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Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe

Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Zuuks Games located at Istanbul , Turkey. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the truck cannot park upon reaching to destination. can't reverse left and right. any slight kick by small car it will be thrown out of road .the truck doesn't have balance, and there is blank screen that usually appear, so annoying .u should learn from euro truck or dynamic game
it is good but atleast improve it such that when you hire a driver and give them vehicles,they can continue without you allocating the jobs to do and work on to rise your company,plus add a feature where one can get a bank loan and continue servicing it as you increase your fleet.Change different types of road such that we can drive on highways,ice and rough muddy roads
I want to make a suggestion. If you want this to be a simulator, then add freeroam where we can drive around and eat and sleep when we need to and drive into warehouse parking lots to select our jobs. Ovidiu Pop's version of Truck simulator has freeroam and the ability to get out of the truck and get food and sleep, so if they can do it, then you should, too. Please add this sometime, and then I will give it 5 stars!
Its been a month playing the game. 1. Unlocked all the trucks and the drivers. 2. Tesla truck speedo meter shows 160 kmph when its on cruise control at 100 kmph. 3. Realistic gameplay and with easy game control. 4. Some trucks and indian radio channels can be added on the next update or can upgrade with the truck modifications. Overall the best truck simulator game. Its been a while playing this came requesting your team to upgrade the games with new trucks or maps
I like the fact that the radio is music that people listen to and not just random stuff but sometimes the parking is hard but that's just me.
good game!, heres an idea; try making an update along with a free play mode, not so laggy, at first i didn't know how to get gas or anything, great game 5 stars
Good excellence best game their are good driving options and i like it. Zuuks is best game app makers i and my friends are requesting to make some more driving games where used of best SUV vehicles like Toyota land cruiser v8, Lexus 570 ,Toyota prado, GMC,etc. And i requesting more then five hundred levels and offroad places is looking good and plz plz make best graphics Thanks.
The game was amazing and I had a ton of fun but then tried opening it one time and it said that there was a time cheat used and that it would ban me if I do it again so I closed the app and opened it again and it banned me and the only way to fix it is to reset my data. Hope u fix the problem, Im not uninstalling it just in case it is fixed.
love the game in my opinion it's has everything a good trucking game needs you can make & name ur own company buy trucks & drivers .i wish i had more space to write.. a few suggestions when you go into map your not able to move it around to see the full routes available just the one you need to follow would be good if you could choose ur own route also be able to travel in convoys.with ur workers & please please please could you do an online map that would make this game a 5 star I would pay .
One of the best truck game i played, so realistic and trucks aren't moving the same speed at cars like in other games. After this new update, i whenever i visit the garage, the screen becomes really dark as if i opened jobs or something else like a tab. I restarted my phone but nothing changed. Im afraid to reinstall since my progress might not be saved. (This is my 2nd time playing and i cant recover my 1st game) i hope this dark green bug could be fixed soon.
2 stars because my favorite truck isn't on this game. You've got modern and futuristic truck's but nothing like the Peterbilt 379 now that's a decent diesel rig. Furthermore the game throws me out during gameplay and there's too many camera angle options. To top it off NEVER IN MY LIFE DID IT TAKE ME EIGHT MINUTES TO HOOK AND HUAL a LOAD FROM POINT A TO POINT B. This game has a lot of potential I sure do hope for a reply from developers for a few tips and pointers for a better rating...
Very good game idk why some people rate it 1 or 2 start but i have somethimg and some reasons why people rate it 1 start 1:theres no multiplayer 2:the truck u start with is too slow 3:you can make graphics better But in my opinion its good but it will be better with the things i suggested reguards thank you for ur time.
Amazing game but why there is no sign up to save data. Its shown for facebook but it doesnt work. I hope you solve that because this game is great
I have only recently got the game and as soon as i loaded onto the game it asked what language i used so i clicked english, now as i was trying to buy my first vehicle it kept coming up with different sign with languages i didnt understand. Thats not all when i got into the actual game and i tried to drive my vehicle it wasnt letting me change from nuetral to automatic so after struggling with it for half an hour i gave up to right this review. Very poorly made game:(
I would give 5 stars but every time you crash your truck cars just keep driving and don't wait a minimum of 1 minute before resuming their driving they keep trying to drive forward and that makes it harder for you to escape whenever 5 cars AR pushing against the front of your truck as soon as one hits you that's the end and you have to restart the level because they won't back up or just allow you to backup before resuming their driving please fix other than that it's good
What a nice game best game I ever play it is like that i am driving real truck . The problem is that it takes time to download but it a nice game in a world I can give 1000 stars welldone
This game is great, good graphics and all but why does it crack on my device? It tells me that "there would be a low performance" pls make gameplay clear in all devices. Thanks
It has just slightly unrealistic accident effects, and why is there no roadside help in case of an accident, at least add a tow track it would do much help
The game is almost amazing its one of the best truck game i ever played, but there's some issues you have to change like the more you purchase new truck the more you should change road view and different types of road. Because its get some how boring seeing the same road view, theres no new challenge on new stages.
