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Traitor Free - WW2 FPS

Traitor Free - WW2 FPS for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pigfrog Entertainment located at 8 Bristol Avenue LE40HL Leicester UK. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I dont want to look bad but I cant even beat the TUTORIALL can you just add somthing like skip because I want to get in to the reall action and if you do add that ( or make it easier ) I will change the review to 5 Stars because it does deserve 5 stars and sorry If I hurt your feeling but stay cool (;
I have taken another look at this game and after the update it became a good mission and I am now waiting for the follow up missions. πŸ‘
Its good but its only 3 levels so i try to download full traitor and then it app not installed ): and i think this is demo thats why its only 3 levels
This game is great and I had a great time playing. My only complaint is the controls which can be fiddley at times, but still this is a great game
Pig Frog entertainment I love this game so much. but there is a game mode the downloaders would like that I need to post if if you do actually put the game mode. You would add a type of sandbox type of game mode to TRAITOR FREE I think this will improved the game to the downloaders if the game were to have a sandbox it would need all the weapons maps and uniforms like the game itself and of course the maps it would also be nice if you could include soldiers that can follow in any number
I spent hours and hours getting enraged everytime I died but I have memorised every single scenario, everything, but it was so satisfying to play and beat,it was amazing because there is an exact way to do it and 1 way to do it, however there are a few problems like in basement ride there is a wall that gets shot through and the accuracy of the bots is way too good and should be turned down the slightest bit and if you were to remaster this I think it would amazing as well as new levels.
Great game but if you want to shoot good then you should lower your sensitivity alot. And where is the final level?
I uninstalled this game after 1 minute of playing because its controls are extremely bad and the graphics aren't good.PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME PLAYING THIS!! If the developper wants me to install this game again they need to fix the controls and the graphics so I feel dissapointed by installing this game.And why do they want to access my phone calls and my private information????
I love the idea of the game, but please put some hints for example level 3 is way too hard so I had to stop.
good graphics... but I can't play level 4 as it shows that the due date is on 01.11.2018 and it's 8.07.2020. please look into this matter and solve it... I am uninstalling this
great game so far. currently on level 2 right before you take out the radioman and go loude. been trying for a minute but its very sifficult, requires precise planning and execution. definatly reminds me of old school late 90s shooters. am disappointed to hear there are only 3 levels. lots of potential here, I wanna see it flushed out.
This game is one of the most under rated games I've played. When they put this out the graphics and game where years ahead if it's, Seriously. It's very well done and takes a while. It's Definitely at least worth a look so you can see what I'm talking about. To bad Pigsfoot Devlp. have'nt put some thing else out they have good enough team to do it, oh well!
Controls are too clunky. Sensitivity is broken. Too many ads. This game has the most potential as a WW2 campaign game out of all the WW2 games in the Play Store. Please fix. Looking forward to the future updates.
Game is good but progress is not saved. Have to play the game in one go. Alarm systems are too reactivate little motion is easily detected and getting killed by agents. Please fix it- less reactivate alarms and saving progress...
Its so nostalgic i remember playkng this when i was 5 lol couldnt get past tutorial too confused but i downloaded it again i finishshed the basement ride but its 2020 we need the new mission pls this game still be popular if you fix some glitch and can put an ad like 1 hour in the game while doin missions cuz watching an ad to unlock new mission is annoying :/ and THANKS !!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
One of the only games i have seen with stealth mechanics on the app store, the controls aren't too good, this is basically sneak thief for phones, overall the good is good but needs better controls
It's a good game but the sensitivity of the is bad cause i need to swipe it more than 10 times.But it's okay the worst thing is the level. It say Jan 2018 but this is year 2020. But overall it was so good and fun.So make the best.
This game is great very different from other games the name is cool, the graphics are cool, and not very high in size.
I love this game. It has that old PS2 vibe to it while still maintaining decent graphics and a solid fps count. The atmosphere is great and I love sneaking around with that feeling that if i get caught there is no hope. In this game, stealth is not an option, and you are forced to play by the rules in a fun and entertaining way. I do not understand why it has been two years and they have not released another free level, though. It would be much appriciated if more levels were created.
