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Truck Driving Simulator

Truck Driving Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Game Pickle located at 2 Railway Terrace, South Hylton. Sunderland SR4 0PD. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Put Big Roads And Highways And Side Roads And Mountainside Please And By The Way Have Some Weather Effects. Tell Me What Day Will Y'all Update The Game Please. Tell Me What Date You Will Update This Game It Needs It.
The best, need more work, the refueling should have been in the fuel station only & inside town too, refueling automatically in road makes no sense, adjust the fuel system to last long, & driver cabin need rotation, add name of each citys as a destination, & add more locations, like off-roads, rough roads, swamp roads with water in the roads, need to drive inside town with lights, day/night cycle with head light, rain, snow, fix the bug of cars stoping in road, a realistic scenario next update?
So you bought the rights to Rough Truck simulator. Good. Are you planning on making it better or leaving it the same. Because as of now u did nothing to change it. The traffic still acts utterly stupid and it needs more trucks and content. I still have the asfor mentioned game and im interested in what u plan to do with it?
The best, need more work, the refueling should have been in the fuel station only & inside town, refueling automatically in road makes no sense, adjust the fuel system to last long, & driver cabin need rotation, add name of each citys as a destination, & add more locations, like off-roads, swamproads with water in the roads, need to drive inside town, add day/night cycle with head light, rain, snow, fix the bug of cars stoping in the road, and real fix the roads direction in next update 2021?
Car infront stop then bye2 had to restart the game all over even destination just a few metre away, why stop at the enteremce..
What a good experience game, very well build. Need a lattest and well upgraded for this particular game
It is a great game but the small cars are powerful than the truck. The truck can't push those cars but the cars can push the truck.
The fuel runs out too quick its not an easy game and graphics were awful steering was awful trying to climb a hill at 5kmh i dont like the game it needs to be fixed and put into a better gameplay
Cool game but can lag at times and you need to have a world map and a better traffic system but overall a decent game
Nice game when i playas it feel like i am really driving a truck but it grafic is very low i hope ypu can improve it thank you nice game
1 star because of the big ad at the top and unlike 18 u don't have a a UK radio with various radio channels on it and you don't have multi player truck aim 18 is way better please fix this
Very good enjoyable driving experience. Have unlocked all available trucks 3 plus maxed them out. Still have same trailers & job choice? Hoping for more now!
Hey developers gr8 work... The road conturs are good. Toll gate entry and exit is good. Pure driving experience. Than just shaking joystick.inhouse cabin driving sound of engine pretty good. Please consider Auto parking for trailer or even guided parking. Sale of vehicles and vehicle running costs. Features to add reality. Thanks Naveen \('-')/
It's a good game but maby add a Crouse control but otherwise it is a good and fun game add Crouse control to get a 5 star but it stays at 4 until Crouse control is added
nice game,but you should work a little bit on its realistic sector and also the controls,camera etc. lets make the game interesting shall we?
Graphics are good like the fact that the traffics seems more realistic. However landscaping is 2 out 5 and the fact that fuel runs out 3 or 4 times on the road and refuels itself.... NO!! Only 3 trucks.
It s been my best ever.Would add in it tight , parralel, offset, straight back and 90degree parkings which are challenges of truck drivers not racing , Include filling stations where I will be choosing to refuel than being interupted and develop the map with option to see my destination,filling stations and also pedestrians in towns. I really like your app. Thanks.
Great game ever, I would have given 5 🌟 but due to some issues like the weather being the same and also there no other trucks on the road, I give u 3 🌟
It's a nice game though it irritates so much especially when a car is stack on the road,it does not move until you restart the job, no manual transmission,only 3 trucks and you create own company,i need to see the owner of the containers and negotiate for the price and also I need to see workers at the factories. Otherwise it's a good game and good graphics,work on cars and towing.
Very poor graphics. We have to turn the steering a lot to turn a 110 degree turn. The vehicles from the opposite direction are honking a lot. They will keep on pressing the horn a little time after we taking the truck also. They don't have any patients to wait. The reason of going to the opposite track is the low turning radius. But it has original sounds. So you (the producing company of this game)have to improve graphics and turning radius.