Very Good graphics there is a a little bug in horn sometimes vehicle doesnot work at all apart from this. Overall gaming experience is better.
The accelerate and brake buttons are very unresponsive, great graphics, the reason I give 3 stars is because of the unresponsive braking and acceleration.
Actually all the graphics and the lorries are extremely nice but the radio doesnt use to be functoon at all. My suggestion is the radio of lorry can connect with out mobile folder memory music player. And it will be nice
The game is good but this game need some develop. Please please please there add scania S520 truck. I am like this truck very much. And all truck into look same there need some change.Man truck into don't look like man truck, benz truck into don't look like benz truck. But Scania, DAF truck into look right. Who like truck game for mobile they can try is game one time . Overall the game is good for mobile. I say again please add scania S520 truck. I think next time i am give 5 stars this game.
One of the best games i have played including bus sim its a really fun game to play to pass time im hoping the next game u guys make it is manual bus sim i really want to play manual bus but i cant find any good gamea so pls make a manual bus sim
I love the games of this creator. However, this game disappoints me as it doesn't have the steering option where you can tilt your phone. I had to uninstall it.
Highly recommend this game ONLINE and OFFLINEπŸ˜‰β­β­β­β­β­β­β­β­β­β­ im suggesting to the developer about the radio,if offline can make the radio station dirrect to my personal music list...im hoping you can make this suggestion posible...
What a stunning Graphics,Control. I really like this truck game very Much.Good game for All. Not simple all levels, that is good. New Roads,Trucks Really good Game. I really give This Game 5 stars. Install And use it ones all. Good Game of 2021.
The game is great. But please in the next upgrade please fix other drivers vehicles because they are rude to our vehicles, the quality of the mirrors shouldn't be blurred,,, and I'd like to request double superlink trailers.πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜Š
The game is OK but I have some suggestions that would make the game better. Step 1 is to add more trucks. Step 2 is to improve on the graphics slightly. Step 3 is to add pedestrians. Step 4 is to change the truckers voice. Step 5 is to have the ability to buy what food and drink you want. Step 6 is to add more trucks but not only trucks but add vans and cars too. step 7 is to have a free mode step 8 is to be able to customize interior. Step 9 is to improve on arm movement when steering.
This game is the best but the parking is so hard one day I hope they upgrade this game even the grafics are good this game is the best I love it you choose name of company even driver's name it is so fun the only problem is when you crash you have to pay for it πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ πŸ˜ 
Next level graphics and game too, if it will be updated one time more, it will be exciting game for truck simulator lover...
OK game but each mission is very "samey" and becomes apparant very soon after starting that the game is just a big gring fest and not much else. CPU vehicles are unable to reverse, so when you crash, other vehicles just pile into you and cause you to get stuck. If you get stuck then you may as well reset the mission as other vehicles just inch forward into you, making it worse and do no reverse to help you. It could be so much more but its actually a really poor put together game.
This is the best game πŸ‘Œ I really like it and it's fun when u play it ... Everything u can get in real life car it is epic , classic the rain sound and everything awesome .I recommend you guys too download and try this game .but the thing I hate about it is that there is no much more cars in the road but I like it anyways.
the game was good and entertrainment ... i like that game but right now i got one issue with the game ... how could u say that i had done froud actity ... u just blocked my id how could u do that .... first of all how could u say i had done fraud activity i just want a proof for that or i will move legaly because that words had herted me a lot
Other than the graphics this game is perfect for me because it gives you happiness in a way I cant explain and this game is awesome so I recommend playing this.
The best clone of Euro Truck Simulator. Has a ton of trucks, a ton of different and exciting jobs to do. Has drivers that u can hire to do jobs for you while you are away and has a really cool radio system. Has different interiors for each truck, has day/night cycle and different weather. Rainy, snowy, sunny and more! LOVE IT❀
I had started to like this game, and one time i open it and there is some warning related to banning it and the next time i open it.....it wont let me .....unless i reset my data, all my progress in the game was nullified.....not sure if it was some bug or glitch...whatever ...bt if possible i want my progress back !!!
