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Turretz for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by 111% located at 서울특별시 강남구 역삼동. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far I've loved the game and all of the mechanics. At the start though, I didn't know what I was suppose to do until I moved the planet and then I knew what the game wanted me to do. I just got the game and for the first 2 minutes I've played, it has gotten me HOOKED! I love the game and I recommand it for people who like spacecraft or any battles like that.
Garbage, hope you enjoy adds because that's half the game. however if you watch 8 adds to unlock planet earth youll enjoy some more adds. However if you keep playing and you watch adds you'll get more coins so you can repeat the same thing. honestly pretty boring game, your work paid to win strats dont get you far. like most 111% games they just want some quick cash. save your time and your money.
This is a really cool game I like the retro pixel design it fits the game. I enjoy the game but dev's. If y'all see this I really want you o add a tournament so you can play against other players. I also hope y'all can add co op so you can play with your friends online. Other than that I really like the game easily 5 stars
It's fun but why is my progress deleted if I reinstall the game?! You really couldn't support cloud?! And don't tell me that if I don't want the game I should just uninstall it (you most likely don't want me to). Having my progress saved for a later time in the future might sound irrational and it's not like you want to encourage it (you probably make it delete your progress on purpose). Can you just use cloud? I like my apps clean and useful on a daily basis. There are Soo many more fun things.
I like it. but, i wish it wouldnt overrun you with enemies so quickly. And the multi-rocket should cost less than the normal rocket. As it deals much less damage (i understand that it recharges faster, can shoot more rockets, and can be upgraded) but those are just my personal suggestions. Also, just wanted to point out: the graphics make it feel very retro. (which is, what i assume, is what you aiming for, and i like it.)Anyway, other than that, it is an amazing app overall, and would recommend.
If you liked Asteroids on the Atari 2600 as a kid you will absolutely love this buffed up version of the game. Hours of fun and you can customize the cannon. There are various guns to choose from and no learning curve. The game never forces you to buy upgrades at all. I played the demo during an advertisement from another game and was hooked. This company has a few games that I mighy try because I enjoy this game so much. I strongly recommend this game.
It's really Good I got far in it and now my best is around 70000! But when it comes to picking guys its kinda hard to choose. (Also I want 111% to make more games cause his/her games are amazing)
Great game! The first minute i was hooked and i loved it. I haven't had a problem with too many ads or it asking for money. Also people are complaining that certain levels are "imposable." Your planet slowly progresses but it feels good when you get a new gun. Just a little grinding can help you SO much. Over all, this is a great game.
By far the best mobile game I have ever played. It's simple, but it's just so FUN. It's not pay to win in the slightest, and ads are completely optional. I ended up spending money on this, and I don't regret it. Keep it up.
Absolutely love the game, but why does it ask for not only access to files, like a lot of games needlessly seem to, but also my location and phone calls? Maybe you're using a coding library that has functions that use those features? Also, how can I restore purchases? I think the game itself deserves five stars, but I'm tempted to give it 3, because of the above, and the lack of response.
The game is really fun and since it dosent require wifi it's great to play on road trips. Although I think you should be able to see how much health in numbers the alien ships have and how much stronger they get with each wave, that way you can see how much you need to upgrade to one shot ships.
I love the game but I tried returning after my phone got messed up and when I came back I tried all my accounts, I couldn't recover a single purchase and the x2 coin boost (Which I'm pretty sure is the ONE thing I bought) is grayed out and displaying text saying "Sold Out", I can't select it. There's no way of communicating for help (And if there is it's not easy to find) be it on a forum or emailing the Developers, so I can't get these issues fixed or at least get a general idea of what the issue is THEN maybe fix it because all I know is restore purchase won't work on any of the only 4 accounts I've ever used and when I Google "Sold Out Turretz" I get nothing.
Great feeling of progression, and very well done graphics. Each turret feels unique, and has it's own niche. My only complaint is the moon. Unlike other components that become obsolete, it's isn't easily replaceable. Maybe there could be some new perks to it when you upgrade it to a certain level. Make it larger, faster, have a weapon slot, etc.
It's a good game but it's incredibly difficult and hard to play due to the challenge, I'm probably being a bad player but it also has a lot more adds then the other games I've played. I would recommend to people who like a difficult challenge
I really liked this game. I've only had it for like 10-20 minutes but I already love it. I can't wait to get the laser. While playing the ad I loved slicing the enemy ships and I also loved just being like "Nyoom! Light saber!" Yeah, I was actually calling the laser a light saber. Edit: Loving the laser 😁
a really nice game that keeps you focused on the gameplay. the controls arent that great and i expected better but overall a fun app. i do have a couple questions like, how to have more than one of the same turret. but it is a great experience. one complaint is that the game gets overwhelmingly stressful after the first wave and its not fun to feel that. but overall i will continue to use this app
A somewhat decent wave defense game. Fun as soon as you get some weapons to put on your planet, but gets boring once it becomes "get halfway to the boss, die, get a million coins, buy 3 upgrades, repeat". Ads aren't forced I think, but you get a 2x, 3x, or 4x reward option for an ad, which if you buy the ad remover, is given to you for free (although I suspect they lower the chances of x4 and x3 if you buy it). Laser's really OP btw.
