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Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Etermax located at Capdevila 3448, C1431FKP, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just filled to the brim with pop up tutorials and ads. I understand for a simple guide at the beginning had lots of hand holding but every time i open something it pops up the dude saying the stuff i already knew by just reading the name of the section. Whenever i do a classic mode maybe 3 questions in it shows an ad. Not a big deal, apps need support. What i dint support is that it sends you back to the home menu of the app. Making me open the game i was in again only to find it reset or gone.
I love trivia games and I really like that different ways to play were added when comparing to he 1st game, but I don't like the amount of ads that this game makes you watch. It interferes with the gameplay itself, you can just watch an ad and not deal with any consequences of loss. Also, I DESPERATELY want a more comprehensive settings menu that allows me to check which notifications I want to get!!! It's not that hard to do that, folks!!
I didn't even get to play yet and they need my email πŸ™„ugh so annoying now I can't play i am unstalling it please fix it and make it to wear you and play without an email....
I am enjoying playing this against my friends, although you have a bug that makes the game freeze once a question is answered wrong, which sucks the fun out of it. My friend also experiences the same thing on their phone. It is quiet annoying having to restart the game after answering a question wrong.
Keeps freezing, if you get a question wrong you have to close the game and start all over. You can't complete an event cos of the constant freezing and when you open the game back up it says to pay tickets to redo the same event you just completed. Used to love this game now hate it. Thankyou creators for ruining a great game.
Have played this game for many months but have had issues for past few weeks with it freezing. Got so fed up I uninstalled it. I recently reinstalled it but the glitches keep happening even after the makers promised all was fixed. Please please please fix this as I do really enjoy the game.
Too many ads! It was a fun game for a little while but then every time you get an answer wrong you have to watch an add. I understand the developer has to advertise since it's a free game, but the amount of ads is ridiculous!! Uninstalling unfortunately
Game is fun but I won't pay $5 a month for no adds. Should be a one time purchase like the first Triva Crack.
The game is nice but EVERY TIME I get a question wrong I get stuck on the page with the BORING, FUN OR CONTINUE buttons and it won't let my click any of them and I have a close the app and start it again to continue.
You would think a game would be about playing a game, but this iteration is just an ads compilation. With ads going from 7 to 30 seconds every 2-3 questions and constant pop-up about spending money. The first game was fun, but this one is just plain stupid.
Game play is great.. I used to play the first one that ever came out. But this one is entirely TOO MANY ADS! every single missed question requires you to watch an ad. Or if you want to continue playing after you missed a question it's an even longer ad! It's to the point where you spend more time watching ads then actually playing. Such a shame.. I really enjoyed playing the game itself.
Borderline unplayable with all the menus and popups. Trivia Crack 2 has gone way beyond the line of reasonable ads and other micro purchases. This is a textbook example of why mobile games aren't taken seriously.
Nope. I've never had so many popups and lengthy ads ever on any other app. Constantly and persistently you get pelted with pervasive advertisement with very little game play, which is unfortunate because the trivia is good.
The amount of ads is painful, and the game is designed with diverse game types that inevitably lead to needing to watch ads to come back from a loss. sometimes it feels like I spend more time watching than playing. The trivia is simple and fun however, and the art style and colors pop to create a very enjoyable experience with lots to play.
The questions are fun, but there are WAY too many ads, and way to many pop ups in the game. Way more complicated than it needs to be
Way too many adds, and you can't pay to remove them permanently. All the options are either monthly or a few days at a time. I'd prefer a one time payment but I guess not.
Fun but get a question wrong and the app crashes Also some of your questions are totally wrong What's the fastest swim stroke? Front crawl Freestyle refers to the option of picking any stroke, however all opt for front crawl because its the fastest. I'm literally losing games because answers are wrong and don't include the actual correct answer
Normally I dont write reviews but I felt this game deserved one. There are 2 things good about this game, one, it has quirky style which is good and two, it has good trivia. Other than that, it constantly freezes and doesn't take you back to the home screen and its also the biggest money grab I have ever seen; even more so then any EA game. Overall, this game is disappointing when it comes to performance but good regarding trivia if you can put up with endless ads and EXCLUSIVE deals.
