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Tree Team

Tree Team for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by DaniDevStuff. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the concept of this game. I watched the video, and i think that dani is one of the most creative youtubers ever. I feel like you should add a Dani character. Maybe he could code things in inside of the game? Like a new area, new trees, new backdrop? Ive been thinking of a cave, with glowing trees? Add more characters to the cave? But if you see this thank you dani!
So I replayed it up until the end, and when I reached it (Somewhat,) many hours had passed, I liked it for the most part but I didn't really find any replayability or reason to return to the app Other than that it's okay.
Hiii this game is awesome I love the grafics but maybe if we can like when the tree grow up I collect it it have to be two coins maybe if you can
The game is awsome i love the music but i had 38 trees grown, i saved and exited when i came back i only had 4 trees grown and it gave me one please fix i want to play it again when its fixed
Awesome game dani!! Mostly the purpose for you made this game is extremely good! I hope you will add update in this game like for trees and area... GREAT JOB DANI
Great fun addicting experience, I wish I'd known about it before team trees ended ^_^ Although a bug that I would like to see fixed is where zone 2 and 3 trees disappear from the background whenever you restart the app
Great game means great money and great money means great trees and great trees means great O2 and great O2 means great people and great people and great people means great games and great game means money all over again and theres on tiny problem you got put maximum trees in the game bc you can put 1000000000000000000000 trees so plz go fix that bc if very much trees means less nutrients and less nutrients means less trees and put a feature that makes whenever you plant to many trees they'll rot
It's a good game but I can't go to the second level I tried 2 times and it still didn't work you better fixe it or I'll take your milk Danni! btw I subbed
Really good game I love the way you go and extreme than you get twice as much as it cost when you collect it. I love how you have upgrades and everything and then on the second part you have to collect bananas which is the last tree in that section to go to the next. However I would like more utility upgrade for the player. because after you get in the second section it's a very very slow progress just to get the final treat to go to the next. Really like the game concept and the game itself.
O honestly think this is a pretty good timekiller and just game in general. Also I think its pretty nice that there's a game about planting trees it gets a nice message across to people who play games.
This is one reason why I love this game. Its because for helping team trees. Com! I can't believe that dani killed a few of his living days just to make a game about planting trees! Amazing game!
It's a great game, it's amazing at how good a game can be from just planting tree's, I'm a big fan of tycoon games and this game is one of the best, if you like tycoon games you should get this app.
This is a great game and a free way for helping TeamTrees. The controls are simple and i love the music in the background. Only thing that i can think of for making this game better is having a sistem where the trees you plant and are still grow are saved because right now if you log out after planting some trees when you re-open the game they all just disappear.
It is very good I never get bored of this but I have a problem dani pls fix this ok so the bananas I see 8 of them on the tree but I only get one pls upgrade it to 3 bananas.
I downloaded this app on a outdated device and it showed a pink screen with music on. Anyways, I watched the video and it was epic! Nice job!
This game turned out pretty well, but there is a major bug that doesn't seem to go away. I wanted to buy the last desk with PewDiePie and the others, but nothing happened, only charged the money, and now after several restarts, I can't even buy it. Back then it said I bought the desk already, but now it says I can purchase it. If I click it, nothing happens. PS: I found it, but I don't think it's clear that you have to walk all the way right to see the unlocked shop.
Great game just a few minor issues 1: I'm not hating on your game I just feel this would make it even better 2: A thing that makes the game run in the background 3: Stop characters from working maybe like an option to tell them to stop? 4: more watering can updates 5: maybe make it easier to grow trees because it does take a long time I've completed the game on 1000 trees P.s. love your channel keep up the great work!
It a great game, ofcourse. But one problem, not really a big problem, I already at the third place where you plant banana and milk. But when I close the game and then I open the game back, it send all the way to the first place, so I have to bring my shovel all the way to my original place. So if tou can fix that, that will be great.
It's a really quick upgrader games, You start off with 1$ then the tree doubles it, get upgrades and repeat the process until you get the final tree and final person... It's absolutely simple. Although, it needs more Water Bucket upgrades as it's absolutely slow to grow a Banana Tree. Needs some objectives like Main Quests, Goals, etc.. although, it's still a great game to waste time nonetheless.
Pretty great game to help planting trees, but needs to be longer! I bought all perks in a very short time and so did my sister hahaha Here I have some suggestions if you feel like improving the game: New area maybe? Worldwide score ranking? Watering can improvement? Genetic modification of trees to make them grow quicker? Human enemies taking down your trees, donald trump puring acid over plants? Random events such as fires or floods? IDK. I'm learning to make games too Keep it up Dani! 🀘
I love this game. This game makes me relax its fun and the music is cheerful. Everything is perfect, but i can't wait to see whats next in the future updates. Ok now since I can't comment on Youtube because of restriction mode on, I want to say that I love your humour and you should make more videos somehow. You are an amazing game dev and I want to see you do more mobile games. Thank you for reading. One last thing. When watering the trees you can see the back hand quickly moving back.
