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Tree World™: Free Pocket Pet Adventure

Tree World™: Free Pocket Pet Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Behaviour Interactive located at 6666 Saint-Urbain, Suite 500 Montreal, QC H2S 3H1 CANADA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
last time I played this game was in elementary school & I'm so glad it's still up and running! Absolutely love this game, and it's just like I remembered! There are some minor bugs that happen when I play, & I feel like cracking the golden egg is a little more expensive than it should be, but overall great game!
i love this game. but whenever i try to log into my existing account it freezes up. i cant get past welcome to tree world there are over 300 critters to discover good luck. and everythings blank i have 0 food and 0 crystals. i just want to use my existing account. and i have uninstall n reinstall this app 6 times now. can you please fix this.
I tried to log in with Facebook but it says it's not available. I love this game but I won't start all over again! My username was setup through Facebook before and I don't have my username and password. Hope this gets fixed
I loved this game for about 30-40 days, until I got on one day and all my animals I had to wait like 6-10 hours! I have to wait 702 days for the critter saveing and 702 days for the critter capsule. I was shocked, I worked so hard to get to level 60!
This is the game I use to played when I was 11 years old, I'm glad this game is back to mobile! But I don't khow Behaviour(the company who make Dbd) also make this game, I was so shocked. Anyway, this game is really fun & relax to play at anytime ❤️ But I just lost one of my creature today and it's the legendary one and I was so mad about it!! There is also a bug when you open the game, the creature won't appear instead it showed animal clock icon. I hope you guys can fix this problems and Thank
Needs some way to tell if people you try to friend are active since apparently can't connect to Facebook. To costly in vita gems just for common animals seriously you must want people to get bored and unistall.
So I love this game but there a few things that are "broken" with the game. The daily gift thingy is still giving me Day 1 presents and won't change from it. And it takes forever for the app to start up. As well as when you leave a neighbor's tree it takes you out of the game. But like I said, it takes forever getting back into the app.
I used to love this game, but now if I get too many animals and whatnot it just crashes and stops working. But its a great game
Hey Behavior Interactive, This game is great, I love it! I just really miss the Zombie Farm franchise. Zombie Farm Battles was (and still is) my favourite game and it made my childhood. I was devastated when I could no longer play it. If there are any chances that the game could return I would love to know. BTW my friend has a YouTube channel with nearly 10 thousand subscribers, he could advertise the game for free to all those people if it were to return. Thanks
Played this game for years since I was a kid. 100% would recommend. Might get repetitive after a certain point but great game nonetheless.
I absolutely love this game but, I've been having problems when summoning creatures. I'll press the summon button and the screen freezes and I don't get any animals because I have to restart the app. : (
I loved this game so much when i was using some old iPad, amazing gacha/idle styled game with amazing art and sound. The android version seems clunky at times and has quite alot of ads unnecessarily placed after adventures and checking your neighbor's and i also have glitches when i called poppy using my own gems and just floated in air and gave me nothing. if this gets more updates, i will most likely rate 5 star!
I had a hard time trying to create a username bc most of them were "taken". I also went to find neighbors and I wanted to leave but all it did was take to a bunch of ads. I couldn't get back to my tree unless I exit the game and open it back up. I also would like to know why the bg music comes back on when I enter the game and summon critters.
I loved playing this game when I was younger and im glad that it has finally been brought to android but some of my critters are at 737000+ days of age and others at 81000 or so days of age, Then there was another bug where I was going to move my mammoth to another spot and decided not to and there was 3 creatures on one branch, and when I decided to put it in my den I could collect infinite of them, I thought I could end the glitch/bug by reloading the game but now whenever I tap it, its broke.
I reckon that it is a pretty good app, I've had it for ages. Brilliant way just to pass time though I think that there is a bit of a bug that should be addressed. When you harvest your critters some times the tree food is not added to the total, same thing with the berry things. It's still possible to play the game and all but it should be fixed.