My app not loading for last 2 days. Now my games are probably all done with and i play all the time usually. I hate losing alot of games bc its not working
Fun game, but please include a stats page like in the first game where you can find things like number of questions answered correctly, how you perform in each category, or how many games you've won vs lost, things like that. It keeps it more interesting when you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
The whole point of making a second game is to improve upon the first. This is a big step backwards. No stats, so many wrong answers on questions, so many pop ups, and a confusing layout. Just stick with the first game.
One of the few games you can play without paying (assuming you can handle ads), tons of fun, can learn stuff too!
The trivia is fun, especially when playing with a friend. There seems like there is a ton of stuff going on, but I don't understand it.
It is a good game but there are way too many ads and honestly too much going on in the ap. I wish that questions had a more info button or something to educate you more on each question for people interested in learning about things they got wrong. Could be a great opportunity to make it an educational and beneficial experience.
I really do enjoy playing this game, the big problem that I find is that I do not actually receive the correct prizes when I spin or open a chest. If it says I won 5, I may only actually get 2 or 3. Its kind of frustrating. Especially when it comes to the gold bars.
Wish I didn't have to review this so low but for the last month the game freezes at the end of your go on all modes. Before this it was a great game. Sent feedback back to the developers and got a sorry and 300 gold but nothing fixed in over a month. I wonder if the vip members have this issue, I worked my way up to the top of the challenge tables and in the run a top UK team, I haven't played for 3 weeks. You've added modes and increased the cost of using gold to continue but no fix. Shame
an amazing game that my friends and i love but lately we have been having issues with the app it says it is loading but it does not load which is really annoying as we really want to play the game btw it is only happening on my friends phone hopefully you can help us out thank you for your time
I enjoy playing the game but when I get a question wrong and it goes to the next player, the game freezes and I can't press continue. I have to quit the game and load it back up again. I have uninstalled the game twice but the issue is still the same. If this could be sorted that would be great. Never really had that problem before.
I like the game. I like it better when it was just classic. I don't like the multiple different mini games and the pop up challenges, and the way something is always popping up on my screen. And so many ads. But it's still fun.
Great Game, especially against friends. However, after answering a question wrong the game feezes and I have to restart it. This happens in every game mode and my friends have this issue too. Please fix it, it would improve the gaming experience a lot. Thanks
I love the game. It gives me knowledge and questions I sometimes know it's an awesome game. I recommend playing it.
This seems like it would be a really fun game, but every time I play the game freezes. If this is a Bug please fix!!. I sent a bug report 3 days ago and still no fix!!!!!
The game itself is fun to play. The questions are relatively easy general knowledge. But there are things that are missing. You can create a TEAM which is basically a clan, but there is no way to invite someone to it. Know one sees your team unless you are visible in the ranking system. Also it would be nice to see a win loss ratio and a winning percentage. It's the small things that could contribute to the overall gameplay.
Game keeps freezing when you get an answer wrong and you have to close it and reopen to keep going. Rubbish
The games name system is very picky , there are way too many adds, the questions are often far too easy, there are like energy points even when you play with friends , all in all not a very well designed game could have been a huge success. Sad....
Game is CONSTANTLY either playing ads or asking you to spend money. I get you have to make money, but its ridiculous to hit me with a 30 second ad to spin a wheel YOU TOLD ME TO SPIN
It's a great game but I have to close it and reopen it when I get an answer wrong. It happens when I play other people
every ad freezes and i have to close game and refresh which makes me lose my turn. not able to play with all the freezing
Wayyyy too many ads and pop ups not worth it. I understand you guys need money but every wrong question is a pop up and they ask you to buy vip all the time
Honestly only found the game through a group of friends, only reason why I play it. I don't mind a ad espically if you want to get 2x the crowns. Though ads are invasive, & of course the devs need to make money but honestly; the ads are over the top. I mean the application is free, & most likely you and your data are the product at this point; with so many ads, it is a turn off for extended use over time. Either way I hope the devs put pen to paper, and do good on ending the overuse of ads.
