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Tricky Taps

Tricky Taps for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hey guys! I found a game that I thought didn't exist! This game is fun AND HAS NO ADDS WHATSOEVER!!! You can literally loose one hundered times, and you dont get one SINGLE add! Omg, enjoy this game as much as you want!!!
Tricky taps is a very easy game but there is a glitch like everyone is saying but other then that it is a fun well made game😁😁😁
I feel it's really satisfying and cool but sometimes.....I mean not everytime......but it gets stuck in between. Which creates a little bit of fuzz......but I really like the game....😊
I have reached 183 level but the game gets boring after lvl 50. Their are same kind of levels with an slight change and their are glitch in games and the app gets freezes many times while playing
This game is really fun but the only problem is that it's kind of hard but I still give it five stars and all the stars and The crushers and the sows and the infinite mode the infinite mode it's the best part about the gameπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
This game is fun and addicting, but as of lately in the past week or so, I've been stuck on level 103, not because it's difficult, but glitches. Every time I play, I'll do my thing for 10 seconds, then I tap a button and it freezes completely like I'm holding, not tapping. So, when that happens, basically I can't even tap the screen on my game to make anything work. It's frustrating, and please fix this immediately. I would've given this a 5-star if it wasn't for this annoying glitch.
Play when u are high or sleepy.. u will know the ball goes its right way even without u knowing.. god time pass.. good job developers.. those small sounds while the ball rolls and all are also nice
This game is so much fun!! I love how you have to work for the stars in the levels, and I also love how endless is fun, and it introduces you to new traps to avoid. I also like the emerald placements. You have to actually work to get all of the unlockables. You should totally get this game if you are looking for a fun time and challenging game that will keep you on your toes!
Just amazing now being my friends in leisure time. I'm not feeling any regrets to play this game. keep it up
I like it. It's not glitch-y and lesser ads compared to the others. Overall, it's awesome and I really recommend it It's addictive, but not like, skip-online-school addictive.
It is a good game πŸ‘πŸ‘ but I think that it should have some hints like some levels r so hard that I have been trying hard n at last I gave up n deleted the game.....
I'll be honest, it had so much potential, but things need to change. The biggest issue I have is the physics. No, I'm not asking for the best physics engine or anything, but the way the velocity changes infuriates me! I'll be going fast and then it will randomly slow me down unrealistically, stopping me from making cool looking shots. Its a real shame.
Great game and has minimal ads kinda wish there was a bit more too it but I like the graphics and it runs really smooth
Amazing game. This is like a ball's obstacle course. When this happens in real life, I'm going to PLAY PLAY PLAY the ball EVERYDAY! ^_^
A very good game indeed. But gave 3 stars because there should be a way to skip a level. I got stuck on a level for so much time and I couldn't skip it.
4 stars because i like the game. But when one has a game where we have to tap the screen to play it, one shouldn't run ads at the bottom of the screen for us to tap accidently messing up our game.
The developers updated the game so you can play it in airplane Mode. This is much better as some places I wish to play the game do not have signal. My only irk now is that the ad banner is at the bottom of the game where your thumb wants to be while you're playing. While trying to play it keeps sending me to the App Store. Moving the ad banner to the top where it's out of the way of gameplay would get 5 stars. Fun game even with this slight annoyance.
One of the best free games I've played, simple, yet challenging. Great way to pass the time when your bored. As well as they keep ads to a minimum which is also great
Needs an update! I have been experiencing bugs in the endless mode such as screen lagging or impossible obstacles (like a spine when in the middle of a passage). I've also noticed that the physics are way off at some points, the ball will speed up or slow to a near halt out of nowhere.
Overall a challenging game. Think of it like pinball but going up and downhill with obstacles along the way to avoid. My only annoyance is the fact that there's a constant ad at bottom of the screen, always making sure I don't tap it or I'll loose my patience and rage quit. I'm currently on lvl 68, don't know how many there are but hoping the game overall gets an update, may I suggest putting in a payment option to get rid of the ad...plz. Overall a good game that can be played offline 4*
i've had this game for quite a while but around level 150 it started freezing my phone and it'd take a minute or so before it unfroze
It is a good game but the reason I gave it 3stars is that it's gats hard(TOO hard) and it doesn't allow me to get to a few levels
This is a great and fun game, but there is a glitch that has caused me to lower my rating. I will be on one of the checkpoints on the endless mode, when it all of a sudden will stop. This is very annoying, as it doesn't allow me to improve my high-score. I just updated the game, so we'll see if they've fixed it.
