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Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by InnoGames GmbH located at InnoGames GmbH Friesenstraße 13 20097 Hamburg Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Vodafone secure net was blocking app working on mobile date, u have to turn it off and its all working well on your mobile date and wi fi too. Amazing game i played tribal wars 1 from 1st world, tribal wars 2 from 1st world, being top1 at world. Love it playing since I was litlle kid in primarry school and my friend showed me game on IT lesson. Amazing game 💯
Extreme advantages to the people who pay. If you are not prepared to spend as much money as the guy you spawn next to in the world, don't expect to compete. Very blatant pay-to-win mechanics. EDIT (Response to developer): I can provide feedback, but I feel it would fall on deaf ears. The amount of development effort required to fix it is to great to be worth it for you at this point. You created a game where those who pay are despised by those who don't, pitching players against each other in a ruthless "bidding war", where the player who pays you the most "wins" (whatever that means in this context). This game isn't a contest of skill, it's a game of chicken, where the person who stops entering their credit card information first loses. You created this game, and you knew what you were doing, and THAT is my "opinion".
I used to love this game. But it is completely pay 2 win. Same as tribal wars the original which i used to love. Currently on this app there are many bugs. I cant even see my building queue as it is not showing up. So sometimes i build the same building two levels without knowing. Also i cant instant finish when it goes down under several minutes. Which is vital for early game. Just wasted my resources upgraded a building twice instead of once because the building queue legit isnt showing
I would have given it 4 or 5 stars a couple weeks ago but now the game is practically unplayable with the lag and connection issues. And contacting support all i got was a "brush off" answer. Don't waste your time. And your response is a lie. It hasn't changed at all
To many glitches now. I used to play all the time. But now the game is lagging and glitches to badly. Probably will never play until they fix these problems cause I hate playing broken games.
I could give this game 5 star but due to bugs, my overall experience in this game doesn't go smooth. My problems with this game are:- 1. When I change other tribe colour my tribe colour changes too 2. When I zoom in into my village, no buildings will be visible, only empty land 3. Server connection problem 4. When I click a specific player's village, it instead click other village 5. Game crashes 6. Whole village server disappears. Dear devs please fix this game on phone too
So much cheating going on. Some players are actually employees of Inno and can do things other players cannot like rebuild walls from zero to 20 in 2 hours. Lose a 24k provision nuke then have a new one in an hour, they do things that are impossible for a regular player. They use bots to farm 24 hours a day 7 days a week and if you complain to the administrators they pretty much laugh at you and respond with condescending comments. Will not be going back to Inno games.
Corrupted moderators recruited directly from the active playerbase. Do not waste your time, money or effort in any games published by innogames. The "allstar" group will have you banned for no reason while they attack you only to leave you comeback( after your fake ban is sorted) to nothing but a restart screen. Multiple pages state other instances of this game being big mess of corruption. They are the worst, truly. Experience it by yourself if you do not believe me, but at your own risk.
All the time I always get a bad connection so becausebof that I don't even know how the game is or hownit looks like.But I am confident and sure that it will be a very nice game.
Fun and exciting if played everyday...win some battles lose some, while meeting people alllll over the world.
Bad game controals suck and operating the game is diffacolt this would be better on PC not os this game gets 1 star
In a game where timming is everything,this app isnt gonna help at all. Random lag spikes,sometimes it even takes minutes until it reconects. This makes the app useless. Not to mention the pay to win possibilities that take away the pleasure of this game,specially in the early stages.
Game opens but thats it nothing works its constantly saying it cant connect to the server when im on wifi that is very much working. Had someone invite me and now they wasted the invite as well..
Connection issues are not resolved. I have fiber internet and even on wifi it won't connect. It's been two days since it connected. So all my hard work and time spent is just going down the drain. Due to your poorly maintained app. Please fix this ongoing problem, instead of just staying that's It's fix when it isn't.
This game has gotten extremely laggy. I cant do ANYTHING on this game without losing my connection to the server every 5 minutes. Cant send out farming runs, or the server gets all funky and then I cant keep a connection to the server. How am I supposed to play a game such as this when I cant even send my soldiers out for anything without having to try 15 times before they send? Just keeps saying no connection then loads the connection and I click something and I get the same no connection.
