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Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain?

Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain? for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Orangenose Studio located at 21-1, 7th Flr. Nanyang Street, Zhongzheng District Taipei City, Taiwan. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Some really great puzzles, can be really challenging, it's very entertaining and the right amount of frustration. I have a separate barrel of frustration you should know about. After reaching 65 and higher, the option to watch the 30 to 35 second ad in order to avoid going back 5 questions has stopped working. Even after watching the entire video, the game won't continue and I'm forced go back 5 questions anyway. It would also be nice to be able to turn off the clapping hands, I could honestly do without them.
Pretty fun I play this a lot on my free time and every level gets a little harder. The only thing I dislike is the fact that if you fail you either watch a video or go back 5 levels. It's not really a problem though because you can motor through them because you've already done them. Overall 5 stars, very good game.
Its a nice app, but it would be better if we were not timed. The timer puts pressure pn the player and results in many incorrect answers. Pls remove timer or keep it hiden.
The game was great but I played a lot of tricky games so it was easier for me so I hope that you are making an insane game for the professionals who have a creative brain ( I won in 20 min)
Some questions are very fun and require outside the box thinking. Some answers are silly. Get ready to watch lots of ads, in addition to the constant ad bar on the bottom. After finishing it told me I was out of time, and made me watch another ad. After that it asked me to review the app when i said yes i watched another ad and kicked back to the main menu which was unresponsive. Here is my question: how to make this review 5 stars? ⭐ ⭐
I do enjoy this game, however, some of the "questions/puzzles" have crazy ass trick answers (hence the name of the game I'm guessing...) and some are straight forward Q&A. it's just all over the place in that sense. the lack of consistency with the answering process is obv frustrating and I have to use coins to get a clue for almost every Q. luckily it is easy to replenish coins within the game without spending any actual money. but with that...it is fun and I like that I can get lost in the game and am always saying "...ok, just one more question and I will stop...ok, one more...BAHHH damn it! one more!..." haha but all in a good way. there are worse things out there to be addicted to; I know far too well.
It's a really good and tricky game. Makes you think really hard. It's also really interactively funny. I love it. It's not dull and the puzzles are really fun and the music too. Thank you devs for giving us such a good thinking game 👍🏽
I have played a lot of brain games and this one is the most worst cause it's has hearts, everytime you get a mistake it will fade 1 heart and you only have 5 hearts when it's all out you have to watch another freaking adds " warning this is only for geniuses if your not smart don't download it"
I love it. Now im giving it 5 stars but the clues could be a little more helpful. Other than that its a GREAT game!!
Can you just make the game more easy? Instead if you run out of hearts then sent back those glorius, wasted time to solve those tricks, how about just put an ad just to get more hearts. PPLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE??????????????? The tricks dosen't even make sense Like what's the farthest from us? The answer is Cloud!! Like, the sun is like 93 million miles away, the cloud? It is just like <3000 meters dude.
Clever puzzles. Makes you think outside the box. Like that you get free 'lives'/hearts so you can keep going. Would like to see it through to the end. Often I uninstall almost immediately....
Once you get through the questions it's the same all over again...can be fun giving it to people who have no idea and test your knowledge within a group but that's about that
the game is indeed tricky and fun at times, however the functioning of it did put me off. The revival system is glitchy and needs fixing because sometimes after you watch the video, it does not do anything and you are forced to start all over again. There should be much less ads since it really annoyed me that the ads were pretty long and it sort of defeated the purpose of under 120mins IQ challenge. Overall, it has some potential, but currently it is disappointing.
Loved it!!! Want more puzzles like this.Each one is very tricky and joyful..wish to play more like this:-)
It's a great game except for the ghost level... I mean it's totally ment for ad revenue as it isn't a puzzle.
The game was really entertaining and you could tell they put in work into it to make it as amazing as it is!!
It's great how it gets my brain to work cleverly, but 111 stages are too few. And as the game progresses yo higher stage, at some point it becomes a little less tricky since other stages are quite similar...finished it all in 58 minutes, and now I've no reason to keep the app installed. Maybe you can add an update feature, so you'll be able to add more stages anytime..or an online game where two users could compete on solving the challenges with least time used.
