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Trivia Race 3D - Roll & Answer

Trivia Race 3D - Roll & Answer for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Apps Bilgi Teknolojileri located at Universiteler Mh. ATG Cyberpark 1606 Cad. A Blok 3.kat No.304 Ankara/Turkey. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a fun game but a few of the questions are completely opinionated. You would think a game like this would deal in absolute answers instead of trying to force answers that could be completely refuted.
1 star, because it: Drains battery SO quickly! Also, how am I supposed to know some of these? We haven't even learned about some of these NEVER. I have never learned about pi! So tell me, how am I supposed to know what number a pi is? We haven't had them is school. Also, how am I supposed to know where some of these statues are? I don't even know these things! Never heard of them! Would be nice if it asks what age you are and then decide on what you ACTUALLY know! Will never be downloading again
Enjoying the game, but there are still some wrong answers. It would be nice if they added a way to flag questions as wrong from the game. Also, it would be nice to be able to add a name without syncing to Facebook. Tomatoes are vegetables and fruits. All months have 28 days. If you don't want very technical answers don't have very technical questions.
Some of these questions are wrong! an acute angle IS less then 90Β° and many more. Also, this game is FULL OF ADS, so basically this game had a good idea, but they badly executed it.
First of all, half of the questions are WRONG. An acute angle is LESS than 90 degrees and it told me I was wrong when I said that an acute angle was less than 90 degrees. And you aren't even playing with real people. Terrible game
Why i rate this game 1 star just because its a little bit boring you get and ad. every time you finished the game and it also wants yo to buy something even if you don't want to in the beginning.
It is very fun and educational I recommend this app plus there are not that many adds! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Other than it's very annoying that we get asked to rate the app before anyone can even really get a chance to try it all out. It's ok.
Lots of fun. The answer to the question about acute angles is incorrect. An acute angle IS fewer than 90 degrees.
πŸ’Trivia raceπŸ’this make my brain smart lolπŸ˜„..its so fun to play with and make you think fast😁..however the question is still the same and so basic but it ok πŸ‘Œso yesπŸ™‚ ✨BEST THINKING FAST APP✨
this is so fun and there aren't many ads which is goood over all very fun game and i am learning things too!
Game is fun I just wish opponent could not see my choice. I don't like having to watch adds to up my boost. Over all good experience
Ok right, listen up i like this game a lot but it made me watch an ad to play level 2 which is super annoying so i gave it 3 stars. There is way to many ads. Not my favourite game at all. πŸ‘ΉπŸ˜­β˜Ή
This game is awesome lots of trick questions and much more but the reason I voted a 4 is because the dimonds. There is no other reason for dimonds except for balls and offline earning and stuff. It's still a really fun game but maybe more purpose for dimonds
This game is awful I hate it. It tells you when your wrong and it's like "You lost" I HATE IT. I don't recommend this game. Ugh.
FIRST OF ALL there are too many adds but still fun but I have it I don't play it anymore because almost all of them are false because a dolphin is a mammal there are more and I do not recommend please do not get this app .
More adds than game time, easy questions, answers that are wrong, races where all the correct answers are on the same side and you dont even have to touch the screen. Pick a different trivia game
Pretty neat. I love that we can earn diamonds fast and we don't have to pay like in so many other games. And the questions are just right. I just started and am hooked already lol and have over 200k in diamonds. Not very many games these day's let you earn diamonds like that so totally loving that and that we get new skins and tracks from the chests. Good job Devs!!!!
Meh..its ok but only 4 questions a game. The answer in some cases is obvious. If you like a minute of ads for 15 seconds of play, this is the game. Potential to be a good game but designed to feed you ads
Okay gameplay but what gets the low score is the fact that the questions don't even have the right answers. Pizza did not come from Italy and Saturn is not the only planet to have rings, all our gas planets have rings. Not just this is the problem, the advertisement on Facebook is really really bad. Get better advertisment advice and have correct answers to your questions
Fun kinda game it is exactly what you advertise. Need to work on your advertising for double gems and prizes it doesn't always work and I lost a prize because of it
I normally don't leave reviews but I had to here. This game is a great concept, but the answers to some of these are wrong. A slug does NOT have green blood. A dolphin IS a mammal. Cracking your knuckles CAN cause arthritis. I've lost games because the creators don't know the correct answers for the questions that THEY put on there. On top of that there are ads after EVERY race. Then after filling the mystery box meter you have to watch an ad to open it! Make the game better and I'll reinstall.
I like the trivia and all, and i was getting new ball as i advanced. As soon as i log off it it rip you off like you didnt receive them. Whats the point of gettinf diamond if you cant have the ball permanently.
