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Trench Assault

Trench Assault for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by AMT Games Ltd. located at Tung Wai Commercial Building 109-111, Suite 1404, Hong Kong . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game as the gameplay can be very dynamic where you can go from victory to defeat in seconds if you are up against decent opposition. EDIT: It seems the dev has updated to include adverts after every match so now we don't have to wait 2 hours for each match. What I would like to see is randomly chosen daily challenge instead of same ones every day and I've yet to see an event since playing. The sale is the same 1 every day yet has a timer?Get some different sales and I might buy them.
UNINSTALL IT & go look up "Raining Shells". Some Chinese company took over the original WW1 trench game for the # of downloads and rating. Then ditched and swap out the original game for a completely different game. What a shady practice!
I agree that this game has a cheater. I hope you add some report function to report cheaters. The proof is when i fight the player,the player can spawn a lots of tanks in same time.i shocked went the think happen. I can give 5 stars if you add the function. I gibe 4 stars to gibe game becouse its easy to get card and it have a best gameplay. The also just less money to upgrade the card. That's all from me. Hope the best for this game.
Great game. But I encounter a lot of very scummy players who use explosives to bomb the bases e.g. The balastic missile can pretty much one shot my base and players only have it because it is so pay to win. Please make explosives only do damage to units. Spending money to play matches is very unhelpful I find myself broke and waiting for the free crate only to get one more game adding on to how overpriced they are you also have to pay for unit upgrades which I am fine with just adds on to It.
Ok game keeps saying lost connection when I have watched a com to speed up to open crates, I lose what I have opened then hav to watch com again to speed up again same thing happens.Try to load it doesn't it goes to black screen and play a game commercial play commercial & commercial & guess what commercial to many com & you can't stop/skip them is a good game though commercial, commercial, commercial too many
The game is good but please Add new tanks And new Missile like Blastic Missile And also add in aromany because legendary cards are so many cost And legendary crate is also so much cost And also add so much damage and splace damage in Missiles to destroy tanks So,please add.
Horrible is nothing like the original after it received its update it became so much worse, an option to play like the original mode should be added! 1 star until otherwise.
This game is a joke, you cant win unless you spend money i gave it 1 star because to many hackers and cheaters all my apponets are at the same level but have every legindary and at level 3 or4 and im stuck with nomal tanks. If you spend money on this game your a fool and deserve to get ript of. To the morrons thet own this game i think that its you doing this to still money from players because thy pay to play and get descuradged and stop playing i notice this becuase the lack of responce from
This game is good. Why then only 2stars? Well you can forget about it that game is free. First 2-3h is fun and then when game hook you in they start sending you opponents with 2 x more firepower (I am not making this up) and then soon with 3x more power. You have one unit while opponents 3,4,5 units. If you dont buy stuff You not STAND A CHANCE. So this game is free only if your IQ is low like one of donkey. Congrat to skill of game developer how to get money. Cold calculative greed businessman
Buy it or you won't get pass from 3600 or 3700... It was fun and normal untill I reached it.... every single one of them got Full legendary level 3 all of a sudden... No normal players beyond that point... Worked so hard and colleced so many cards just for some legendary and boom!!!! My card was useless... Sorry m not wasting my time in rage playing this game anymore.
Hi.. Mr. General 'Thunder XS5V' speaking : this game was fun for me. .. But since I've known that it's not a player-vs-player game it became boring... I give this 3 stars because it has a sense of strategy and tactical reaction.
It is a very fun and addicting game. It is strategic so it's fun. The issue is people cheat us game hacks so they pump their cards up by doing so. I can still beat them sometimes but it takes the fun out of it to be out gunned by hackers on every element of the game. Your own strategy is all you can use when out gineed by a hacker. Sometimes you still win but it definitely takes all the gun out of it
I downloaded this game when it was a pixilated and fun trench warfare game where you had to buy troops and assault german positions to clear levels. Now they've made it into a stupid line game and it has nothing to do with trenches anymore. This game sucks.
