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Turbo Dismount™

Turbo Dismount™ for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Secret Exit Ltd. located at Aleksanterinkatu 48 00100 Helsinki Finland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is truly amazing. But one flaw in this overly perfect game. MORE THINGS TO DRIVE! I have pretty much tried every single combination possible, and would like more! No more new maps, just MORE THINGS TO DRIVE! Other than that, this game is flawless and the bst ragdoll game out there.
I love everything about this game except for the lack of user-generated content. Realistically, the only thing this game needs now is the level editor from the steam version and it will be absolutely fantastic.
Its super fun! I just love how there are so much epic vehicles and levels! But they haven't been adding more levels or vehicles to the game, could you please add more vehicles or levels to the game? Appreciate it! Thank you🤗
This game is awesome but I wish there where more cars and levels. I bought the premium and I wish there was more. Cars levels characters. All that
Hi developer awsome game !!! But add more vehicles weelchair,motox,tricicle,oneweelbike, twoeelbike and add button to detouch the dummy and more levels and lastly add more awsome helmets thank you.
Quite a good game, however I am hoping for a new update. It's been a long time since we got a new season, and the lack of new and unique vehicles is rendering itself a small stain on an otherwise entertaining simulator.
You should add Play Pass to make it better. It's good, but free to play users get little to no original gameplay. Also, you should add a vehicle that turns into a robot.
The ragdoll physics in this game are great but can you add even more vicheles and new levels cause without more, it's like that you are playing the game all over again bit it's a nice game, would play it more often ^ω^
Loved it, everything was free, you could drive locked vehicles by watching ads, and it has a competitive leaderboard, so you can compete to have the highest score
Not much to say but this is a good game! And also for those who complaining about the ads..use the power of TURNING OF CONNECTION!!im so stressed with these complainers.ok thats from me.You.Hey you,reader.Please give support XDXD.
This is pretty good but 1 thing. You can't make your own levels and that is 1 of the coolest things to do on steam. Please have this fixed. Thank you.
The app purchases I know games have app purchases but things didn't cost when it was new but now I mean all of of the good things cost.but overall it's a good game so you could take my advice that the game is amazing but all of of the good stuff costs, or if you have money that you could spend on games, and buy everything but remember this is your life the decisions you make affects your future so hope you enjoy the game 🙃😜🙃😜
The greatest simulator game ever.cool and fun.i like the way the ragdoll man hold on the front or in the back of the car.the one that i realy like is the jetplane i put speed road or what ever its called makes the jet fly and if you change the position of the ragdoll man at the top of the jet.its like his in trable that he cant get in the jet and if you start the jet just leave him in the road!hahahahahahahahahahaha.REALY LIKE THIS GAME A LOT LIKE 10x.ive recomand this to others about this game.
Great game! Super fun challenges, crashes, and more. It could use some more frequent updates. It has a ton of vehicles and maps. It's pretty good without paying, but if you pay $5 it unlocks everything and it is totally worth it. Nice 3d graphics. You can even load custom images in your phone onto your car and dummy.
I love the game but when ever you want to use a car you have to watch a ad for the ones you have to pay for but I love just pls make it so you can use all cars Love the game
Very fun, has a bunch of levels, cars, and hats my favorite car is the bumper car and magnum. recommend you get this if you want to see destruction. Edit: And I would want to see another update. Have not seen one for a while, if you are making another game I will definitely play it.
Such a funny and addictive game! Perfect for hours of fun laughing your head off at the physics and constantly truing to get a new highscore, good ammount of content too. They really hit the nail on the head with this one lads!
I love this game it's just it hasn't been updated for a long time and I really want you to put in the game is more cars and more levels that you don't have to buy. Can you please make an update of that and then I will love this game for my rest of my life!!
It's a good game and all, but I'd prefer it if we had more options for customization, like colors, and more free body types, other than that the game is fine.
It its awesome! I love it and I have been playing for the past week nonstop! Just i wish there were more updates for the game but its still awesome!
Great game played since i was around 7 loved it then loved it now I would give it 5 stars but I found that on mobile the steering was not so great and some of the levels I didn't enjoy as much as I would have hoped but those are just some nit picky
I give 5 stars because it is a great game,but could you make it so when the next update comes the AI can break too? that would make me want to tell play store too give ratings 100 stars 😂 oh and give it online setting so you can play with your friends thanks.
really fun i just wish the made it to were you didn't have to buy more levels, vehicles, and characters. Can some one please tell creators the have everything unlock even if it is your first time playing.