I like the game but on level 2, von Manstein, is impossible as you don't get ammo for the luger so you can't kill annyone without raising the alarm and if the alarm is raised then you fail
Too good, but, soo bad. The tutorial is absolutely garbage, If u fail one time u lost u syringe and have to restart all the tutorial. The gameplay its clunky. But, I like stealth games, 'cause this u (developer) will get 2 star uhuuuuu. Edit: u have to restart all the game
Very good game, but I don't know how to get ammo for silenced pistol without raising the alarm in the second level, I found no tutorials.
Hey devs, after the basement ride mission it said that the next mission will be released in 2018 and it's been 2 years now. I hope you come back to this game and finish it. Concept is very unique and never seen any mobile game like it. Perhaps fixing the sensitivity and controls will be better too. I really hope devs continue developing this game.
Controls are pure rubbish there in the wrong places and you can't change that if you could this game could have been a good game not great just good but the way it stands steer clear don't waste your time.
I think that this has lots of potential, and is a very good game. My only issues are sometimes the controls seem iffy such as the looking system, it feels slow and clumsy, or the syringe won't work. Looking forward to more levels in the future.
This game is wonderful. Ignore the lower reviews, it's just basically complaining how they have to watch an ad once, I mean the developer is giving away this game for free. I guess watching an ad once in a while doesn't hurt and would also help the developer.
Make more game. Gather more crew and defeat call of duty ww2. You should put save point in the game. I don't know where to go so i search in google.but nothing i google and i return to game and it RESTART FROM BEGINNIG OF THE MISSION. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT
this game is hard to unterstand until you get the hang of it. it is very entertaining game if you like games such as human. the controls are a bit iffy but a must download. very interested style of game. I like the graphics it makes you fell like you were playing call of duty world at war or the older ones. very good game.
Mmmmmm, Level 2 is impossible! When you get ino the building you spawn with no ammunition for the silenced Luger! When you shoot the MP-40 the alarm is raised. But still, a great game.
WARNING-DO NOT INSTALL! There taking your personal info and somehow officers and gestapo agents recognize you! They just used hacks to reach lvl 4. If you cant get past tutorial, to shoot the guy in cover just double tap. Kill the gestapo in the garage. The cheato enteracne is round back. Level 2 is to much writing. Level 3 is impossible
Great concept! But poorly executed. First of all, there should be NO ads, no exception. second of all, shooting should be on the right side or have option to change. Did you know the luger and mp40 use the same Ammunition? Dont give me "we need to balance it because its a suppressed weapon." that is the most asinine arguement I have ever heard. Now What I mostly hate is the non-fade red screen when youre hit. cant see dik and what is with this jerk up motion when your hit, ruins the game. Fix it!
This game is AWESOME I played the demo when I was 4 and got bought the full version when I was 8 I'm 9 about to be 10 and this folks is some nostalgia here! If you having a hard time completing the level remember that there is a easy mode!
Its a good game. (Hard tho) But where is the new free level? You said it will be in 2018 Its been 3 years!
I love this game is super cool sometimes I love killing some soldiers yeah 5 stars for you dev and also how to unlock three more levels after you win basement ride this is 2020 so unlock these three level please.
Good mechanics, and fun, but it could use some more controls polishing. But, my biggest complaint, at the moment is that every time I have restarted a mission, I start with an for only one weapon, and it needs to be reloaded. This is especially frustrating because I need a stealth weapon to do the mission I'm on (the second one!) And I do not have one, and cannot get one! Design fail!
Only problem I Ave most of the mission you of to be silently that throws it off but otherwise from that real real good game
Direction control on the right side of screen: Horizontal motion max sensitivity is not sensitive enough. And when I'm moving it horizontally, why does the motion bob up and down? Gives me a headache. And screen text is so small, it's such a strain to read. Uninstalled for now.
After tutorial It says watch video I press watch and it say video skipped can't open next level 😠😠😠😠
I did like this game a lot however the reason I took of one star is the issue that it seemed when I needed help in the game from youtube my level design was different and making an escape impossible as the officer would always see you regardless.
The gameplay is great and challenging, and the only thing that I could recommend is the updates for the content. 2 years have passed and no new content has added. Hope you for the best!
Sensitivity are a messed up, but idk if the new chapters are already made, but i didn't have any new chapters when it said it will be relased 2 years ago. But you say that it can be unlocked by watching the ads.
It is impossible it's so hard but I like the game nice graphics and Nice except the difficultness It is so hard in the 2nd Mission where do I shoot them from the ware house?
