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Twenty for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Stephen French located at 29 Davenport Street Ainslie ACT Australia. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I just downloaded the game and did the tutorial but it doesn't explain everything that is happening. Why are some numbers linked when you to a certain place? The tutorial says you get more lines when you run out of moves but they actually increase when the timer runs out??? How do you get to these??? "Try one of the variations like Bubbles, Drop, Flip-Flop. Try Zen mode to relax, or Panic mode for a real challenge". What am I missing??
Addictive but annoying and frustrating. On top of that, sometimes it loses your progress. Also, it definitely tries to screw with you above a certain level. No, Mr. Frenchguy, I will not buy the premium version.
I really love this app, but it is fast-paced and gets difficult very quickly. You can - sometimes - get to 20, and even get multiple 20s before you lose. I wish it had an option to run an easier, slower mode. I would like this to be an app I can run to chill out as well as an app I can run to challenge myself, because I enjoy the method of game play very, very much. I just would like to be able to enjoy it without quite so much adrenaline all the time.
Great game. Simple and challenging. Progressive too. Having trouble buying all the other one player modes...
Definitely on my Top 10 Greatest Games List!! No ads!!! Difficult and took a week or 2 but I'm currently on 20 +16 (level 36) so this game is very much beatable without purchasing a thing. Best of all... absolutely No ads!!!! I'd give 10 stars if I could.
Cute puzzle-ish game. Great time waster. I never notice how much time I spend on this game. Time flies. As the name suggest, the goal is to make as many 20 as you can.
Great game! Perfect puzzle game for mobile. Not a quick one, but still lots of fun. The only thing I'd change is the scoring system. Having it based on the number of twenties is good for a quick glance and goal, but I think it could be expanded. Stuff like bonuses for symmetry on the board, or quick removals, or chain reactions would be amazing. They feel great to execute, so why not reward that with a more robust score? Overall though, I'd definitely recommend this game. Great job.
This game is very addicting. I've played it for months (maybe 7?) and ended up buying it . Current record is 20x21. The trick is to stack the numbers on the far sides of the game so they don't fuze together as easily and when it gets too high, in the middle. My only concern is that the game definitely speeds up when you hit your record. So if you have previously gotten 20x5, it'll speed up and that's why it's hard to beat records. Kinda annoying. Multiplayer is SUPER fun though.
I like the Zen game but it's disappointing because it resets too often. I honestly don't care about getting to twenty. It's just relaxing to keep going. Can you fix that?
Seems simple at first, I mean how hard can it be to get to 20? It gets harder and quicker the longer you play. Once you achieve 20, you will then want another! Be warned it's very additive. Great game and no ads!!
Addictive, but I cannot get past 15. Update: I got to 20 twice, then uninstalled. But I miss it, so am reinstalling now, 11-24-20.
This game is really addictive and fun. I bought the premium game modes and those are also really fun as well!
Great game. Well designed. It's nice to have different game modes as well. One of the best apps out there.
Hi , It's a good game to merge with number blocks similar to number puzzle games.It is a relaxation game to clear stress buster from routine work.
Amazing game. But I wish it had levels. My mom cannot move her arms fast. I wish I could put an easier level for her to play.
The free game is a quick, fun, and addicting game. I thought the other games (in the main menu) would all together be different but fun so I paid the $1.89 (or whatever it was) and was disappointed. For inquiring minds, it literally just adds or makes that change to the already existing game. That's it.
I finally got to 20! It's not easy. Can't imagine getting more than one in a game but I'll keep trying. Very fun game.
Challenging! I did not expect this game to be as fun as it was. It's part merge, part tetris and free. Very entertaining!
Super addictive, simple design & no advertisements! Need to play really fast to make a tile of 20! I could complete 5 tiles of 20 but now stopping for a while.. If you play too much, you'll keep seeing bright colored tiles even with closed eyes :D
This game is so addictive. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times because I literally can't stop playing it. We there you're in a queue , offline or just chilling. This game is amazing. My score is 20 x 15 so far haha
Great idea with nice graphics but spoiled by being impossible. As you progress the squares becomes joined into large tetris-like blocks that you can't extract and move. because at this point you may have say 15 plus different type of tie to match and it is hard to find a matching number anyway. I would prefer an option to turn off the clunky shapesm and set my own target. Not everyone who plays a game has brilliant dexterity and it would be nice to able reach the goal.
I'm obsessed with this game. My only goal in life now is to get 20x20s (currently at 17) and maybe once that happens covid will be gone too. Love not having a trillion ads disturbing me.
A super fun game for all. It uses skill in finger work and you can do it at any time of the day and pause it if needed. And even if you go out of the game or power off your device the game will still be paused. This game is my favourite game and I introduced this game to my dad and he is now obsessed with it. There are no adverts and it just bundles of joy to play
This game is very interesting and addicting and tuff game. I am playing this game game since 4 years onwards. But i did the highest score is 20/10. But my wife has played this game and she scored up to 20/19 she tried so much but she not got the last one.
Amazing game. Very engaging. No ads. You play uninterrupted. But there is only one free open game. Which is totally understandable because the game is soooo nice. All all nice things never come for free! Love it. Great Job team!
Completely addictive. This is the game equivalent of YouTube - "I'll play just one more round" and suddenly it's 2 hours later! It's a great distraction when you have a lot of time to kill. I really appreciate the option to start at higher levels to get straight into the difficult rounds.
