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True or False? - Bible Games

True or False? - Bible Games for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Christian Games located at 19 Whittle house CAMBRIDGE CB29AP United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very fun! Questions are just the right mix of easy and thought provoking.. ~ You can re-do any quiz and try to get a perfect score! This is a great game πŸ‘ and you get to grow in knowledge of the Word.
I really love this game and thats why i gave it a 5 star especially when you finish the question it gives you the Bible verse and helps you know the Bible. I would highly reccomend this game to those who want to understand the Bible
Well this app is good but I suggest that after someone has failed, please put acorrection board. But otherwise this app is very very good for a christian. Thank you very much for making it.
The questions are worded wrong. For example: "Jesus was born in a manger" FALSE but the answer was set to true. Jesus was PLACED in a manner. Mary didn't lay in it to give birth. Speaka da English or don't make an app.
Difficult questions - even in "Δ–asy". Some of them are worded tricky - even in "Easy". One question has a strange/wrong answer. However, overall, I find this game enlightening. I would like to see categories rather than random topics.
I can't believe my eyes at some of the ads that this app allows to be presented in front of you. I downloaded this app to play some Bible trivia with my kids and some adult images were plastered in front of our eyes. Not to mention not even Christian approved if there were no kids involved. I was very disappointed.
Love this Bible Quiz. Helping me lot. Love the scriptures reading afterward even if you're right or wrong.
I thought this would be a nice game to increase Bible knowledge, but right out of the gate it made me install Google Games in order to play *this* game. Reluctantly, I did because I really wanted to play this Bible game. But when I clicked on the first question, instead if giving me the question it wanted me to create a user name. Not worth it. I'll find a different Bible game without all the hoops to jump through. Uninstalled it, moving on.
Really Amazing AppπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ».... It helps to increase Bible knowledge nd improves more curiosity on the Holy Bible...
Loved this game. It's a very good, progressive game. For someone who reads the Bible everyday for the past 25 years it seemed easy to me. Some really test your alertness to the question, some questions are hard depending on how often you read. I only wish it had more than 80 levels.
I like that you can redo sections over and over again until you get them all right. This is helping me learn more. However, you can continue if you get 7 out of 10 answers correct.
Great study tool, works hand in hand with reading God's Word. Makes learning fun and helps to reinforce, along with the Bible and audio. I LOVE IT. Thank you. Saving souls, this is the time. Thank you Lord God!! and to the developers. Oh, and I like, if you get some wrong, you can redo it. Praise Jesus!
It's a good app I like it It has helped me to know more about the descendants of Christ. It's indeed a perfect app!.
I love this app it tests your knowledge on the Bible and teaches you also .I would highly recommend this app.
There are questions I answer and get wrong. Leaving me stumped. The wording on some is off. For ex: A 'little book' should not be exchanged for the word.in the. Answer " scroll" . So I got the answer wrong Also The Prodigal.son asked for.his Blessing/inheritance early yes? Why is true marked wrong. This game is frustrating. I am.deleting it
You know i just down loaded this game and already before i even have a chance to play it forces me to give a rating ,,,,it wouldn't let me play til i did forgoodnes sake how irritating how can you give a rating when you haven't even played for one day so ya got your our rating one star
Who was who's wife or husband.. that's all I keep seeing. The questions rarely pertain to New Testament. There are no theological questions. Very disappointing game. Also, WAY too many ads. There's one between every single board. πŸ‘Ž
I absolutely love this game, I have tried many Bible games but this is the greatest so far and I have learned so much! Thank you for this Bible app!!!!!!!
I love it, I plan on using it to teach my younger cousins in a fun and simple way to learn about the history of the bible and it's stories.
Very good game it reminds me the word of God and a lot of about the scriptures,I really like this game thanks
This game is really interesting It will make you get used to your Bible and also draw you close to God
Very good, and it's give more knowledge about Bible, IT'S good for both kids and ADULTS , but we need to review older questions and answers, must sort out this PLz, we need to see out older questions and answers.
I like the game a lot. But I do have a few issues with it. The games has a lot of adds which takes a lot of time until you x out of it. Also some of the questions are not correct which causes you to get the wrong answer and if you make a mistake you can not go back and fix it. And finally I would be nice if you good start off on any level. But other than that its a good game. If you made these changes it would be a great game. 😊
It is functional, easy to use and a fun way to be reminded of important events and how it impacted us.
One of the answers states that Lazarus was carried to Abraham's side in Luke 16:22 This is up for debate. The KJV states that Lazarus was carried to Abraham's bosom which many say is a literal location and not just in Abraham's arms, or his side. Would prefer if answers were more objective and only from the KJV
I downloaded it once before and cant remember how it got deleted from my phone . So now i have to start from the beginning and cant wait to get to thr end . Very cool app !
Download and play! This is a great app! Download and play with your family, it's a great way to quiz each other on family night. I recommend it to all who just want to have quick Bible fun.
To myself it helps me to remember not to forget what was written. I like this app. Bless everyone who loves the Bible. Along w/the unbelievers. In Jesus name, Amen.
I love it. Keep me thinking about The Bible. And how it vital to my Spirit to keep the Word in me and to stay ready in season and out of season in the name of Jesus.
Super easy to play, Bible study every time you play. I was surprised of what I thought I knew and more surprised of what I did know. The only thing this app is missing is a way to forward to friends
I am a lover of the gospel, so this game simply helps children learn their bible verse. I would highly recommend it
So far, it's been pretty fun. Editors: there's a mistake on level 8. Herod killed James and arrested Peter. You marked it as false.