It's crazy!!! I'm older and this makes my mind work harder. It's not mundane or boring. It can make me a little frustrated with myself for not having figured out the right answer. For me it can be addictive. 🤓🤓🤗👍.
Not very difficult, most of these are mundane and easy. If the questions needed to be solved in 60min, I'd see the difficulty in solving the questions. The concept is alright, but overall makes me feel like the game is simply just trying to force you to throw money and Facebook likes at it. Also, the game is kind of over once you've finished. It wouldn't matter if there were regular updates - alas, the last one was 4 months ago. More content needs to be added regularly.
I like the app alot. It has many funny things in it that you'd have to just NOT think about. That's why I use it since I don't really think, I go random
The game has a fun concept but it becomes very frustrating very quickly because the solutions to the game are usually very illogical. Sure, the solutions make you think out of the box but they have to make sense too. Most of the time the solution involves you trying a few out of the box tricks that you have discovered from previous levels until you find the one they used for this level. I will admit that it hooks you by saying that you're a genius if you finish the game in under 2 hours. That's honestly the only reason that I finished the game.
This game is so much fun! The adds aren't that distracting and the questions are reasonable, very addictive and entertaining
I Have played all levels of this game it was extremely fun and challenging the only problem is DON'T DO TIMED LEVELS PLEASE OK Other than that the graphics were fun and made u want to keep playing Thank u for creating this game WAY COOL..
Fun and makes you actually think. When you use a clue it makes the solution so obvious yet didn't see it before lol
Excellent game to keep the mind sharp and forces you to think outside the box. Just as the title suggests,tricky, but fun.
This game is really fun and confusing. It put your brain to work. If your bored or can't keep still this game is a perfect distraction.
I mean great game! Challenging, and fun! If you have low temper, you very well may throw your phone. I had to use, a lot of hints! Because in this game you have to think outside of the box. Thanks for making this a free game!
The name definitely fits. I love this game! It is tricky but not so tricky. I was able to finish it within 100 minutes. It has alot of ads, but besides that, I would definitely install this game!
Great game, forces you to think outside of the box. Perfect second game option. Can't wait for the next edition ....
It takes critical thinking.....love it. Only problem is that it is too short, would love to see some more levels later on :D
It's a very nice and interactive game..improves intellectual ability and it's perfect for learning......good job.
I've been playing this since 2017 and now i'm installing it again because of new levels of excitement :) I hope you'll continue to create new challenging levels. Kudos to the creator of this game. Salute♡
It's a nice game though it's tricky but that's what makes it interesting and the person who makes it should add more levels , other than that it's a nice game and I like it.
This game is brilliant.... if you like watching adverts. It's designed to make you watch more adverts than gameplay, which is very sad because the gameplay isn't too bad. Just cash greedy developers. I got to level 75 and packed it in simply because of the adverts.
I really loved the game! I felt challenged and was determined to finish it. I finished it in 48 minutes!!! Had a great time playing this game. To add something, I say to add an update to how you can compete with other players. Other than that, no complaints :)
I love this game ! But if any of you are asking Why only 4 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟... Well One problem. Yet Everyone knows this kind of problems. They don't keep going the levels are the same. But I also get that the creator is Busy and finishing other games. So keep Doing your work when your free. 😉
Ok, kinda hard but the game is great i think the developers are a bit funny or a bit tricky first of all i installed this game when i played i feel like whenever i die because of my small brain it rewinds me from the first puzzle so this thing made me upset but when i got at 14th puzzle it rewinds me from only 3 to 5 puzzles back so i liked it and its a very clever game (for my smoll brain) such a good game i liked it so far if you are looking for a long challenging puzzle game this will be the
Enjoyable enough. You have to be okay with 1000s of ads. Literally after very single round you get at least a 5 seconds advert. So terrible.