This kinda is a good game but every time a question comes up it's all blurred so I can't see it and have to guess so if the could fix that that would be wonderful πŸ˜‰. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but that hasn't worked if that was fixed I would give four or five stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 thanks
Game is okay. The amount of ads is high but not ridiculously so, and the ads themselves aren't long. The main disappointment is that you don't play against real people, but the computer, which is no fun. I tested this by turning off my data and was still able to play.
I couldn't read the questions, they were so pixelated, I tried restarting my phone, turning my wifi off and on, closing and reopening the app, nothing worked This game just didn't ever work, don't waste your time!
The game itself is alright, but i did actually rage quit, not because of the game itself, I was surprisingly good at it. But because of the adds, I would have to watch like, and thirty second add every 20 seconds. And even when it asks 'watch an add for double diamonds' there really isn't a point in saying no because you will most likely have to watch an add or two before you get to play the next round. Fair to say this was annoying, regardless of the game being good.
I'm giving us 3 stars because every time I get an answer wrong my phone vibrates and it gets really annoying, so if you made it so it won't vibrate then that would make me play it more but it's a good game just when you get one of the answers wrong don't make it vibrate of devise please Thanks for your time
So many adds and including strange questions most of the time there is a glitch when you can't see the questions and it might be hard to turn into that door you have chosen
The game is super fun. It is really easy game but sometimes you get lose so that means hard. Me too sometimes I get to lose. But it's okay because it's only a game. Thank you that's allπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
When I got on my first game I was racing. The questions were all like ".l.....l....l" like a barcode I couldn't see the rank of diamonds either :/
🚫 I tried this game out, and saw the reviews. But I still decided to give it a try. This game is HORRIBLE. You get ads every second, and the game freezes on you. You're competing with bots, questions are too easy, VERY laggy, and boring. I don't recommend. 🚫
The game itself is good but it has too many ads like right after every game their is an ad just waiting for you to click continue
The graphics get in the way of a lot of the trivia questions at different points so you end up getting stuff wrong because you can't read the questions. Its okay otherwise.
Only played it for a little bit. It's an interesting concept as you need to decide quick which gate you want. Your counting system doesn't work though. "you won 100/150 diamonds" added were 30 in both cases...
I enjoyed this to start with, but its adds after every race, even when you ask not to watch one, i just want to play, not watch bucket loads of adds. Deleted
Theres no bug report or anything but I just wanna let the developers know...I came across a questions that said "an acute angle is less than 90Β° true or false" I sped through true but I got it wrong???
This is a fun challenging game i mean I barely know questions included in this game ( lol ) but u can buy fun skins the only complaint is like how do u get the highest number of gems? Like at the end of a round u get free gems how do u get the highest number of the gems tho..? It seems impossible, anyway 4 star :)
The game is fun and all ads are annoying but okay...one thing that really pisses me off is the fact that I lose to the other player who is clearly not real first of all it's distracting to me while rolling and when I get a draw with it it shares the diamonds I don't get it it's not supposed to be that way if its not real it's really infuriating...also most of the answers to the questions or wrong I thought I'd learn something from it but clearly it's all false knowledge🀦
Good game should add online and to many ads everytime I get done with a round Bam! Ad it gets annoying after a while
I really like this game because you learn new things from it, but just now I was playing and me loving geography and other countries, I noticed you got the Chinese flag wrong. Since it wasn't the correct Chinese flag, I chose Maldives and got it wrong. Can you please fix that?
Its a nice game , educational and all BUT!!!!!!! There's too many ads , please do something about that cause it does start getting on one's nerves
Its ok but most of the things are easy but after a while it gets a little boring and only let you play with one other person but it's good mosley.
Looked good on the advert but in the first 4 seconds of play the questions are blank and there's an awful flickering in gameplay. Very dodgy.
It's a good game but definitely need to recheck the answers. For example I just finished a game and one of the questions was a true or false on if an acute angle was less then 90 degrees and I chose true but it said I was wrong!
This is a great and fun game but it has way to many ads. I had to disconnect from our Wi-Fi so that I could play without ads because every time I will complete a level there would be an ad.
Well for a start there's way too many ads to be enjoyable, although simple it wasn't too bad. Some reviews said that they were wrong answers and, although I haven't seen any, that's probably true. Also it's advertised as an online multiplayer game and you can just tell it's not.
One thing... Why I cannot see the questions properly?! And people always get it, Second thing, is the players bot because they are like seen the question, third thing, Am asking the people are bot because.. How they get names! I cannot see the questions to understand, Fix this annoying bug you see! Because of course it's super confused and misunderstanding. I hope you see this kind of message, Thank you and God bless. β­•Fix itβ­•, ❌Make players confused.❌
It's a nice game and I can play it for hours. Pepol say that there are too many ads but it's ok to wait. I wait too I love this game.
Fun game but all the ads are incredibly annoying. Game freezes all the time and when I click to open gift, it never opens.
I am on android and I cannot see any of the letters or words. I can't even play the game on android because of this glitch. Please make the words actually appear properly on the screen.
