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Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Deer Cat located at Pictopotamus Ltd, 23 Church Street, Rickmansworth, Herts. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its a awesome game with great controls and on point graphics! I love the game playing and its very challenging and no ads unless you want them! 😁 I love this game! good time killerz
This game is simple yet very challengingπŸ’– and it's worth-downloading😊 For example if you need only one app that can entertain you everytime I'll say it is "Tunnel Rush"πŸ₯°
It is literally a copy of one of my favorite games. It even has the same music. Do not download the original one that a DIFFERENT COMPANY MADE!!! This is a rip off. DO NOT GET!!!!!
This game saved my ass when I was stuck working on a cruise ship for 6 days. Wifi was expensive af. So I finished all the levels. Music is nice, but after a while, I shut it off and used my own tunes.
Stupid Game Ever....This Game Doesn't Have any Exit Button and Doesn't allow any appas Including Battery Warning Prompt window while playing...This are all aim to get users whole attention to the Game...Game is Just to Releif our Stress not to be get addicted and Waste our whole Life.And Importantly The Game Background Music Psychologically Get our Whole attention towards that game.Excuse me Deer Cat Please Do Consider the Players Psychology also.Please Dont kill us.
After getting past level 100, if i come back just to randomly play any other level, i can't continue on the level i previously was on (153)
I just played it before 2 years ago and I uninstall it because of the bad experience in the game. I don't like the music, I don't like the too much blue light that makes my eyes hurt every time I played it. And when I downloaded it again, It got more worse because of the new update. ugh. What a waste of time. I dont reccomend it. It makes you play, become addicted to it, for nothing.
Not the game I thought it was. Still looking for the original tunnel game. This is just a copy with bad controls.
Hatt bkl, the worst game ever, obstacles everywhere won't even let you adjust your path. The original game would have jumped into a spoonful of water (level 355 btw)
You must roll out the tilt control as well... I downloaded the game thinking the same But since it has tap control I'm uninstalling it
Really fun game! Reminds me of something that may have been in a video arcade back in the 80's. Great music; begs to be played with headphones! I think it would be nice to add a few options to settings. I think a control option for rotational speed. Maybe it could have a Bluetooth control setting to use with a gamepad? Even better, up the graphics and being it to the Xbox One! I have seen a lot of Android apps show up in the Xbox Store! Okay, maybe there could be a VR headset option where the screen can be split and put into a Google Cardboard or similar headset, just for more 3D effect. Okay, I'll stop there, since this is supposed to be a short review. In summary, Great Job Guys! πŸ†. Oh, I almost forgot, please add a pro option to buy it and remove ads and make the game continuable without any ad watching! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
This is an awesome game! I really enjoy it and the music too. Buuttt it would be pretty awesome too to be able to add our own music? But yeah, that's just an idea. The game is pretty cool and it can keep you busy for hours. Definitely a five star πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
Great game, pure joy - just set it to "hard" and start at level 100 ! (it's reachible at "easy" for 2-3 evenings). And yes-it's always nice to have an exit, being it even in the form of button.
I think this game is amazing it just that i have to delete all my othter games and it takes like 5 times to get the but i still love this game
I love the game. There is way too many ads!!! Took 3 stars just for all the ads even free app it's ridiculous!!!!!!
I already played it and believe it or not i got level 850 and that's my highest score so far but i bought a new phone last time a reason to unistall it and install it in my new phone.. this game is really good but as i Get higher and higher, this is NOT challenging anymore or i can call myself an expert πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰
Super fun game to pass time, levels are not hard to pass once you get the hang of it, however if you take a break, you'll find it takes a couple tries to pass each level.
It's a very fast paced 1st person flying type where you are continuously having to dodge objects which are stationary at first, but soon begin to move as the levels progress. Also, you're speed increases with each new level. The only control is by using your thumbs to either dodge left or right to avoid hitting anything. After every 5 crashes, you do have an ad, but only 5 seconds long! And, once you reach level 76, there are no more ads, but that will take you a while. Cool game!
I love this game so much I'm still playing in my sleep I'm still looking for that light at the end of the tunnel are the darkest part of the screen really "tunnel rush take cantrol" YUPP!!!!
the game is too hard....difficulty level is very high hundred of attempt required to cross a level and its so boring that always swiping left and right.... I'm fed up after playing one two days such a boring game 0star for that game
I loved it before the update. They removed the infinite levels so now you replay the 100 levels over and over, if you are obsessed as I am.
