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Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster

Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Hyperspace Yard located at Neulaskatu 1 A 4, 33820 Tampere, Finland. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a fun yet soothing game with a cute furry main character and relaxing music and scenery. It only gets a little frustrating when things don't go as you planned straight away. But since that's all just a question of learning new skills, the frustration soon enough makes way for a feeling of accomplishment, and all peace and relaxation returns.
Good design. There's a mix of help and figure it out yourself. I need more eyes. Only bad thing is with one eye you have to tap again to release, this make moving a little tedious and swinging difficult.
But also frustrating at first. I'm used to playing motion based games and I find myself trying to tilt my device to make Tupsu go. It's still fun and I love the graphics. I'd love an app where you can grow your own Tupsu.
Sometimes a bit annoying when you can't attach to the next ground cause it's not in view when it should be. Otherwise very likable game, child friendly too.
This is a very neat and challenging game. Although it seems simple, it can be a little frustrating while trying to solve the puzzles (but in a good way). I like it.
This game has some well cute graphics!! But don't let that fool you, as the game progresses, the puzzles get trickier!! You REALLY do have to use your head.
To this day World of Goo is still one of my favorite puzzle games. A game that is and was totally unique. A game that innovated the tired genre that was bridge building like games at the time and created something totally one of a kind. This game is definitely not as intelligently designed (as far as the levels go). but this game expands enough on the concept and mechanics to form a compelling puzzle game worthy to the source material that they appear to have been so heavily inspired by.
Chellenging but not too hard so far so it's still chilled out fun. No ads either :-) Infact nothing at all to annoy me so far! Those sticky eyeballs are great.
its quite hard to play this game because all of the tufts of grass dont load so i can see half of them so im wondering where to go.can they change the colour of the platform so that i can see which ones tupsu will go through and the ones that he wont. also how do you get more eyes i only have one.
one of the funnest games I've ever played, I play over and over, even after I've completed it many times, its still fun and challenging, besides being soooo cute!
The game is worth playing, but on principal, I give it 3 stars cause after 3 worlds, it offers "bonus" world. That is just a link to buy another world and costs as much as the original game. Shame.
Love creative, no-pressure games. If there continue to be few bugs, and doesn't get RIDICULOUSLY challenging, I will keep my 5 stars.
fantastic puzzle game. great logic puzzles meshed with a little furry fella. ten million bonus points awarded to dev for not needing to spy on me or my phone via permissions. DOWNLOAD THIS *NOW*. GREAT, FUN GAME THAT'S SAFE FOR ALL THE FAMILY TO USE. kudos on showing what *can* be done on android
This should have been one of the few games I rate 5. It's simply awesome. So many ways of solving a problem. I just love it! Two reasons it's not getting 5 stars. One - sometimes it gets bugged and graphic elements disappear and you have to reload. Two - the story is quite short even with the bonus level. But all in all, an extraordinary game that doesn't flash your screen with ads! Good job devs!
Fun and inventive without being frustrating--a hard line to walk for puzzle games. This does it well. Apparently it was made by one person in which case I'm amazed...You will not regret getting this.
Certain levels I just do not have the speed to move Lil dude in time, so I couldn't really get far. But I've notoriously poor reflexes so that's not really a game flaw. Good game, I just can't play it haha
This game is intriguing, beautifully done and relaxing. The challenges are very rewarding once figured out. If you enjoy exercising your mind or really enjoy physics based games this is a must have.
However, it should allow you to rotate the screen 180°. Galaxy S4's audio jack is not in a comfortable spot, hard to hold the device.
I probably enjoyed the music more than the gameplay, and I really like the game overall. I feel that more things could be done with the game mechanics, for example you could launch Tupsu by stretching him between two eyes (Tupsu 2?). A few puzzles were quite smart, though the main challenge was navigating the terrain and sometimes hoping that Tupsu will end up where you want him to be. I was expecting more of a dark/ less silly ending, but I think that will do😊
Like the concept, it is very original. Once you get used to the overall play, sometimes you have to be quick which is challenging on my tablet, and figure things out which is also challenging for me. Love the sounds as well. Woukd love to see more games like this one
Cool game. I wish you could have game passers though - if you can't pass a level you can use one of them. You can get these instead of boxes.
Great quality game, good graphics, no annoying ads or special permissions - games like this are few and far between on mobile.
I wish there were more worlds (levels) :-D Other than that, it's very creative, beautiful, and well just an all around enjoyable game :-) I don't review many apps, but this game definitely deserves to be played by everyone. I hope that the makers of this game come out with some more free worlds in the future.
The gameplay looks is bad it would be great if u could move the screen to check on the surrounding and also would help small screen users. A bit more attractive graphics would be pretty awesome!
I love that it doesn't ask for any permissions. Plus, it's really fun. I'm almost done with it. --Hope to see new levels! C: Update: The bonus levels are so hard! I'm stuck on #5 and been stuck on it for a while. >.<
OMG! This game is freakin great! You deffinately need quick hand-eye co-ordination (which is great training for all ages, but especially those of us that are gettin older! lol). Once you get the hang of the physics of this game, it's so much fun! (make sure your screen is clean so you get no drag while sliding your finger across it-remember, you gotta be quick! lol) This reminds me of a game I have for my DS->Mr. Slime. The Dev.'s did a great job on this one. Works great on my Android tablet, great graphics, easy to control, it's all in the finger! lol, Really a great puzzler game.
The best game ever! My brother steals it from me when he can and goes on Tupsu and now he's better than me! By the way I think you should be able to customise the creature ( and it should be named by you) and you choosing its gender! But its a AWESOME game!!!!!!:-) :-D
Tupsu is a terrific little action/puzzle game - it's easy to learn but is very rewarding to play. Basically you have to guide a fluffy blob thing across a landscape, using an extendable elastic appendage to pull yourself over obstacles or sling yourself over gaps. The puzzle part comes in figuring out how best to deploy this appendage and where best to attach it to achieve your goal. Graphics are superb in full HD. And this game is free! Evgeni, you're a star - thanks so much.
At least in my phone (htc one m8) it has several programming bugs that don't allow me to pass levels. I saw videos in YouTube and I start levels in a different way. For example, in level 1-8 i start without any box, they're like already used and blocking me from pass the level.
Used to have some glitches, but after buying the bonus level became just horrible, 3 minutes playing - all sounds are muted, have to reload + sometimes doesn't load properly, a shame that this happens in really my favorite game
My kind of game and i love everything about it. And its free. I send money to games like this that are free to help keep it going or make a 2ed.. Vary good job. One thing that would be cool is to give us a zoom out and in to plan out what to do
Really awesome game. An easy concept with challenging levels to keep you engaged. The graphics were good and it loaded without trouble. And an add bonus there are no ads. So sad when I reached the end!
this is the first game i downloaded since i bought my first samsung, I couldn't find it for some reason. Now i'm happy and feel nostalgic to play it again.
I really enjoyed World of Goo, and have been looking for the next game to suck me in. The monster is adorable, and game play is tough, but never to the point of frustration. A+ time waster!
It's a cool game. But at some levels it seems impossible to get thru it. It just gets annoying and a little help would b nice. Edit: oh and to developers.... you have someone truly annoying giving terrible walkthru to your game on YouTube. Can't u make these losers stop. I thought it was u guys giving us help and it's some idiot with nothing but time on his hands.