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Grand Hotel Mania: Hotel games for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by DeusCraft located at Diagorou 4, KERMIA BUILDING, 2nd floor, Flat/Office 204, 1097, Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game. I like that I can play previous hotel levels (and get boosters and jewels) even when I'm stuck at a challenging level of another hotel. I do wish on levels that require multiple ingredients/actions for a single order (cooking lobster, coconut tropical drink, etc...) the queue is raised from 4 and/or you can cancel an action. It sucks when you realize too late the ingredient you thought you added wasn't added and now your timing is off bcuz you cant quit your current action.
The game has now become frustrating. It is expensive to upgrade both in terms of diamonds and gold. Moreover when you lose a level you don't get to keep all the gold you earned in the level but o kya around 50%. Making it so difficult to upgrade clearly states the intent of the developer for the user to spend money buying stuff with real money. I have finished all the levels currently released and I know what I'm doing. So please don't ask to upgrade when you don't even give what we earn.
while it's a fairly entertaining game, the diamond system is not. you need to use them in every single upgrade of the hotel and some levels become almost impossible to pass because you can't update the level without having diamonds and you can't have diamond because you can't pass a level and basically your only option is to buy them, which in my case... I won't, so it becomes extra frustrating to pass a single level.
Ad infinitum watch your clicking or they'll get you to spend all when you think you're going to the next thing or getting out of it. They say they're "working on it" lollllll. If you don't pass a level, they won't even give you the full credit for what you earned. They give you maybe 50% of your coins, so it takes forever through losing lives & waiting for more coins & tries to actually upgrade enough to move on. One of my favourite games; of course nothing will be perfect that's free 🤷‍♀️.
I dont like that I cant get jewels for completing levels now. Theres no other way of moving forward other than buying or waiting days to collect enough. Not a fan of this change. I've completed everything I can in the log challenge but need more to move on! I cant complete any more with more Crystals
Fun and engaging. The game is very simple to understand and intuitive to play. Levels begin easy and progress in difficulty in a very enjoyable way. However, be prepared to spend money. Levels can only be beaten if you have upgrades which you purchase with stones: stones can only be obtained by beating levels. These do not progress in a way that allows you to beat the game without making purchases, which is why I removed one star. Otherwise the game is really cute and fun to play.
Beth Taylor is right, this is such a great game for priority skills and compartmentalised problem solving. I really am addicted to this game and have to admit I'm applying the skills I need to this to my workload in life. I really do enjoy it. In fact I've been using this on my tea breaks as each game is guaranteed to be only a couple of minutes long. Very good!
Not enough gem to upgrade. I have never spend gems other than on upgrades. Even though every single customers gave me smiley face, I still can't pass the level, especially the ones with earning coin. And the only way to get gem is to get gift boxes, which need to pass certain levels, and watch advertisement, which only gets me two gems in 4 hours. Otherwise, it's a fun game.
I really liked the first 4 hotels. But I hate that all the money I accumulated doesn't move to the next round of hotels. The Diamond Peacock level freaking sucks. It moves entirely too slow and you end up running out of time. I can't afford to keep using a booster on every level. I really hope it gets better or I'm going to delete. I pay money to play games I enjoy but not if it feels like I'm getting jipped constantly. Deleting. Don't waste your time or money.
After the new update which was sometime this week I have not been able to even open the game. I click on it and then it say close the app or send feedback. It's so frustrating. First of all forever to wait for a new resturant. Then when u go to play in rhe new hotel. You dont have enough funds. Really pathetic. Time to uninstall this game. Doesnt even deserve 1 star. But no other option.
Game Devs need to make the customers more patient. It's extremely difficult to get smiles when the room color for the customers are all full, want more than one order, and every upgrade is maxed. It's also difficult to not lose an order for the same reason. It's a decent time waster and I wouldn't bother spending money on it.
It was great until every room in the second hotel was booked and more customers came. You have no rooms, why would you lose customers for a situation I'm can't control. The second hotel is terrible. Kitchen and coffee pot are on two different floors. 4 customers want room service all at once and I have rooms to clean. Fun game until the customers got impossible. I just gave him coffee and he wants another cup automatically. I can only make one at a time. Why not a pot I can fill multiple cups.
A fun little game. Been playing it completely free for a few days. There are (however) levels where you SPECIFICALLY need a power up item to beat the level and I think they do this to make you want to spend. I have every upgrade in the first hotel and am currently on level 45 there. It literally can't be beat without a power up. Another thing is, I wish they would let you replay levels. Would be nice to be able to grind level 44 over and over again for coin to upgrade the hotel in Italy.