This is a good game I rate it 5/5. But you can pick up saplings from the drone guy although it is fun to play around with.
Good game veryyyy good game!! But dani I have a question? Why does the water can like spits the water but not in the exit ITS ON THE ENTRANCE COMING!!! but still good game Request Update plsssss Dani By the way #TEAM TREESS!!!!!!!!!!!
I would love if I could make a waterer person come to me to water a different tree but other than that it is a great game also I love your vids
I actually really enjoy this game!! But a small bug killed it for me (I'm just impatient though lol so no worries) The bug deletes dropped items like trees on the ground when leaving the game and coming back! In my case I had spent all my money on trees, left and came back later for the trees and consequently my money to be gone. Figured I'd let you know just in case noone else has reporter the bug!
I don't know how to buy more trees sometimes I can buy some trees it should be a button to press to buy the trees '_'
5 star since it's addictive and people say you restart when you leave sometimes but all you have to do is save and quit and boom, you progress is saved but if your tree has grown a bit then you save and quit it becomes a baby tree again Anyway its amazing and I have no clue what to do now since I got everything in the game
Hi dani. Idk why but everytime I do save & quit and leave the game when I enter back it has gotten ahead by a lot like I didn't do anything untill then. Please fix this
Best game which i have ever played.It also helps you to plant trees. What is more better than taht. Just download it and plant trees.
This isnt for the gamepkay alone, though the gameplay is verh plesant. This 5 star is mostly because the soundtrack ABSOLUTLEY ROCKS! This soundtrack is ridiculously good for a game about growing trees!
Pretty good game, nice job Dani. First played it on release but I finished it so quick and I wish their were more updates. This game could be really good in multiplayer and if it had more updates this could be a really fun game! Overall good game and you should try it when you get the chance to.
Amazing game but it is almost like an idle game. I don't like that the shovel and watering can don't spawn at the area you are at. I wish that you are to upgrade every person not just the people in area 1. (GET THAT AREA 51 MEME OUT YOUR HEAD) Also I want to teleport to the area you are at. The last thing is that I realy wish that you are able to speed up time. My real review wich is not possible is 2.5 so I am just rounding it to 3
I love the game but everytime I leave, it restart even know I Save and exit so can you please fix it imedialty because I hate it when it restart the game so please fix it I love it but I just want you to fix the bug pls and I really love your videos its awesome and don't forget to fix the bug plsπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
It's very relaxing and... Well... Pointless? But I'm really glad they put team trees into a game! The game is spacious and simple to understand, also the water from the watering can isn't coming out the way it should. The water should be coming out of the nozzle not the top where you fill it up.
Its a great game! But what i think could be lacking is some of that calcium Make milk buyable and once you get milk you can buy dani And You can buy youtubers that Automatically plants trees every few secs
It's a great game but the only problem with it is the controls. They feel like they are to close to each other, and if there is a setting to fix that then its would be helpful. Also picking up and dropping it. I can't get the tree without accidentally picking up the shovel or the watering bucket. If there is a way to easily grab the things you want, then it will be easier. At the end, the game is fun #TreeTeam
This is a GREAT game, but I hope you guys add a feature in the game so like, the CPUs can equipt better items, like chandler can pick up gold shovel to dig faster and ect, another thing wanted to sayis that there's a big where no matter how many trees I plant on the second farm none show in the background also i wish was in the game was like, all the CPUs still working while your out if the game but aside from that I LOVEEE this game and think it's helping a great cause!!
I liked this game but the save function does not work ....... I had reached 2nd area and made about 10,000,000. I saved it and later some time it restarted but from the first area with 3,000 #milkgang
Love your vidz i have a little problem with the game it showes the stats you hade when you enter and then show your newer stats on top
The Save Option Doesnt Work Correctly... I would hope you didnt intentionally add in the save and exit because it doesnt save. It saves the tree amount that's grown and that's it. It doesnt save my money or trees that are still growing. Please fix this, the game is fun to play however this save feature needs to be fixed. Thank you for reading.
Need a update and i have some idias add fire on tree only have 20% to happen and add new tree like mango or milk plz remove bananas it nake so loge to grow and fix some bug in 3rd feld you cant plant trees near the shop make upgrade shop in 2 and 3 fled
I love the Game. Thank you for making it because I have no online money currently so this is a way for me to contribute team tree thank you. There is a glitch though. All the white text at the top was overlapping when new text appeared. When I restarted the app the text is fixed. Same thing for the golden money text. Last thing. I have noticed that smarter everyday (when upgraded) can grow trees from the 10,000 area faster than PewDiePie.
