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Tube Life - TuberTycoon

Tube Life - TuberTycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Jacek Polak located at UL. ŻURAWIA 6/12 LOK.766 00-503 WARSZAWA Jacek Polak, JackStudio. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game seems fun on the surface apon finding the game and looking at stuff I thought the reviews were either lying or judging a game in alpha, but after actually playing it I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do, then wasted money on food because I couldn't figure out what the bars meant, then after figuring it out I spent all my money, made 0 dollars in return for 30 videos straight had a ad every time I did Anything, not to mention you can't make money because of rent
to get money youll have to atleast have 3 likes and 100 views when you start your going to have a bad time after playing the game for a while itll get easier
I May Love This Game I think it's one of the best tubing games but when you get an ad you literly can not exit out of the ad. I changed my review from 5 to 4 because I forgot that there was allot of ads till one showed up but on the full release of this game please have a way to exit out of the ads there so annoying.
1/5 unplayable bad things: 1. Ad every 60 sec (timed) 2. 30 sec unskippable ad each time 3. requested $1.59 after each to stop them good things: 1. fun progression 2. good concept 3. iffy graphics tips: only play if patient and willing to only spend 2/3 of time actually playing game.
This game is AWFUL. the ads are 20 seconds long plus you NEED to pay £1 just to get rid of them. 1/5
oh yeah lets have ads just randomly pop up so when somebody tries click something they end up going to a website about the hottest new houses in you area
Way to many ads! I could hardly play the game! The parts I were able to play were decent but just to hard to actually play due to the ads
HEY! when I stream I have 4K wiews, but as soon as I buy a skill (+ 5% wiews) it is canceled and I only have 50 wiews again !!! it is broken
Cant do much honesty just for the fact every 5 seconds theres a stupid ad...please for the love of everyone slow the ads...and make it so its u can play offline if not i tried it but i have to pay to play offline ...i smell money grabbers
*sigh* I got really excited when I first saw this was a free game on the store, but then I realized why. if you really want to enjoy this game try it out on the computer because the ads are really just unbearable. though I have to say, fun game
ads are WAY too excessive. having an ad every 2 minutes is super annoying and makes me not want to play the game. Also, the fact that energy goes down after each part of uploading is not great. that only gives the ability to upload 2 videos which makes progressing in the game super slow and bothersome. And the inability to play offline is bad. these are the kind of games thay help pass time in the car but when you cant do that it makes it less fun
unplayable... I had to sit through 3 adverts before I could even put a name in. as soon as i managed that i was greeted by yet again another advert.
Ads don't usually bother me but this game takes it to a whole new level. I like this game but there's so many ads, I had 1 minute 30 seconds ad time and I've only made one video. If you can cut down on the ads this will definitely be a good game
500million ads.black screen screen every 5 mins.very slow.bob. STUPIDEST GAME EVER. LIKE WHAT THE HECK IS GOIN ON?!? there is no smile on this face...
Too many ads. This game isnt good enough to have so many ads. Played for 15 minutes then deleted. Waste of time. Wish I could rate 0 stars.
This game feels lazy and unfinished, as its based off of a game that already exists called TubeTycoon. Anyway, the game is very slow paced, meaning it takes forever to do things, and there are many many ads that just appear out of nowhere at all, instead of after something is completed. Under conclusion, this app feels lazy and I'd more rather spend 11 dollars on the original game.
It's interesting, it's the most generous comment I can give because it's not as fun as the pc version and your energy goes down so quickly so it's difficult to make many videos in one day but it's not THAT bad I guess
Absolutely too much ads. I played this game a year ago and it was awesome, but now, uninstall immediately.
Tube Life - TuberTycoon? More like Tube Life - Ad Simulator... If you're intelligent enough to know common sense, then KEEP AWAY. Its just wasting time and money
WAY TOO MANY ADS. if your gonna spam ads your going to have to make them skipabble. having an add ever minute is unimaginably annoying. Also, this game is not just way to difficult by just starting us out with 250 dollars, but also lies about the ten thousand coins for following the instagram. After buying only 3 upgrades I had negative money.