One major flaw, when you win a league, that ball does not appear, so you either have to lose it or wear it forever. I beet champions league and are afraid to open any mystery chests. Not too many ads and there is a bunch of customizable things and always new things to look at.
Too much ads, when you're playing this is a Singleplayer game and you need to turn off your WiFi to even play for fun There's too much ads after you finish 1 stage there are unskipable ads which makes it hard to play, good game overall but too much ads fox that
I really love this game I just wish there wasn't so many ads but I really like it it's pretty neat how you can learn so many new thi gs from this game I personally think it is wonderful!!!
it's great if you love being assaulted with ads every other minute, don't bother with this app, just get trivia crack or something that isn't this
I'm never sure if this is a multiplayer game, or a single game disguised as a multiplayer game- but I'm pretty sure it's a single game. The computers who are controlling the other players/the other players sometimes don't get the right answer, which allows you to catch up. This is a fair game with easy and hard stages, but assuring you can learn along the road of knowledge.
Some of the flags are VERY inaccurate, Although it is a really fun game to play when bored/at school.
The game is really fun and all but there are alot of major flaws. 1 : TOO MANY ADS. Every round there are at least 2 ads which makes the game unplayable and unenjoyable. 2 : This is supposed to be an online game and you "play online in tournaments" but thats just a big lie. Also if you turn off your wifi it says you're playing with the computer which is the same as before. 3 : You are stuck to a certain level of difficultness. You cant choose to have harder questions or easier. Good idea but no.
Great game but the only little boo-boo is that some questions you do not get. But overall great game. So, I definitely recommend that you play this game. But watch out because some questions are very hard
How you gonna be so desperate for ad revenue that you code the ads into the game itself? If im offline, you won't get the alert for which ads or how many ads I've watched. You make no money off of watched ads while offline. Now you're just being petty.
Very good for taxing brain but could do with more questions as now know most and would also benefit from more multiple questions
I like this game because it has knowledgeable questions but I will rate it 4/5 because it has too many adds and I hate it. But this is a nice gameπŸ‘πŸ»β™₯️
What seems to be a fun trivia game is a bland, unapologetic ad shill with 50/50 choices against AI players using player profiles. This is not something you'd want to sink time into unless you disrespect your time.
The concept is good. The only thing is the ads now you don't get ads after every race like you'd expect. After every race you gain 25 points towards a box you open for new skins etc, get 100 points open the box. Now the catch you have to watch an ad. You press watch ad and nothing happens but when you don't want to watch an ad say after 5 or 6 levels (maybe more remember I said they're not as often as you think) one comes along just to annoy you.
Great game, but the ads go from being 5 seconds with option to cancel, to 30 seconds after each playable turn...
Too many ads and there are several wrong answers, there is not 12 frickin sides to a cube, theres 6, even a brain dead monkey would know that. I also ram into massive ammounts of lag and at random points the opent just boosts to the point that they are right next to you, this game sux, like rally bad, DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
The game is cool, but after EACH match you have an ad... And the matches are very short, like 1 minute or less
I love it but it has to many adds!!! I can't help it I'm crying with these adds but then when you don't have any Internet you won't have to watch adds!!!!
Great game. I dont get many ads and it is a great game to play. I love how if you dont have internet, you can still play the game just against the computer. I really enjoy playing it. 🀩🀩
Overall it was ok but you should do it so that when they ask questions about measurements that there's not only the American counting system ( feet, Fahrenheit ) but also the rest of the worlds counting system ( centimeters, Celsius)
I think there is a bug, I TOTALLY CAN NOT SEE ANY OF THE QUESTIONS. I only base my answer on the signs(images), but I got lose at the TRUE OR FALSE thing. I can't also watch ads for me to double my diamonds or to get a mystery box. In my experience now, this is not a trivia game but guessing. I hope the bugs can be fixed as soon as possible. The game is good tho.
This game is so nice for you to learn stuff and maybe show ur skills to the game and the people playing the game it's really fun and I'm 10 so if I like it you will it helps you learn and remember all the stuglff you learned.
One too many adds but it is a fun game and I didn't know a few of them .But like every after round adds
I rate this a 4 because its a really fun game you can test your knowledge with but the only problem is that its nearly impossible to get to 200 gems like the chest and there is to many ads aswell other than that its a good game :)
I've been playing this for 10 mins and so far it seems cool. The questions aren't really hard and using the ball to answer the questions is a cool idea! This isn't the most exciting game but if you like trivia games then this one's for you, it's fast paced, more enjoyable, and has some cool features. The only problem I found is that to put your name on your ball for the stats you have to connect it with Facebook. Not everybody has or uses their Facebook so they should make that optional! Enjoy!
sure, i'm glad that this app doesn't have ads, unlike the other games like this. but, i have a feeling i'm racing against bots, and it makes me feel stupid. i don't appreciate it, and it makes me mad.