All the other reviews say the same things I'm going to say. It's a fun game, multitasking at its finest but I'm tired of buying diamonds just to win a level. The game makes you lose a challenge just so you have to spend diamonds, can't upgrade anything without diamonds or money and now you can't watch ads or diamonds either. I've replayed challenges over 10x and you can't win until you upgrade something in the hotel. Winning at 5, 10, 15 intervals only give 10 diamonds but upgrading cost more.
I do enjoy this game. However it would be much better if you could cancel an action and have more than 4 actions in the queue at a time. The only other down side is that now it takes ages to get gems needed to level up the hotel items, it was fine before when you got a gem or 2 for completing 5 levels, now you have to earn them by reaching milestones, but the milestones are level up all items at a hotel, it is a no win situation. But gameplay itself is good fun. When's the next hotel opening?
Love this game. The only thing I do not like is that as soon as I bought diamonds, my option of watching a video to receive 2 diamonds for free (1 diamond per video) disappeared. It disappeared exactly the same moment I purchased something so now, I can not pass the level as I can not upgrade the hotel because I do not have enough diamonds. Its like the game makers are cornering me to buy diamonds and I do not like that. BUT LOVE THIS GAME... just feels a little dodgy...
Downgraded from 5 stars. Don't know which came first, but this game is the extreme extortionistic version of Hotel Craze. While in Hotel Craze you can watch videos to get rewards and upgrades, here you must pay, and a lot. This one has slightly better graphics, but the gameplay is exactly the same. If it wasn't for the competition I'd still play this, but given how unfair and greedy this game is, nope.
UPDATE: Thank you for your fast reply, hints and new update to the game, it worked! :) I'm still playing and loving it. Lvl 31 paradise Bay needs to be fixed. You have to get 14 smiles and there are 14 charecters that enter but the one sitting on the side doesn't pay/ gives smiles or count towards the results....so how we get 14? Will this be fixed? If not I'm removing this app. There should be 15 charecters that enter . Great game though and cute graphics really addictive :)
I had to literally uninstall and reinstall 3 times. All times losing money. Then i had yo start from the beginning each time losing all of the items I've already purchased. Now my gome is freezing and pausing when I play. I could of sworn I left a review stating this and I didn't get a reply. I hope someone reach out and resolve this issue please. I really like the game as you can check my purchases but I don't have any money to waste.
The game is fun but like the other player said you have to use Diamonds to upgrade everything in the hotels.. and if you do not do so you will not be able to pass a level. It will take me like 2 weeks to save up enough Diamonds just to upgrade bcus they only give you 2 Diamonds per day.. and they give you lots of coins that eventually loses value bcus in the older levels if everything is upgraded already u can't use the coins for the newer hotels. Also there's no elevator game like advertised.
The game is fun but when you get to the third level theres no way to pass without buying gems in the store to up grade the hotel. I've even reached a point on the first a second level where i can no longer advance without a special power up and theres no way you can pass them on level three. The gems need to be easier to access and specials need to be cheaper.
This game is amazing. Its like running my own hotel. The boosters on the harder levels are really helpful considering you have to zoom around the place. Hardly any ads aswell. I highly recommend this game to everyone all ages. You don't just run one hotel you run loads and have to keep up on them all. I only started playing 2 weeks ago and I'm on level 42 already. 10/10!!!!!!
Nice game but annoyingly keeps stopping you playing when you've lost all of your lives unless you BUY more! Shame it makes it boring when it's constantly crazing you to spend money 🙄 Even when the lives do come back the game get harder then still suggests you pay over £5 to help you move to the next level! Just seems too money focused for a game that supposed to be free.
This game is ridiculous. How do you expect to deliver 5 orders and clean 4 rooms with 1 person and before the timer runs out green. This is impossible. Very ridiculous. I have upgraded all the hotel specs and even with boosters it is impossible for Ted to deliver 5 orders and clean 4 rooms all before the timer changes from green to yellow. It is impossible for Ted to do 9 things with 1 pair of hands,thus making it frustrating and a very ridiculous game to get. I will be deleting it...
Could be better. The level getting hard fast, while upgrading need a lot of money and gems. I can only play 1-2 stages a day so I can watch ad to double the income at the end of level and also collecting gems from ad every 6 hours. And I still failed at some levels. It's especially hard when we change location since the money currency is changing and we have to start from scratch.