When I first played I thought It was fun and good game but when I got over 1000 medals(how your ranked) I couldn't beat anyone it would put me up against a player with all lvl 9 cards and I couldn't compete also I think that its just an AI in the game not a real person before u hit a thousand medals. I also have something that's bothering me why can the other person pump really expensive stuff out all the time most likely a cheater or a bot
Waste of Time. I have been playing for almost one year. I never been able to unlock all the carates. You need to purchase from real money Totally waste of time. You will never able to unlock all the carates until you pay for it. And Every Time opponenet has better cards then you play.
Too many cheats.. My enemy can create tanks more than i create infantry .. they r speeding up producing.. The creator of the game can easily debug this cheats.. it is not fun anymore !
This game is...... EPIC its so intense. Its like being in a fight or watching a battle on TV. I give it a 1 million rating!
The game would be great if they would stop the use of cheats. Its obvious when your up against a cheater. The developer is aware but does not care. I playes 8 rounds and 7 of them the opponent was using cheats, no fun in that.
This game is very good πŸ‘πŸ‘ and it's very beautiful... There are so many heavy weapons.. there are have a very good version or section to add name and pics...!!!!!so, it's much better than sniper 3d etc. So I gave it 5✨ to it....!!! And nothing to say about it. Just great✨πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ€©..!!!
Ok the game is cool but um it's not cool someone that is less medals than me to have lv 13 troops and I only lv 4/5/6 troops. Like I don't get any troops from the chests plus those guys were probably playing when the game was early and was easier to grind for troops. I did that too but I got only one good troop then I switched phones and forgot about the game. Also the matchmaking is so bad it matches me with people a lot bigger level than me and sometimes it matches me with same people again.
And first of all, quit throwing Dynamite you bunch of losers! try Battling first punks. The game is the Same ole same gets boring. If you don't have money, your not going to win much or be able to get any good cards. A complete rip off. And at a Level 52 how in the hell can a level 31 have the highest score? There should be higher levels than 52, been there for a year or longer. No one can beat me, unless I have to leave the game early for a phone call or text... Sharpshooter
This game only gets one star from me and that one start is for the creativity of making a game like this which is basically like rock paper scissors but I find that after 90 days+ that this game is filled with cheaters, hackers,and Bots I don't mind the bota as much as the cheaters and those who don't believe that there are plenty of cheaters on here you just have to watch YouTube. Also because of all of this I will be deleting the game.
how can you put this joke as game of the week or instant play, bots all with 'you' as their name you're kidding, & unlock any progress magically these same bot are there but their units have jumped to Lv6 vs your Lv1, the armory holds out on definitely not giving you cards that are supposed to be 'common', where are the sniper cards!, yeah sick of my Lv1 legendarys playing bots that are everything Lv6, go away you joke!
This game is so full of cheating. Google it or look on YouTube. You expect cheating by players, but you expect the developer to act in an ethical manner and stop cheating. All people that have negative thoughts need to upload a video of losing 9 out of 10 games and add a link here to show how ridiculous it is to play this game. Totally useless support.
Fun and simple gameplay mechanics. Might want to stock up on in game money though if you want to keep playing. Not hard to get either.
The game is fun but there are too many adds and limited ability to really modify your deck for personalization. Crates take to long to open and so you either spend real money or wait hours to battle so you don't lose crates you would have won. Suggest not having an add after every battle, allow for specialization of troops during upgrade (maybe paths to go down or military branch selection to change atributes), and que crates won or the ability to replace common with higher rarity crates.
Only a one star from me. I played for about a week and came up against severely high level cards whilst mine are level 1 still , they were level 5 & 6. The game was ok until then . The most annoying part though is that everytime a match ends you are forced to watch a 30 second vid in order to get your chest . There is no vid options to make chest times shorter which would have been the better way. Defo a p2w game .
I like the game but I will not give it any more stars than 3 and the reason is that the enemy can put two tanks in a lane of attack and you can lose i five seoconds overall if this is not fixed I will not play anymore and this is coming from somone who has ALL of the cards
This game is the best but when there is a little problem of network connection it stops and the prizes you get for winning the battle they disappear to. I say don't download this game.
This game actually deserves zero stars, the opponents are overpowered! But that's ok with me, but the most disappointing fact is that I am unable to deploy a single troop, whereas a series of strong troops have already landed from the opposite side!!! Tremendously irritating. Just considering the game play, I gave 1 star.