Pay to Win and multi accounts will ruin your experience. It's honestly sad because it's not like anything gameplay related is bad, it's actually a pretty good RTS game. The big issue comes from the crowns. You can spend money, and then use that notably to buy units, without needing the resources for it. I'm writing this on the fact that out of builder protection, a player came at the entire province with 100 catapults and 1k mounted archers, and started ruining / reverting everyone's progress
Why isn't it starting in my phone. I mean I have a pretty good internet connection but it's still shows loading for a long time. Can't you fix this.
I have been playing the first Tribalwars browser game many years ago and enjoyed it alot. Now i tried Tribalwars 2 for the phone and it is fun aswel, a great time killer. It is great to build a village and try to beat the surrounding villages in order to steal their resources to continue improving your own. My advice to new players is that you level up quickly timber, iron, clay, warehouse, farm buildings to lvl8+ to stay stocked on resources for building. Lvl up barracks too for War.
Cant log out from account at start tutorial, for some reason tutorial is obligated, and tutorial is glitched, if i finish one build i need to close the app and do next build, little bit frostrating. Oweral on Ipad it is playable but on android dont want to try anymore.
Great Game I love it very much, I play it every time I have free time and it is very addictive because there's a lot of players are active and enjoying real time wars :-)
Awful PTW game. But even spending money won't help you. Friends and family of the administrators or developers are given major advantage. This could be a good game if it were not for all the cheating and exploiting being permitted by inno games. I played 3 realms and it was the same horror over and over again. I am done and will never go back.
The internet connection issues are sky high. always shows that you don't have internet connection even thought you have mobile data on or switch to wifi yet it still shows no internet connection. closing and opening game doesn't fix the problem. Games main unit (nobleman) simply has a chance to spawn in the event and can be obtained and used right away without the requirement for this unit.. so basically you can get him even at the start... great game but the issues makes it unplayable...
This game is made to consume your life, it's fun, but if you're not dedicated enough to this, you'll be regretting wasting time on it. I've spent more than month and a half playing daily, then someone took my villages out of nowhere and I leaved this game be. Not worthy, it was fun I guess only till you have protection, then it's going to be stressful to think about you'll lose all you have build. Do better stuff in your lives don't fall for this. ;)
The app was okay. But since last week, I was not able to login to the game. It always says "Invalid passowrd" but I didn't change my password. 2 devices behave like that. But in desjtop, I have no problem.
This game is terribly slow, and if you want to play with a friends you have to go through an extreemly complex process, and even then it rarely works. You'd be better of playing something newer.
Cannot play game on android phone for last 3 days it just won't load .keeps going back to home page .it ok on computer. Need sorting or will stop playing
Best way to describe this game is I reported a player with an image of a message of him admitting to a player using 7 accounts and that he will never get banned as he buys coins, he didnt get banned after numerours reports. I got reported, inno games woudnt tell me why I was getting perma banned, under a new account spoke to the player who I though reported me, turned out it was him and he told me he reports players with a message attached ill stop buying coins if he isnt banned and they do it.
Mixed emotions for this game. Customer service is fast but not helpful. The app crashes glitches and loads alot. I needed some help with the glitches that were happening with attacks of player villages and the representative was like, " This is a game mechanism and not a bug or something else. Unfortunately beginner protection cannot be recovered once it's lifted (for any reason)." All the best, Viele Grüße. I am disappointed of how they act to players that actually enjoy playing this game.
Literally Unplayable. The idea of this game is amazing in like 2008. Massive world's with armies and p2p fights on large scales might be fun but now this game suffers from it's terrible servers, pay2win mechanics, small player base, and toxic player environment. For weeks you might struggle to log in and after you send a few farm runs the game just disconnects front he server logging you out. Your tribe mates can get banned for being too good at this game. Don't waste your time and money.
It's really challenging. Since every realms has it's own rules. But that's the fun part. This is a great game.
Too often I have connection issues like right now, with WiFi and excellent Internet the app cannot connect. Not the first time either.
I quit 4 to 5 years ago because of constant connection issues. 48 hours ago I started a new village. 36 hours ago to present I have not been able to log in (others on the forums are complaining about this too). Looks like you still haven't fixed your issues.
Enjoying the game so far, only playing for a week though, no annoying ads which is great. Will update later again
I love the game and loved it for many years. But this game is now pay to win, and not just paying around 100$ a month, more like 1000$ a month. The game makes it way too easy for players that pay to get in front of someone grinding, which makes this game non playable for people that don't want to pay to win. Love the game, and loved it since TW the original. Tried a find a similar game for a year now, but not possible. Always end up coming back to this game. Just love it.