Very good game, the graphics are good, but why do you have to double tap to shoot? And the sensitivity is worse. But overall, this game deserved 5 stars.
The tutorial is kinda hard you have to take down the agent and you cant get his unifor or something and you can equip the uniforms exeot of the agent's and the mission fails when that happens you cant just make a tutorial hard for a game becuse it made me rage quit
The game itself is very nice, but at least putting the other three levels wouldn't be bad. Please fix it and I'il put five stars.
Its a very good game.But level 3"basement ride" IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!, I may have overreacted but the basement is very hard.
Top shelf game but on level 2 I don't have any syringe or Luger ammo in my inventory. I uninstalled and downloaded the game again and the same glitch again..
This game is really fun but it's a little tricky in the beginning but it's super fun when you get used to it. One thing I think should be changed is level 3 I've been on it for about a week and it's super hard. If they changed that it would be even beter but this game is super fun and you must get it
its like igi freedom fighter and any old games but is so instresting game i like this grafhic and smooth and fps nice please devalop new its like games i like yehhh
It's good but it'sgonna be perfect if u can ad multiplayer an the player can make there own level oh and also add aming
Loved the game! but it seems they are not updating the game anymore, anyway if they read this i had bit trouble with look sensitivity (vertical is higher than horizontal) hope they will fix itπŸ™
The overall idea of a campaign for mobile is brilliant, and I wish there were more. That, however, is the ONLY reason I gave it more than 1 star. The controls are complete rubbish. You have to swipe 10 times just to turn a 90 degree corner. It's almost impossible to aim, because it's too sensitive and you shoot everything but the target, or you cant move hardly at all and you get killed after 2 shots. I beat "Basement Ride" & it told me the next level unlocks in Jan 18, last year! Has potential.
The game play is intriguing and it has the foundations of being original. Plus its not a sketchy cash grab title like SuperWw2AgentCommandoDude or something of the sort. No it has a lot of potential and I implore YOU developer to not give up on this. The controls need a little bit of a rework and there's a bug with the tutorial where the syringe dissappears to where you can't knock out the officer. Overall I have high hopes for this title. Best of wishes.
The gameplay was absolutely amazing! Well done, this is very challenging, and I love hard challenging games like this. 😁😁 It's that great, that it should be a sequel to it! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Yeah I liked this game but I hate the update cuz you need to watch a ad to get a mission. Please remove where you need to watch a ad to unlock a mission
This game has a lot of potential, but it is very frustrating. First of all, the AI is too hard, even at easy setting. It is also extremely difficult to figure out what to do. I could not get past the second mission because it was extremely difficult to figure out what to do.
This game is very good graphics are decent gameplay is awesome but it's hella hard like I've been trying to beat the first mission for hours and it sucks cuz I can't use the silencer and Everytime when I use the loud gun it sets off the alarm but still good game nonetheless
If you want to play the diffulest game as a spy you have to have this. No hanging issues i had a 2 gb ram tablet but dont stop best game best spy experience real spy experience. With everything i played many and most games but no one like this the call of duty mini.......
The game didn't really aged well,AI is weird at times,And its all just trial and error,The ammo you get from the last level doesn't load in the next one,The levels are pretty linear,Some other ways to go to a room but nothing much, Tutorial is very basic which doesn't cover a lot of things in the game
Ok I really like this game but one thing about it is what I dont like the looking. It's just so complicated that it gets annoying to. Maybe can you guys make it better? Overall this game is great it kinda a little bit reminds me of Wolfinstien.
Good story line but leaks missions only 6 I think but long mission from level 3 Good graphics even in low end devices works will in Samsung s2 galaxy without lag no payment but some ads to unlock level or save points but can be improved in gameplay by make store like office in us or uk traveling by plane jumb to training long story line some improve in adjustable slow walking more advanced aim setup its hard on player against boots while not equal its touch screen not mouse,potions,clash&spy
I might like the game but when basement mission are very hard I don't think I can pass but this is great game! Well graphic wasn't really beautiful, hope this five stars will help you a lot :-)
this need more missions. you literally said youre going to make more missions by november of 2018 but it is already august of 2020. i wonder if you lied or its been two years and you havent even bulged a single millimeter... but aside from that, it is good and challenging!
I loved it so far but I'm stuck where you have to drag the body and I can't because my phone is really cracked in that spot so can you please in the options add where you can move the buttons to different areas. If you do that I'll give you five stars