Fixed to force spending. You will achieve a lot in this game very quickly and as soon as you start to enjoy it you will be soon match with endless number of impossible to defeat units which will encourage spending just to keep up. I don't agree with that, it gets very boring and repetitive after this point and unless you enjoy putting your money into a game then this is not the game for you.
I love it but i would like more things in light machinery so a u.s. half track would be nice with a m2 browning on it and put the flamethrower tank and the nuclear tank the tv 8 so i think that would be good and put a Tiger 1 tank in medium machinery and yeah epic game and keep up the good work.
They have gotten some of their bugs fixed finally. But still a low rating for over matching battles in favor of high scored ppl placing against low score ppl ... even up the playing field.
I always got same cards... i have mortor's 2000 cards and its more than level 13....while some snipers cards is only 5-6 so its still at level 1... I cant even convert motor to other cards... Same with other cards some cards are more than level 13 and some are not even at level 2....
This game is rigged with game server errors. My previous comments were also conveniently removed. So now my rating is lowest I can give. Pathetic from developers. Interestingly no errors occur during ads. There are no support, my issues reported are not even answered. The last update was about a year ago 'bugs', seems not to be fixed. Developers seems to be absent from this game. There are even more bugs now. Opposition place much faster and more units into battle, than is available to me
This is a very good game that I ever played in my life because I played granny and other things so in that games there is no any interest for horrible games are there but this is a super game you want to play
Trench Assault is a good game . All the team can make it better , I know but please you all focus on the battlefield as it is so small . Please add a zoom button also so that we can see the battle from the near.
It's a shame that a game with such good potential gets ruined by CHEATERS, who somehow send out up to FIVE TANKS every five SECONDS. Meanwhile my stars advance like snails. Uninstalling immediately, since the developers just don't seem to care.
Pretty poor multiplayer matching capabilities. Filled with bots. Once every 30 bots you get an actual player. In addition, it does take forever to get legendary units, and even double the time/efforts to upgrade them. You end up with useless cards that you can't get rid of for spells (the game doesn't realizd that it should stop giving you the same cards if you've maxed out your spells), so crate value significantly decreases due to most of its rewards being useless. ^Just scratches the surface
Good and control is good looks RPG and for low size you have a good game but my rank is on 700 plus so i have tanks and medic dog and more my problem is ads if you skip theres no reward and too hard now my first battle im Philippines and my enemy is south Korea its so easy but now its to hard the rule is upgrade your cards or your hero maybe its time to wait for next updated. Im still thankfull to this developer im sorry if i rate 1 star.
Takes to long to load. Just a blank screen appears as if the phone screen has turned off. Gameplay can be made far better.
The game is good but need to have more headquarters.The headquarters are only to 50 and add some more cards to the armory it has 83 cards.please add these items.I used all cars and wish to get some new cards.
Horrible power distribution... Great game for 2 days. Once you achieve higher rank you play mainly against units with ranks 8.... So impossible to win if collecting cards or money or gold (you can choose only one of them) takes ages and you never get enough to update your units to higher rank.. UNLESS YOU PAY MONEY!! No thank you. Great idea but unplayable fairly
This game is bad because at some point the opponent star are getting filled up really fast and ours getting very slow means 7 star tank opponent is realising again and again. Very bad game
so far it's a good game update.there is a bug in the game.suddenly after ever combat when i want to do another one i just stucks on the screen of searching an opponent. i have to restart the game in order to play.i tried to contact the support but the is no way how to do that.please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Game has more ad's then game play... not worth the time unless they stop with alot of the ad's.... you win you get a 30 sec ad... speed up cases 30 sec ad... winning a battle is 10-15 sec... not worth the time to d/l and watch ads
Absolutely Brilliant Dope Game..This is my kind of game...Real time Strategy like..Cool set of collectable war machines and units..upgrade your army... go to battle..win a lot of medal and all.. Love it! Also card based plus real actionsπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯I didnt pay anything but after a LOT of losses I came up with new superior strategies using a mix of light machine units and it was extremely effective against very powerful players..I WON !πŸ›‘βš”A good defence is a great offensive according tonthis game!