TOO MANY AD'S! plus when every AD finishes it automaticly takes you to the ad like the google play store to download the app. I will give 5 stars only on one condition, fix the AD problem when it finishes, and reduce the amount of AD's.
good game but when i got out of and tried to get back in, it wouldnt load. it just shows me a black screen. :(
that game is good but ads are too much distrub and that makes game become so bad and that is badder that we cant skip ads even the devs that need money BADLY dont do this to players so please add a skip option Tysm
Ther is a gamebreaking glitch where u are able to buy an upgrade even if u dont have enough points. After that you get into minus points and wont be able to buy anything until you're bacn in the plus. Please fix that. I'd love telling you how it happens but I dont know, I just stumbled upon it.
I know people find this game hard and all but after you play this game a bit you will be soon to realize how to manage yourself and this is only the alpha or beta version of the game and still it is great It is a copy of tube tycoon which i have played and it was hard but soon everything got all good I am actually waiting for the whole thing to get released
I really like the game overall but it bothers me that you need wifi for an excellent game that can be played offline.
would consider going ad free if i liked the game but i don't know if i like it. they is an ad every 5 seconds
Its a good game but suggestions,add playerunknowns battlegrounds to the game but with a different name and be able to replay games you've played,and that's it very good game with a bright future
ive already written a review and I'm pretty sure you removed it which goes to show that you dont care about anything we have to say but these were my complaints: - Too many ads - Ads are too long - You cant do one thing without an ad popping up - You cant play offline - the game itself takes too long to play which makes it not even fun
1. Rip off version of TubeTycoon. 2. Way to many adds, I loaded up the game and the first thing I was presented with, was an add. 3. The game could be set up differently, like energy, food, money, and subscribers. 4. It takes forever to make money! 5. Takes forever to make subscribers. 6. The game is sloppy. 7. This game is a waste of my time.
I like this game, but I got rid of it and redownloaded it and the ammount of ads is too much pls change that
The game seems fun and interesting but the one thing that bothers me are the ads, you get an ad arou d every 2 videos you upload or so and u can't skip most of them, the saddest part is that you are unable to play without internet, the game doesn't look multiplayer anyways , for me it seems like dev made the game only for money. It's absolutely colossal how the system is made. tl;dr : good game but ads destroy the pace of the game, no connection; can't play.
Too many ads. It is literally unplayable because every time you press something you get an unskipable ad
MY OPINION: the game could be more fun if you added some more features on it I'm Not Saying The Game Isn't Fun But It's Entertaining❤
I have multiple issues with your game... One is that it takes ENERGY to PUBLISH the video another one is it takes ENERGY to EAT FOOD. Another one is you gain subs WAY to slow and another one is your english is HORRIBLE! You have a section in the game thats not even english! (Notification Center) ANOTHER ISSUE is the ads. Maybe you can make it so if you watch an ad you get MONEY! It would make me watch your ads for money in the game! Which this leads to ANOTHER issue you don't gain money until 100 subs. So, make it so we can work for money ( and uses 50% of our energy ) it would help out because the jobs will pay minimum of $5 and you cam only do it once a day. I almost forgot. WHY DOES IT TAKE ENERGY TO EAT?! it should GIVE energy to you. Not use it. Thats all of my issues with your game. I will change my rating when some things are added :) 2.4/5
I came back to the game after not playing it for about a year to see what has changed and I must say: I'm kinda dissapointed. There's not much new stuff. Not even mentioning ads which make the game literally unplayable. Two 30s ads with 15s between them? What even is this? If you want people to buy the game, just sell it,but don't make it free but unplayable.
Awesome Game But get more donations or make a cool avatar's.I really like you'r game but it doesn't have much to play.Beside that i love you're game so please update it.