Hey Dani hope u read these... Um.. I have grown more than 550 trees so far I unlocked Elon Musk and the third place to the right but when I reach there I can't buy ant stuff..... Hope u fix this issue soon ☺️ my mistake I didn't had enough bananas ...... Sry
Once i downloaded it it worked but after a few hours, I couldn't play beacause of the black screen. Please fix this bug, But i like your videos
I really like it. One problem I noticed was that when I bought, then planted a couple trees, and left the game, the numbers stayed the same, so I still didn't have the money because I'd bought the trees, however, the trees themselves were gone, and I had to start growing a bunch of new ones to regain the lost money. It would be great to see this bug fixed in the future
I'm giving it 3 stars because this games is freaking not compatible to my phone this is why.. even the rip offs is not even compatible to my phone this is nuts. Also I do watch your videos Dani.. but F*** THIS GAME >:(
A really good game I really had a lot of fun playing it but there is only one problem that when you leave the even if you pressed exit and save that the plans or the trees that you planted will not save it my only problem
I am so sad I wanted to try this game to help you but it shows me did not match hardware and isn't working please fix
Really cool game but I have found some glitches. 1. Character shows as if it was moving in pause menu. 2. You can play multiple music if you go all the way to the left. 3. The guy who plants trees tries to drop them them in the trees if you plant one. Those are the glitches I found in the game. FIX THEM PLEASE
Hey Dani! , I watch you daily you are the best but this game tho it is everything I needed it is just perfect but there are no ads why? But Dani this game should not be free make this like 10 or 20 dollars like something. There are some games like this pixel drawn games and they are NOT free so if you take my request pls consider this is THE best game...
Cool game! With one huge problem I really was gonna give 5 stars but I just closed the game after buying the final tree the pizza one because I had class and I come back on its gone and I have 13 bananas no trees pretty much restarting me in the final area and it took a hour to get there sooooo Also ik this won't get fixed since dani updates his mobile game once then doesn't touch it and this one has a reason since it was for team trees
Just beat it took only 2 days alot of fun just needs something to add some fun. It's very active in the beginning but after a little it gets boring and there is not much to do so would say add something like some mini games or a special new challenge I have absolutely no reason not to recommend this game so I would say give it a try and see how fast you can beat it but of course remember to have fun.
This game of s fine and guess but I have one problem I'm trying to make all the trees maple trees and I decided to get mark rober and how thought hed just plant the sapplings I already bought that were on the ground but APPARENTLY he just places RANDOM kinda of trees EVERYWHERE!! And as far as I can tell there's no way of getting rid of trees without collecting them and having them in the background! Bad game! Horrible get would not recommend to anyone!
This game is good, everything is cool. I also like the concept of this game. I have a request tho, can you make more upgrades, more shovels, and more watering cans?
Really fun to play, for such a simple game it has a lot of things to do. Something I would like to see implemented was more watering cans in the new areas, I have played until the second area and it has no more watering cans, I'm not sure if there is more on the third area.
Very fun game, there is always something to do and you never have to just wait for something to happen. Also awesome that the ad revenue goes to planting actual trees. Only reason im not giving 5 stars is bc when you exit the game(even with save & exit) it removes all the trees that were planted.
This is a great game 5 star no doubt it's short but still takes some time you cant get the same guy multiple times on each farm 6/5 would recommend.
I would've given it 5 stars but when I bought a bunch of trees and turned my phone off, the next time I turned the game on all the trees I bought were gone.
This game is nice and relaxing. With all that's happening, it's nice to see stuff like this. Nice job Dani. πŸ‘
Great game, it has to be said. Would have been 5 stars apart from a couple of issues. The game doesn't seem to auto save your progress after you close the game. Unless you actually click quit and save. Also when you load back into the game in puts you all the way back at the begining instead of where ever you were stood at the time of editing the game. Tools as well. If the save game was fixed it would be 5 stars I could live without the 2nd issue being fixed but the save game issue isn't nice.
Dani i love this game and saw you make it on your youtube channel. There are little tiny details that could be fixed. Like the water comes out of the wrong spot in the watering can and when using the watering can Mr. Beasts arm not using the can slowly inches forward and snaps back. But i really like the game keep it up.
Nice! This is a good game And you can check the developers channel. You can learn more about this on his channel to! He makes alot of good games like this. And please sub to him. He deserves it for making alot of games because coding is hard and you never know where to start when making games.
It is one of my favorite games one thing is there should be a cap on the first trees since it only cost 1 dollar but it is really fun to buy as many as possible
eventhough it's really fun, I would like you to add where trees that were planted when you left, continue growing instead of disappearing
THIS GAME IS THE BEST. To all those who said that they lost their money remember to click or tap pause om the top left then click or tap the save and exit. also I subbed to u dani
I love this game. It is fun and addictive. Two problems though... number one if you plant a tree and then save and quit then all the growth process of the tree resets. And number two I downloaded this game on my tablet and phone. It worked fine on my tablet but on the phone when I opened the app the whole screen went pink. Please fix these problems Dani but everything else is amazing. #TeamTrees