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TransPlan for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Kittehface Software located at 410 W Pierce St Houston, TX 77019. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Throughly enjoyed. Right length and difficulty, and if you're willing to be creative you can outwit the game towards the end too, for that extra satisfaction.
Great concept, you just have to do exactly what the game designers want you to do or else you'll have a hard time. A really, really hard time. For example, on level two. I tried swiping the block out of the way. Nope. Gotta drag the eraser to it. Same effect, different outcome and really overcomplicated.
I've almost finished it... I never had to use the "get a hint" button (to even see what it does), but the game is challenging enough!
Reason for 3star: please provide an option to select landscape n portrait... It disturbing all the time... :)
The only reason this game is so low rated, is because they don't have a bunch of fake people providing five stars. Don't let the corporations fool you, this is a great game!
I love it and recommend game Transplan for everyone who likes logic games. Simple and clean "pen on paper" design. Shortly, a physics works great, I haven't found any unpredictable behaviour ;)
Second level, drag the eraser. This game is awesome. Apart from level 2, everything is explained to you as you go, with an appropriate level of difficult progression.
The loading time is completely unacceptable for a phone game only for me to get to the menu and have the game be unresponsive to touch. If I can make a cup of tea in the time it takes to load up, I might as well load up a real game.
...in the sense that they don't really give you a ton of instructions or anything like that - but if you're clever, you'll breeze through most of the levels no problem. tip: the eraser is a usable tool.
The rules are pretty simple, and generally that is a good sign. Nevertheless this is not an easy game. It requires good problem solving skills. Much better than hop and jump games.
The game is addicting, cool concept, however it drains battery and i can use stylus (S pen). I also cant lock the orientation.
I don't understand why this isn't higher rated. I mean, out of all these puzzle and jumping games that have higher ratings this one is just better
Motivates you to get creative or analytical, depending on what you're comfortable with, to complete levels. A fantastic underrated playstore gem. Make moar levels pls
Great simple physics game but easily compleated it in about 30mins of game play... If you can get through the first levels of the game (up to the master II section) with out useing hints, you can use all of the collected hints to "buy" your way to completion. I had 'round 20 hints left over at the end. Please make more!
Controls are finnicky and need to be bery precise. Menu bugs, but is fixed by restarting. Good game but could use some tweaking for this phone I guess.
fix the over-sensitive portrait/landscape roll and this gets 5 stars, easy. as it stands its annoying to constantly shift between the 2 layouts esp when laying down on your side trying to relax w an awesome game other than that totally worth a paid version
The aesthetic is great. Music is well written, and the physics make sense. The level design is awesome. You can tell the level designers got to know the physics pretty well before making levels. The levels seem to be a product of them just playing around with the physics of their game. There are some fun exploits. You can (with a bit if dex) do some fun wizardry by using the eraser or pin tool on moving blocks. Or you can click on a random piece and hit undo to manipulate the physics.
Playing it with my 7 year old daughter, she's learning patience, and gets so excited when she finally figures it out. Levels are challenging, and there's usually more than one way to solve a level. There's even hints, but we've only used 2 so far. *****SUGGESTION: make the eraser easier to use*****
but not too challenging. Don't waste those hints! They are very useful in the more complicated levels. Very fun game.
It seems to me you can't get past level 2 without giving permission for access to contacts game seems interesting though. I uninstalled
I have tried all the drawing style physics games - most are copy paste code probably from but hub then rammed with ads and pointless! This is well made, nice music, sure there are ads but they arrive between levels and not overintrusive. Well done. It will need more levels in future updates to retain your customer base. Apart from that - WELL DONE for showing the others that you can make a great fun Freemium game without taking the **** and exploiting players ;) :)
Fun brain-teasers that challenge your spatial reasoning. You touch blocks to drop them. You drag the pin to blocks to hold them up. You drag the eraser to blocks you want to remove. It's that simple (hint: with long blocks the pin can be a hinge or fulcrum). The end is a little anti-climactic. You complete all the levels and then... and then there's no more to do. You're done.
I like how you can solve each puzzle in various different ways. I hope they come up with more levels.
I found a great blend of a smart interface, physics challenges, puzzle solving and some luck. Puzzles were graduated, taking you on a learning journey. Typical duration for a single puzzle was about optimal of 1 to 5 minutes, just right to fill those occasional idle moments. When is the next edition due out? Can't wait.
I have no idea why this game is not rated higher. It is a brilliant little time waster. I love the look and the ads are not intrusive.
This is a wonderful puzzler with interesting physics. Unlike many others, the physics engine in this game has a certain variability. Friction also influences the objects' behaviors. There are often creative solutions that accomplish the goal in far fewer moves than allotted. Highly recommended.
Had fun with it but I found it kinda short and also hints I still have 30 left D: there are to many and one of the master lvls with the right timing you can do lvl in much less moves :p
absolutely loved so much about this game. being lazy. wanted to up this rating. it in no way deserves to be as low as it is.
This game has very simple graphics, but is very well programmed, the few game principles can be grasped quickly (my 7 years old nephew loves it) and this provides a lot of fun even with the most difficult levels. Every level is a challenge, the progress is well orchestrated and there's plenty of good ideas in the game. I only wish there were more levels to play.
Pencil-style graphics is amazing, I loved it. The levels physics feel very real. There's a good amount of levels, enough for a lot of amusement, but not too many (I don't like games which never end). The controls are not always straightforward, especially when you have to pin things near the screen borders, but hey... If you love the genre, go and get this one!
Only reason for low score was that the first level I needed to use hints on (pin and win) even after getting all 5 hints the puzzle still didn't solve the puzzle (which is probably why I couldn't figure out solution). Block won't launch so I can't advance
Fun simple and original game but it needs some small tweaks. 1. Some of the first levels r confusing such as number 2 when u month not know to drag the eraser. Same with the pin.
More puzzles please! Really love this game! So more puzzles please. It would be a little more challenging if you had less hints. Then you'd really have to save them. The very last puzzles weren't as hard as the first of the back 9. Really great thanks.
This game has the most useless introduction to game mechanics levels I have ever played. Developers need to do some work on the tutorials, seriously.