Only the steering is weird, it's a bit different than the original game of Euro Truck Simulator by SCI Software. But this one is one of the best so far, one of the closest to previously named game.
I like the graphics of the game but those annoying police and destination parking slots are really really annoying like spongebob.
I can give 5 star for game concept , But the only issue is advertisement covers exactly on instrument cluster, especially on Fuel Indicator, Head light and horn switch.. please place an advertisement on top of the game.. so my overall score is 3 star
Dec 14: Despite the update saying new levels, still stuck on Level 7. And still no response to ticket I opened. November 20, 2020 Noticed that an update has occurred with new levels and roads. We'll see. 11/08: Amending my review and to echo a post by Kushal on 11/06. Great game, great graphics, minor glitches. But for over a month I've been stuck on Level 7. I also went to their website and also found only a link to open a ticket. Did so, no response.
I love the game,it gives you an opportunity to experience the thrills of being on the road,the highway e-toll is a great addition,and you won't believe it has a working radio whilst you on the road(thumbs up for this addition),the truck's interior camera and the mirriors are amazing,but I'm pleading with the designer to please deal with the minor glitches of the game...please.LOVE THE GAME,PLEASE upgrade the glitches.
Had this game and was all working perfectly. Paid for the add free version and was going great with ample cash and all trucks and drivers. Suddenly game stopped working so had to uninstall and reinstall. Sadly game is not letting me reinstall. Very dissapointed as have reached out and asked for help and have had nothing from the app developers. Very dissapointed
The game is amazing, i love the graphics. Beautiful roads, town or cities and traffic system. The only problem or something i have noticed is missing, is the free driving mode. The is no driving of the truck without carrying a trailer. Please in the next update, make sure that the free driving mode and the companies where to get jobs is added. If these are there, then one can go and refuel the truck and then come back to carry the trailer. The free drive also allows to explore the cities.
I really enjoy this game, but i want to say that please upgrade this game, like road accident, increase the varity of trucks, upgrade the graphics, increase the levels, and very important thing is that the most expensive truck tesla has 205 km/h and taken the same time as C class truck with 60 km/h, this thing make me upsit, so please remove this problem. Thanks
The game is very nice and I like this game so much. But their 1 problem in the game that is when we put indicators it must be offed automatically
I tried to write number on number plate in Hindi language but the game was* unable to recognise it and all the letters of Hindi are not correct. Fix it then i will surely rate it 5 🌟s. Gameplay is okay. I really likes your concept of making and organising a transport company in the game. Fix it
Is so bad it takes so long to do anything at all and there isnt even a tutorial to get you started and then you try to park and it's like wrong way then I tried the other side still wrong way then you have to pay to sleep and eat and it's all ready hard as it is (DONT WASTE YOUR TIME)
Great game love it but only a 4 star because if the adverts keep popping up and I prefer to got to the drop of points in my own time and not to be timed but overall the best truck/lorry game I have ever played the speed for the lorries are so realistic
that is what i want. love it. include - restaurant, - hotel, - petrol pump is too good. redio in hindi, wonderfull trucks, everything is good. good graphics, good sound effect.
Great chilled game, great designing & graphics are good... Money is hard to get especially lorries being expensive but I guess that's the point of the game and matched to reality. Well done
It's a very nice game controls are very good and graphics are almost perfect when I play this game I feel that I was driving a real truck very good game
Nice graphics vehicle controlling is good and improve root maps new model vehicles and mud roads to drive to damage roads
the game is fun from the moment you first find out the radio is real time to the different modern day trucks you cam choose from are some of tye best features of this app from toll booths to eating at a doughnut restaurant this is realistic truck driving experience,but with all the positives there are negitives. a negative would be that when turning on the radio it produces a sound and then the aound stops after a channel is found but if you change channel the noise does not go away, please fix.
Don't waste your time... For the first day or 2 while playing this game you will like it after everything is the same... Missions are more or less the same, 80%of the time you drive on highway. You do not interact with other truck's/cars even if you have radio...Police beside one road check every where else missing.