Fun and enjoyable, just wish I could reset the game and try for faster completion time instead of playing test a friend and being confused by how poorly that part was designed. Overall, I enjoyed it enough to play again but was denied it outside of test a friend which wasn't the same UI design
I would agree that it is too hard, I was on a trick the says " make these the the greatest to leasr" Options :36687 :21345: 68979: 12728: I was smart enogh to put these order. BUt it was wrong, I had to go back 3 stages, am really frustrated with the same question. Please make it easy. Just unstalled the game for some reason. Note: I forgot the numbers in that question.
Love this game. I absolutely love brain teasers. And these are so easy they make you think they're hard. Its always right in front of you. Just remember to literally do exactly what it says......
You should have more levels. When I had downloaded it, it had 100 levels, and after like ages, makers add 11 more levels and now it has been ages since then but it has still just 111 levels. Other than that, it's good.
This game might be challenging but let's face it, it is sooooo AWESOME!!!!!! I like the way you have to think outside the box to get the answer! :-D
I just love how challenging and interactive the game is....its completely different from any puzzle game I've played.
It's very irritating to face several time you have no life...You have to back 5 steps otherwise have to watch a video.
A very tricky game. Animations are fantastic. But you can make it more challenging. Great tricky game!!!
100% greatest game ever to be played, especially for free, i say this because it is full with awesome puzzles and solutions. I can not stop playing it is great
Overall a good game except for a few levels which were not quite logical per say. I wrapped it up in 123 minutes. Worth a try.
Good game until watching videos no longer have me the rewards I watched them for in the first place. Most questions are just troll questions and is more of a guess kind of game. Even worse is the fact they put a time cap on you beating the game and if you can't, you have to watch a video every 20 minutes, and like I said I don't get my rewards for watching them. Just as dumb is the fact you can't start a fresh run to reset the timer in any way and in general the timer is inaccurate if anything. Fun game, but with so many issues that shouldn't even be issues and 90% of the questions being borderline stupid I would say play it but don't expect anything at the end, except ads being rammed into your face.
Actually it's so challenging that I can't get the right answer without the clue.It's so nice,my favorite thing about the game,is it tells your brain to search for every possibilities and to think out of the phone so Yeah I gave it 5 stars
Very cool game I am winner of this game I have played 111 puzzles of this game it is very good , if you compare brain out and tricky test I will vote to tricy test , 😄 but I have given 4 stars because if we lose we get 4 or 5 steps back they should only go 1 or 2 steps back that 's it otherwise it is a good game and controls are little bad But a good and awesome game plz invent 3 version I am waiting 😀😀
I just started playing this game it's fun graphics are good the puzzles are vey tricky I possibly change rating later
I'm a genius!! it was very fun to see the answers were way more different then the way I was thinking! I needed to shake my phone, talk to it, and much more to answer a question which made me look like I was crazy. However, sometimes I shook my phone when I didnt need to! I completely recommend this game just to get your mind working and having a good laugh when you did something to your device when it was something completely different you had to do to get your answer.Ps:please,not so many adds
So far I love this app! Fun and challenging. But some of the solutions given aren't optimal: #30) If you turn it upside down you can make a number that is higher than the solution. #49) The solution given would be correct if some of the choices had the word "only", but they do not. As it stands there are two correct solutions, but neither of them are the stated solution.
The lightbulb level has been broken for months. I liked this game but devs need to fix things faster. Still broken more months later. It's like a 2 minute fix, just increase the hotbox in the lightbulb ffs
It was fun but also hard after a while it got boring because they were similar and if you get to a hundreadtwenty mins it says to watch a video to give twenty mins and the ads to help me do not work now I would watch a fifty coin ad and it would give me nothing zero coins
Best game i have ever played. Every time i play it even after a year it still feel new and more challenging. Every human being on earth must play this game once in their life.
Definitely Tricky! I enjoy trying to solve at least one puzzle every day. Puzzles use all aspects of phone i.e. shaking and rotating as well as finger movements. Need to read the puzzle statements closely. Ads are low impact. Can easily play for 5-30 mins in a play session. Help tips are useful and can be accessed without pay-to-play as long as you collect free tokens regularly.