgement around their sexual orientation. It's very thought provoking, and the devs even listed sources for all of the things brought up (which a lot of people seem to be missing or wilfully ignoring). I'll definitely recommend this to friends + family. I hope to see more games revolving around social justice issues from you guys!
I wouldn't call this a game actually. This app is a statement. True, gender inequity deserves attention, but the app loses its credibility when the developer eliminated or reduced the chance of the female character at succeeding to near impossible. Real world does not operate on absolute. The same statement can still be delivered without making the scenario impossible. It's a pity the developer chose to sacrificed the game element and went ahead with upsetting the players so they see things the exact way the creator wants them to.
I regularly educate myself on social justice issues, so this game definitely appealed to me. It shows how biased a lot of workplaces are, by showing different results for the same answer, which is important because there are a lot of people that still need educating on this kind of stuff. I honestly loved it. :)
This game shows the discrimination HR places on job applicants. For example, your choice of choosing for the applicants to wear jewelry will make the man appear gay but the woman seen as elegant. The graphics need serious improvement. This game is really short...
While the art style and gameplay is fine, this is another liberal one sided game which doesn't actually provide any new facts. Everyone knows the hiring bias towards men is a hoax. Women often get hired more than men, whether people want to believe it or not. It's just social justice warriors trying to find problems where there aren't any.
Interesting but not enough to go through more than a couple of times. I understand this was developed for a wide range of countries, but some of the interview questions are not legal in the U.S. For example, an interviewee can not be asked about their marital status. This makes for some of the responses difficult.
At the beginning I thought this game to be great. It is well made and it shows pretty well how there is a double standard for men and women in the society. But the fact that, no matter what, the woman can't be hired, plus all the manipulated statistica between games, transform this from a nice social analysis to pure politic propaganda. If it wasn't for this, this game could educate and open your mind for the differences between man and women in society. Instead it just tries to whas your mind with femminist propaganda, trying to make women look oppressed in a society where we all have the same rights.
Multiple spelling errors throughout the game. Boring gameplay which obviously pushes a political agenda. Statistics provided are pointless as none of them speak to why the gap exists. Despite all the stats provided there is no actual evidence that any malpractice resembling depicted in the game actually takes place.
Since I'm not going to complement this bias game and am not a woman I won't have the pleasure of being praised or demean by the publisher. Played 6 times only got graded once. This HR person wouldn't last in a real company, no they wouldn't. Illegal questions and suspect tactics. I think the publisher could use some time on glassdoor and learn that this isn't 1950 anymore. Plus stating 'data 20##' isn't a citation of any kind. Good luck on your future endeavors. If you lose I'm sure it's not your fault and if you win, we all lose, including you.... gg noob gg.
Most of the negative reviews are people asserting that these biases in job interviews do not exist. However, they most certainly do. It is perfectly legal in many states to fire an employee completely based off of their sexual orientation. Also, men have worked under women's names in workplaces and have found massive biases that harm their ability to work. This game beautifully portrays these biases. Great game!
Short, educational, doesn't have enough of replay-a-ability but, it does make you wonder about stuff. As far as the sources go, it can educate people on researching and evaluating sources and we all know how much people need to level up their skill 🙏😆
It surprised me and made me worry about my future job interview as a woman, I wasn't expecting that!! great. concept.
Wow, nice one. Quite the SJW one aren't we. Off based and just dumb questions, I've wasted a good amount of my tjme figuring out whether anything was told about the male, but nothing! I got him fired various times and just wasted my efforts. And you just had to throw the curve ball of race with Mr. White and the picture of a white male, quite subliminal yeah? But whatever, not like SJW's can listen to anything but themselfs. But I'll admit, the graphics pass for me, I like older styles like 16 bit and such
I really enjoyed this game, thank you for making it. It was definitely thought provoking. I enjoyed it all but I really appreciated the facts thrown in. It's simplistic but very interesting and really well done. My only complaint would be that I replayed it upwards of 20 times in order to see what choices affected what and in those different combinations I could never get the woman hired. I'm fairly sure that's by design in order to drive the point home but if you ever decide to make any updates to this I think that would be a very neat thing to see. But even so I must say once again, I enjoyed it a lot!
Your basic new age feminist propaganda. I'll admit it, the app drew me in. I liked the minimalistic art style and was under the impression that the goal was to find a path where both interviewees would be hired, which I would have enjoyed. However, as the questions went on, I began to see a pattern forming. I'll give credit where credit is due, this game does touch on men's issues by acknowledging the stigma surrounding a man wearing jewelry. However, this is as far as it goes. By the end, you will realise that there is no possible way for the woman in the game to get hired. I suppose this is an attempt bybthe gamemakers to hit their message home, but I think it is a lousy one. In short, I didn't like it because I don't believe that the first world is a patriarchle society. If you think that it is, then you'll probably enjoy the game very much.
