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Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by 31X Ltd located at Box 412, 19/21 Crawford Street LONDON W1H 1PJ. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good until last android update. Unplayable due to update. Dont buy it until the fix is released. If it's not fixed, I would like a refund.
Great game with a few issues... As other ppl have mentioned AI routing especially for trucks/buses is frustrating when doing complex routes. Also not sure why some places ports can be placed and not others - no proper explanation for this. I can't refit vehicles although it says you can, the option isn't available. Be nice to have more scenarios starting post 1950, especially on the easier difficulties. Would be 5* but the price given flaws is a bit high. I would still buy it again though... :)
Help Please! I love this game, play it loads. For some reason it's no longer loading on my tablet. I open the game and it just closes after the opening screen. Anyone know how I can resolve this?
You need to update for new divices because it its hard to find a map on newer devives because everything says invaild string invde exept for saved maps but other than that its fun
Buggy, with various issues displaying text and names. A warning on startup that it was designed for an older version of Android and lay not work correctly. Final nail in the coffin, it requires access to contacts, which makes no sense. Uninstalled immediately and asked for refund.
best transport tycoon ever made but semi trucks do not exist little amount of planes and not alot of trains for north america (we have alot of trains in north america)
'String index invalid' littered all over the game, making it quite unplayable on a Pocophone F1. This needs a fix asap
the game is good but the only thing it needs is more vehicles: tractor-trailers, monorails, etc. and sanbox maps: mountains, flat maps, snow maps etc.
The refit button for the planes to transport cargo, like goods or food is not there anymore like the pc version.
It's not to bad bit needs something! I feel it needs a better solo area I like to build and play but by the time I get a game plan there is 5 different things going on so I lose interest real fast
This game looks to be an almost exact copy of the original TTD pc game. For the people who are getting string index invaild, this is because this game was ported for older versions of android. Android 10 and above will have a problem with string index invaild although the game works fine with this issue. I know this information is correct as I've played this game on android since android 5.1 and the game works perfect with no string index invaild on every android OS before android 10.
Overall not a bad game for old times sake. However the lag is unbearable after getting over 80% rating in game due to the programming system unable to handle the number of vehicles.
I tried my hardest to get into this, but its just too clunky to use on mobile with a touchscreen. I recommend trying the lite version first or the OTT version
I absolutely love the gameplay of old games! This is a great port! There is one kind of annoying bug, where busses, and trains seem to get lost, and never find the station. However, if you make simple routes, it works great. I love the attention to detail that you don't find as much on mobile games these days, like how drivers will switch lanes and pass a broken down truck, instead of just driving through it like most games. There seems to be many hours of gameplay. I'd definitely recommend it!
Don't update your latest android or it will be crash. I did on my iPhone. I think the author is bankrupt so, they won't be any update about it. I love this game very much. Hope there will be any game like this that suitable to the latest android update.
I've played the lite version of this game before purchasing, and though the lite version doesn't have all the scanerios, I liked both. It was worth purchasing this. But, please update it. For example, like maybe, after the 20th Century, it won't say any vehicles are invented. Please update it. I am only rating in 4 stars because it was worth purchasing. Try to add fictional vehicles to make it more fun.
My childhood is complete now that Transportation Tycoon is back. I burned a lot of hours on this game growing up.
Recently it keeps crashing. Perhaps due to latest Android update. Anyway, this game doesn't seem to be maintained :(
Good transport game. but it slows down when you pass the 2000 mark. nothing much is made pass 2000. The only things made past 2000 is the two floor airplane and maybe the combi tram. If you were to ask me you should consider adding trailer trucks and adding more real life scenarios then the USA, the UK, and Switzerland. Also, have you considered adding something to do with aluminum?
had high hopes for the game, love the original series, but the game barely runs on new hardware, I'm using a Note 10+ running Android 10 and it's struggling to display stuff correctly and lots of errors, "text string invalid" on a lot of names and stuff, seeing how it hasn't been updated in 5 years I had to refund it, I'm guessing developers and Chris have given up on this Android port
I have played the original Transport Tycoon game for PC, as well as Locomotion. This port works really well, however I have to say if you get this game, read the instructions. I sadly also wish the game could be added to my Family Library however I bought it outside the cutoff period. It is definitely worth the money anyway, so I'd recommend buying it.
loved the transport tycoon series and Locomotion. this could have been great, but why why why despite waypoints do my trains keep taking the wrong tracks. You almost have to build exclusive lines
Having played the original game for many hrs on my pc I thought this would be a great purchase. However, it's nothing like the original. The graphics are pretty poor. The controls are very clumsy. The map is so zoomed in you can't get an overall picture of what's happening or where you are in the game. The fact that there is no free play as such makes it even worse. The ai is pretty dim witted and slow at lot of the time. Overall very disappointed with this purchase.
Love this game and enjoy it. How ever does need a update and should be able to buy other companys out
Love Locomotion and Transport Tycoon, but this is a mediocre and outdated port. I for example had the names of scenarios not showing. And it is not made for taller screens like my 21:9 display, lot of wasted space for UI(Which also could use improving). Refunded quickly, hope they can at least provide a small update with fixes.
bought it, played it for a bit, uninstalled it, now it says it's not compatible with my device, what the hell? Also some weird pathfinding making the game kinda tideous
They need to do a update to the trains like they need to add the gg1 the SD40dash2 the sd70ACe the p42 amtrak and they need to add the track test train for Northfork Southern. So it is ok.