Love the game, but having an issue with a particular ad freezing up every time it runs. Most aggravating!
Its a really fun game in my opinion! Its challenging sometimes, and also kind of easy. And I honestly downloaded this game to see if it could help me with learning facts.lol overall its a fun game and its worth downloading.
its fun but glitches I had 9 tickets on the pick a prize and played it for 3 tickets so that would leave me with 6 right plus the 2 I received when I played so I'd have 8 right you'd think no I have only 4 and it's very annoying cuz it's happened mutipul times and I've just brushed it off but not anymore
I like the quizzes, the constant pop-ups for in game purchases are annoying, however what's frustrating me is absolutely everytime I lose a question it gets stuck on the continue screen, animations continue but buttons are not responsive, it doesn't do anything, I have to restart app.
Good, clean fun way to increase factual knowledge. However, the original Trivia Crack showed you your win-loss record as well as answer accuracy in each category. And now there are instances where Lucky Spin does not work for a time, and other times there is no option to go for two crowns in-game.
Love the game, hate the crashing now. As of Friday, November 13th I can not play the game. It freezes and crashes. I have force stopped, uninstalled, and reinstalled to no avail. Hopefully a mod can help me with my problem.
This game has gotten so bad, it turned into nothing but ads and microtransactions. You'll spend more time watching ads and avoiding microtransaction pop-ups than you will spend actually playing the game.
TOO MANY ADS and Pop ups. Every time you navigate to a new page, you're bombarded with too many pop ups or an ad will start playing and you can't get out of it unless you close the app. And also, every feature has some cost associated to it which makes it too damn profit-driven. This was my second time giving this app a chance, uninstalling and never re-installing again ✌️
Imagine the most micro transaction filled game you can imagine with lots of lights and prizes to keep you playing. Even a option for a subscription. Now add 30 second ads every minute or so. Don't think I made it more than a minute before it was uninstalled. Everything wrong with modern mobile games.
Way too many ads. Like seriously it's just ridiculous. Ads to continue, ads after your turn is over, ads when starting a new game, ads when clicking anything in game, and even ads advertising various paid features for the game. It's an insult to the players time and it doesn't deserve yours.
Way too many Crashes, ill change my review when this is fixed *update* Crashes have still not been fixed and you guys put such a big emphasis on the "lucky spin" but the videos are never ready to watch and takes a while for it to finally play a video, it's frustrating. Love the game but the app is terrible. Needs to be fixed, I will be Uninstalling soon and spreading the word. You're making money on your game, fix your game!
There are lots of ads and they are all so long I don't want to bother. 15 mins in...almost 7 mins on ads!! Very disappointing
Worst in ever single way than the first one, so many ads between questions, limit of plays. I just want to answer question but.. Nop i have to watch ads and pay for more life in single player. Nice.
I liked the first Trivia Crack. The game play was fun and simple, the questions were challenging and rewarding. This is like they took all garbage and worst parts from every other game and threw it into one craptastic fun sponge. There is so much going on and so many ads and offers and so many unexplainable actions. Seriously, I will enjoy pushing the Uninstall button more than I ever did pressing the spin button. Me before trivia crack 2: :) Me after trivia crack 2: :(
This game is fun, but on Rescue Rush you can only do a catagory for so long. So I would appreciate if you could change that to where you can do the catagory until you want to change it. Also, can you please add more catagories on the rescue rush game? There are also too many adds... other than that this game is really fun and I would recommend you to get it😊
Too many pop-ups. They'll have up to 5 when you open the app. Some you can't get rid of until you go through their menus. Takes lives just to play your turn in a game that's already going. You read that right, not to start a new game, but to continue one. The ads after each turn are whatever. What prompted me to uninstall was the incessant begging to buy the in-game powerups. Awful.
This game is completely jam packed of ads, it would be a very fun game if I didn't have to watch an ad every time I finish a question, it's a good game, I would give it 5 stars if the ads didn't suffocate me while I play. All together, 2 stars. Only play if you're willing to buy the premium to get no ads.
Super fun with relevant trivia and enough other things to do that allow you to keep playing for a good chunk of time.