The game is good☺️ But there are no ways to earn gold except for in app purchase, at least add some missions to earn gold☹️
The game is fun alot of stragity involved you dont need to pay to win but it helps alot I'm giving it a 1 star due to bad moderators been playing the game for 7 years spent a decent amount on it during that time but now its ended received a ban for aperantly use bots which I am not doing the game if full of bot users and multi accounts and yes the moderator who has banned me is also not following rules and has a min of 2 accounts playing such trash kr33log talking about you buddy you ruined it
I love this game since the website version years ago, i saw a lot of updates didnt exist back then, It became more fun to me. However, this mobile version has very annoying bugs regarding displaying the progress of attacks, building upgrades queues, this led me multiple times to waste resources upgrading building which is already being upgraded. I really hope you are working on them.
I came from original TW.. NOW I suggest fix the game first, can't connect to game while i dont have any problem with the internet on my side. Upon reading the past comments, you replied it has been fixed.. But why cant i connect and bubble keep loading i need to check/connect to the internet.... =(((
Stupid game,.. you try and enter your name at the beginning and it freezes,.. so guess I would not know if the game is worth playing.
I used to play this on PC in 2005. What a great game. It's mostly about strategy becuase each city has a limited amount of troops you can have at once.
Game App is pretty unplayable on mobile only. You have to play it on computer as your main tool and mobile is just as support device for quick ad hoc actions
Poorly done for mobiles. Can't link reports, app keeps disabling the attack preset at least once a day, little to no info on certain gameplay elements (tribe skills for example are just the name and a picture, nothing else), no or very limited UI customization (why can I not disable outgoing attack info on map view?), some reports come back in code (for example shows "get.report.attack" or some such) and for some reason, the app sometimes starts itself back up after closing. Lots to improve.
[NEW UPDATES, 122120, Av10, A505U1] same old game same old junk. In my personal opinion they need at least 300 more different types of units in which you have to discover through War research which requires a combination of taking certain units and evolving them together in order to create a unique fighting style for certain type of warfare for instance, through War research, you would have at least 300 different types of horseback Warriors. Example: horseback Lancers with Evolution sprinting
It's a good game although there are still bugs and room for improvement. Like for example, if you accidentally upgrade and you want to cancel it, there should be a cancel button to stop the upgrade. Also I found a bug in the game wherein when you tap contact support and then went back to the game, the game display in portrait mode which makes it unplayable. If the developers can fix it then I can assure you that this will be a great game.
Well I have items I cant use from inventory which sucks idea and concept is good but need clear defenition of how to use items would be nice
"All features of the game are available on all different devices." Is a lie. If you build a tribe on mobile you can not manage that tribes skill tree from that device. You have to trust someone you may have only met yesterday to understand your directions and place the skill point in the skill you wish from a pc. Being in this very perdicument myself I'm very displeased. And the lie only adds insult to injury.
Great Game and I'm the best there is and I haven't spent a dime. Sorry suckers who think it's a pay to win. paying helps a little especially in the begining but dedication and strategy is what wins the game
Pay to win game. Designed to get you hooked and take your money. The app is buggy and theres always login issues.
I have been playing Tribal Wars since Tribal wars 1 world 11. I love the game just as much now as I did then. I always wander off for a time, but I always come back. 5 out of 5
I've played this game on and off since the third US server opened. Back in those days there was a player base of up to 60k, but now the player base is barely above 15k. The amount of microtransactions is terrible. That being said, I've met some of the craziest and best people in the social aspect of the game. As for support, don't expect much more than a standard reply of, "We'll look into it" but that shouldn't deter you from trying it. I recommend giving this game a go before you decide to skip over it.
Having played this game several times over the last few years, I've realized that I enjoy it more than I thought I did since I keep coming back to it. It's a great guild based war game that requires a fair amount of attention and communication with your fellow tribemates. Don't expect to be the best, expect to be defeated a few times and you will not be let down if you remember that this is a game of war and everybody loses sometimes. Units are the key and strategy is survival.