Loved this game for the first 3 hotels. But, now I know what all the other reviews have said that it's almost impossible to pass levels without spending money or replaying a level over and over again which gets boring fast. I'll give this game a little bit more to see if it gets better. If it doesn't improve, I'll be deleting it.
Game tricks you into spending gems to continue game play. There should be a confirm button to avoid accidentally using gems. There is no option after a certain level to watch videos or ads for more gems. Their response is unacceptable. You must click twice to quit a level but if you accidentally click "second chance" your 20 gems are gone instantly. Will not spend another penny playing this game. Their response.. WOW. Deleting this game.
I've had it with this game. Every time I turn around, the game is putting some stupid dialog box in front of me that does not clearly spell out that I'm about to forfeit a large quantity of diamonds for some 'feature' that I don't want. Cash and diamonds are BOTH needed to acquire upgrades, and I feel like the UI of this game is purposefully unclear about using diamonds so that you will make in-game purchases instead of earning your upgrades through game play. I also don't understand why your passive income is only viable for use at certain properties. I can continue to go back and COLLECT that income, and it should be available to me to use in whatever property I want. Instead, they change the base of the money for different levels and don't allow passive income earned from one location to come across and be used at others. There should, be an option to access that income for any property. I have deleted this game and won't re-install it as I'm tired of feeling 'duped' by the game developers.
The game was good and the graphics. My only concern is that when I do my upgrade later in the game it takes money and gem jus to upgrade it. I have no problem with it, but I hope the gem that is spent in upgrading can be adjusted a little bit lower and the gems as a rewards can be increase. I hope you can do something about it, thank you.
I'm addicted already! Ugh... The only game that can take me away from Candy Crush! Update: 5/19/2021 I still LOVE this game! But I find myself trying to clear all rooms before the last visitor leaves, even when I've clearly won the level. But you don't get points for that! Maybe yall can update the game to give extra coins, bonus visitors, or something similar when the level is won and ALL rooms are clean?!?! Shoot, I'm always pround if my clean hotel! 😂😂
I've been at level 35 for 2 days. Beginning to think I just need to move on and find another game. Graphics are cute. Game sticks at times, I'm not sure if that's related to gameplay or wifi. First few days in I would have given this 5 stars, but nobody wants to set at a level, and I'm not buying extra perks to maneuver through. Possibly for upgrades, but not to advance levels.
I would have rated this a 5 but it frustrates me that the only way to really progress is to buy jewels otherwise you end up waiting days to accumulate enough to upgrade. I am currently on level 51 in Silver Pike and have been stuck on this level for a couple of weeks and despite upgrading almost all areas I still can't beat it. I enjoy playing the game though.
This was a great game until this last update. It was hard to get enough jewels to complete everything in a level but it was fun. The last update makes it even harder to get jewels. You spend more than you receive. Great graphics and enjoyed every other aspect of the game... not sure if I will continue to play now.
So from a 5 to a 2 to a 3...they resolved my issue below yet I lost upgrades on other hotels because I can go back and replay them get more gems or while I wait on new levels/ hotels... I don't expect a resolution- I'm just disappointed- I gave it a 5 (post below) but I just lost all my upgrades and progress on Norse Cliff level 62 😡 Love the game. As others have said you have to spend at times to win...I'm just wondering the estimated date for the new levels
Very fun game. But you can't move forward in this game past certain levels without power ups. And unless you want to mindlessly grind tier 1 levels to get certain power ups, you have to pay to win anything in this game. 😒 they make certain levels impossible to pass without either 1. Playing the level over and over until its played perfectly or 2. Paying for a power up. If you have the financial ability, this game is great! But if you don't, like me...this game is dissapointing.
I'm writing this just to shut up the players who have complained that they can't complete levels without paying. I haven't paid a single penny and the game has been designed perfectly well. Currently on level 33 on paradise bay hotel. Good job folks, great game. All you need is to be fast with your fingertips and a bit of concentration. My only feedback is that my friends have a 3rd bubble next to upgrades and globe where they get diamonds they can claim by completing short goals.
It was a good game in the beginning but then it becomes difficult you can't pass certain levels without booster,can't get boosters without spending real money, even with upgrades the machines are still too slow and the guest are too grumpy and impatient. It makes no sense to continue after the first hotel
I was almost through the third hotel in the second group. Really far advanced, I've spent a good amount on money to advance. I bought a new phone and I backed up my game on a micro sd card. It will not allow me to access it on the cloud in Google play nor on my sd card. The only option is fb and my account was deleted months ago. - I enjoy the game just not that I got so far and poof gone.