Fun concept ruined by constant ads. I understand that devs have to make money, but at least make it an even trade for the player's time. The initial stages last 30 seconds if you're lucky, and you watch a 30 second ad every 2 stages. That's 33% of your time being spent NOT playing the game and getting nothing in return. Give the player something in return for these, (such as the "Watch ad for increased rewards" button you already have implemented)
I love the game but i have one problem we all like doubling the coins but we hate it when theirs ads around the game but theirs no ads and i keep doubling my coins and then theirs no ads just why theirs so many ads to double my coins but theirs none you can choose? But still we just want to double our coins so please make it that we can double our coins much more often.
The game itself is fun. *** "However," it starts you from the default beginning anytime the game is closed or restarted. Very Lame!! No one I know wants to start from the beginning every time you start the game back up. That alone ruins the game for me. Allow me to retain all my upgrades and I'll change my review. Keep it the way it is and I'll delete it and write off the 99 cents I spent thinking that buying the game would allow the upgrades to remain between game plays.
Is good but I think that you could buy guns like 4 guns that are the same for the amount you bought it with but I still like it
Not very good game, not bad as well... after a certain period you need to invest too much time to score points for upgrades.
It's pretty good but what I think how it could be better is make it so weapons don't cost as much and there wasn't as much enemies to fight. If you did this I would give it a 5 star.
Its a great game, but as you continue to play and get better upgrades etc, you still have to play through the beginner levels. Although you can beat them mo problem, they take time and when you just want to get to the boss you have to battle through 15 minutes of earlier levels. This also doesnt make it a good game to play on the go as they get very long. One last thing I disliked was that the whole time there is an advertisement at the bottom of the screen.
i would give the game "this is cool". the downside is that it's grindy, it lacks new elements(might not have reached such heights yet) as the only new thing you'll ever see is the new weapons which really isn't that fun to use either because you don't have much control(exmpl:explosion shot that explodes on contact if it doesn't hit anything it won't explode and the probability of that happening is huge) you can pass 30 mins a day with this after u would get bored but still cool. rip type limit
Its overall a great game, but i think that the "infinite" mode should be unlocked once you reach wave 15, not 20. The reason to this is that i feel like i ran out of cool combos or special turrets, and would love to just have a circle of mines aroumd me or be a giant spike ball without having to beat the game. Just going round after round, attempt after attempt is too tedious for me.
If you like smash hit! Then you should be OK with the progress reset i love the fact that I can get infinite money from a secret that is supposed to be in the game ; ] And Cody you can turn of WiFi for a free no adds for each game you play as long as it is turned off and the symbol is grey
There's no way to mute the game so you can forget listening to your own music while grinding to 100 million. 5 stars otherwise.
I've installed this game on a whim like a year ago and I still play it from time to time when I need to skip a bus ride or something, pretty ok gameplay, but the best thing is that you can experiment with different setups and find something that fits your playstyle. Controls are kinda scuffed though, a joystick would help I guess
I rate 4 stars because this game is very fun but its old but theres still no problem with it its very enjoyable to play its like that arcade game at the arcade shooter something good game
Its a very fun game, but when you want to watch an ad to unlock the skins or earn coins at the end of a game, it doesn't always work. It would be cool if it got fixed, other than that this game is pretty rad.
I like the chomper-esque turret. other than that it takes some time to get new things. could you add like a massive pvp mode with bots and all that for offline play? other than that great game.
It gives way to many ads after you die in a game where you have to die a ton of times before you can beat level 1, not to mention that if you want to progress the fastest way is to watch an ad for more coins. You might as well be playing an ad watching simulator. Don't waste your time tbh
Really good game, extremely addicting, but I'm just having the problem that when I accidentally uninstall the game, I start with at the beginning, even with signing in with google play, now this isn't a very big deal, which is why I'm giving 5 stars, but it would be nice if it would save your progress after uninstalling
A very fun and interesting time waster. You never feel totally helpless or like you can't do anything. Probably the best formula an idle game could have... If this were an "idle" game. The ads aren't at all overbearing either. The only way I can think to improve the game is if they give you an option to make your weaponry invisible so you know exactly where your moving.
I like the game and it's many enemies for scores, coin and even turrets I want a update for the 3 turrets for low money just @50,000 yahhh I like it please update the game already✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅help!!!! That.
It's good but the thing is that I want to double my coins but I just get an ad then I can't because it says there is no ad try again later let the game have more ads please
A lot of potential in the game with different turrets and simple gameplay. Unfortunately, there's a bit of a hangup with the end boss being a completely different experience than everything leading up to it. And that's fine in some games, but the first 19 levels are EXACTLY the same thing, and then the final boss is suddenly massively powerful and uses a similar strategy to you. I beat it, eventually, but it was a bit of a letdown.