The game delivers an unparalleled driving experience which has put it in the spot of the most popular Euro Truck Simulator. Completely realistic missions and Truck Simulator experience are waiting for you. Run your own business which continues to grow even as you complete your freight deliveries. Become the King of the road by playing Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe. EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR GAME FEATURES 🚚 11 Amazing Trucks (Next Generation Trucks) 🚚 Realistic Interiors 🚚 Realistic truck drivin
This is a nice game with amazing graphics. If there's another driving game with smoother controls , tell me. Repetition of routes is boring. I have hired all the drovers and bought all thr trucks and im asking myself,what next! The prices of trucks is ridiculously high and what you earn from a trip is pitiful.If you guys could just be a little bit more creative this game has the potential of making it to the Editor`s Choice.
It's a good game download it but why I give one star,there is no challenges in transportation and there is some road closed so how I can play free driving or survey,let me uninstall it Thanks
More fun than expected. Solid steering, decent graphics. Could do with finer controls when getting fuel. Radio? Meh. Ads are not terrible, better bonus for enduring them too. Pretty solid truck simulator. Better wrecks would be fun tho. I'm enjoying this game!
The game is fun , it's kind of addictive coz I like simulation games but I am expecting more on new update. Please make it more interesting to play.
Amazing. The controls are smooth. Almost 0 Lag and The Gameplay is Really Fun!! I love the Radio feature and how it has Real Life Advertisement. It just adds a more realistic Vibe to the whole thing.Good Work!! I hope that in the future there may be a Multiplayer feature where we can play with other players. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
This is one of my favorite games, smooth controls, great graphics, fun for everyone, if you like fp driving simulator games or just driving games in general then I would highly recommend downloading this game !! Hope Everyone has a Awesome day and Always Stay Safe πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒ
I like the game but it's too ordinary with same routes and you should also improve the graphics otherwise it's a nice game
give ya five if ya can find someway for me to turn headlamps on and the blinkers as well unable to do so cuz of the adds at the bottom of the screen so hmm any ideas mate. update: I'll give ya 5 if ya can find d another spot to put your adds someplace else not at the bott how do I use the blinker or horn or whatever so heres an idea put the adds on top like a sun visor pleas I hat begging so please ok find another spot to put it or take it of completely this is the second time I had to ask
Top game, beautiful graphics. The only thing I would love to be added to the game is to see your workers journey's or route's. Either from cab mode or map mode.
Excellent game good graphics and good control. I think you should develop the truck repairing , maintain and washing the trucks like that. Good game. Some times when we go to garage it becomes dark fix it. I have an option for some players who are facing this problem, go to drivers option, or route option after that go to garage option it will be normal and it will be bright as normal.
The game is cool but I give it one 🌟 because everytime I log out I am unable to logging again since the game stops loading
The graphics used in this games are good, but there should be more intense traffic on the road same like in reality other than that the signal system is not realistic... in the sense the green signal turns into red immediately, thus don't get to know when the red signal is going to turn on while the truck is crossing the signal and fine cuts off... there should be yellow signal before the red one to make it more realistic. One more point about renting a room for one night sleep for $50?
The game is good but keeping loading each time a player deliver makes the game unbearable Let u update the game in such a way that the player will choose to take the job on delivery site or drive unloaded truck to a certain area of choice. Really as life do on real trucking. Remove all the unnecessary stopping boards on the road because sometimes when playing, I would favor to absconding the weigh bridge. I will happy to play it again due to its update. Thank you
This game is a huge waste of time for me! I have a whole hella lot of progress and trucks but for some F####ng it says that im banned you have been banned for time jumping. or somthing like that and I don't want to reset my 2 years of progress. stupid glitch i hope you can fix this! very upset for all my progress!
I Liked this Game Nice Graphics and New challenges. I wanted to give 5 stars for this game but the acceleration and speed is very slow of truck. I drived the truck at 80KMH but i felt like the speed was 15-20kmh And steering sensitivity is not given in setting. I request you to please improve the speed and provide sensitivity option for steering. I enjoyed the game and i will be wanting for the update. So Please Make these Improvements. Thank You
this game is great but for me it needs more update, like, manual transmission, more realistic city like buildings, more trucks, realistic pedestrians, and please please, put some sports car on highway doing speedy, realistic car exhaust sound. i admit it, that's too hard to do all of this but worthy, it's okay if the size of this game would bigger, idc at least it's completely done, btw, thanks for this game great time killer
This is the best simulation i have played the graphics and the control are so realistic you should make more of these game's
Game is buggy, lack of variety in trucks. Kept encountering a glitch where when I go to the garage to view vehicles the screen would be so dim that you can barely see the trucks. Tried restarting the game, my phone, nothing worked. Eventually uninstalled and reinstalled the game just to have my previous game and purchases erased and have to start over. Would not recommend. Waste of time.
i was having fun playing this game as its kinda therapeutic for me, but as days and weeks passed after installing and playing, my phone keeps crashing and restarting on its own. i thought it was other apps i downloaded, so i ignored and move on. i played a specific level on this game, it froze when i was at the gas station. then i thought, "oh no not again". so i tried to play that stage again, it was the snow stage btw, and it crashed and froze again at the gas station. im sad haha.