The game is great but it has a few bugs here and there. Sometimes the music/ sound comes on even though it's switched off. Have to switch it on and off and then it works again. Also sometimes the guests get stuck from one play to the next. I noted this mainly on the Hawaii levels over 100. When I say get stuck, I mean that the guests from the previous level are still there and not moving( sometimes also still in the rooms) and at reception and then they leave during the course of the next play.
I love this game. You need a strategy to win levels. I never had to buy diamonds to move ahead to the next level. You just have to anticipate what the hotel clients need ahead of time. There are some levels where the boosters are helpful but I hardly need to use them but in the event that I should need them I have more than enough available.
Very grindy and there are many pop up windows where you can accidentally spend premium currency. It's clearly designed to get you to spend money. No ads in this game but progress will be very slow unless you either pay or play a looooong time. Pricing for premium currency is also completely ridiculous. Way too expensive for very little benefit. Avoid.
This game is good. But the diamond peacock level is so so bad. The staff moves so slow and the machines take forever to make drinks and chicken wings!! It's impossible to win levels now . It's becoming boring now. Moreover the achievement section which helps to gain diamonds/gems has very few achievements to fulfill in the latest update. So now it's extremely difficult to earn diamonds/gems. No gems means no upgrades. So i am uninstalling this game soon
I absolutely love this game so much. I have never really found a game that I loved as much as this one. It is the perfect balance of a challenge, but not to the point where you can not get through the level. I found there's always a way. The only thing that I wish was a little different would be the gem and coin system. I feel it's much easier to accumulate coins than gems making it sometimes difficult to purchase upgrades for the hotel. And maybe for an exact date for the next hotels.😄
I love this game. Been playing it for months, great time waster and the team have done a great job with each new hotel. I originally gave it 5 stars... but then I reached the 'Romantic Hotel'/ level 59. It requires 955 coins to pass. The maximum I can possibly reach (and do so every time) is 944. The only way I can progress through the level is by upgrading something. However to do so, I will need to purchase gems. This seems unfair as you claim that every lvl is passable without purchases.
It's a great lil clicker. Not too ad heavy. Not insane with forcing in-app purchases for coins or gems. You can really play for free. If it is too "boring" do what I do and just pretend like one room in every board is haunted and you can't put anyone there or they could die but you have to also make it appears normal for the guests. 🤔
This game is fun and addicting. However, my biggest complaint is that you don't award enough gems to play the game. Im on level 576 on the first hotel because I have to go back and play to get gems. But you only give 4 gems per 15 levels. I am up to the Pearl Swan hotel and the first 45 levels were REALLY easy to pass and now I'm stalled because I can't get enough gems to upgrade the hotel. For the amount of gems awarded per 5 levels in each hotel the upgrade costs are too high.
I kept getting this game recommended to me in ads so i thought why not try it?And it's actually rlly amazing!!The graphics are so cute and the objective is always different which makes it fun!Although I saw a few people say you can't beat some of the levels without boosters,and the devs replied and said upgrade the hotel & you'll be able to beat it,i disagree,i upgraded EVERYTHING and I'm stuck at level 40 and i have no boosters,how am i supposed to beat it?What do u have to say now devs?
Misleading ad. The ads for this game do not show real gameplay. It shows you having to make choices based on a guest's specific problems but those choices do not exist in the game, every interaction is generic. This method of advertising is shady and dishonest.
I liked it until suddenly the option to watch ads for gems disappeared. Originally it would let you earn 2 gems every 6 hours by watching ads, but that option suddenly disappeared for me last week and hasn't come back. I don't know why it's gone, but I don't like the game as much without that option to earn gems. UPDATE: One of my restarts added achievements which earned gems and that was AWESOME, but then when I restarted again that disappeared. Oh well.
Can't pass most levels on second hotel without paying for power ups 👎🏻 Games that do this think they'll get people to spend money when really it just gets their game deleted. It's such a fun game, shame the developer only cares about making extra cash from in app purchases after it already makes cash from all the ads they cram down your throat.
It's fun, but could be improved. It should allow stacking of task to be more than 4. You end up losing a lot of precious time, clicking the 5th task until it accepts it. Either reduce the number of gems needed to upgrade or introduce events or tasks, etc... to win gems as people like me don't pay to play! Overall, I do enjoy it, but there's definitely room for some improvement.