This is such a bad game. You have to connect to Facebook in this game. I don't know why people learn coding and make these types of games that make take all your personal information. There are so many better games than this game like Candy Crush, Roblox etc. Please don't download this game. WARNING- BE CAREFUL USING THIS APPLICATION AS IT TAKES YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.
Would rather do anything else with ads for the sake of not draining my souls life. Ad boosts don't work half the time and bug the game badly making it more frustrating.
I downloaded the game, played it and it was great. Thats why I gave the game 5 stars. The problem I have is whenever I tried to play after the initial download it doesn't load. I have to keep uninstalling and installing in order to play.
Keeps crashing if you get an answer wrong. The continue button stops working and you can't go to the next page. Very annoying. ..update. I have restarted phone and reinstalled game. No change. The continue button does not work when you get a question wrong or are in a challenge.
Downloaded it because it advertised a one piece trivia option, couldn't find it in the game, and even if I could the play style is agonizing. An app with so many ads you'll have time to think back on all your life choices that led you to downloading this abomination that is labeled as a game.
The game is fine, but I can't stand when I turn off all sound I'm the game, but the game still plays sound. There's sound when starting the game, and every ad that pops up is loud as can be. And that is a real problem when every single button click leads to a pop-up. The ads are super annoying but I get it, you have to pay the bills. Why the sound, though? 2 star is only because the trivia part is fun. However, I spend more time closing ads and being pissed at the sounds than actually playing.
Please save yourself from this ad HELL. This game is one of the worst I've ever experienced for ads and popups. Obviously they must be raking in cash which is why they don't care. It's absolutely packed with ads and popups you can't do anything without 5 more popups about some offer. Just do yourself a favour and don't support this garbage.
Really fun! I connect with my friends and we get to play each other! I love how there's different wheel skins. Trivia is awesome, and this game shows it. The only thing I think they could use a bit of work on is maybe not so many ads. I mean it's ok, but maybe tone it down. Other than that, this game's fantastic! I recommend. Thanks for making it!
The app keeps crashing. Too difficult to locate and add friends. Should have more games to play with friends instead of playing against a computer
Fix your bloody game!!!!! For the last 3 months the game freezes at the end of your go on all modes. Before this it was a great game. Sent feedback back to the developers and got a sorry and 300 gold but nothing fixed in this time. I wonder if the vip members have this issue, I haven't played for months. You've added modes and increased the cost of using gold to continue but no fix. Shame
This ad viewer features many very fun trivia based mini-games. Unfortunately, the ads can be quite buggy often disrupting the otherwise enjoyable mini-games (as much as 10%+ of the time in my experience). Additionally, buggy ads and the accompanying errors/crashes can cause you to lose rewards and games. The resulting frustration cannot be overstated. Rating would be much higher otherwise.
The app is useless!!! The game crashed constantly,literally after answering 1 question n its crashes. No ita not my phone as i have a top of thbline phone which can run everything. It is auper annoying, either fix the issues or take it off pkaystore.
Core game is fine but you can't click a single button without a new pop up showing up. There's also tons of ads, which hinder the experience even more.
The game is riddled with ads. If you aren't watching an ad, you're being asked if you would like to purchase this...or this...or that. The questions also have no challenge, they are user generated (which is cool) but they have no substance and require no brainpower.
LOVE the questions of TV shows! I don't like that you need the gold bars to buy them but it's worth it.
Really liked this game but since the latest update it's gone glitchy! It stops completely if you get a wrong answer! It needs sorting! This problem is still going on after 2 months! No point wasting my time anymore if I'm being ignored! I am just going to delete!
Great game but it glitches. When my round is over, it won't let me hit the 'continue' button, it just freezes. I deleted the app a few months ago due to this issue and when I tried again today, it still happens unfortunately.
It's a very good game good mixture of questions my only annoyance is the ads..constant ads I understand you need ads to make money but surely you don't need them at the volume we see them,theres an ad after nearly everything you do its extremely annoying
To many adds like I get it you need money but for the love of games I spend 20 minutes fighting adds to get threw a 2 minute game
Aside from the expected deluge of microtransactions (which is relentless) the app has a tendency to crash mid game with no warning. Awful app.