This was my favorite game about 4 years ago, and it still is! This game has lots to offer, and the different types of creatures you could collect are limited to the varieties, which are in abundance. Overall, my favorite thing added into the game was seeing the kiwi added. Thanks BEhavior for such an awesome game. The only thing I would reccomend would be an update, and add some new and different creatures to collect.
I'm very disappointed. Your other popular games like Zombie Life or Zombie Farm were amazing, they had simple but loveable mechanics that you could enjoy. This game feels like it's running at 20FPS with cheap animations a lot of the time, and the animals are just cute looking but I have no reason to like them or enjoy them. This game feels like a black sheep, or like Behavior Interactive is "under new management" that doesn't know how to make a good mobile game properly. This app has 3.7 out of 5 for a reason I suppose. Zombie Farm was a pretty fun game and much more loveable within it's 5 minutes than half an hour of Tree World, but I don't know the reasons why it was taken down I suppose
game is very fun and ive been playing for upwards of 7 years. i recently installed it again and was having alot of fun. however, the game is now basically impossible to play because it crashes within 30 seconds of me opening it every. single. time. its very frustrating and i wish i could play it with my friends who do not have the same issue.
Well, it was a good idea, but the game is full of annoying glitches and bugs that make collecting critters pointless. I found a duping glitch by accident. My t rex has been bugged since the day I got it. My critters turn into weird clocks. I can fit 3 critters on one branch. The daily reward won't go past one day. The game takes forever to load. My crystal kitty which I spent 50,000 tree food on just disappeared one day. Some of my other critters are also gone. Unbelieveable. Please do a bug fix!
Love the game, played it along with zombie farm, glad it's still available. I'm sure you get this a lot so I'm sorry for asking, but is there any chance zombie farm will come back? There's a petition for it with upwards of 2,000 votes and even if we have to pay a monthly fee to keep the servers running, I know many people would. Thanks
i have played this game for 8 years. its cute. however, there are a bunch of issues that havent been fixed since i started playing, like how the daily rewards are blank for a good 10 seconds, or how ads wont load after an adventure, forcing me to reload and lose my reward, or how the screen glitches at the top of the tree, or the tree goals tell me i havent passed branch 2 even though im on 56. please fix these issues so i can keep loving this game. its good, but frustrating.
10 years ago when I had my first iPad, this is one of the games I installed in it and I played this for hours at a time. And now, I'm pretty surprised that's it's still available and good like the old days♥️
I'm still giving this game 5 stars because I have loved playing this game but had to stop because i was running out of room on my phone now I'm back to playing it just sucks there is no more updates and can't log into Facebook to have friends join me so i had to start all over again
The game is phenomenal. A lot would disagree I'm sure, but you really have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The models and animations are superb, and the gameplay is so simple yet so enjoyable. I could go on and on, but to sum it up, the game is everything a mobile game should be. However - There should be a way to scroll up your tree faster - The market should refresh faster - There should be some sort of summon that gives better or 100% chance at limited & legendary critters
I tried to link to my old IOS account and encountered freezing on the loading screen. I see a brown screen after completing the tutorial and then I get stuck on loading screen when opening the app again. My account works on IOS but it just wont let me transfer it here on android. I have been waiting for a fix for a little over a year now and still haven't recieved one. A little disappointing.
Wow nice tree games I love those animals (I am an animal lover) I have these issues that I can't touch the frame around my corner please wish me luck I can fix the technical issues I have but that's a amazing game thank you for your hard work making this game appreciated this game!.😁
This game is pretty nice. Well, it *was* pretty nice, while it worked. The graphics are charming and I had little trouble with the gameplay in the brief time I had with this game. Unfortunately, on my second day of attempting to play it, I've been greeted with an impassable wall- the game failing to boot. It simply sits on a loading screen, forever and ever. A shame, really- I would've had no complaints, had the game continued functioning.