This would be a better game if there was no time limit and if it had number of moves shown in the total. Sometimes you can have a long game but not get past 17 but it would be good to know how many moves I made.
Good game, but annoying when the cubes link up and you can't move them to connect to other cubes, if not for that it would be a really good fun game
This is definitely one of the games I play!! It is both FUN and CHALLENGING! If I could I would certainly recommend this particular game TWENTY to everyone I meet everyday!
Such an excellent, clean, well made puzzle game. I have been playing it for years now and don't see any reason to stop. Perfect for filling time and relaxing.
It's good game play, except that at the 13-14 level, it is literally unsolvable. I mean, there is no path to win. Can't stand these games that completely shut you down... Not sure what the point is, except to get uninstalled.
It is an interesting and challenging game, but it is impossibile to win. The rows appear at a faster rate and the blocks have increasingly more connections, making them physically impossible to free. If you want to play the game, be prepared to pay for all the other modes: the free version cannot be won.
Brilliant and no ads but get to 20 and the next round says your highest score was only 19. Was hoping reaching 20 would unlock bubbles (the next type of game) also but it doesn't. For this reason I can only give it 4. Otherwise awesome game.
great game but becomes impossible fast as you get higher up in numbers. If you would stop recieving lower numbers as you get into higher ones it would make the game much better. like only keep getting the top 15 numbers your currently on. so when you make a match and progress to number 16 then the game would no longer give you 1 ... and when you hit 17 then you would no longer get 2 and so on ...
Great game. Would like an option to start at 20x5, 20x10, etc. It takes so long to get back to high score that it's discouraging to jump back in.
I'm so frustrated. I get that it's supposed to be challenging but it's literally EVERY ROW of connected blocks and there is just no way to improve gameplay. It's just trying to be lighting fast while also having to disconnect ten thousand blocks and on top of that it's Tetris?????? No.
Losing every time isn't fun. Seems easy enough, but after an hour of try after try, I'm no closer to winning than my first game. I don't need to win every time, but I want to know I'm not working towards nothing! There are different starting points, but they're not difficultly levels - just which level you start at (which is nice so you don't have to start back at the very beginning every time). There are no tips on how to improve strategy... So while I found it fun at first, I'm uninstalling.
Good but difficult. My daughter and I spent hours on this and never made it to 20. It's a good, but frustrating game.
Brilliant game I just hope the colors are more distinct and different to one another because i have a poor eye i sometimes mislook colors that's all besides that it's a very good game
This was fun, but can you add a setting to not be able to steal the block-things from an another person in 2-player mode?
It was very enjoyable except for the timer. That took it was fun and relaxing to stressful. Get rid of the timer and only add a line when you run out of moves.
I've installed & played twice and love it. But if I get out of it and try to go back into it, all I get is a black screen.
2 player game needs improvement. Instead of both player starting in the middle, i would like to suggest starting in the bottom and top of the screen. Very uncomfortable for players to play as we will most likely block each other. Hope to see new updates for this game
Honestly the best game I ever had! Great for just passing time or to get your mind of things, needless to say it is also addicting!😂 Just made it to 27×20 but I still love this game and will continue playing! Recommending for everybody.
What a wonderful logical number based offline game that too without any ads. Hooked already on the first day. Kudos to team for developing such a fun game.👍🎉
Brilliant game, super addictive, uncomplicated and no ads! I love it! Would love to know what the world record is for the highest ever score 😅 Got to 20x11 and want to know if I need to up my game
Really enjoy playing it. Easy way to get immersed in. A dark mode in the settings would be a great option
The game is fun and challenging, after ages I did get to twenty. Annoyingly the other game modes cost money and when you unlock them they aren't that interesting, so not worth unlocking them. Game is good though 👍
This my favorite of hundred of games.. :) thank you very much for it! I've reached twenty or more in every subtypes of this beautiful game without ads. :) The panic-mode is the only ine in wich I couldn' t reach more than 16. Dora from Hungary
I love this game! but I have a problem atm lol I was all the way up to 25 then had to transfer phones & idk how to get my account back soooo I'm really aggravated.. PLEASE HELP!!
I like this game, I paid for it but unfortunately the leader boards have never worked and my high score just reset on its own.
Exactly what I look for in a game. It's a very quick game, if you look away for a second, you'll lose. But that's it's so quick, getting to 20 only takes a couple minutes, so it's not a big deal starting over anyways. It's not something you'll get on your first day, more than likely. But if you did, what would be the point? I like a challenge, and that's what this is. Perfect game while waiting at an appointment, quick in between classes, and for those anxious moments you need distracted.
This is a fun game that's challenging and gets better with practice! I've already recommended it to 2 people. But one suggestion I'd like to make is to have a confirmation pop-up of some sort when you choose to exit/restart the game! I was in the middle of a game where I was doing well and had a few 20s...I just paused to take a sip of water and then I apparently exited and restarted the game with an accidental tap on the icon at the bottom of the screen. I was so bummed!
nice game to play when you have things to sort out in your mind or if you're just idle. I call it my nonthinking game since I play better when I'm multitasking.
Your chances of defeat is 100% using the free mode. You need to buy other modes which is too expensive. Uninstalled.
I impulsively installed this random game. I've played it non-stop for almost an hour!! It's actually a pretty cool game!! And it even has a 2-player that's literally 2 ppl playing on the same screen... on the same device/screen...!! I'm definitely glad I gave this random game a chance!!