Here is how your opponent always has better cards than you:It's an AI that doesn't even USE the player's DECK. I played 5 games with an infantry only deck and EVERY SINGLE GAME dynamite 24/7(Also game doesnt even tell you how to unlock some cards), Before that i played 5 games with a medium vehicle based deck GUESS WHAT???? my opponent kept chugging LONG RANGE ARTY LIKE NO TO TOMMOROW. TLDR JUST GO DOWNLOAD AN OFFLINE STRATEGY ITS BETTER.
If you don't pay you don't win. The developers didn't even try to hide or camouflage the fact that this game punishes the player for not buying anything. Other game developers have already found out the hard way that you make more money from a good game than a bad game that's just a quick money grab. Hopefully the developers of this game will fix the obvious problems and make this live up to it's potential.
Plz do not install.... u never got the items that are required. And suddenly the attacker sending high level of tanks, while you are keep waiting for your stars.
Fun game but when i got to HQ9, I started encountering enemies with lvl 8 troops and my troops at max are only lvl 5. Then I got to HQ15 with my level 1 units(mostly), and i encountered so many enemies that had lvl12 troops. They seem to ACT LIKE BOTS though because they do the same thing every round. I do encounter some real players from time to time though. Im not sure if they're bots but most of them act the same. They could also be hackers that have max units.
This game is a very annoying game. This game is good to play but not so good. It takes a lot of time to start this game every day. Earlier this game was good but now this game works a lot worse.
Great Game!! Easy to play!! But we need more things like more events, playing with friends, more War machines. And also, thank you for making this amazing game!
Please fix the cheater. I know there is a cheat on this. I love this game, but if you dont fix it, then i think its time for me to leave this. How come the other side can produce too many tanks like it was so fast. I strongly advice to all gamers, dont waste your time on this, it doesnt fun anymore. Uninstall now. Youre such a disapointment. Whoever you are creating this game, you are nonsense know nothing. One day this game will disappear in playstore.
No need to spend money on this game. Just go to any of the you tube videos that share the many hacks to this game. You could have the worst army ever and still kick ass. This game is, without a doubt, the most hacked game ever. I'd give it 0 stars, but google games won' t let me.
Positives * Good graphics * Time killing Negatives * After every game ads are coming .Watch the ad then only we got rewards ( cards , money , gold ) * Without watching ad it is time taking process to get the reward *Main problem is hackers they got tankers within seconds of time but for us it take more time at that time I feel "why I installed this game?" ADS AND HACKERS ARE THE MAIN PROBLEMS
I used to like this game, it was cool to fight it out and defeat the enemy's headquartes. I barely started playing though and before long there was absolutely zero way that I could ever possibly win. The other guy must have been just a computer opponent because before I could get two guys created, he already had three cheap units and three medium units hitting my base and then I died. It was that quick. Every single time. So the end result? Deleted it.
Good game but needs improvement. First, upgrading sniper does not work it let you upgrade but after few days it will come back to lev 1.I am at HQ50 although all players of this level having all weapons with 8 to 13 level but crates does not provide me any upgrade cards except common weapons again and again. Even for those few that are reached lev13, though those are not useful at all. And at my HQ level every single person has Ballestic Missile but I don't. Please add play with friends feature.
Worst game......it's just a spam. They will provide you bundles of same cards always that you already have in excess. Developers will provide you very less useful cards so that you can not upgrade your squad easily.guys please don't go with this game.they are here to just make money.
A good experience playing the game. However there are many issues to be resolved like the bugs that makes it to restart or crash and the players will like to have the most famous feared king tiger in the cards... And also the ability to scrap the useless rare and epic cards to obtain the common material and use it anywhere else and maybe these features can also be included in a new varient πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading.
Doesn't appear to be player vs. Player. Opponents plays are very bot like in response to your play, very predictable. I've been playing for months, yet to see one single event. Full of hacker profiles, and seems to be zero advances in game play or evolution of game.
This game could be a decent fun rocks, papers, scissors game if it were not for the ridiculous amount of hacking after reaching 8000+ There are a lot of videos but they allow for the waiting time on crates to breeze by and provide rewards for watching them. Just do something about the Russian hackers!!!! I mean really??? Tanks are just pouring out from level 10 players who are likely using bots. Sigh.