I came to write this review not expecting so many people to feel the same way. Trivia crack from way back when was such a joy to play. Now, the ads are ridiculous. Why do I need an ad before I play, during play, and every single time after a game. That's absurd. And that home screen? One hundred percent do not recommend.
I love the format of this game. It's super easy to navigate, the characters are adorable, and it's easy to play online against real people and/or friends. However, the questions are far too easy... I would be addicted to this game if it was a bit of a challenge, but it's just too easy... I wish there were different difficulties you could choose from to make it more challenging.
Got a recent update and thought it might be more questions or games/missions, etc. Nope. Just more ads. I understand the need for them, but now they're too much. And, random answers to the same questions is NOT acceptable. Uninstalled.
Fun game, but WAY too many ads/popups! To play without them is a $5 subscription fee. Absolutely unacceptable for a trivia game. Lots of good free trivia games that aren't so intrusive.
I don't get why you need everyone to send in an email... just sort the glitches out I'm sure you have had enough emails for you to "look into it" there's no point in playing and wasting lives when it's going to crash halfway through
I land on my worst category (Art) every three spins. This game clearly cheats, it's a shame because I love this game.
This game is super fun but there are a few things that just don't make it better. There are FAR too many ads, every game I can't play without having 2-3 ads. You'd think if you got a question wrong you could try again but first how about a 15 second ad? Thats the only major problem, otherwise this game is very fun. However some questions have typos and are so random that I have to guess on all of them. Sort of a pay to win. If you pay for premium you get no ads and bonus items. Why so many ads?
Keeping this app for my parents' sake--we have fun playing it together, so there's that. But EVERYTHING you do triggers an ad. "Oh, you want to continue playing? Watch an ad. You don't? Well, you lose your turn, so you still have to watch an ad. And, just for good measure, here's a little bonus ad at the bottom of your screen. 😘" (extra frustrating because the ads often cause the app to crash πŸ˜‘) Highly annoying but highly addictive. If you start, you won't be able to stop. Do not recommend.
One of the worst piles of code ever. An absolute waste of anyone's time. If you only read this, you already wasted more time on this game than you should have. I say "game" but really its just a torrent of unskippable ads and offer-popups interrupted by meager amounts of gameplay. Szopjatok faszt is, devek.
Too many ads. Before during and after you answer any trivia every 5 questions. So ridiculously annoying
This game is fun to play, except the ads get so overwhelming. And whats the point of the lives?? Its just preventing me from playing more because I either have to wait the timer out or pay for more.. it's totally unnecessary and I genuinely feel pressured to pay for the subscription which I refuse to do.
This app was great until it started closing on me every time I try to play. It'll spin, land on a category, then the app just closes. I have to force stop it and it'll work for a few minutes then it closes again.
Ads are absolutely constant. Money hungry devs completely ruined the game. Unplayable!!!!! Hope this helps anyone looking for a good trivia game
Pretty good though, I'm a huge beatles fan and a some of the questions I'd say were just wrong, like it asked when the beatles were formed and it said 1960 when they formed in 1957 so idk
There's is no balance of waiting in the game. First there is a crazy amount of ads, and if you manage to ignore that then you run out of lives and you have to wait x amount of minutes to play again. If the concern is trying to encourage people to pay a little bit of cash to avoid this, then there is no need to slap us twice with both of these mechanics. It is quite insulting really.
This is a REALLY FUN game but just WAY to many adds, pop ups, and its just to much. Also the game crashs A LOT which is very annoying.
I use to enjoy this game but for the past couple days the game will not start I just get stuck on the loading screen and it says spinning the wheel, polishing prizes, etc. And I deleted the game and reinstalled it multiple times. Very disappointed
It's impossible to play without getting angry. Thousands of pop-ups and ads that don't let you to do anything without close a window or wait a 10s video ad
The game is a good one, but i am frustrated at the inability to get wheels you previously missed. There should be a shop dedicated to buying specific wheels!