The concept of the game is good. But the upgrades of items are expensive, especially in terms of jewels, and it takes too long for the upgrade to be finished. I would recommend to lessen the waiting time of the item upgrades to be finished and also lessen the cost of each items, (talking about jewels).
If i like and play a game for a good while i often buy something from the shop. I did this a few weeks ago and now i dont see ads at all. The problem is, those ads earn gems and so now its taking me ages to save up for new things. I wish i hadn't bought something now as ive lost out in the long run. Please can I have my ads back?!
I enjoy time management games. This game has a fun background story and is challenging. It gives offers for boosts you have to pay for but if you don't want to spend money this game is doable without buying the extra boosts. They offer boosts for free throughout your gameplay as well. I would recommend this game.
Highly addictive game... I would have rated a five,But having to buy jewels is a little frustrating. I have about a million bucks in coins! It would great to be able to buy jewels with the coins, because otherwise we don't use coins for anything.. not even to buy another life 🤦🏽‍♀️! What exactly is the purpose of the coins?? *Update... You can't do anything without Jewels! If I have half a million coins and no jewels, my coins are worthless!
Fun, but some things are annoying. Purple gems are nearly impossible to get, besides watching a short ad and receiving two of them, BUT you only have a chance to watch ads for gems every 5+ hours. Gems are, literally, required for anything. Want to upgrade an item? Gems. Need help passing a level? Gems. Continue cuz you're SO CLOSE to beating the level? GEMS! Even after complete upgrades it's hard to pass old levels without using power-ups. Give. Us. More. GEMS!
Pictures and design are good and attractive. The rules are easy to understand. However, I became bored after level 36. Moreover, I downloaded it because I was caught in a fake ad with the elevator. It should: you create it, then advertise it. Not: you advertise it, then after the complaint reviews, you plan to create it
Love the game, lovely graphics n game play but it makes it too hard to pass the levels sometimes and I'm not talking abt the hard levels. Especially the way the customers come in also if you don't spend the coins and gems the way the game recommends you to, you can get stuck and not move on in the game at all.
The game is a lot of fun. Thanks for the update and the new levels. I've been waiting on them... the only issue I have is that my husband was also playing until he had to get a new phone and lost all of his progress and didn't want to start all over from the beginning. But he always got the option to watch ads in exchange for gems and I have never been able to do that??
I like the game for what it is. But I was received as well. I downloaded because the ad appeared to be a easy elevator type game. Upon downloading I realized that wasnt the case but decided to try it anyway. Was really enjoying the game that is until level 50 or so. It just get ridiculous there no way to pass some of these levels without the added perks or what nots it very aggravating. I've been stuck on the same level for a week now. I'm not spending my money on this game. Lol
I absolutely loved it, BUT the major, most important issue I have is that one has to keep stopping and can't play at leisure. The lives refills are robbery. I understand 1 life after watching a video, but not after I pay for gems and purchase the lives!! Gems should refill the lives to 5. Also, why is there no game store? So one can only purchase items they need, and get a description of the item while playing? I couldn't remember what the genie lamp was for to save my life!
Most likely more so of some others way to earn more coins. Or even have a feature to buy coins maybe. Its like I know its possible to win and carry on just have to keep in mind that we all play different and some speed is not as quick as the next. But I still love the game.
I dont like that they dont give you many gems for the upgrades unless you buy them all the time. I have probably spent $20 or more on this game and it still never gives me enough to keep going. I am always getting stuck at levels unless I keep buying boosters and gems. I probably wont have this game very much longer.
The game is getting costlier to play. Constantly need booster to achieve coins and diamonds. I actually started to dislike it when the format changes. Earlier it was a fun game to play but starting to feel it is no longer. Will explore to some other games if the same format remains.
Very nice game I really like it but I give 4 stars 1) I win so many levels but I don't have enough diamonds and the demand for it is too high if I want to buy something I have to give 4 diamonds 2)I want the delivery of all my orders in 1 to 1.30 hours it ur order will arrive 4hrs which I don't like I want the orders early. Pls read this review and if u feel that u can correct it then pls do it 😊😊😊😊😊
The only option for you to move from hard levels are to use boosters that you need to acquire with gems which you need to buy with real money especially if you used all your boosters from previous hard levels. You cant even use the game money to purchase or just provide more options to watch free ads to acquire gems. This is frustrating that I am gonna uninstall after this. Understand that not all wants to pay with real money.