In this game where is the train? how much time i searched for it. Another problem is there that is atlast how to park it? That is the problem. Graphics are very good.
This game is good but when you push a button it doesn't work sometimes but its good at the same time And I rate this game a 5
This game is nice but the graphics should be improved, more trucks should be added and there should be real time weather
The game is one of the best examples of good and dope games . pliz guys install the game . Apart 4rm having few levels and few trucks , everything is fine
This is wonderful game. Keep it up guys you are doing very well but your trucks are less speed and you need to improve on your graphics.
Nice game but you should add name of city and show location . You can't save game and the missions are very long. I give it two stars.
game is good. good garphics, but big problam very slow truck, no speed no game save option, no interar setting, traffic bug stupid cars ... level time very long. many improment update 🙏
Graphics and truck physics are very impressed. Please enlarge the game. Add manual gear shift, head lights, double axle truck and many more. Make this game as a real simulation . ADD AN OPTION # SAVE AND EXIT #.
1 ☆ only no headlight no hazard light low definition very slow, fuel consumption, is very fast is there a leak on the tank stupid conception. Last longer tell that to the marine very fast runout fuel. Read my comment the truck is low definition n very fast run out of fuel consumption just refilled awhile then runout fuel, Gas station are far location b4 able to refill. Improve the steering is heavy can't pull articulator. Improve cockpit install headlight.
So much miss management. I don't know by which think the creator of game set up those idiot cars . I mean they were just messing with me XD and if u play this then you'll face sticking up XD amd its really annoying . Though in the starting ,i really enjoyed the game a lot but now I'm feeling a waste of time :') I'll suggest u to fix these problems
Its a nice game with a very good graphics , control and the map is very straight forward now please work on some missions are not complete the map it stops showing were to go and put manual gear shift also.
Its a great game iver played in android. The best teuck simulator. I suggest to have a cruise control of the speed of the truck. And the some other roads is only one way and the map showing that direction to go there but it is one way opposite direction this must be fix and thats all its great. Second to be a Euro Truck Simulation 2 or Ets2 in pc.this is the best. Just improve it time by time ad it will hit the market.
I like your game and all but youneed to add more things like you can get pulled over or even get of the truck amd do.things and like change trucks like a mac and like add team like fd pd ems towtrucking and more things.loke that tho but man change the horns for the one I real life
Very good app to enjoyment. I am very happy to use this app. I recommend others also to try this app just once.
It was Very bad. Because you doesn't know the proper destination.The game should not have proper levels and graphics and so.. And one more thing that if your vehicle get crash with other and you try to reverse then the opposite vehicle come forward as you.... ....... I request to the game developer try to give level with well graphics , proper way towards destination.. Thank you🙏
No a bad game but the pictures make the game look better than what it actually is and the navigation system on the game is set up really bad as it kept taking me towards in-coming traffic giving it a low rating for a 2020 game it's that bad you would think its a 2010 game
The graphic is good. Game play not grate you only drive to the same 2 places the streeing keeps turning off. And the traffic randomly stops and doesn't move again unless you reset your mission and then you lose progress. I find it funny how a small car can push your truck but your truck won't. And if you crash the traffic won't let you turn around and all the do is crash into a push your truck down the road. Not a good game. Truck simulator 19 is better. Sorry to say
I'm like the app only to ..... What it say is this a bicycle game? is this game a classic? is this game a simulation? Why tells it? And only to this no 3 what matter ? To select No Not sure Yes it is still available in it clear . To be nothing there it only say the ads !!! Truck driving simulator .
Hey u need to do some realistic environment in this game i guess 2018 is better than this...its just not up to the mark please try to improve because i want to download and play this game!!please improve the disputes !!please..
this is one of the best game I've come across, But one thing I observed is, u won't see any trailer on the way except cars And there is no bush track
This sucks so bad I can't even drive like 2 feet!! 🤦 Make this better and then I will reinstall it. It's laggy and no one stops for you or goes around you if you have your emergencies on and everyone just rams you.
Cool game very helpful. But please the other cars that bump into your vehicle that does not move or that pushes you off the road or the ones that can see it's impossible to move and still persist. It doesn't make sense.