In 9 day I have completed at 100 level but there only 100 level after completing 100 level it just goes on now I am at 114.I it is a game lag or something else. But I love it so amazing and interesting game to play
It was ok... but the controls are a bit strange and slow at moving. The 1st level was really hard and the 2nd level was to hard
I love this game! It's very addictive and you can play this game without wifi! The graphics are very cool too! I don't recommend this game for people who gets car sick easily or has motion sickness! Other then that, this game is great!
I've been looking for something to mimic the effects of Ecstacy, which I never acknowledged until I felt the rush that Tunnel Rush gives. It's a trip... the music, the effects, the spinning, the tunnel is all I ever needed. Thanks for the free psychedelic experience.
Best game I've ever played. Hella addictive. U can never get sick of it. The music and the backgrounds of each level with the ease-of-use makes it THE perfect game to play.
Firstly, this is very enjoyable, however, I'm on level 140, the difficulty of this level is no different to level 50. I don't travel faster, the hazards aren't closer together, it hasn't got harder. Also, whilst I quite like that the tracks are generated randomly, I find that if I crash into a moving object, the track will regenerate with stationary objects, therefore I feel like I complete a track because it became easier, not because I became more skilled...
Really cool and difficult. Challenges the mind ;) Im a bit sad about the update, it's gotten a lot easier since then and the tunnel is now polckadotted instead of linned
50 levels they say , try and pass all 50 easy tight? until your inside the matrix and these obstacles just BAMMMM out of no wher , first game in my life that had me moving my head avoid crashing.WOW.I absolutely love the adrenaline from it.Good job the whole team did on this one.Love your game 5 stars in if i can give it a10 I would, all the negative reviews on here some are blind others are to slow and the rest just plain ol stupid , THIS GAME ROCKS , #1IN THE PLAY STORE at least it should be
honestly I get bored during a of games but this oh no its fun! Its a reallly awesome game I would never say this but its true its the best game to keep you unbored and its child friendly so you shoud download it!
This game is addictive!!! I couldn't put my phone down once I started playing. Graphics are good, controls are easy to use, and ads are minimal. Five stars from me! 😁
It's an amazing game but I wish the dev made more levels... I've been playing this game for a long time and when you've reaches level 100, there aren't any more and it's just too easy
Love it i played this since i was around 7 years old! And of course the sound and everything i love it!
This game is proof that game design is the most important factor in any game. Its super simple and looks shoddy, but damn is it the perfect couch game. I dont really leave reviews but i felt i owed this something for all the basic entertainment its provided. Highly recommend
Its very tough as the levels increase..at a moment if u look into it may b u feel like some kind of hypnotism..but luv it..πŸ’œ
Great game for passing the time. Comparing your app to some similar apps, I love it how we can play inside the tunnel and outside it. It never gets boring. I love how the colors change and how there are both levels and increasing speed. Would be awesome to add some texture colors instead of/plus solid colored environment. Please add some background sky pictures changeable with the level or every 10 levels. Thank you all.
U love this game. Its fun and its a great game to pass time while ur waiting for something. U guys should make tunnel rush 2
This game is awesome. No need to bring this game in VR, this game already has a VR experince. Absulotly loved it. Keep it up,the cteators of this awesome game!
this is very interesting game I've ever played.It teaches us how to focus on our target and we can planned to do we will doπŸ˜‡
I love this app so much! Me and my friends always try and beat each other's scores! I think this is an amazing app! However theres quite a few adds so... I would turnoff wifi when playing this game :) πŸ™‚
I have played this game since I was young and it is still fun it makes your brain so strong and healthy
good start, but the fact that all levels are randomly generated makes it pointless to go further. instead of beating level 23, why not just replay level 1 which will be randomly generated as a different level evey time? there is no challenge because there is no real progression. just repeated randomness. you cant beat "Level 2" because there is no Level 2, if there was then it would be the same level 2 every time.
This game is AWESOME. The hard level is very tuff. I have played this game many times and I love this game very much πŸ’–.
Awesome game...though all the levels are same only speed vary...try to add something new at every level.
It was an alright game but far from the one years ago that utilized the cellphone's motion sensors as the controls.
great game, only thing I don't like is that the levels are not ordered based on difficulty, they are just random.
This game is fun and challenging. I love to pick it up every now and then and try to get further and do better. It's difficult but not too difficult and it's got different control options which is nice. Works cool and has some nice features.
I love this game very addictive and fun me and my sister's play it almost everyday ( cause we were born as triplets and we had to share the tablet )