Skeptical before downloading because of all the negative reviews mostly based off excessive ads - despite enjoying the first version years ago. However, this FREE game delivers exactly what it describes. Yes, when you don't answer a question correctly an add does appear, but so be it? It's a trivia game - an add is a fair trade for incorrectly answering a question. Great game if you aren't too impatient to watch an add everytime you don't know the right answer.
Nice trivia game over all, but an ad after almost everything can get very annoying. The worst part is that at least a third of the questions is only about America. What state bla bla, what basketball team bla bla. They really need more international questions. Especially: geography, sport and history. As if the world is revolves around America... ridiculous..
Nice but too much ads. Since about a week, often the video option is not available when a question is wrong answered. 2 of the 3 times its not there, which gives an handicap. Really unfair, because opponent might get 2nd chance
it's a fun game, but kinda buggy, and it crashes a lot, and the ads also bug out a lot/ crash the game
I remember liking the original game, but this app is now just a cluttered mess of ads. Also, I downloaded it because it said there was Lord of the Rings trivia, but I wasn't able to find it
Playing this after many years. The game itself is awesome. Many opportunities to earn goodies and second chances at questions. HOWEVER, the ads are just too much for me. Getting an add if you want a second chance or spins is reasonable. But the adds appear constantly even when you finish your turn and all of the adds I encountered were over 30 seconds each. I spent more time watching adds than playing the actual game.
I was a pretty big fan of the first trivia crack from years ago but this version is littered with quick cash grabs. The main menu is filled with too many icons, almost all of which need real money to fully enjoy. You need to watch an AD for the daily reward, something that I've never seen a developer do as it is almost always free (this is what makes players want to come back, you ruin this gimick by making them watch an ad). And no one's gonna sub to the stupid deluxe package, do better.
Holy garbage. I used to play a lot with my wife. We stopped and then started one game. She stopped playing that game with me and then I would get notifications that it is my turn again. We tested it, I played her back and i kid you not the next day it was my turn again and she had no trophy. They will play for the person if they have stopped playing. Total trash. An attempt to get me to.play back and watch more ads.
Waaaay to many ads, the questions are really good but i get an ad every 5 questions, so that's an uninstall for me
Whenever you answer a question wrong the app freezes and you cannot click continue. You need to fully kill the app and reopen. Makes playing unenjoyable and painful.
You need to drop the iheart radio ads because the freeze up every time they play. The only way out is to close the game and restart. Annoying.
I really love the game just as much, if not more than the original. There are a lot of pop ups and ads just like every other game out there.
There's too many adds for this game to be enjoyable! I understand that you have to use the adds to build revenue for your game... But after every wrong answer a 15-30 second ad? Little ridiculous and makes the game not fun πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
Great two player game to continuously play with friends. I played so much with my friend during our breaks, we both ended up paying for it. I downloaded the game for something to do with friends during the pandemic and it ended up becoming a daily game. There's a lot to do to keep you playing. There's a variety of ways to compete by yourself or against another player all while receiving crowns or items. New content gets added so there's not much repetitive trivia.
Very fun game with a huge variety of questions. Only thing that keeps me from giving this 5 stars are some spelling mistakes I've noticed, such as Bill Nye written as "Bill Ni" or Spencer Reid spelled as "Spencer Reed". Other than that, great game
I remember when trivia crack used to be fun. Back when it was a trend and everyone was playing it and it was so much fun. I downloaded this app trying to relive that experience and all I got met with was ads ads and endless ads. The corporate greed really shines through this app. If you like playing games for like 10 seconds and then watching a 30-second ad this is a game for you. You can just cheat your way through the game by watching ads so what even is the point anymore
I used to enjoy and play often the game but lattely it breaks a lot. I'm now trying to launch a game that is on my turn, I press the button and nothing happens
WAY TOO MANY ADS CALM DOWN!!!! Played 4 mins and was forced to watch 10 ads......I get you gotta pay for your app but this is overboard. I only got to play 2 rounds and do a daily spin.....like Jesus
I spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game, plus I've only been playing a few days and I've literally answered some of the same questions 7-8 times. Also, when you show a picture of someone & ask "who is this?" make sure it's more than just a picture of their lips and chin!! One was Jane Goodall and the other was Franklin Roosevelt. No way could anyone know who they were with those pictures...