Would be lovely except the pathfinding is worthless. You can't run multiple trains on one track, can't do sidings, can't do round-a-bouts, rail signals are worthless, lost trains, vehicles, and trams everywhere. If you keep it crazy simple you can make it work, but otherwise meh. Also, sometimes cities seem to grow crazy fast (sleep hamlet to metropolis in 10 years). Would be fine if the game was free or $1.99, but at $6.99 I expexted functionality close to or better than OTT.
Could you guys add options for screen resolutions? It's very annoying that I can't zoom out much. On a full 1080 HD device you should be able to zoom out more. Other then that, I played this game a loooot on the pc. If I could zoom out more I would play it on my phone.
This game needs a sequel with modern vehicles. This game is a masterpiece . Honestly so simple yet fun.
Great trip down memory lane with this game , yeah there are a few tweaks needed but overall very good - since recent android update the game needs updating itself, it has lost data in the process of the android update .
Ahhh the memories! Controls are a little funky at times but so faithful to the original pc game. Love it
Good for when you are really bored or on a ttain journey. Maybe try the lite version before. It would be nice if somebody still managed the game and did some updates once in a while. I would recommend this to people who are a fan of trains, buses, lorries, ships and planes. Just needs updating, bring new trains in please. You can go on for ever but it's kind of silly as nothing new comes after the year 2000 and we are now in 2016 or even another year (depends when you are reading this). Also try the pc version OpenTTD.
Very good game, but there are some issues with train routing, when I create intersections, the train ends up on the wrong station.
I love this game. Please make more vehicles. Make 18 wheelers or trucks that can carry 1 millions of resources. Make bigger airplanes like the Boeing 737 or bigger.
Game is fine, but on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, all variable names (scenario titles, stations, vehicle names) are listed as "String Index Invalid", which severely detracts from the experience. I got a refund because of this. If this doesn't bother you, go for it!
Add a mode where you can make your own map! Also add cab and trailer trucks (your logo has them), and add more vehicles past 2000.
Obviously, like anyone else, the bug. The A.I was really stupid. My bus always circling around the same building. The game was great not going to deny that but fix the bug and i give you a better review.
As a spiritual successor of Transport Tycoon, it is awesome that Locomotion got ported to Android platform. Sadly, the game provides you with less comfortable experience compared to the pc version. The construction is clumsy, and pathfinding is abysmal. Trucks getting stuck in a loop, while they cannot follow waypoints that you provide them. If issues that plague this game could be addressed, it would be a much more enjoyable experience!
i have "string index invalid" issue...and i allready email the dev but its not solved yet. can u guys help this issue
This game is still the best transport tycoon i have ever played on android way back when this was released. I hope they can still update this game. Edit the game works but this " string index " issue is making me confuse. app is outdated.
It worked great until my phone did an update to android 9.0.Now every scenario is listed as "string index invalid ".And all my stations are listed as "string index invalid "also.Please help.
Brilliant port... or it was (hence only 3 stars). Was my favourite game on mobile / tablet for ages and I'd still love it now if it worked properly. Unfortunately, as android has evolved, the game seemingly hasn't. Now full of bugs and errors that weren't there before, and it still works great on my old tablet, so it's clearly a compatibility issue on newer devices rather than bad coding. Please update... it's still a brilliant game, and remains just about playable.
I really wanted to like this, but it's very much a stripped back, less good version of the original. But the worst part is that the controls are so unintuitive. Things take ages to build because the interface is inefficient, and even simple stuff, like deleting a cargo station , I can't figure out how to do. Thoroughly disappointed, and a little bit annoyed really. Wish I hadn't bought it.
An excellent adaptation of an excellent game for mobile, everything is readable and elements on screen are large and easy to tap, this is how an adaptation should be
A 5/5 game with a 1/5 bug. The pathing AI for the AI is horrible. They will drove halfway around the map if you connect the roads for the sake of two stops a town away from each other. Fix this and I'll play more and rereview, but this issue is game breaking.
Still working great on Android 10. Was a bit worried looking at the other reviews but this is still working on Mt Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020! So happy 😀 The first thing I do is switch the music back to the classic midi music 😎
I play all the scenarios and deliver goods as instructed however I can never seem to earn profit, loan interest is too high and eventually puts me into debt. Is there not a free play mode available?
Still a great game to play with loads of fun hours to be had. Dropped a star as it warns that my screen is not supported (s9+) which it isn't. But as a paid app and my phone is a few Years old this needs updating. Still playable but annoying.
Quite a few bugs relating to continuing an existing track so it is easy to end up with hidden gaps that make your trains change direction. Trains also turn back if you have a requirement for a 3rd rail but not all track laid has it. should be an alert if a train can't physically go to a waypoint. overall great game despite bugs and poor instructions and super slow for huge maps with lots of trains. Needs random maps of moderate size for freeplay. Ships, aircraft & trucks/buses hopelessly lost!
I understood why people rate the Lite version very low, due to the fact for "2 year scenarios" but I bought this and loved it and played it for 3-4 years!
Very good game to pass the time, especially if there's no internet. It may be old but it is brilliant and addictive with lots of different modes to play with a variety of modes. I didn't regret purchasing this at all.
I've played this game for hundreds of hours. Love it. Unfortunately after the last android update it will not play correctly. Too bad.. Hopefully this gets fixed
All i can say is this is the number one Transportation game. No other game comes clse to this in gameplay and controls. Even though the graphics are old looking i think it adds to the game its like minecraft it maybe old looking but damm it does not matter its all about Gameplay. And tge price is 100% worth it no extra cash needed just buy and play. 5 stars my dudes you done a outstanding job.
It was working fine till recently but now it says string invalid could you please write an update for the game so it works correctly as this is a great game if it ran ok
Great game, would absolutely recommended it. It's only down fall is graphics, but bad graphics are to be expected from old games.