Omg i rate this game 10/10. Its full of fun that gets mot just ny hear but evryones hearts pumping. I really do recommend this game. And thank to the creator of this game making such a masterpiece and being thoughtful.
It's a great game for free, of course there is the in app purchases, but it's not that bad at all! I personally think it's a great and fun app without any in-app purchasing, what I'm trying to say is that it's fun and almost unlimited! It's fun in my opinion, especially the character customization, I recommend this if you like crash-test dummy kind of games or just destruction in general!
This is the best game ever!!! But i got a tiny little thing i dont like the dev's dosent really update the game the new updatebis just a car and a hat. But besides its really fun ill give it a 10/10 to the game.
This game is good, but it has a problem. The fact the other version of this game has a map editor but this version doesn't. WHY? In the Steam version you can make, publish, and play other people's maps. But not here. Maybe you have to pay for it or something and I just don't see it, but until the map editor is added in this version of the game, I'm rating it 3 stars.
Its an amazing game but I have 1 complaint, it will not let me buy the premium for 5.49 and I have 5.87, it won't let me buy anything with my google play balance, please fix this.
I've played this in the past many times now, and I can officially say that I'm addicted to seeing dummies roll up in silly cars, take off, and then instantly break their bones. 10/10 From me!
This is the best game I've played.could use a few things.1 replay saving. For all the people that play the game its like:WOW that was the best replay ever.sadly you can't see it ever again.2 updates you know how minecraft is SO popular. Yeah, because the have cool updates.and new trap:trampoline leaning sideways so the player drives the car into the trampoline then launches them into the sky. That would be cool.
Love this game absolutely amazing. I found out about this game from a lot youtubers and honestly that made me want to play it so I decided to play it and it was great. Graphics are amazing, I love how you can turn the replay into slow motion and everything else! 11 out of 10 perfect.😁❤🤯
This game is nice and i have downloaded this for 5 years now, but the last update was last year and there haven't been any updates ever since, so can you make a new update because it would be nice to see some new vehicle or new features!
Great. I loved annoying my friends by putting their faces on them. You can play to kill the person or try to survive as a little mini game. Great game and I do recommend
This is the best simulator ever! I just suggest you add new vehicles such as motocross, sidecar etc. And i also suggest that you can put 2 or more people on one vehicle. Thank you for listening to my review. I hope you can make my wish come true... i really trust you, Secret Exit ltd. Again... thanks so much for "inventing" such a blyatiful game.
This game is very awesome, there is a slow motion feature, maps, millions of cars to destroy, and more, you can even get a fighter jet, almost like a F-22 Raptor, with cool cities in the background as well, but even better,you can preform dangerous stunts, its really cool.
This game is literally better than fortnite PLS keep the good work up and make more games like this Also could there be way more updates There is allready lost of cars but maybe some more fun activity
The game is great but I wish this mobile version had the same options as on the computer, not having to pay for cars, maps, characters. And the map feature, I guess the ones that are user created, Iike the train wall, car hell, and other maps that were user created.
Thia game is great, but it gets boring after 30 seconds. Add a couple new maps, maybe some new veiclhes, and/or a custom map feature, and you get 5 stars from me.
Great game but can we please have the level editor? Can we at least make our own levels? On the steam one we can make our own levels, so why cant we on the mobile one too? When the level editor is added, I will change the rating to 5 stars. It really is a great game and this will make it even better.
It's a really fun game, but it needs an update. It's getting boring playing with the same cars and maps. So if the creator sees this, please update this awsome game
It's like burnout's cool crash mode, with stunts old school graphics and sandbox with epic's rag doll physics. I love using the big headed one. I imagine it's a BABY.
It's very fun my one problem is actually two is you have to pay I'm poor and only play on the free maps please make a thing we're you can create your own level and the steering wheel it's too hard to steer even if I had smooth controls make the steering wheel a little more easy to control but anyways yeah that's it nothing is wrong it's until you fix the problem I have I'll five star
I love the game. I saw Thinknoodles play it and ever since then I have wanted to play it. The game was super fun and I just love destuction! Maybe in the future make everything in the game free so more people will play and you will get more ratings and more approval ratings.
Amazing but needs updates for new levels!! I've had and played this game for years now but the steam version is absolutely amazing compared to this which is disappointing because this is the perfect time waster mobile game and if the mobile version had access to user created levels this would be one of the best games on mobile handsdown. Please even if i had to purchase to unlock, I don't mind, I just want new levels which would add hours & hours of lifespan. It's still a fantastic game though.