Very good game. I suggest you to improve graphics and smoothness of game, it will come to us with more craze for this game. Hope, you will consider it.
Nice game, graphics also good but please add new roads, new trucks and new tasks with more drivers. Quickly add.........
Nice game but please come with more new ideas as well as level and plus with getting more money for the long routes please update as soon as possible. i have complete all the level and unlocked all the trucks now waiting for the further come update
We can't assign truck to drivers for job. Why? 1. Give programmable camview buttons to enable easy toggle among the preferred ones. 2. Add center rear view mirror. 3. For charging, sleeping, and eating, Remove the progress bar delay. Make it instantaneous. 4. Instead of gear shift, give buttons: D, P, R. 5. Add countries and their trucks for a change. Just like bus simulator (for free as trucker can start living in any country just for a change). Giving 1 star fy attention.
Cool game though personally I feel you should add a music player too. So that we can play our own music in-game. Look forward to the next update having a music player. Thanks and keep the good work✌️
The game is amazing. Now if you Make the map bigger, add some more features in highway, I was just bored seeing Stop signs on every road and add a hard mode in which we can't use location in truck, but we will locate the place by Signs on highway. Also name the city in which we have to go for delivery. I'm waiting for next update.
Hey i love your game but theres a bug when i stop at a red light and when its green light i go and when i go it automatically goes to red light so i got a penalty!! Please fix that
I love the game. it's graphics are cool. It's the closest to reality save for a few things. Add a free roam capability. It would make the game less rigid. Still add more roads. The current ones become monotonous after playing several times. Add cities and more utilities that you can spend cash on. Get arrested, cars to be impounded and things like that. Good work though.
This game is amazing because u can experience as being a real truck driver and drive with passion and have fun. I would recommend this game to the whole world and for me I say this is one of the best and reality games in the world and zuuks games is one of the best company's and every update they post is amazing with new trucks, new skins and new levels. Keep it Up!!!!
Very Good Graphics. There is a little bug in Horn. Sometimes Vehicle Horn Doesn't work at all. Apart from this, overall gaming experience is better.
I like the game, but I went to bed and hired a driver to make some extra money while I slept. Now I can't play at all, it says the driver is still on the road and all vehicles being used up. I only have one because I just started, however the time for her to be back isn't going down, its going up. Its been over 12 hours on what should have been 48 minutes. Please advise and fix, after I will come back and rewrite my review.
The app is excellent. Playing here is much better then other app. Just there are only one draw back.. You don't have any happening things over here. All the routes line same n no special turns.. Villages, mountains climb,
This game is awesome, it's actually like driving. If you're thinking it might be some other cheap game, you're wrong. The details and features are so explicitly brought out, the game honestly looks like it could be on the Xbox 360.
Great job again. But the same problem plagues this game too. U cannot touch the steering wheel and gas pedal. The game glitches and u crash. I'm 43 an just want to chill with a good game. I guess these guys just don't get it. UPDATE. Why would u put the ad bar right over the op panel? My headlights turn signal all gone. Can u move the ad bar please?
Nice truck simulator but add american trucks and mountain roads and peoples and bikes on road and make driver can come out of truck and explore if u add these it will be nice so pls
Game is fun so far. But hiring drivers killed it for me. Notifications say driver is back when they should be but 13 hours later i still cant do anything because apparently the driver took a cross country road trip back and the game tells me my driver isnt back yet. Took over 15 hour for my hired driver to return for a level that would have taken me 15 minutes or so.
It's a great game but what it needs Multiplayer It would be awesome if it was please put this in place in game It would be awesome if There was police as well So maybe they can do track checks And pull them over if not doing the speed limit Giving finds do much more for this game It's very dull Quiet needs multiplayer Make this game very fun to play Be awesome to see a player getting pulled over and you're driving right past and you Beep horn game still needs a lot of work Please Do listen
The program of this game is not good atal , 😠😠 just a nosenes. You can not even continue, because of the payment of what your playing. I have already done some good amount, and the game stop.just a rubbish. They make people to get discouraged alot.