Steer clear of this game as inno support don't care for the player base just the cash side they don't help when rules are broken and always favour the pay to win players over anyone else they allow multi accounts and bots to be used even though it breaks the rules but if ur giving them cash they look the other way but ban others who don't ay to win SO I ADVISE ANYONE WHO WANTS TO TRY THIS GAME NOT TO AS U WILL UNINSTALL QUICKER THAN U DOWNLOADED
Ban, pe uhrovec pentru multicont?!!! PAI NU AM MULTICONT adunatura de Incompetenti. Nume tactu, Lumea Uhrovec. Poate daca il deblocati repede azi mai joc. Banned on Ro server uhrovec for multi acount but I don't have multi acount. BAN that stupid admin please from ever playing the game. Unblock give big compensation for lost farm and I might play and spend some money too
I really like the game.... But....this game is just a pay to win game.... Basically the more you pay the stronger you get.....so sad they ruined this game.... No wonder why every time i join new realms its always very few players are in..... Players go strong very fast and makes troops so fast because they will just pay to instantly finish the job and recruitment...... Hard effort cant beat rich people so yeah...... If you want to win in this game prepare tons of money.....
I mean I love this game, but if I Inno think they can just keep scooping profits without improving their infrastructure then they're wasteful and greedy. The app is fine, their extreamly poor servers make it unplayable. You spend most the time staring either at the loading screen or the connection wheel and its frustrating to no end. Sort your servers out, its a joke!!
Major problem. After the release of the new realm (en64). The game has been having multiple connection issues and bugs such as the packages I had in my inventory are all gone. Now I can't log on. What's happening?
One of my fav before. Intense war. Defending your villages against hundreds of incoming enemy attacks. Upgrading your buildings, taking others villages, conquering the world with your guild and be top of them all. Wow. So amazing. But everything change when they deleted my account. Took me years of hardship to develop my villages. Preparing my heavy cavalry and paladin, catapult and my glorious army. Then one day it is gone. Mighty Warriors has been banned. A sad story.
Wow. I was on a roll building. then the game starts saying that I cannot connect to the internet now I'm two days in without being able to build this totally sucks I can't even play the game right I'm pretty sure all my resources are filled already. The games crashes when i would send a message. I loved the game before. Now? I dont think i want to keep playing if this is going to keep happening.
If you like to cheat and push coop accounts, this is the game for you. Support will look other way or feed u a line that it is very important to them to uphold the rules. Not true!!! In my opinion they allow it because people will throw money in game to try and beat the cheaters...INNO has gone downhill with servers, always lagging and issues with completing buildings, and they actually stayed same level. Was a great game in beginning, now it is laughable at inno's efforts.
Logging back into this game after many years at one piint i enjoyed it i didnt realise how old the graphics where so outdated its 2020 not 2006 i thought it would look better by now.
i cant press anything after not even 1 min of the tutorial i want a completly refresh of my 2 words now ..1 is unable to finish the tutorial caused by a bug and the other is not showing the errand ..
Great game and still awesome like it was years ago. Battle other players after building troops amd conquer their village. Wafe diolomatic affairs with real players. Forge alliances with othet tribes. The game is amazing and you dont neccessarily have to pay but it does surely give those who do a benefit.
Let me all save you some time. This is same as any other pay to win garbage from innogames. After witnessing people getting ban for saying one or two bad words, and others saying more then bad words and breaking almost every "rule" they have, not getting any penalty, not even a warning and are protected by these idiots of developers, i have uninstalled this idiotic garbage immediately!So, if you give them your money, they will protect you and you can break every rule and do whatever you want, there are no rules that apply to you in that case. Every event of theirs is online gambling and pay to win,Also, this is the most toxic environment i have seen in a game, nowhere close for children to experience any of that bs,it is full with toxic children and it's rated PEGI 7 , are you for real?! Advice to all parents, don't let your child anywhere near this toxic game, or any of the other games from these idiots of developers! You are saying that you are doing everything you can to balance the game for those who don't pay you, seriously?Go and lie somebody dumb enough to believe that bs! Truth is, you are doing everything you can to unbalance the game for those who don't pay and force people to give you their money, if they want to play a normal game or to win anything. Infestation of microtransactions. This is what happens, when greedy idiots decide to make games! Uninstalling this garbage and i'll never install any of the innogames garbage again.
Finnaly you've fixed the buy gold button so it doesn't crash the game anymore, and you've fixed the gwendoline button however I only had one chance to use it before it went. So I didn't benefit from it anyway. Apart from people paying to win, the game is brilliant. If you had options to 'decorate' your village's to earn your developers cash instead of giving a wealthier gamer a combat advantage, the game would be a lot more popular. Rip classic tribal wars
App doesnt load my account unless i clear my data and re login since new update please fix asap this is annoying