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Trumped - Throw the Trump

Trumped - Throw the Trump for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by CrunchySock Games located at Unit 121, 9704 39 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6M7. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The creator of this game should be jailed for defiling the president's good name,, and all you other people who do not support Trump,, you are free to pack up and get the hell out of the USA!!,, or shut up and put up!!,, I would not dare play such a stupid game,, I only installed it,,just to leave a comment!!,,,,,,,,,TRUMP#1
Game is funny and just as addictive as other throw or toss games. Problems in the scoring system, however. If it can be explained how 66 x 1.5 somehow equals 83 and not 99.
Fantastic game! Very clever, intelligent game for intelligent people! I can't say enough how great this game really is.
Comments prove Trump supporters can not recognize satire even when it plays to their favor. Game accomplishes its goal of being offensive. Not my tempo.
I'll bet some people wish they could really do it to him. Me i didn't waste my vote on either one of the candidates. I wrote in vanilla ice
Funny how all of you right wing hypocrites are upset about this game yet you said nothing when someone made degrading games about Obama. You don't like it? Then how about YOU leave this country, seeing as it never belonged to you inbred rednecks anyway (it's the Native Americans land). Now, I'm gonna get back to smacking Trump around, while you idiots worry about the Syrians and Russians coming after you because of your beloved stupid disgrace of a president. Good luck! #NotMyPresident
Really fun game, hard at first but as you unlock boosts it gets easier. I managed to unlock every item in the game and maxed out every boost in only a week, now there's nothing left for me to do in it and it's kind of boring. Really fun up until now though! 5 stars if you give me more things to do guys
I like this game but then the update reset my swings and now back at 1 swings to get the 250 swings mark for the XXXXL bat
I payed for votes and the game crashed. I don't have the votes and Google has already charged me the money
same game play just doesn't feel as smooth as the originals. nice twist though with the elections coming up :)
Addictive, fun, but can be sometimes irritating. It crashes a lot. I have no idea how to use the black basketball player supporter. You should be able to switch between Donald Trump and Hillary. Maybe even put in different candidates. Good game over all
Played for probably a good 45 minutes until it started crashing every time I opened it. Probably for the best tbh lol
Ignorant to say the least. If someone created a game about beating HRC, feminists would be up in arms about domestic violence & the abuse from the patriarchy. Trump is pathetic, but folks that see this as anything but childish need some serious introspective self searching.
Remember when we could have political satire without everyone getting their precious snowflake feelings hurt? It's just a game quit crying.
I just downloaded this to tell Trish Moore that you're a freaking imbecile. I'm not endorsing Hillary, but by supporting Donald, you are telling us all how completely stupid that you truly are.
Awesome game but PLEASE remove the sheriff or make a way to see him if I'm way in the sky. I've been stopped multiple times by falling on him and it's very aggravating knowing I could've avoided it if I'd known where he was.
Good game..This independent liked it. I see the illiterate inbreds and inbred trolls didn't.. whatever.
I think this is great satire. I like being able to throw Trump. He gets the votes not Hillary!! Come on Trump supporters think about it. Launching Hillary into the something that crashes and burns would be good though just not where she would get votes. Lol
Why would you get this game it's stupid trump is president so suck it up vote trump! say, if you were trump and people said u where stupid ugly and horrible (like this game ) I mean only the devil can say that cause its so bad I read these reviews and I herd horrible things people said about other people just because they voted trump?! THAT JUST WRONG! P.s I don't care about other people's beliefs (not in a bad way).
I enjoy the app, but it'd be fun to help Hillary collect votes and interact with her supporters while bouncing off her opponents. Any chance of seeing that soon?
I think Jeremiah that guy is a joke lhh Native American land all day man it's wrong to think just cause Obama a black president was elected now this joke you call president TRUMP lmao nothing make me happier than to throw and knock Trump around 🤙😂 people can get mad I really don't care have fun being mad