This game is an amazing game. It is so relaxing and i used to play it all the time. Recently, I only just rediscovered this game and i am filled with so many memories. Please take my 5 star rating. btw vita gems are so difficult to get and there are so many critters that you have to buy with vita gems. I get that you make your money off of players buying packs and vitagems but could you please make them a little easier to obtain. Also - you might want to check in with this - my friend tapped on the tree food bubble and out popped a vita gem. Instead of giving him just one, it glitched and gave him 35,000. I really don't want you losing money from this sort of thing because this game is amazing. So you might want to check on it.
I deleted the app by accident. I have tried to download it again and log back in with my username, but it keeps telling me to log in with the device i created my account on. I didnt set a password when i initially made a username. Pretty disappointed because i got about 51 branches. I dont want to start again. Any help would be appreciated.
Sometimes when you click on the tree food bubbles, the game will not accept it and your amount will tree food will not increase. It is particularly annoying and frustrating when it is one of the larger amounts. Other then that it is a good game and I would give it a much higher rating IF it accepted all tree food.
This game is absolutely wonderful. it was one of my favorite childhood games growing up, now that it finally transferred to android, I'm having just as much fun as before. there are some bugs and errors, like in pet exchange, if you dont have a spot open on your tree, you have the possibility of losing the animal if you exit the game, and when trading, some animals wont pop up, but you can just click on where they are and it shows them, so no biggie. other than that, fantastic!
I use to play this game a long time ago on my IPhone and never had any problems. I've decided to play it again on Android, and I'm am very disappointed. I'm having problems adding my other account as a neighbor. I type the user in and it acts like its looking but it doesn't load. I can look up other people's accounts and they load just fine tho. Definitely not happy. Please fix this.
I love this game but, I just don't like how the background goes black when you get all the way to the top. I also don't like how growing the tree and it's branches are a bit too expensive. Also I have a question. When ever I scroll down underground, I always see a little critter that just sits there, and doesn't move, it also has a funny but cute face, and it kind of looks like a whale. So tell me, what is that thing? And why is it there? Is it an Easter egg? Can I interact with it? TELL ME!!!
It ran well for the first day but now all the game does is glitch out and automatically close when I try to get in, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game after I connected it to my google account but it still forces me to completely restart the game, and I had gotten pretty far before it wouldn't let me open the app too :( Way too many glitches to be worth it right now, but once they actually fix them all it's a good game
I first played this game with my mom when I was 7 or so and I recently found it again and still love it it was a big part of my childhood and a very good game overall it has problems that could easily be fixed although judging from how old it is I doubt they will be
I used to play this game all the time and it was so fun. I played on my iPod but it broke, so I got a phone. I downloaded this game on my phone and logged into my Facebook to get my old tree world back and it worked. I played until It started to get really hard to get more rare critters and more branches. I left for a year and now I came back. I tried logging into my old world but it isn't working. It says to log into my old device to create a new password but I can't because my iPod is broken. And logging into my Facebook account didn't do anything. I just want my old tree back. Other wise there is no point in playing this game anymore.
I had this game when I was a kid and now that I'm 20 my childhood nostalgia is going of the hook and im addicted again. I have over 55 branches, and most of them have a matching animal friend. This is the perfect collecting game for someone like me on the spectrum
FIX YOUR GLITCHES!!!! you have so many! one, you have neighbors without branches, abd trees with look like a bush, and I cannot fix that. two, some animals show as a clock when their are two of the same next to each other. three, sometimes pippy puts an animal on a branch, when switching, that already has two! I cant remember what others, but those 3 are a MUST FIX NOW! FIX YOUR GAM AND MAYBE START UPDATES AGAIN?!
Despite this game not being updated for a year I decided to download anyhow becuz I was looking for something "different" from my usual genre. There's no point in relaying any issues/suggestions with the game for obv reasons. It's a cute game tho: animals, collecting, trading (difficult without having neighbors)
I absolutely love this game still! It is so fun. I personally have never been forced to make a purchase. I'm almost to level 100. To the people complaining about the game not being able to be played after certain point. Nope. You are not forced to make any purchases. I first started playing this game around the time I came out. I had a baby so stopped playing for a couple years. Now my daughter's play with me too! Even New Leaf! Thank y'all for making these!!!