The game was great! So fun at first and then suddenly there is one level that you cannot pass without multiple power ups which is just ridiculous. What is the point of creating a great game and then making one specific level unnecessarily impossible? Also this is a complaint from multiple people but nothing is being done.
This is a great game and really enjoy playing it.Why do you all end up keeping IMPOSSIBLE tasks that can never happen,even if you use the help,you run out of all tue helpful buttons and still you are stuck.You need to space out your guests and their demands,how much can one alone boy run around getting the tasks done. And the rooms are all full, the guests are still demanding and new guests still keep arriving.
Was one of my favorite games. Very responsive to feedback and appreciate the effort to find the diamond balance, however the achievements do not accurately tabulate to earn diamonds (frustrating). The levels are sometimes unwinnable ( have been on time and correct room, but not enough $). Kept 3 stars because of adorable graphics and efforts of developers.
The latest hotel is an absolute joke. I don't mind spending a bit of money on purchases however when the smiley face challenges appear and guests choose the same room no amount of power ups can help. I am at the stage where I am just logging on for the free two gems a day and every 7 days I upgrade the hotel...... it will probably take the rest of 2021 to pass a very low level but hey there are others games to play so I'll play them instead. Your loss for being greedy.
This was a fun game. I used to be able to watch videos for free gems. I purchased something and this has now disappeared. I used to be able to earn one gem after completing five games on any level. This helped and now this has gone. It's great you make changes but why take away the opportunity to earn gems and progress on the current level. I've read your reply and sorry but about the ads is rubbish. I'm at the highest hotel I can go to and ALWAYS had the option to watch ads until I bought gems
It is NOT free to play. I've spent OVER £100 on this, done OVER 3000 levels to save diamonds. Purchases are extremely poor value. They now seem to have stopped giving you 1-3 diamonds every 5 levels, I've done 30 levels and not received any diamonds with the rewards. I have screenshots of the rewards to prove no diamonds. So many reviews with the same complaints...
I was honestly not expecting to enjoy this game as much as I do, but I've spent a really long time on it and its challenging and fun. If you're extremely patient and casual you can play it entirely for free, but there are moments when you just spend a quick £1.99 to move on.
Awesome fun little strategy game. I love that the ads are optional. You actually WANT to watch the ads in order to advance faster in the game but without being held back if you do not choose to watch ads. Good job to the developers of this game. The characters are cute and they did not spoil it with too many game add ons like one of its competitor games. Love this game.
NOT free to play. I've spent OVER £100 and done OVER 3200 levels to save (expensive to buy) diamonds. Many others say the same. After level 80 they replaced free diamonds for a reward book. Raised rating as the Norse Cliff level seems better. You don't need boosts to get though it. Layout for food/drink and Rooms make it easier to get things to customers, it's hard when you run far to get item, especially with lots of stairs. Could do with one or two more diamonds for rewards every 5 levels.
Playing 5 levels used to provide us rubies with previous completed hotels but now only provides the booster. Also the rubies that we get from current levels are not sufficient. Makes us wait forever to upgrade the instruments. Really bad update this time . It claims to be free. Free means forever wait and the cost of buying rubies is too much.. and I am almost at the end of lux Al Arab only one level to complete and the upcoming hotel also is not released.. :/
I would have honestly given this a 5 star review, it's one of the few games where you have the option to buy gems, but if you are patient, you get them by watching ads. After playing this game for months, I decided to buy gems and now I no longer have the option to get gems from watching ads. So I basically won't be playing this game anymore. Pretty bummed out.
I love it. It's a good game. But the upgrades are terrible! The boosters that makes the person fast and the faster loading of sandwich? That's what we expect from the upgrades. Please fix this. It's so disappointing to see another p2w/p2p game which mechanics are supposed to be fun.
The gems for a rocket shoes are to much for just 1at least 3 for 10 or 2 for 8 some then but 10 for 1 is BANANAS. Why do it take 7 hrs. For a product to be finished is crazy. Overall the game is cool & interesting I like it because it's something different other than matching gems together to get coins or stars. To play the actual part of the game that you want to play.
If i like and play a game for a good while i often buy something from the shop. I did this a few weeks ago and now i dont see ads at all. The problem is, those ads earn gems and so now its taking me ages to save up for new things. I wish i hadn't bought something now as ive lost out in the long run. Please can I have my ads back?! Edit... Thanks for the response. I have played this game for a long time and had an ad every day. I have not had one since i purchased. Please check your coding.