I enjoy the overall experience. However, I am quite frustrated that the game freezes after you get a question wrong. I realized that the issue occurs especially playing against friends that have ios while I use android. I didn't come across with the issue playing against random people.
I've been playing this game for a long time but recently when I get a question wrong the screen won't move onto the home page. I have to keep leaving the game and waiting, it's quite annoying and I've stopped playing because of this. Any chance it's a bug that could be fixed?
Fun with lots of different questions. Way too many ads. I pay for premium with my Google opinion rewards money tho so there are a lot less ads. Only the ones I choose to view
I would play and then 1 minute later the screen freezes and I end having to go off the game and wasting gold bars and tickets, it's not worth it, I used to love it but as you can tell I don't anymore 😑
You give the same consistent answer every time someone mentions TOO MANY ADS in their comments or ratings on this game. I do enjoy the game itself. Definitely tests your knowledge but there's an ad for literally every single feature and that's probably the most annoying thing ever with any kind of game. This could be the best game ever and I'd spend all my free time playing ACCEPT the ads being there, trumps all of that. Sad really!!
Fun game, some questions are in the wrong categories. Also it'd be nice if we could turn off random games.
Absolutely love the game, but as of yet it's been glitching non stop. Can't even play my on going matches. I've deleted and re downloaded it to see if that would work as it's done the trick for other apps. Please help☹️
Was great to start with and now it's gone downhill. There are far too many ads, I understand the need for them however I dont think its appropriate when you're in the middle of a question. Also for some reason the app will not load at all during the day (can play fine of a night which is so strange) and to actually open a game to complete my turn I have to press play about 4 times before it does anything. Spend half the time watching ads and the other waiting for something to load, not worth it
Love this game but my tower duel challenge requests won't go through to neither my boyfriend or me, we've restarted both phones and looked everywhere they could be, but nothing. Please fix
For right now I give this 2 stars. I do this because every time I spin the wheel and get the crown, I sends me out of the app. Also the game has a lot of pop ups. So for all of that I haven't been able to play the game properly. If there were less pop ups, and if it wouldn't send me out of the app, then I wouldn't think this game would be a good game.
I don't like the long cool down when creating a new game. I can live with ads but either make it free or a flat rate charge. This isn't the days of arcade you shouldn't have to pay to continue playing in between cooldowns.
THIS IS STUPID! Everytime I open this app, it will say network not available even though my internet is working.
This game doesn't just contain ads, it's 90% ads. There are so many damn pay walls in this game and half of the ads are for scam games designed to steal money from Grandmas and small children. Want another life? Ad. DON'T want another life? Ad.
I really enjoy the game and live trivia. However once I get a question wrong I get to to continue screen and then the game stops and I have to close to app and reopen it to continue.
I absolutely loveeee this game ❀️❀️ finding a game that actually challenges you & isn't childish is so rare nowadays. I appreciate the fact that I can learn now things & have fun at the same time & the fact that I can earn coins to change my wheel is a plus plus, keep up the good work guys you are appreciated πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
You'd have to be an absolute fool to create an app with such an insane amount of ads. I guess this dev team are fools. You can't even skip half the ads and they're everywhere. It's awful. Don't ever download this app. The developers are just disrespectful.
I left a review and it was addressed and I was trying to update the review saying I would reinstall and give it another chance because I really liked the game until the problems got to be too bad and frustrating. Then the review left me 1 line to update the review then deleted my whole review. So that tells me there are still many glitches on your end and as far as the issue being addressed, NO it was not. I have emailed and I did reinstall but the same problems arise w even more, I give up!!
I absolutely loveeee this game ❀️❀️ finding a game that actually challenges you & isn't childish is so rare nowadays. I appreciate the fact that I can learn now things & have fun at the same time & the fact that I can earn coins to change my wheel is a plus only thing I would like is if we had the option of playing w the people in the ranking category. It seems like I'm always playing g the same person even if I choose random, other than that keep up the good work you are appreciated πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
I've literally never seen a game push THIS many ads, or things for you to buy. It's invasive and makes me begrudgingly play the game. There's so many ads in this game that playing it genuinely starts to feel like a chore.