Not very accurate to any hiring regime that ive had to follow in the places ive worked. Generally decisions are made entirely on the personality, what their work ethic looks like, hygiene, confidence (not arrogance, generally see more arrogant males than females as well) and qualifications. Sometimes ive hired people with less qualifications because they were more presentable, confident, and eager to learn and earn the qualifications than that of an arrogant person who has them. That aside however, great graphics and simple design make it easy to follow and engaging at the same time. 3/5 only due to accuracy in hiring process, (at least innacurate from my standards here)
Yeah because this is how interviews work. Also what kind of message is this anyway? Both different companies so they both have different mindsets of what's good and not. We don't know what their CV's are like and hers could be sloppy, and no actual statistics in your game to prove this happens, only the wage gap myth. GG Feminists.
This isn't a game. This is a poor attempt at social commentary that really doesn't actually have any leg to stand on with the claims it makes. The interviewer's notes after each question are completely unrealistic and intentionally obtuse. Honestly the ham fisted pushing of the agenda ruins any chance this had of being memorable, helpful, or enjoyable.
Wow... Where to begin? Judging a women based on the fact that she may have kids in the hiring process is ILLEGAL. Also, when playing this game, it's very sexist. The women should work for less, and giving the same answer the man was considered "confident" while the women was considered "arrogent". And, I can't get the women hired
Its a short informational game. Not what I was expecting but enjoyable. I wish that it was two sepeparte interviews just an idea..its hard to pay attention to both sides or fully learn eith both sides going at once. Best pf luck!!
This simplistic style game let's you compare side by side the differences between how men and women are seen in the work place. Great concept!!
This thing forces you only wrong choices. Ofc one choice cant be correct for both different subjects. Just like this - "Go to sleep" => "too bad, you felt on the ground and broke your leg. You feel aleepy"
Funny, really funny. Im giving you an extra star for that. Pacman doesnt atempt to be realstic. It is trying to be entertaining, not proving a point. This app is trying to say women are not employed over a man despite the exact same experience. I highly doubt this has ever happened where one employer gets two people with the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. And critiques the woman no matter what she says.
This is sad. So much homophobia and sexism. I like the message you were sending. And to those who are saying this is promoting them, read the description! They're telling you what women, homosexuals, and straight men go through during interviews. Not promoting it!
This is a great game that brings up done great points and facts about the hiring process. Both sides are the exact same and the only difference is how the interviewer views both of them. To the people notching because this game "pushes an agenda" so does Dumb Ways To Die. This game gives facts and information on the very real reality women & men face (docked points for jewellery) in the job search. Good game 10/10
I like the whole concept of the game. It shows the hardships that women go through when doing mundane things that men usually do. I like how the game not only focuses on the struggles that women face, but also man. For example, a man being called gay for wearing jewelry. I also liked how the game shows huge gender differences from an interviewer's perspective. For example, how women are not hired because they want a family. Overall, good job.
Is it actually possible for Irene to get the job? In every scenario I tried the maximum she has gotten is C-, which is yet another don't hire. Kind of stressful, but with an important message on the kind of scrutiny both genders are under.
after playing through a few times it seems there is no way for Irene to get the job. Also I'll check the sources. Do you know that at least a portion of the women working are getting paid less because they simply work less hours or are in a different position or role? There is also the fact that some women take days off for their periods and the such(Totally understand, first two days of my period I am bed ridden). I do love that you showed some of the double standard againgst men.
Kind of figured this would've been an actual game, guess I was wrong. :\ edit* The game developers should probably be more professional when responding to negative criticism instead of trying to use fale stats & a bull narrative to feel better about themselves :\
Awesome game, made me think a lot. And I see people love to ignore main point of this game by blaming woman cant get hired or feminist developer. They cant really saved, dont they?
As a woman I found this game insulting. It plays into the "women are poor pitiful creatures who can't succeeded" bull that people keep pushing. The game is filled with nonsensical "statistics" (such as women earning less than men, when anyone capable of research knows it's the opposite. But wait! They back it with bias sources that are so clearly accurate! *Eyeroll*) This sort of mysoginist thought process is the only real thing oppressing women. Stop throwing yourself a pity party, act like an adult and succeed. Stop using your vagina and the word "patriarchy" as an excuse for YOUR failure. Ah, just realized this game was made by a male. Now it makes sense.
1. I wasn't going to download this game but every review that used the word "sjw" sold it to me 2. I love the art style and the straightforward controls. 3. I can't tell you about the left side of the screen but the right side is an accurate simulation of every nightmare I've had being a woman looking for a job in IT.
Pros: I'm actually loving it because I don't care if it has an agenda. The message is interesting. Simple but cute graphics. Cons: the plot. Maybe it's not a story-based game, but the issues were brought just... like that? Straight to the point. As a result, I was just thinking abt the message at all. I wasn't moved by it. I agree, but I can't feel it. Hope you understand what I mean. So 4 stars for you, good job!