I've been playing this game since it was last Google's Game of the Week; both instant play and, later on, the full app. I'm currently HQ47 @ LV19. Great graphics and very fun. It's easy to play but hard to master. I've not spent a penny of real money on this game and I win more than I lose; although victory is seldom easy. The secret is swarming your opponents with infantry. Question: all my opponents have dynamite and ballistic missiles, but they're not in the armoury, so how do I unlock them?
Good in the beginning, but once your level goes up around 6500, 6800medals, the game makes it impossible, (almost), for you to win. While you wait for your stars to charge, the opposition spits tanks no stop. Also my level 13 tanks cannot knock down the game's level 3 tanks. From entertaining to pointless in few levels !
The charge for the battles is too much do make it less or make it less as we increase the rank of the headquarters. And make the time less for the Crates won after a battle and let us play with friends too. I would be very happy. I love this game , so please do it . And sometimes the game takes my money and doesn't let me play a battle. Please look after it too. Thank alot.
Pls look into this. I have been playing this for a long time and the concept the gameplay was awesome till the last few updates. The last few updates literally changed everything and somehow, I just keep facing overpowered opponents. It is actually impossible to beat in the later arenas. So many of your dedicated players have uninstalled because of bugs. Pls reset all accounts and turn cards into resources. Sort out hacked accounts too. I would love to play your revised edition.
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If I could give zero stars I would. So much cheating in the game it's disgusting. 7 and 9 star tanks coming out every 3 seconds... Go detail cars or cut grass because you have no idea how to make a fair play game .
This game is actually a Cheat. Full of nonsense ads either you win or lose. If you watch complete ad then one can win otherwise only the paid one will win. Even if you kill all the units of opponent , with half of card opening speed than opponent . Only your health will reduce not for the oponent . This game is complete fraud . Google should report and ban the developer.
Honestly i love this game, but the match making is trash, how can you fight a lvl 5 legend with a lvl 1 epic, and also why is the sturmtiger at medium machinery, the sturmtiger is on a tiger 1 chasis and tiger 1 is a heavy tank, it is supposed to be at heavy or speacial macinery
I was giving this game 5star but our stars grow very slowly but the opponent sent too much infantry with 3 seven star tanks and many other army. I cannot even touch his base. Too many cheaters. Also if having best signal the game shows poor connection.
Game is made to be pay to win. Once you win a few rounds, you will be matched up with bots. I think they're bots because they always do the same stuff, start from the bottom lane, if you place a unit in the bottom lane, they put one in the top lane and then one in the middle lane. You do encounter real players tho, you can see see if they're real players if they don't put low cost units on the bottom lane. I deleted this game.
Its a decent game but sometimes a single flaw outshadows thousand good things. Either people are using cheats/mods or they are ridiculously spending on the game. ( Even for that matter, spending should improve the pace and prospects for the player, it shouldnt break the game) I have barely unlocked a few legendary cards and i am matched with players having maximized legendary cards. Plus when u start the game, u soon get a feeling that develpors have left working on game.
Good games,but..hey PapaJo here,i dont put my money on this game, even u keep giving same useless card from crate for upgrade my army and, did i fight with bot or real player?bcuz sometimes it easy and very hard to win haha, looks like u just let mod apk player in here, specialy "You" player with all legendary army and tank...keep on busy admin
Expect to lose. At least 10 losses before a win. Easy for the first few levels. Even the counting and make it so the guys that are stronger win once in a while would help. Like just now. Had three level 1 guys to the other teams 1 guy, They won. Sometimes it goes in my favor though. Just expect to lose a lot.
Really an awesome game. The game where you get to know about the war strategies, with fun and brain. People from whole over the world compete your army. The most intresting part in this game is, showing your leadership towards your army. I could say best game ever played..... Really.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
Bloody nuissance game if you don't want players to win then describe it straight.... Why describe it a game full of and bla bla...... The opponent are 10 times more stronger... With 1 star if I can hire a pedestrian soldier the oppponent can hire a full fledge tank...... Wastage of time
Game is inaccurate at levels. Just trying to get you to spend. Which is absolutely worthless to do so. The developer riggs the level to make it impossible to beat. FIX THE GAME. OR DELETE IT FROM GOOGLE.