Stalls too much...otherwise, equal parts frustrating and fun... update. I close the game every time it stalls. It stalls ALOT. Losing interest..
I have reached till 168 stage...It was fine till 100 after that started getting stucked in between the game with no function working at all and suddenly gets ok..it frustrates while you are into the flow playing. Otherwise a 5 star.please fix this for such a good game you deserve a 5 star.
Nice game! I could keep playing but the add are in the wrong place, making me press the add rather than taping . At the same time its not a full screen making it difficult to play Let me know if the add have been move to the top or the screen play is in full and will download again Happy play!
Miss this game is very cool I like when you when the ball goes and it's very awesome but I don't like how much you have to get for all the other kind of balls
Good game for what it is. I beat all 180 levels and did endless up to 15 levels and did come across a few weird things. In endless everytime I would revive, it would play an ad but when it finished it would never give me another try and just tell me to restart. The spinning wheels didn't effect my ball at all during any levels. And way too much would my ball have so much speed the camera wouldn't follow it and I'd lose by not being able to see what I was dealing with in the level.
As great as this game is the ball is scripted to slow down or speed up in certain parts which makes it extremely annoying and frustrating to play especially since it sometimes seems random but still noticable
Sometimes it gives me some rage when I try to get through a level some traps are difficult and hard but a lot Is made of fun
This game is great one only problems i have is whem some ads come up it will freeze on the ad and i have to restart the app. The other thing is sometimes the game will pause all the sudden and it really messes with your scores. Other thatn that its great!!
A decent semi-casual game overall. Its very reaction based with a bit of timing but the camera panning and zooming can make it difficult to even have a chance to react. I've only been through the first 20 or so levels, its very fun, I will probably continue to play. The endless mode is a bit random in where it puts you for level of difficulty but thats part of the fun because it lets you see the harder parts of the game and makes for good practice.
I really like the game, but the app freezes up everytime I play it. After playing for about 5 mins the game will freeze. It is so frustrating! So like I said, love the game, but they need to fix the issue of it always freezing. Then I would give it 5 stars.
Fun but new glitch started in the last couple days. App just stops responding and the touch goes out on my screen. Which socks because this is one of my favorite games. Please fix...
Fun and relatively challenging. New challenges with different levels. A few minor glitches, but overall smooth gameplay.
the game is riddled with ads, which is expected nowadays, but this one game shoves ad after ad. you play two levels, or die twice, and you get an ad. so about 1 ad every 45-ish seconds. Not to mention the ad that just sits at the bottom of your screen at all times. I get that you need ads to make money, guys, but this is a little ridiculous.
This app is very good and I can not stop playing it but there are a lot of ads and its start in my to g ed t very annoying.
More ads than game, which is a real shame, because the games quite good. Ok, I get that free games need something to help costs... But an ad every level is too much. That's greed and it needs to be stopped before mobile gaming is completely ruined.
It's actually a good game but most of the time my game freezes, and the red wheel which is actually VERY useless. After all the game is good
It is a good game but i just stuck between and there was no function too . But the also i love this game πŸ₯°πŸ₯° . It is a fabulous game but you have to just fix the problem that i told . Otherwise everything is ok
Hey TabTales, I love this game so much! I am currently on level 60 and just wanted to say it was great. I have played normal TabTale games since I was a kid and this? Well, this doesn't just take the cake. It takes a 6-FOOT CAKE. It is challenging as well. The only reason I have 4 stars instead of 5 is because when I started the game it would'nt let me play but it works now. If you have the time, please reply!
I don't like this app, it never will jump. I'm still on the first level just because of it's long ramp I have to go up! I don't think you should get this app.