This game is really fun how to pick whatever you want to do and you can raise other people all the way to the sky lots of diamonds so I can get a lot of time in the reason why I gave it four stars is because
This game is absolutely terrible. The game tries to trick you into thinking its online against other people, when in actuality its not even close to being online, even having the single player tag on the app store. Another thing is the ads, this game is loaded with them so you constantly have to watch more in between your fake online matches, with misspelled questions and answers.
Good concept, but if you don't choose to double your diamonds after the race, you have to watch a 15 second non-skippable ad. Not cool. If I wanted to watch an ad I'd choose to get the bonus.
Boring game after awhile. No online competition, questions are too easy, only one competitor at one time, too many ads. Try to avoid this game.
This is a great game but after every round there is an ad. The ad is all the things that r bad about the game and other wise the game is really fun
This Game is cool and I have fun. But there are 3 big problems 1. *TOO MANY ADS* After every round there is an ad and I really spend more time watching stupid ads than playing 2. Many answers are false. A human DOES HAVE 5 Sins not 6 and a Dolphin IS a mammal and much more. 3.I won the league skins and cant use them when I've got the next skin.There should be a place for these skins to change from a burger to them. But this problem is not as big as the ad's and the "wrong" answers
Such a good game! No problems. I love it because kids can use their brain. I'm 11 and I use my brain all the time. I'm the smartest kid in my class out of everyone! So this can test kids and adults brains. Keep putting these fun and vibrant ideas of games. Make them fun so kids can have fun. Follow God or the angel. Dont follow the devil.... hes evil. If you follow the devil that means he taking over your soul..... body and more. Have a merry Christmas!πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Trivia is the first word in the name of this. There is 0 excuse for having blatantly wrong "answers" to some of these questions it's ridiculous. Feels sluggish to play like any rip-off Voodoo game and has the usually number of more ads than is justifiable.
This game is great πŸ‘ 😁 but after every game you played it gives you an add and if you of your WiFi it says no Internet connection so that's why I rate it 4 stars they really need to fix that problem but Although it is a good game .
The game has a question, is an acute angle less than 90 degrees T or F? Now I know it's True because an acute angle is less than 90 degrees however if you say True in the game your wrong, also a slugs blood is blue not green.
It is so fun! But the resin I did not give it five stars is becace it can be fresterating when you do not win. Do recamend.
I can't read the question. It blurred wven I uninstalled and reinstalled it again and again, the ads are awful.
I rate the game 5 stars coz it keeps me calm and I'm addicted to the game but one issue is that when I came on level 2 I started playing and it had my ball half in the ground and it annoys me. But it's still mint.πŸ˜„
Its a game I sometimes play but there are to many adverts and I cant just know the answer to every question in the world but I do get some questions correct but just to many adverts and you get the money but I hate this game because there are to many adverts its so boring πŸ™„
Its a good game but I cant see thebwords right and when I tried to play the game it keeps asking me if I want to buy something when I already said no but under all of that i love the game.
Sure there are a few wrong answers but this game is still lots of fun. I agree that there seem to be lots of ads, but honestly, not nearly as many as some other apps. And as everyone knows, if you turn off your wifi/set your phone on airplane mode, you can avoid them pretty easily. I would honestly LOVE to see a setting where you could upload your own questions and answers and use it to study. You could still have fun and at the same time study for upcoming exams or quizzes.
Lots of fun. The answer to the question about acute angles is incorrect. An acute angle IS fewer than 90 degrees. A week later...same problem today and no response from support...
Great game basic trivia against players of the same level only didn't five star because last round I played camera turned off the board so I couldn't see the questions or where to steer. Otherwise game is pretty cool.
I paid to get rid of ads but ads still show up when I open the gift you get after 4 matches, something you have to do. Many of the answers are still wrong even after their update, such as the myth that goldfish only have a memory of 3 seconds being set to true even though it's false. You can tell they just looked up random facts with little research on their end.
The game may be fun but IS WRONG!! on a heap of the questions! I got a question that said "which is a fruit" there was banana and spinach I said that banana was the fruit APPARENTLY IT WAS WRONG! Quite disappointed and undownloaded the gameπŸ˜” PLEASE FIX THIS!
Unplayable with the ads further more is very focused on USA trivia which I really couldn't care less about
Game is fun to play for the actual gameplay, but for every 30 seconds of gameplay there is 15 seconds of ads. Want to double your rewards by watching an ad? No? Well too bad here's that ad anyway.
This game is good on your free time but I just hate how after every round it throws a ad at my face and no I'm not gonna pay for no more ads
WAY less glitchy and jerky when played in airplane mode. You don't get the bonuses but that's what you sacrafice for no ads. When I want to stock up on jewels I just play on wifi or mobile then go back to airplane mode.