I love to play this game! But, I gave it 4 stars because there is TOO MANY ADS! I can't play it without 2 ads at the end of every round or a gift from a contest or doing something else. Please strip away at least half of those ads and that would be wonderful!
100% Perfection! Not only does it test your knowledge but it also teaches you. All whilst having fun with family and friends , even some strangers. Fantastic app/game in my opinion! Great job to the Creators and Devs! ~ DubbDollaz
Game forces you into starting a game with some random, no way of opting out, hijacks your experience out the gate with a tutorial, and then offers no way to resign from the game. Terrible UI.
This a well made app with lots of game modes and lots of ways to play with friends. But there are problems with it that prevent me from rating 5 stars. The worst one is that you can't pay a one time fee to get rid of ads. This app feels so much more predatory than the previous one. The fact that I can't pay a one time fee to remove adds and have to sign up for a membership is pretty lame. I also hate that you can't change your profile picture without having a FB. Really lame.
Apps were better when they didn't have such frequent ads.... I dont mind a few, but when its every time you go to a different page its excessive and I'm deleting it. Not worth it.
I like the game but it keeps crashing. Everytime I answer a question wrong, it crashes. Everytike I complete a section of a challenge, it crashes. I have to restart the app and then I lose where I was and then have to watch an advert to get a free go.
I didn't like the crazy absurd amount of ads so I got the VIP, the best option!!! Now my crown league is gone and I've been playing all day but my crowns aren't registering. Super frustrating and I really like this game.
I used to love this game until recently when they doubled up on ads. When you choose to bypass an ad they still play you and ad and when you get an ad they play it twice. Also, they play the same ad over and over again. I don't want to play this game anymore because of it and you shouldn't play either unless you have all day to watch ads.
I love this game, some of the questions are basic knowledge but some aren't and I learn things I didn't know!!
Game won't load while on Wi-Fi... speed test showed 200 download and 11 up load... worked fine when I installed the game but randomly started doing this
I liked the concept of a live battle in this one, but trivia crack 2 app is sooo slow. And it keeps glitching. Just add live battle to trivia crack 1 and we'll be good πŸ‘Œ oh and they want you to pay a MONTHLY subscription (4.99$) for options that are free in the first game. When in the first game you just pay a one time fee (1.99$) for ad free.
Game is good, but it crashes every time your turn ends. You have to close and restart each time which is annoying.
Questions range from easy (any 6 year old could answer) to ridiculous (so specific that less than 1% of the world population would know). Also, I understand the need for ads but too many ruins the experience and makes people feel "forced" to buy premium or uninstall. I can sit thru ads but when the game says "Lucky Spin for FREE", then tells me there are no video ads available....that's a design flaw.
This is a really cool idea with a great interface but is ruined by obsessive money grabbing, constant ads on top of being berated non-stop with pay to win an app purchases that seem to completely undermine the point of the whole game by giving people with deep pockets or poor impulse control a massive advantage
Way too many damn ads to have to watch every single time you miss an answer. Don't waste your time on this one, find a better trivia game.
On Pixel 2 with Android 11. When I start the app, enter my email, I see the input for my password. I click on it, but my keyboard doesn't pop up. This is a bug that should be fixed. I have encountered this in two phones, both using Android 11.
It's a great game to play to pass the time, it does have its moments where you have to buy something to keep on playing sometimes....but nonetheless it's still a very cool game I enjoy yo play!
Decently fun game, but the ads make it nearly intolerable. At first there were hardly any, but the more I played the more often they'd come. Soon I was getting one after EACH TURN in the mini games. Not each game, each turn. It just became way too much to deal with.
It's a fun time waste. Some of the questions are really challenging while some are ridiculously easy. My only gripe is that some of the questions are in the wrong category and there is the occasional misspelling or grammar error. The best way to play is to get your friends involved and play them head to head for bragging rights!