Nice game with a very beautiful interface but does it keep telling me "all truck are busy working, wait for them to return" for almost a week now. I couldn't play any more game due to that error. + I bought a new driver too almost a week now, and it's not available for my to use for mission. I'm so sick of this and about to uninstall the game should the errors remain.
Everything is best except the fact that the game crashes before you reach your destination. I could only make 2 successful deliveries. The rest of the time was just a waste of time. You can only play via drivers, which is not fun at all. Can't play without internet connection neither. Except that, I would rate it 5 stars.
I very like this game because of the overall game features, i spend a lot of time playing this game to earn money so that i can buy new fast trucks . But unfortunately i cannot anymore open the game because the screen will say"error ,the truck simulator stopped". Can you please tell me how to revive my game where all the data are not erased??. Please i very like the game.
Game is pretty cool - i recommend it to simulation lovers. But, I was warned i'll get banned if i was to change the time settings - like okay, I'm sorry Daylight Savings affects the time here in Sydney, Australia. Maybe the development/project team could reconsider these warnings.
Very nice game graphics, it's like real truck trailer.. But something i dont like which is laggy something in my gameplay, I dont know why it happen because this is 100plus mb..
Superb Game.. Awesome features.. Everything Perfect.. please add some more features like we have to put the truck in service station to change an oil & tyres & to repair damage.. when the driver drive the truck he can talk to other players with headphones or bluetooth.. in PUBG game player can talk to each other.. please add this kind of features..
Really good but the truck's acceleration is really slow and it runs out of fuel really quickly. Great graphics and maps though.
This is one of the most difficult game in google play. The controls must be improved, horn sound of the truck should improve, other than that every thing is perfect, but the main is to improve the reversing control of the truck while we park. the reverse controlling is very bad when truck attached to load!!! . so i would not say the game is too good! @ zuuks games.
Im a long time player of Euro Truck Simulator 2 on PC, and I am pleased to say that this game, though mobile, is very amazing. It is the closest thing you can get to ETS2, and with slight changes in the settings is able to become even better. As a standalone game, it by itself is also impressive and I would say fun,
That was good offline games l. But please fix this bugs on gameplay because I always using low quality but it is still have bugs approaching me. Cause of that I can easily accident on road and I have to pay a penalties on roads. But it's still good game actually you can fix back your mistakes. Please fix bugs and please add a traffic on road then please make more larger map if this game're so heavy memory but if you don't want to improve the map, you just make it lower than 99mb only. Thanks
Excellent game. In this game graphics are very good. Levels are are so beautiful and so much interesting in future levels. Really I appreciate who discovered this game. We will wait for this type of games and discover the games and release the games
I do not think I will ever drive a truck, but this game got me. I appreciated that it has a working radio and a variety of stations. Otherwise, it worked smooth. Had a rough time parking with the trailer, saw some angry or drunk drivers on my way to deliver -- that was funny.
I like the game but there was only few small problem like traffic there was very very less vehicle if more traffic it would be very nice game zuuks games is having good game please continue this please see into this issue okay and one more thing is game stuck after a 1 month or more see into this issue also thank for making a good game one and last issue is the speed we can't go fast then 85 please see into this issue also thank for making a good game
Great game/graphics but I would like it more if you guys add more features on the roads and more landscape, add a bigger city, county sides, muddy roads, Forrest areas and also. please change the inside of the trucks, it would be nice if all of the trucks has different features and designs inside. but overall great game!
It's good, one thing tho, i restarted my phone and somehow my time was changed, and I promise you it is not intentionally, and since I never even thought that there are some time cheat issues here. But then the other driver that I sent to work was stuck with the job, and I couldn't access my truck anymore. Had to reset my data, but then I was so disappointed. Good job still.
This is super realistic Airports, Ports, Checkpoint and more but the one stars that i did not rate its beacause the time of the travel no 20- km?? pls i want to work with 15km not a long time and as always im having a good game in this game :)
Ga has to be fun, but this game is not. There is not anything that is good about this game. Animations are played too long, graphics are bot good, optimization for this gamewith this graphics is bad, traffic lights are not working as they should, gas stations hotels and restourants are badly created you dont even have to stop to fill your gas, you can do it while car is moving. Taking too long to progress and other problems. This game has good potential to be very goodbut money is moreimportan
BEST game ever..none as good has ever been made.Quite realistic,but then when there is rain you can still proceed without using wipers,you can drive without lights even at night.thats why I rated it 4 stars try to fix that.And please improve traffic density there are only few cars for a highway. Traffic lights are not realistic enough..improve there too..Otherewise thumbs up the game is good...excellent graphics..easy to master.