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Training Hero

Training Hero for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by DAERISOFT located at #1013,10F,Byucksan Digital Valley 5-cha Gasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 08513 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Total dross and not worth the time. You will be watching ads more than actually "playing" the game which consists of a few skills that take forever to level up, and gacha that is entirely equipment related. Copies of each item are needed to rank them up. 4+ at a time. Do the math on the pull rates. Graphics are minimal and actual gameplay is again nothing. Buhbye.
Low quality. Low effort. 2003 graphics. Raid shadow legends clone. Utter brainmelting garbage. Fit only for idiot children. Why does Google allow this? Because it extorts money.
Cool game but you messed up by putting in an energy system with numerous other payed content you are already getting paid plus the adds. Your greed killed this games massive potential. You only wanted whales though and im sure you get em'. Bye!
The game feels very shallow with very little to do. The pacing of the game is slow and tedious with heavy focus on the purchasing of gear using in-game currency. If that wasn't enough to dampen the mood, ads are everywhere. You can reduce watching ads by buying in-game currency. Sadly you will still be watching ads to get more diamonds. No social aspects, friends list or chat, there is a guild option at level 15 but too bored to care. Developer response shows they lack reading comprehension.
The game play is standard, but this game doesn't take much time to play, just note for some "game time" when we got bonus in mail...what I like is, we could play it totally free and upgrade my VIP..but maybe you could improve good equipment chance, I combine 8 unit 6 star weapon, but keep getting the same equip..and maybe you could add "Friends" and "Chat" feature, send gift (chance to get 1-3 star equip or pet maybe)
I thought the reviews exaggerated, I was wrong. The gameplay is very slow, and I mean VERY, maybe it gets faster later on but it didn't hook me enough to continue until that point. Also after doing some stages after the tutorial, the gems I received at the beginning disappeared, my rating isn't affected by this, just wanted devs to know something might be wrong.
Quickly thrown together game as a cash grab. What kind of gacha game shows ads between x amount of stages. Bad animation, lazy gameplay. Ratings probably come from bots
The experince is good and all but there is a bug in the tier section. As i was going to get to tier 7 it was showing i needed to spend 61 more diamonds so i bought a sword with 100 diamonds and went to check my tier then it started to show that i need 191 more diamonds to spend to go to next tier.... please fix this bug.My game id is 16_p4108 and gpg is (7.1.8),105 and please compensate my extra diamonds that i had to spend.
I love it, I always get good gear no problems or lag the pet training is a little hard but fun I also love elite training this is my favorite RPG out all the one I play also it doesn't take up that much space at all
Pulls and leaderboards this is pretty much all i wanted in a game. Only thing that's not making this a gem is more personalisation in stats. Could introduce 'class traits' to further diversify weapon skills and combat. Knight+ice king would be dif than bruiser +ice king ect. Extra hp per 3rd hit or crit dmg doubled could change descion in what you're hopin to pull . help the top 10 not look like family lol
Good experience so far. Got 2 6* purely base on gacha luck, something you wont experience on any other game. Really helps me climb to a higher rank in arenas. Just a few things to consider. .. when grinding for skill items better put some indicator on how many items you've collected. .. More quests like for weekly/monthly. Also add some achievement rewards. .. guild wars will be also exciting Overall. Im satisfied. The vip system is new to me and i liked it very much. Keep up the good work
Always training. I have been always training for 2 months now. Its getting old just alot of pvp. All this training and for what. Can we add a story mode or a great evil to battle.
I can't even get out of the tutorial.. keeps giving me black screen. Edit: I'm still having the same problem and now I can't even open equipment
Game OBVIOUSLY tried to encourage spending, becoming WAY too tough to play quickly. Even sadder, if you spend diamonds for gear you have a chance to still get weak gear (1 star) which is a greedy move to make. I'll keep trying to see if it gets better, but this is an obvious cash trap at the beginning. Edit: Tried a bit longer, seems like after the 1st clear gear chance actually goes down, and combining gear is the ONLY way to get stronger without paying. Tried for 10 more minutes, uninstalling.
The only thing i like about it is the bgm music. Rest? Well... You got the first worst mobile game of the year, i guess. Pretty boring. Slow. And no particularly interesting feature whatsoever. Plus, they leave you with 2 stamina after the tutorial and the entirety of it only gives about 6 exp out of 100 so you can level up.
The dev team answered very quickly the questions, and that's a lot, the game still has room for a lot of improvement but it's entertaining and not very complicated, you can choose your play style depending on the armor and the pet, I would love a skill tree, that could make it a bit more interesting, still very good game, with lots of room for improvement, I'll love to see it growing.
As a fan of pixel art, I pre-registered rather quickly. Soon after downloading, my fears became realized in the form of ANOTHER Hero Wars rip-off, with an extreme pay to win setup and none of the charm that beautiful by comparison game has. As a platform of people, who consider ourselves gamers, we should boycott developers who believe forgery is a good business strategy. Good games get lost in all the clones because we just accept them.
Game launched today, already the leaderboards are blown out by ptw players. Ads just to look at things, ads through scene transitions. Graphics and animations are incredibly basic, and the available equipment tiers are what you would expect from a TI83 calculator game. I have better ways of wasting my time, and trust me when I say this game is a waste of time Edit: this is the company that made a girl adrift, I know you are capable of so much more. This feels like you gave up.
Poorly made alot ads is almost rip off from taming masters but taming master is way more better then this bad game
One of the shittiest games I've ever played. The year is 2020 not 2012. Terrible animations, ran out of stamina literally 5 mins after playing the game and the only way to get more is to buy through gems or wait. These devs don't know how to make a game. Learn from other games and give free stamina early on so that players can play it for 5+ mine after installing.
It was all going well until the first forced ad came. And then it became unplayable. Don't even bother
An Overall Casual & Fun Experience. While the game can become rather slow after level 50, doing your dailies and joining a guild will net you better gear, experience, and currency in no time!
Pay to win only. All the devs care about is the money. