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Trash Tycoon: idle clicker & simulator & business

Trash Tycoon: idle clicker & simulator & business for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by AlexPlay LLC located at Republic of Belarus, Minsk. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Enjoyable but annoying that they removed the 3x multiplier and boost when i had watched a stupid amount of adverts to build them up.
The game is great. But it makes you watch so many ads, and then it wants your money, and still it gives so little in return. Awful monetization scheme. Just makes me sad.
I was enjoying the game but now uninstalling after the new update due to being charged for the gold boxes, pumping and objectives just adds them to the piggy bank instead of adding them to your total and the piggy bank costs money to get so they ain't free anymore, but if this changes I will download it again
Really like all of the different areas to upgrade, and how the environment changes along with building upgrades we can see. Would like to see an expansion on the mining system though since I personally enjoy digging games.
It's one of those games that are just made so you get watch ads to play, this one tops them all. I played the game for one hour, and I had to watch more than 20 ads to progress. How is that possible!
The new update ruined it, 500 times for one star on a container achievement... Impossible to complete the game now 😠
I quite like this game and would have given it 5 stars and continue to play it if it wasn't for the mandatory adds without a reward. I don't mind watching an add every time I collect my trash or sell it to double it, but I hate that every so often an unskippable one occurs when I just switch the screen
You had a pretty good game and it is going to be unistalled because of your last update. Why I unistalled your game is because of how you changed getting your bonus gold boxes. When you try to do a task, you don't always get credit for it and it will not let you do any other task instead and at times it did the same thing befote your update. What I am saying with all the gold boxes, now all the extra boxes go to the "piggy bank" and you have pay to get them and I don't have the money to do that.
The game is fun for what it is. My problem mostly comes from the fact that some parts of it are still just in russian. It adds to the comedic factor, but is still unreadable and confusion if you don't speak russian. One example of this is when I bought what I had assumed to be the 'no ads' iap: I bought it and clicked on one of the 50 billion ad buttons (2x speed, auto, etc.) and low-and-behold, ads are still there.
Super boring. What is the point of this game? It's progress is so slow. Watch ads to open new areas and then wait for 5-10 mins of wait time and then back at the main place tapping to earn coins... Wow... So boring!
So glad I found this game, there are so many different elements to it, my only issue is that the reward videos never load and so I have had to struggle a bit
Refund I just paid for the no ads. However, it doesn't tell you that when you click on the automatic tap for example you still watch an advert. Bit annoying. Refund please
closes out no load screen, i unistall and reinstall this game everyday and it does not work anymore, played for like a month and now nothing
Loving it so far, love the item creation and finding, rate 5 star is wasn't waste of $ to stop ads that im still getting and the couple shop items
No vip? I paid $15 for vip. Never got anything. Tried restoring purchases and it gave an error... i feel like i just got scammed.
Very addictive game. It has a clutch here and there but the developers are quick to action and help. Nice mimi games in between, nice landscapes... Especially when cleaning the area. Wish there were more locations/planets.
The upgrades you buy don't apply properly. Bought an upgrade to upgrade clicker, no upgrade! This is the main part of the game and it doesn't work! Oh and also ads galore!
So alex I didnt have enough room to donload it and so I deleted a game so it would have enough storage and every time I try to donload it say it's at 92% before it's done suddenly it just stops so then I go to delete another game and still dosent work and if you could suggest in anything pls contact me alex I restarted my phone and it download thanks for trying to help have a good night or day
I thank you for tweaking the game and I am able to play the game but my device is slow and I looked if there was an option to lower graphics and there wasn't and the game doesn't run properly and freezes because there is too much going on but on a slow running tablet so please add a graphics setting for people with devices that can't handle the high graphics
Loved the game before the update, the mines are not fun anymore and the races bug out everytime I try to play them, loving the upgrade section for the compactors tho!!
Great game love it but when I get to the racing place it shows a gold arrow and I can't seem to do anything with it I cant start a race or something I clicked on everything on the screen and nothing I have to close the app to play the game because I can't seem to back out of that screen
Fantastic game keeps me busy in my free yime but would've rated it 5 stars but im but disappointed in the amount of coins i get 41 was the highest I've seen but everything so expensive i waiting long to buy something
I play many idle click games, this may be my favorite, I very much appreciated the short tutorial time, but wish it had focused on the nuances of this particular game rather than the main play, I knew how to do that before I downloaded but I dont understand half the math of the later levels.
Paid for no ads and still have to watch ads sent email to alexpay and this was the response Good day. Thanks for writing to us. You can write to Google support and get your money back. We have not had a "no ads" subscription for a month. Which subscription did you purchase? I purchased the one in the game that said no ads. this is stealing and will be reported as the no ads option is still available causing people to have their money stolen by the developers
I enjoy the game, but the ad bonuses will not load. Even restarting the game doesn't load even one advert. I bought the no ads for $3 USA, complete rip off, no benefit at all. Still no bonus. No double offline income. No nothing.
Very good game played it a lot but something i would change is add a bit more explanation about things on the auction area and racing since some people like in racing woudnt know that they have to make sure the smoke turns green, i thought its a bug till i realised. Also i have no clue how to change recycling bin and compressor after i got all the pices from the research area.
Looks like a very promising game so far but the completely random ads that hit you out of nowhere ruin it for me. You have to watch ads to gain boosts witch is normal and I don't mind doing every single time I open the app. But on top of that I get these ads while I'm just trying to play through the game. Don't make me watch ads to gain things and then before I can use those boosts I get more ads.
As of Feb 5th the no ad bug is not fixed. I was hesitant to buy it, but they had many replies that the issue was fixed. I bought the VIP and have ads for everything I try to do popping up. You can't exit out of the ads early either. Very disappointed as I hate ads and am more than happy to buy the opt out and support developers. Please fix.
Ads!Ads! And more ads. No way to play without them. Also, NOT idle. If your not clicking your going no where. I'd rather buy an app than to see one more ad. If it wasn't for the fact that the last "premium" app i bought also had ads. I'd have never downloaded this. It is as trashy as its name. I think it's funny. I don't watch TV because I HATE ads. Why would I ever play a game that had so many of them you barely get to actually play?
It was fun but when I hit level 100, there's a bug that set me back to level 33 and locked some of the game mechanics.
*Update* The developer really helped me solve my issue and the game is still just as great. Glad to see that there are still lots of improvements with each update. What's even better is that this isn't like most other idle games out there that are constantly coming out with new content and trying to have a more active audience. It stands to the name of Idle which is great for people with busy schedules. Thank you for making a great game.
So far it's not, another idle game. The concept is interesting though! Slightly different. I've only been playing for a day, will update later on.
Interesting game but would like to see a little more explanation throughout the gameplay such as describing some of the quests whether that is letting you know how much money you need to unlock the area or maybe pointing you in the right direction.
I was enjoying your game until you added the piggy bank. Every gold block I earned went to the piggy bank and when I met the 50 gold requirement to break it open you want to charge me $2.99. I want MY gold blocks that I earned playing your game. Stop being greedy, you make enough from all the ads in your game.
So far this game have all the fundamental to keep you into the game. I like the hold concept of being a trash tycoon, just downloaded the app so can't give a lot of feedback. Until I get deeper into the game I'm sure their's much more than just being a clicker. 😂
The Ad model here is really bad. There are doubling adds for everything which is not bad but making you wait 5 sec before you decide on not taking the add is the problem. Also forced adds every 10 min or so you cant even play
The annoying timer to get resource instead normally is still present and just as awful. If we want to double by watching a 30 seconds ad, we will know, no need for that crappy 3 second countdown.
Could be an awesome game except it's an idle that watching ads gives you 8min boosts, so not an idle a fake idle designed to annoy you enough you uninstall or watch LOTS of ads. I uninstalled.
Everything in this game spins around ads. It would be easier to just create a video app to show ads instead of having the trouble of creating a game. It is kinda fun, if not for the tactic of REALLY slow progression if you don't watch the ads. I was about to give a 3* rate, until a forced ad popped up on my screen. As if it wasn't enough to practically force you to watch ads to progress, there're still forced ads. Pathetic.
Having to wait two seconds before doing stuff so you can annoy me into watching an ad instead, not getting any premium currency for free and waaaaaay to many "optional" ads overall. Asking me if I like the game, if I press yes you ask me to review and if not you pretend nothing, which is scummy af. Could've asked what I didn't like so you could improve it, but that's evidently not a priority for you. Good concept with fairly good execution, ruined by squeezing every penny out of it.
Very nice and addictive game but buggy. For example, after buying a Pro pass you are entitled for exclusive equipment for free for 5 minutes every day. While using it, if you get cases they will just disappear instead of being added so that you can hack and open them. I emailed the developer but he didn't reply yet. Also, as others said, piggy bank is not free even if you have purchased a Pro pass
This game is cool, it like oil tycoon, but it needs more, a way to earn more cash, things costs billions to buy and you barely make millions. With oil tycoon you lvl up income multiplyer, start over but earn faster. My current mission to get to volcano, but it costs to much, that you either have to save up and never upgrade, or upgrade and stay where you are. Otherwise I'll give 5 stars.
It's quite nice and I really enjoy it however when the part about the truck opened up the little outline was not nearly enough to explain all the charts menus and numbers on every one of the different tabs
Been playing for a week, lots to keep busy with and enjoyable. My only complaint is that loading ads for bonuses is very hit and miss. Does not always play the ads...
The game looks good but a lot of things needs explanation like upgrades and equipment I've purchased a lot of upgrades and equipment but I don't know the use of it. Unfortunately uninstalling it untill further notice.
Really enjoyed the earlier versions of this game but have to delete it with the newest update, they just changed everything at once and overhauled the entire game. Everything is built around ads now, and the actual strategy comes down to waiting and watching ads.
Would get a better rating except for two glaring problems. 1. The game is CONSTANTLY trying to push you into watching ads to automate things that should be automated already. Pushing 3 second delays on even the simplest actions like selling your trash or emptying the bin to try and annoy you into watching an ad to automate it for a few minutes. 2. Every little feature is in a separate loading zone that requires loading the map and then the new feature and is REALLY annoying.
Unlocked the lucky trash machine but it still shows it as needing to be unlocked and the accelerometer has no instructions on how to use it.
Cool game. Def worth 5 stars. One issue though, the only ads I see are when signing a contract or using "power-ups", I pay for no ads and still see them, not sure what I paid for because it seems like nothings changed. Update: After communicating with devs, I understand the situation better. Game works exactly as promised and after the update, everything looks works even better! Awesome game, I'd give it more stars if I could!
Fun for a minute, but then I got to truck racing and I'm not interested in all that crafting, etc. Also, I was given an ad that I can't close, even when it's over. I have to force quit the app and load it again to close the ad.
It's fun but has some glitches. For example racing has never worked for me ( my car is lvl 6 but has no stats and never has given me the option to race except for the tutorial). And the Accelerometer clicker doesn't work either. Also the Auction Bids have never came up either
Now that I know that someone is reading these I will go to the effort of adding some more detail. 😁 Fun game.... Good visuals and graphic style. The addition of functions like the mine give it some nice variety over other clickers. The floor of the game send to be well paced and I like that I can pay a small amount to avoid most of the ads. One thing I don't like so much is the piggy bank system holding most of my earned block that I can't random with out paying. All and all worth a look.
Was a fun game until the updates. Now it's random mid game ads and more of a push to get you to make in game purchases.
I used to play a lot of Idle Oil Rig Tycoon, which has similar mechanics to this, so to see a new game like it, and even seeing that game be about saving the planet with recycling, is just wonderful! I've found one issue along the way so far; the dialogue box when i signed my firat contract is blank. You might wanna look into that :D
Started out as a fun game. Signed a contract for 1 hour, it timed out. Tried to sign another one, but everytime I have to watch an ad, the Toy Blast ad freezes and I have to restart the game. I've done this 6 times so far with the same result. Please fix.
Fun game to play but I keep getting loading errors when wanting to play ads,which makes me unable to sign contracts etc.. EDIT - I've update the game and I'm still having the same issue. I can do one advert then I get the circles of never ending loading and can't do any more. I did Purchased the no adds extra, could that be the issue?
Don't buy the "No Ads" addon. It charges you a different amount than what the app says AND IT DOESNT WORK. I still get Ads...
I really like the game, it's very interesting. I've actually made some decent progress on here. The auto collect is extremely helpful, as well as the no ads bonuses. The only thing that really confused me was the fact the my VIP subscription was cancelled, forcing me to buy the passes. I'm not sure if it was due to the update being as I had the funds to purchase it. Other than that, the update is awesome. Thank you for making a great game and keep up the awesome work!
The game is good and time passing. I bought the accelerometer and the problem is how to use that. There is no clicking button in that thing.
Holy 30 second ads, batman. Give me an option to pay some money to make a lot of the ads go away and I'd purchase in a second.
Enjoy the game very fun have been enjoying it but its annoying when I'm waiting on my primary container to fill to 100% and if I watch a video it resets to 62% was at 90% and watched an add and my container dropped down to 62% it happens every time I watch an add this needs to be addressed
I was going to put 4 star but 5 just for new year I was putting 4 because I can't sell when I have a contract and please put an x at the buttons so I know if it's bad money
The game overall is fun and I enjoy it. I decided that I like it so much that I purchased VIP; here is where the one star comes from. I'm not exactly sure what benefits purchasing VIP brings, ads are still present, etc.
Forced ads ruin an otherwise okay experience. Everytime you switch menus you're forced to watch an ad. Started off with just 5 seconds but now up to 30 seconds per ad. Bot worth the time, already watch loads of ads for bonuses. Why force ads as well?
BORING The developer deleted my post so ill add it back we can play the game of i add a comment and you delete my review as long as you wish. Its more entertaining than this game. So ill reiterate in case anyone missed it, this app is boring, simple reskin of all the tap tap tap games out there, with slow buildup, meh art style and just overal bland gameplay.
Ad skip is broken. Please fix. Still not fixed even though I was told to update. Even uninstalled and reinstalled which now screwed up my game. I even got to load my save but I'm stuck in the tutorial that I already finished and ad skip is still not working.
RIP OFF!!! DO NOT PAY FOR VIP AND "NO ADDS" It's a waste of your money and a BiG Lie. Guess what, you still get and use adds to get anywhere. Developers need to learn the definition of "No Adds" or go and see how Codi Games does it, with them No Adds is No Adds at all. If i could i would sue em for false advertisement.
Good app this game has a shake bin thingy voice activated as well maybe add one that responds to music
stuck at this mission "buy containers for the coast area " which one is coast area there is no name signs no where.
Good concept, but just too many ads. Ads are fine for doubling or tripling output, but getting them when you unlock other areas is just too much.
It's a great game so far the only issue I'm experiencing is the task of "collecting trash 5 times from full containers". It's been happening for 3 days now and not recognizing me collecting from full containers, both manually and all at once.
You can pay for removal of the big pop-up ads that will sometimes interrupt your flow, but will still have all the little delays and ad watching for resources doubling. The go to excuse is that "No Ads" has "disables interstitials" in small print underneath. The catch is that progression is balanced to be slow enough that watching ads becomes the only way to progress at a reasonable rate.
It's a pretty fun and unique little tycoon game about clearing trash for money, addicting because of quick progression, but then it slows down pretty quickly which is why I give 4 stars instead of fun. Becomes a grind after about 2 or 3 hours, still playing though!
Fun game that doesn't bug you when you leave it for 30sec. Looks great, easy to follow. And any features activated by the 30sec ads are timed and are only being losing time when in use, if you tap time pauses, close the app time pauses, go to a different environment in the game. Time pauses! Best feature I've seen in a idle game!
Fun game but I am stuck on eco task 25 as well. "Craft any container of its parts". I have crafted several containers now and it doesn't complete the task :(
So. I like the game and give it 5 stars. I got the no ads pack, and its working as they say. Now the no ads deal is strange. Its saying no interstitals ads. Which is exactly what it is doing. I thought it would disable All ads, aswell the watch to get a bonus ad, but no. And people, for not even 3€ you cant hope it removes ALL of the ads.
Great concept ruined by lots of long and stupid ads. For every little progress you need to watch an ad, or wait a long time. This is not a play-game, but a wait-game. Uninstalling...
Update 12/20/20: still no new version. Still dealing with same glitches throughout the game. Still very playable, but quite annoying. Look forward to seeing more updates!
Having to wait to do everything or watch an ad to automate the process for a few minutes is a pretty garbage tactic... which is probably why this game is garbage themed. Seriously the amount of 'hurry up and wait' or 'wait to speed things up' makes this unplayable so I will not support these tactics no matter how fun the game 'could be'. "Oh but the ads are not mandatory" sure they aren't, you keep telling yourself that. Just have automated upgrades and ads to speed things up, no wait to collect
did one thing pop up ad 30+sec,, i just opened the game,, think im uninstalling,, dont like forced ads, its my time not yours bye bye
I wish that you could buy the auto thin for a price so you don't have to consistatly push the button. But other than this issue this is a great game.
Every possible way to slow you down, frustrate you, beg for ads and store buy? They take it. Shame, otherwise it looked nice enough.
I pray someone sees this review before paying for anything. The "Ad free" purchase is literally theft. You still have to watch ads for everything. Plus the VIP is a waste as well. The game is fun but with watching ads being the main form progression it is useless to play given the micro transactions are cash grabs.
Fun enjoyable and not been asked to spend a penny! The game has so much content that just when I think I have done it all something else unlocks in my opinion absolutely blooming brilliant well done devs.
The last thing any idle game should be is a constant clicker game. Are developers not required to pass 1st grade? Setting is english and some words appear to be written in russian? Idle games are about the player managing while the game takes care of the work involved.
It was all good...but in the end when i got to change the compactor...whenever i chose the better compactor and go on other section... whenever i came back on main page i always got the rusty one in working instead of accelerometer or hypno etc....plz do something about it ..
Random game interrupting ads. The developer just says "buy a subscription". Yeah no. Most other idle games give you an OPTION to watch ads for bonuses. This app just interrupts you randomly all the time. Most idle apps to remove ads it's a one time purchase. This app it's a subscription. I have ZERO desire to support this annoying developer. I'm happy to pay for apps that don't attempt to annoy their customers into a sale.
Really great when it worked. Unfortunately, the game has become unplayable for me. No matter if I manually save the progress or not, the game will freeze after a variable amount of time forcing a hard quit and restart. It then starts me back at the beginning every time. I'll not likely use this app until this issue is dealt with.
I bought the silver pass doubler and it doesnt double any of my earnings, it will show 2x and ill click it and it will just deposite the correct amount so 6 bucks wasted i guess. Otherwise a fun enough game with steady progression, but if you have a paid for item in the game please make sure it actually gives you what you paid for. Furthermore, when using the quick collect button on the summary screen it depletes the storage but doesnt give any of it to the account so half the game doesnt work.
Cool concept, too ad-dependant for long term replay value. I am pretty patient with ads but this game is too much. I even bought the silver package to mitigate some of the ads and see if I could keep playing but I could not.
Liking the game so far but can't figure out how the accelerometer is supposed to work. The hypno compacter is a bit annoying as well , it's difficult to keep it going.
You were doing reasonably well. Then you put forced ads in the game. Weird choice. I guess you don't want people to play your game.
This is actually a pretty fun game. Once you get past the opening click-o-rama sand get things running idle, it's rather addictive. More customizable than many in this genre.
Its very fun and i like the game and i have trying to been collecting alot of money so i can upgrade everytging and dev i gave it 4 stars because i like it :)
It is very intertaining and help take away stress by pressing a button so that you wast energy on pushing a button instead of going off and hitting something while it also keeps you occupied inside when it is really hot outside this game is fun and very helpful with stress thank you.
I did have a problem with the ads not working as intended you would watch and ads it would not The reward for it the problem was fixed but now I purchased the ads remove or to save some time And it is not working at all I still see all ads
Lots of ads, repulsing graphics, confusing UI, unclear mechanics, a couple of elements in UI are still in Russian. Even the usual problem of idlers is more pronounced here - game progress slows down to a crawl after about an hour of the gameplay. Stay away from this one!
Very slow to start, but plenty of variety for an idle game. Curious is if theres a way to increase the value of the blocks at the market as I haven't found a way. Just to mention, my language is in English but in some parts there seems to be a mixture of of english and Russian
Cool game. Def worth 5 stars. One issue though, the only ads I see are when signing a contract or using "power-ups", I pay for no ads and still see them, not sure what I paid for because it seems like nothings changed.
Beware! Buying NO ADS you will still get ALL the ads that you got before during gameplay. Dev's explanation is a blatant legal loophole in action. I'd like my money back, please, or just the ads cut. Otherwise it's a lovely game, shame about the ads.
Great game, the racing thing needs to show up more often and I wish there was a way to keep track of the things you have to remove from each location. But my favorite game at the moment.