I absolutely love the game but the one downside is there is no way to get other maps without spending money but they give a large variety of maps and vehicles. Very fun.
I love this game!!! If any players are new to this game the whole point about this game is to : kill yourself!! Also these Grafics are amazing, and the game developer needs to update this game. Game developer If ur seeing this comment pls update. Thanks.
Best game ever! It's so fun and silly because all you do... IS JUST DRIVE A VEHICLE AND KILL YOURSELF! I LOVE IT! :D So anyways, it's graphics are good, the gameplay is good, and it's super funny. But, just one tiny, tiny problem... It never gets updated. The latest update was adding a new car and a new hat, but that's about it. I really hope they update this game because I love it so much. Please, if any of the developers are reading this, please update the game. Thanks.
It's really sad, there used to be constant updates with a new vehicle every month or so, great game but I would love a new vehicle or level
Nice car dismounting game, tons of crunchy cars, lots of fun obstacles to play with, lots of maps, you know what I mean. but the cars you drive can't bend or deform. Nabey thats a possibility to add? But either way its a good game and I would rate 4 and a half stars. 🚘
I love this game sooooo much and i play it all the time,But the thing is it hasnt been updated FOR A YEAR.Idk if this game is like dead or just not making money or something but it gets old eventually and i get kinda boerd so i play a diffrent game and forget about turbo dismount so if this game is not dead PLEASE update the game so it doesn't get boring and doesnt die if its not dead already
THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME! when I was younger and saw this on ethan gamer TV I was astonished and asked my dad if I could download it, later in the year my dad got me premium WHICH IS NOTHING BUT FUN! I think secret exit LTD should continue to make games :)
I love this game it's funny and fun you can make em drive off cliffs and pick poses on the vehicle to drive and you can go as fast as you want and pick obstacle course s and I love 5 stars. But there is a few glitched maps but I love it so I Un-installed it and 're installed it again!! 😃 And you can pick your own vehicles Baku!! It's fun of course Hehe.. ok ok. Ok bye.. I love typing.. seriously bye!!!!!! 😞. 🔘v🔘 Lol bye❗❕❗❕❗❕❇ 👋 I'm on my mom's account that's why I'm acting like a kid.
AWESOME GAME! But a few problems. So i downlaoded this game and it is LEGIT, but It needs some more crashes and entertainment and I love playing it, though it gets boring😐. Pls, make it have more crashes and entertainment.
The game was very fun, but where the name of Talos is a map editor! The PC versions get a map editor, they can even publiiah maps! But we cant? Juat add a map editor and i will grant you 5 stars. The game is still fun, just add a map editor so we can enjoy torturing the characters in various ways.
I like the game, very good and entertaining. Maybe you could add a setting where you could have the cars turned off.
The game is pretty good, but needs a never ending update. You need to add the improved customization so you can crop pictures, vehicles can be customize, and so much more! I hope you like this, Secret Exit! -SnakeSnack GT
This game is very fun. There are so many vehicles and very few adds. You can buy any pack of cars or levels to completely disable adds. There is also a thing (i forget what it's called) that is only $5.50 and it includes everything. I recomend getting this game as well as the thing thats $5.50.
This game is a great time waster/passer, had many fun times, tried all the levels though, maybe add some more... Overall, it's a great game just add some more stuff, and 5 stars form me will be coming your way!!!
This game keeps me laughing at the hilarious ways to kill and or injure that dummy. I love it! Brilliant idea. Can't wait for the next one!!!!
this game is freaking awesome this guy always gets volunteers you could drive cars do crazy stunts and you always gets hurt this is kind of amazing sometimes I don't play it but I still like it it's amazing game and God Jesus because it is so brutal 😖💯🤪😲
Top 5 Things to add to Turbo Dismount 1 More levels the levels are fun but lets have more on the ios turbo dismount. 2 More cars I love the cars and the style but lets have more 3 Custom maps for iOS I want more Custom maps without Downloading them and update now and not just for the stream and for the ios make more. 4 More obstacles I love the obstacles but lets have more such as mega mine That shoots you up into the air 1000 feet 5 More players I love the Dummies such as fat diva and Ms dismount but there is just so little of them and the helmets so lets make more Please read developers Ps make more levels and obstacles and cars head and logo Please read By Z.t And also more maps Please:) And make sure to contact the app store to update and tell them to add everything I said please?
Very good and has decent controls (for a game on mobile). This game is on PC and this is just a mobile port of the game. But taking the PC experience into play this deserves 5 start, just doesn't get them here because this is the mobile port after all.
