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Turn Based Racing

Turn Based Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by TBRlabs located at Jaroslava Foglara 5/862, Brno 63900, Czech Republic. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am impressed with the idea and simplicity of the game. Sadly, the menu organization is horrible. The layout of the garage and car dealership is confusing and lack luster.
Fun little time waster, that rewards planning and tactics. Once you get the hang of how one turn impacts the next couple you realise there's a lot more depth than you think. If you've played the board game Formula D then you get the idea.
It's a neat concept, and encourages finding the perfect racing line. With that being said the AI can seem to get away with mediocre lines and still pull away, this is especially true in the more difficult levels. Even a fully upgraded performance car still drags behind. There's also an really annoying glitch where I will select my car begin the race and it defaults to the beginning vehicle, forcing me to quit back to the menuand reselect everything.
This was a unique game, if there's like a tournament 5 laps and if the car was 20 or more this could be an awesome game. oh yea another thing, add collision to the car
I love it, just what I've been looking for. The app reloads a lot during gameplay, losing progress and its pretty annoying, but its fun.
Wish you would add an option to put the control pad also on the LEFT. Im left-handed and i have a hard time playing. Other than that the game is awesome!
Really good fun. Some additional control options might be nice, though hard to say if better. A way to re-centre the map would be very good too. But the focus on racing lines is great and makes for slow burn tension. Enjoying it!
Its a very nice concept and the execution is nice too. The controlls are nice and intuitive but WHY SO MUCH CRUSHING? As soos as my car gets outside of the racing line the game crushes. Its very anoying. Other than that its a solid game.
Great game and the best mobile version adaptation of the pen and paper equivalent. Really missing out local co-op :(
I thought the turn based mechanic would interrupt the flow too much, but you get used to it, particularly when struggling to beat your latest ghost car. With regard to that,however, it has "online mode" but it literally is nothing more than a leaderboard of your single player exploits. This is disappointing. Would have liked to have competed in real time against an opponent, P2P, like Dr Parking 4. Just disable undo ability and it will work
TBR really does work well. It's only a shame that it appears to be no longer in development as there are further improvements that could be made. Even if it never gets another release it will remain a top quickie game, and more enjoyable than most (if you like racing and prefer slower paced thinking games).
This is a truly fun game, but if you see this, PLEASE make this available on iOS, my Samsung tablet died and I really want to keep playing!!!
This is a perspective on racing I had never really had - the strategy and physics of the race - the intellectual and strategic elements of racing. It is so much deeper than I expected it to be. It is, it turns out, the racing game I had never known i always wanted.
Unique take on racing games that is perfectly formatted to touch devices. Undo button helps you learn from your mistakes as you get used to balancing breaking, accelerating and catching the best line through the corners.
Multiple real world tracks, on and offline racing, , multiple and different cars that are also upgradable. Great gameplay and only the tutorial was a little annoying but just because I personally hate handholding. Great job devs!
The game was surely created by the worst game designer in the history of game design: I cannotcancel endless pointless tutorials, I cannot see during the race what turn to take (unless I remember this from the level selection screen), Icannot undo more than twice, to name a few bloopers. And yet I give it 5 for an original game mechanics.
Awesome idea that needs another look in 2020. Keeps crashing but when I could play it was a cool idea. Someone please run with this and update it.
I'd play this constantly if I could finish more than the first few races. My experiences with unity have been less than stellar.
Amazing w/ great potential. Ideas- weather, random events mid race, power cards, impact physics, drafting?
Who knew that this game would be do much fun, turn based racing doesn't sound like it should work but it does. Looking for a game you can play for 5 mins or so in a break? Like racing? Look no further, this is the one for you.
The best gridless "Racetrack/Bolide" implementation I've played! Great fun and pretty to look at as well. Nice job.
Wonderful little game with a main mechanic well suited to the touch screen interface. The only thing I find to be unsatisfying are the graphics. Overall: a nice experience.
A little but very cool racing game. It's a pity that it doesn't have multi-player in the same equipment, because if it has it was even better than it is. Anyway very fun and very cool little game. :-)
If you're wondering if a turn-based racing game could ever even work, well this game proves it really can. Precision of speed control and cornering lines rather than hell for leather action makes for a new racing experience. In-app purchases are simply not necessary at all for the full joys of this game. And so far, no app crashing or bugs on my Samsung. And it's free! Nice one developers.
Stable for me. Great gameplay concept, could easily be fleshed out into a complicated sim. Wish it wasn't a pay for in game currency system, I'd rather pay up front or for unlockable tracks.
Brilliant new way of playing Racing games, especially when on the move and unable to dedicate all of your time to your phone! Couldn't see how it would work to begin with, and does take a while to get used to (still feel like I'm learning!) But well worth it
This game takes the concept of turn-based racing, which has been around for years, to a whole new level. The gameplay is fun and addicting, with a variety of tracks and upgradeable vehicles, each with its own unique driving characteristics. I have yet to find a single bug in the game, which is rare in the arena of free Android games.
I've been looking for a game like this forever and finding this was incredible. Could use some tweaks and more content but I'm sure that will come with time. Very great game!!!
Loved the game, it has many possibilities for future updates. Lovely as is, could be more with different cams in replays, a league where players race against each other through a season, tyre wear and fuel usage and pit-stops, longer races etc.
Frustrating and pointless forced tutorial, doesn't teach you anything that isn't immediately obvious and it doesn't let you make any choices. Not wasting any more time on games with stupid tutorials
Great game, great idea, well worked. But its another game where you get to a point and have to pay to win. I have no problem paying for a game but I want to buy a game outright not pay to win at each level.
Pure Genius! A really novel and suitable way to play racing games on the phone! Would be good if the skidpad gave indications on whether your selection results in braking, accelerating or maintaining the speed. Currently you have to eyeball it, and that can get very inaccurate
Very educational and instructive. But hard to master (just like racing in real life). I wish the tutorial is more informative. This game is best played with a big screen. This can be used in a classroom setting (connected to a projector). Pls provide shorter and simpler tracks for beginners. Thanks.
A great little game. Each course takes a bit of practice to master but I have managed them all so far. Game balance is good. Progression is in incremental steps so coming third earns you money to improve your car so you can better your performance and earn more money to improve your car and so on.
Tense racing game without the stress of real time. The control is sometimes imprecise but otherwise really good. Car collisions and the possibility to leave the tarmac would be nice.
Great concept. Shame its only four cars on track tho. A few more circuits and 20 cars on track and this would be a stinker!!!
Great turn based game that simulates a car race. Really enjoyed, but I guess I'd recommend it to players that are familiar with racing dynamics or enjoy racing simulators. Congratulations, this game is one of a kind
Crashes often, drains battery even while phone is plugged to charge. NOT GOOD! No new tracks or challenges added.
Great game concept, one of the most interesting racing games I've ever tried. Its sad that the development has propably stopped. Devs, if you are reading this I would be glad to know if you intend to continue the developement, I have some ideas to make the game great.
A great game all around. One improvement I would like is to see a ghost of my car's projected position. Without that, the game is still incredibly fun. Games can be short if small courses are chosen. Various cars and upgrades are available. Very slick.
Mind blowingly good! If you are a fan of the technical aspects of racing, this game will scratch that itch very well. After a few races controls become intuitive and it can be quote fluid, despite being "turn based".