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True Democracy

True Democracy for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a nice game in beta mode.Hope it comes with full features in 2 options (1) See ads or (2) Pay Money.Could be really nice if you could show Movement of people from Poor to Rich or Vice-versa /Standard of Living .Oh by the way ,Sales tax button is not there !
Now that the country select crash is fixed, I can actually play. It's good but still has bugs. After first election, election counter goes into the negatives and starts adding months until election
Overall this is a great game, but of course there are several ways it could be improved. You can have large economic growths but I haven't ever seen the demographic change, for the UK it remains with 70% upper middle class, surely with high taxes at that rate that should decrease and with large economic growth the % of "poor" should decrease. It would also be good to have immigration policy, birth control and population issues such as an aging population or baby booms. Room for improvement but still good.
You should add features where you have an option for privatising healthcare and education, instead of it always being nationalised. Also, wars happen a tad bit too often. Great game, however.
Election Promises do not work. Some things I apply change back once I click next turn other then that fun. Could use more countries and more graphics.
This game has potential, but despite everything I tried to do, I couldn't stay in power. I tried to lower the deficit and that resulted in losing power. Tried to do a balance between providing social services and lowering deficit, lost power. This game needs to make it clearer how certain decisions will affect the ruling party's popularity with certain groups. Also, it is no fun sitting back clicking 'new turn' when the opposition party is in power. That isn't how democracy works.
Syed Halimuzzaman. Di all world bangladesh presidente governatore della regione european Union us all cuentry
Timely fix of crash. As far as the game it certainly is comprehensive, but it is really confusing, and needs some sort of tutorial.
5/22/15 Fix the percentages. They often end up equal to 120%. Also, please give "parliament" (which should be upper house) a purpose. Those are my two main suggestions. I would also like to know, how do I get elected from opposition, because it is near impossible. Especially since I'm usually on the verge of eliminating the national debt when I lose. Update: you could add natural disasters.
This is a sham and can be described by all words to mean it is boring. It's unreal and there is nothing that's not in your control,this makes it boring
I'm not too thrilled about the mechanics and the performance also could be improved. It could and needs to be a way better game.
How do I save it? When I am visiting the file manager and clicking the saved file it only said "The file is not supported" How and Why? PLEASE HELP ME
However make the "voter groups" section have a grid or something to make it easer to identify different groups. And foreign relations.
It keeps saying this is a very important election make your promise's in this screen. But you can't do anything about it.
I've had this game for a bit and have played it enough to feel that it just isn't at par with other games. It gives you a save feature that doesn't work to start it off. I have noticed a nice toward the left from playing both sides. This game does have potential, it does need to become less partisan otherwise it would lose any progress that can be made
This game is pretty accurate! The game is a very realistic simulation of the democratic method, however it becomes dramatically boring after a few weeks. The game's interface is also an issue, as it looks rather outdated.
I love this app! I play this often! This is one of the best apps ever created! The only improvement I would make is that I would love to see more countries in which to choose from. The five countries that are in the app are amazing choices. I also wish that there was a foreign policy section. Other than that, excellent app!
Superb interface. Please do upgrade the game, like include countries like Israel and India. God bless
It's good but one huge problem is that the custom settings don't work. I went on custom settings to change things and then I went onto voters groups and it had the standard settings voter grgrou please fix it
Pretty decent game. Just sucks you can't save you're game. Could use some work and more options but other then that pretty fun game
the creater of this game is a idiot it never works properly and it gets vilotees me becuse it all most killed my phone all pictures and contacts guys it a warning and most countries are note here
How the national debt calculation take place?. When it shows negative then after it not comes to a positive value if the revenue less than income. Why?
Good gameplay with the exception that its too easy to manipulate the economy. Once you have negative national debt, cancel all taxes and give your citizens everything - you will never run out of cash! Please fix this Dev!!! Shows great potential though and has kept me occupied for hours. Foreign relations, war, UN resolutions, civil unrest and the option to change your parties political stance would be good - as would the option to create your own party! EDIT: Minus 1* as this is now abandonware.
It's not a bad game, although I do have a few problems with it. The UI is clunky and difficult to interpret. There's no functions for things like air pollution and health (and their associated impacts on the economy). And it doesn't seem that most policies have any impact on the economy, and those that do often seem to be against economic consensus. Most economists believe that import tariffs shrink rather than grow the GDP, and public transport and roads should have a positive economic impact.
In this game you ARE Legislation. (randomnation ties you down too much.) There is a lot more control over legislation, there feels like more dynamics at play here, and the economy is surprisingly easy to sustain. I've been able to win elections both as a Democrat and Republican for the USA, so it doesn't feel too biased. (Don't try a libertarian approach, though. You will only catch a small niche of voters.)
After applying a change in a turn, I cannot go back to the selection menu and have to start a new game. My first game is not saved. After looking at it, it seems like a less polished version of RandomNation (also on Google Play) but with less playability in all. I see no reason to play it.
Hey man this is a great game did you forget about it? If not please keep going and posting updates I appreciate your work in this good job.
Add more pictures and background also add special effects and music.....What if in military we can buy tanks or planes......etc and what if countries may war??? Also add China and Australia.........Also make the load/save more reliable....Make it like when we download this a folder is auto downloading and all save games will be automatically there and when we load we will see non other than that folder......thats all thanks ;)
It's quite good but you need to add more nations such as: Egypt,Australia,China,Russia/Soviet Union and Turkey(you don't have to add these any of these it's just my opinion)and maybe make events like:Britain or Germany has declared war on you or on someone something like that also maybe Revelations like the Communist party Has declared a Civil war or Scotland or Texas has declared independents and last thing maybe you could Allie to some contries but only so many,this could bring you in to a war to protect your allie
Great game all around, but I do have a few problems with it. (a) I can't enact certain policies that I want, for instance, I can not enact vehicle emissions limits or ban ethnic profiling for any of the countries that don't already have those policies; (b) I would prefer if the number of MP's you have in parliament really mattered, and that parliament would vote on your policies; (c) it would be a little more realistic that if the party you chose was weaker, that you would still be leading in the polls, as the people in this simulation would have initially voted for your party, so it just doesn't make sense to be 5% in the polls right after the election that I hypothetically won when I started this game; and (d) please allow us to save our games on the app itself, so we don't have to go looking for it around our internal storage. I hope you would read this and please make improvements to this already awesome game. Thanks!