Was enjoying the game, then they made an update that changed everything without explanation and now I can't craft parts to upgrade my truck. Uninstalling. Shame. Edit: Am using most recent version of game and it's still a mess. No instructions on what to do or how to do it.
Paid for no ads and still get ads. What a rip off. Best part yet is I looked at the other reviews to find the same thing and the developers reply to them by saying please purchase a premium account to reduce ads. REDUCE ADS? I PAID FOR NO ADS. Huge scam don't play and don't give them your money. Add a donation button if your looking for free money. Don't scam.
Love playing the game but its not giving me my bronze chest every time i collect them And try to open them they r not in my inventory
fixed again, every time there is an incoming ad it can't be opened again, before this game was my favorite, now why is it like this, it can't be opened again, it can be opened, you have to delete data first, please fix it again if you still care about the player, thank you
I just like the game because it's a relaxing game to me it might be relaxing for you or maybe not so it'll find out if you download it so yeah
The ads are ridiculous enough, but resetting the piggy bank if I don't buy it at the right time, downright scummy
Enjoying the game always something to do, the bronze chests I can now hack .. (as before they disappeared) my gripe is I feel forced to buy gold when I worked hard for it.. I think that's unfair could you not let us watch a video for half or even a quarter .. other than that enjoying your game.
I like the game, however there are some issues later in the game that are quite annoying. What is alchemy? When I buy upgrades in the garage nothing changes in the numbers. The auction? How is it supposed to work? Why can I only go 10mil over and then get 1mil of trash max and never any special items? Also you can tap on the container and it will directly skip to the next container. Also the race opponents push the breaks mid race. Seems highly buggy, unfortunately frustrating.
Would give this a 5 but I had some unavoidable adds. Other than that, this is fun despite the name lol. I think if you like Idle clickers and general progression games, this one is fun and would recommend.
Can be fun but get forced ads. Forceds and lockednads you cant cancel LONGER than 30 seconds too. I tried this game but the forced ads and the type of ads ruine it.
Love the game. 2 things though. Last week with the christmas update I lost the coastal area. I cant even click it anymore. Second. My level on the conveyor system shows I should get 66,000 per scoop but I only receive 11000 per scoop. This all happened with last update of the game.
Ok good gm but what I don't like is that after we click many times we get lots of gold boxes ahh nice only to realise it goes directly to piggy bank really which cost real money so what's the point of clicking only to realise our hard work earned goes directly to piggy bank y guys want ur players to run which is not good for u guys also... also forced ads zzz I watch ads it's ok as it's gives rewards & also it's helps devs but forced ads wth...I hope u guys gonna make some improvement in future
Even after purchasing the No Ads, you still have to wait to turn in because of a doubler that is an advertisement. No ads should mean no ads. I like to support developers which is why I do pay for certain things.
This game feels like it was made to be frustrating. There's not really much idling, selling is frustrating and random and there's a two second timer to do anything. In addition to that there's lots of advertisements and prompts to purchase things. Really this "game" seems like a thinly veiled attempt to sell ylu useless things not provide enjoyment.
Still some bugs. Can't close the game down and I bought the no ads to support the developers but still having to watch ads. I have updated the game. Please advise.
In this game just do not make the same mistake that I did and pay to remove the ads because in this game you still get ads and the auto pump,and Garbage can they don't run by them Selfs. But Other than that it is a lot of fun.
Game deserves all negative ratings. Not every thing is in English some is not of quests are in a different language and game play and graphics are lame as
Recent update is great but I have lost the icon to the coastline since you added the christmas tree event ? I can still see the exclamation mark but no icon to travel there anymore
Good little game. I like idle tycoon games anyway but this one has lots going on. Still early days, only downloaded a few hours ago but so far so good!
I love this game and the new update, however the new racing game is 𝕖𝕩𝕔𝕣𝕦𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕝𝕪 hard. Please change or revert it.
It's a fine game. But eventually you hit a wall. Progress becomes painfully slow - your upgrades cost millions, and it takes a while to be able to afford any of them. There's plenty to do, but, you need money to do it. And money is a giant hurdle in the game. If you could upgrade the market, get better prices, or increase the price of the trash, it'd make progress not so slow.
Loved the app until the update. Now ots terrible. Things have been changed to try and get you to spend money. The mine was fun now it's awful. The whole thing is now awful. I'll be uninstalling this.