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Transomnia Horror Gamebook

Transomnia Horror Gamebook for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Prime Games Bulgaria located at Brezovska 34 Str, R-N TSENTRALEN, Office 4 4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very fun and intriguing. Could use some editing of the writing as it can be a little difficult to understand easily at certain parts.
Great story. Could do with a way of skipping some of the longer text quickly once you've read it before.
Please make the translation into spanish, both I and other people who speak spanish and who do not fully understand english, we would enjoy it if it were in Spanish. Thanks for your attention
?... Overall, this is a great little game; although it IS little - the adventure is very short, despite having multiple different endings. This adversely affects the replay value, which is the reason I'm only giving it 3 stars... Admittedly, the character development could do with some work, and it would be bigger and more immersive with even more paths to choose from. But this is a very unique gamebook; there's nothing else quite like it for free, it's dice system is actually really good (and simple) - adding an element of struggle to the adventure - and the BGM is some of the best I've ever heard, adding a much-needed level of atmospheric tension as you're reading. It kind of reminds me of Stephen King's "The Mist", and is at least worth checking out. Hopefully they make another one like this - but bigger, so there could be more replay value. ?
I think this game has huge potential. There's a solid idea for a story, it's just not quite all-the-way fleshed out yet. As for the language, yes, there's a few issues here and there, but please remember THE WRITER IS TRILINGUAL! I'm sure it's tough to move from language to language with the greatest of ease. Minor typos and phrasing problems aside, the only real issue I have is the depth of the story. I understand the storyline is supposed to be very simplistic, in order to allow the reader to sort of let their imagination fill in the gaps, but I feel like there's very little resolution, character development or clarity. Again, that could be just English wording. HOWEVER! It's a solid start for a beautiful story that's shades of Lovecraft. There's lovely illustrations, an interesting gamebook format, that blends elements of Dungeons & Dragons, Choose Your Own Adventure books and a pinch of Ry'leh goodness. Seriously, Bulgarian writer person, you did lovely. Don't let the appstore snobs get you down. Hope you do another one soon! :)
Its very different compared to other CYA games I've played. I love how ur stats are randomised,even if you can be at a disadvantage. Over all,its very well made and makes me want more like this. Keep doing great work like this!
It's good and all but the words and some sentences are a bit exaggerated its too much. You don't have to use exaggerating words especially on chapter 1.
It was good if a little short...by the way us there only one ending....spoilers When you escape your wife at the end
Ah… My Adventure's end at last… Didn't get a chance to know who is ''HE'' though. But it's a good game!
Absolutely loved this game, any fan of HP Love crafts style of horror will love the story line. Its creepy, twisted and you never really know what's about to happen. As for it being a game book I definitely think it deserves a top ranking. I'm a huge fan of Joe Devers Lone Wolf series and although very diffirent I found it extremely entertaining and anyone reading this at night while lying next to your sleeping wife is, no doubt gonna get chills. Great job to the developer and hope to see much more of your work in the future.
Played this game in bed, next to my sleeping wife, during a nasty thunderstorm. My black little heart loved every second of it :)
I overall enjoyed this adventure, it was able to keep me interested for much long then some other games of this types, plus the occasional graphic does not completely destroy the image and imagination in the reader's/adventurers head but help build it! My only complaint is that I want more! I recommend this to anyone who likes a story that suits their decisions and likes a little tension with there reading material!
Overall the GUI was nice. I like the dev provided return button to menu when I read the help section. Great for iPhone's user. The ambience was nice, would be great if dev team can add different BGM for surviving scene which is rolling the dice. Sound effect too. More graphic to help players immerse themselves in the game. Different gender and role options would be awesome. The depicted monsters not scary enough. I know dev team can do way much better! Keep it up dev team! I like it so far. Keep developing and improve in future!?
Decent little game, could definitely do with a proofreader since the flow interrupts the immersion. I can help with that as well, since I edit and write for a living. :) Otherwise, nice lovecraftian plot, a little similar to the type of ending he goes for, but for those not used to it, it will be a novelty. Hope you guys continue to make in the future!
The text is huge and there are mistakes that take me out of the story. This would work better if it were a little less wordy and more visuals. It's hard to read that much text on a tiny phone screen.
I feel that the game has some great ideas where it is going and that the story has been well thought out. However, there are a lot of minor grammatical errors that pull me out of the story. "You're" in place of "your" really disrupts the flow as I try to figure out what is intended. This is a pretty big deal for a text-based game, but not enough to convince me to stop playing it.
Great but parts seem buggy. I had an instance were I had to roll my strength or higher for one instance and lower than it for another. Yet I rolled my exact strength and it still thought I rolled it lower.
Sori to say this but it sucks, plotwise. It lacks a satisfactory ending, it's like ending w/ a cliffhanger. Like a killjoy in the midst of something intense, made me wonder what the hell just happen. However, it's pretty eye catching so there's still hope in this, graphic-wise.
Unfortunately, the game is not expressive as it does not tell what the hell is going on. Most of the outcomes are random . Hated it !
I played the game for a week now the story is amazing its just that its kinda short I died like 20 times already and I believe I got all the endings but is there a good ending to this game because all of my endings is me dying
Not bad. There is an instance where the word "piece" is used instead of "peace," and the main character only received $200 as an advance for his book - a crazily small sum for a full novel. Little things like that creep up and disturb the inner school teacher in me. Overall I really like this story and would (and have) recommend it to friends. I'm interested in future apps and would be willing to pay up to $4.99 for them, provided the spelling and small errors improved. EDIT: World War I! Oh my gosh, I am dumb - I don't know why but I thought this was during the Korean Police Action! Please disregard the $200 comment - I had my timeline completely off and am going to replay the game right now! I am not smart... Still a very good game and I stand by my comment that I would pay to play the sequels because of the quality of story-telling.
It's good but so many avenues go to the same area story wise. I scroll fast due to repetition and no matter what, you wake and die
Simply too short with no check points. Don't get me wrong the apps worth getting only problem was I didn't realise the end was the end and consequently ended up replaying it for a more hopeful end. It great don't get me wrong but great in the way you read a book and after the first chapter it's ruined by spilt tea. It just needs more.
The game uses a dice system, making it a bit too random for an adventure, at times, what results in having to restart it too many times to advance in the plot. Unfortunately, that's not the game's main problem, the plot itself is. It's very short, there is no character development, there's no development of anything, actually (no explanation of what happened to the world, or the main character's companion, or what is the source of the horror). The ending is, also, very cliché, for anyone used to HP Lovecraft's storytelling style.