A fairly simple and satisfying app, BUT... No Christian app gets more than one star from me unless it is AD FREE ..no one wants annoying advertisements at the best of times, let alone on their HOLY day of rest... especially ones about gambling or other worldly things! As far as I can tell there's no option to remove ads, so I'll probably be uninstalling.
This is a great game to help you remember verses and it's a fun study tool to add to your Bible study! Use it for yourself and the kids, the game is like using flash cards!
I enjoyed it. I would defently tell others of this app. Its just not what Im looking for. But I tried it out. And like others said you can go back to on the level you got wrong. And get 3 stars for getting it right. I would like to see how far my husband gets. Im installing it on his phone.
The progressively more difficult questions make learning helpful. God bless the efforts of those who care.
I open the Bible more confirming πŸ˜€ as a Berean, the absolute Truth; thank you! My husband, son and I love the challenge. I refuse to move forward until I have mastered my wrong answers for a better understanding... God bless your faithfulness to HimπŸ™ŒπŸ‘ƒπŸ‘‹
Does exactly what it's supposed to do.. No frills, bells, whistles.. I am very happy with the functionality and simplicity of the app. Thank you. 😊
Love testing my knowledge of God's Word. Is actually a very good learning tool and you give the correct verse after we answer. Good work! Obviously your hearts or heart is to serve our Savior. Jesus. I use as a prayer aid before I sleep. I amazed at how much more I've learned. You are also in my prayers. Thank you!
It is very entertaining for kids, also it is waaaaaay better than all the satan games people have played. Also that every time I get it wrong it tells me proof of the wrong answer and that how it was incorrect.
I love this "game". Helps me stay up on knowing The Bible. One suggestion. There should be a button where we can contact the game designers with suggestions ... for instance, I found a small mistake in the answer to one of the questions. However there is no way to notify y'all.
Such a wonderful quiz game. I really enjoyed every bit of it. God bless the team that did this and God himself will reward you. I wish I gave you 10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Very fun, You can learn more about the Bible and our Lord and savior through this game Its a good way to remember the things you've read in the Bible
There's not alot of adds and the questions do start off easy and get harder with the levle. I love how it tells you the verse after you've chosen.
I do like this game. It is a learning tool, also remembering things from what I have read or studied about. It is a fun relaxing game for the evening hours. The music is relaxing and calming. Please try this game. I think you will enjoy it.
Very good application! And you can learn new things(for instance the Bible never says the fruit Adam and Eve ate was an apple). Just a glitch, which I struggled whether to mention or not: You can answer all questions from a level again. If you answer wrongly, the game lets you replay, and if you remember the right answer, you can get a better score and more stars this way.
It's quite good. Should have more than,did you read this, when answered correctly. Give translation version please
I really like this app it gives me more knowledge about how much I know from the bible I don't think it has any issues😁😁
I'm so jazzed about how this works so simple. I did experience a few times when the app confused itself about the message I was sending & it was not accurate with the assumption it perceived. I'm a lot more careful now about touching that button to accept. It works great for me now!
Jesus was NOT born in a manger. He was born in a stable and then laid in a manger. Luke 2:10-20 Your own verse reference says the child was born outside of the manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes and then laid in a manger. Even nativity scenes show you that. Players should have a way to challenge your grades.
I love God's word so I really like this game, sometimes I get aggravated if I don't get it right. Love This game. Thanks
This is a well designed app. By design I don't just mean the aesthetics but the functionality as well.
I love the trivia, but especially love the fact that I am reacquainted with scripture!! I make a point of reading each item, whether I got it right or wrong. And I enjoy the personal application to my life. Need more apps for Christians! ❀❀❀
Please, please provide an option to stop the ads. I don't mind paying for that! I love the game but get tired of the ads!
On level 26 it says " many of the saint came alive after the resurrection of Jesus" which is false but when I click false it's wrong but the scripture is right that it happened when he gave up his spirit. Please fix the question thank you and so far so good
Great game for on the go or at home, helps your remember Bible verses and it's just cool overall, this is legit the only game I have on my phone.
It helps me know specific things in the bible being true of false questions. I love it even my children does.
Great way to learn about Jesus and gain knowledge of the truth through a educational game. For both young and old.
I really enjoy playing this. It puts me to the test about God's WORD. This would be a great game for family game night and classes at church for all ages. I too really like how it puts up the scripture(s) after it asks the question. It reinforces our knowledge and gets the WORD in us.
This has opened up the already extreme closeness of my family, by adding a game that is abound in the WORD to our game nights. We love it and we love learning more of the WORD from playing it together. Well Done creators.
This game should last forever. The questions are endless but the game is over now. I want more questions LOL
Best bible game ever I learnt alot of bible verse in it but my problem is that the episode are not many work on it
Excellent game!!! Great to use for Bible Study groups or even as a viable, supplemental part of a Sunday School curriculum. On a personal note, using this app daily will exponentially enhance your desire to grow in the knowledge of God's Word! Thank you for allowing God to use you in making this app, and I thank Him for endowing you all with the creativity & intuition to make this happen! God bless each of you!!!
Great game!! Not only fun but a great way to learn the Word of GOD. I said yes, that it is a guessing Game but it is more then that. It's a very good teaching game.
I really like the questions and challenges of knowledge. I also really like that there is a verse after every question. However quite a few answers are wrong. Weather you get them wright or wrong. The answer is wrong in the verse. Over all though I am really enjoyi g this app.
I love this learning tool, it really challenges my knowledge of the Bible. Need more questions though.