I REALLY ENJOY this game!! I love it so much I'd like to reccomend new features like.. - Level Creator - Item Customizer (Turbo Pad Power, Inderstructibe Player & Veichle and fragility, Destructible Everything, Weapon Creator and more...) - Spawn rate of cars - And AI modifier Would be very grateful for at least on of these :P
The best kinetic-physics car crash game EVER🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. For the last 6 years, I heard about this game. Last 5 years, I want to play it, it was my dream, I saw youtubers playing it. I became jealous.... Then, Voila........ Game in Google play. Thank you very much. I am seriously saying, guys. Download it. ADS- not too much ( turn your Internet off, 'cause it's an offline game ). It has the best physics ever, you can see slow-mo crashes. Many cars.... Better than any other destruction app.👍🏻👍
I was playing the game and after 7 months My levels were deleted I bought the levels 7 months before this happened, I lost my levels Most of my levels were GONE! Now I have to buy them again. What a waste of money.
The only reason I won't give it a five is that there is not a create your own Level thing. But other then that it is a good game.
Real fun i love it th only thing is for me(i dont know if this happens to other people)but it takes a long time to download other than that its awesome i recommend 👌
Its a great game! I love how springs and other things come off the car when you crash, I also like how when you get hit or crash the body parts that broke turn red I thought that was a nice feature. And the police chases are awesome! Sometimes they run you over. I think a cool new feature they should add is muitiplayer and when you get caught by the cops they actually get out of the car and arrest you instead of just running you over. Daily prizes would be nice too.
I really like the game but it's not really fun whenever you are not bored but you just want to play something that has a wrecked out also there should be a tap to move thing like you tap where you want to move and can can you please add more characters and you won't have to pay for them more free characters otherwise this game is amazing PS keep up the good work on the game hope you had this suggestion 🎉🎉🎉😃😃👍
This game is super fun with all the ragdoll stuff. But there is just one flaw, this game barely gets supported anymore. I left this game for a YEAR and nothing has changed, no new hats, vehicles or.....anything there's literally nothing new, but the steam version is getting updates which is unfair.
Fun one of the best games I've ever played and it's a classic but I do hope that they put out a free play update where you can drive around and there are an endless amount of stunts you can just rack up points and i also wish there was a way you can save a replay thank you for your time🤪🙃😲😮
It's exactly what it said it was, but after just like two days it gets old. They hit the mark of the idea perfectly(no pun intended), it's just that the idea isn't that great, it's good but not great. You just crash over and over again. If there was like an online competition of who can get the most damage, then this would 100% get 5 stars
Its a great game but now im so raging quit cause when i play this today i only hear the music all of the vehicles had no sound and the character had no sound of breaking bones and parts of the body i am so triggered but i love the game but the sounds of the vehicles and breaking bones i am so triggered and BTW i tried fixing the sound option but It didn't do anything even the OBSTACLES that explodes or do something cool for the vehicle and body had no sound.
There is one thing that needs to be changed in this game it is the value of the money you need to pay to get all this stuff you need to play the whole entire game the made up areas and people made them the other ones those are just made up from other people the creators and also the cars you can watch a video to get them but you need to lower the money Ujgdhf F G G G F F Ufhdurhh
I think it's a good game but I still think stick man backflip killer 4 can be funner it gets old to idk if this still makes games or even still uses this email so that's probably why there's no updates stickman black flip killer still has updates
Tbh i think this game is rlly good! But as always, In-Game purchases. But overall the game is pretty fun to play. I play it everyday when im in the car lol.
I genuinely enjoy this game and I think it's worth the storage space it takes up. Also I like the papers please reference on some of the billboards.
Good game but it would be better if the crashes were a bit more realistic and at better realistic cars but overall I still give it an 5/5 stars rated well it's still a good game if you want the most realistic game on mobile that will never happen, Besides if I say this if another crashing realistic game all that stuff dont blame me I downloaded this game for fun this is kinda relaxing maybe relaxing if you want the most relaxed game just go on YouTube and turn on relaxing music. I give it 5/5.
I just feel like the free maps could be more interesting, and more different from eachother. I don't want to simply drive in different parts of the same city, I want to dive off cliffs and out of airplanes onto mountains or something. I understand that you can pay for better maps, but unless you buy the map packs, it gets boring really quick.
Real fun i love it the only thing is for me(i dont know if this happens to other people)but it takes a long time to download other then that its awesome i recommend 👌lEdit:I got a new phone for Christmas and it's pretty fast now so there is no problem it was just my phone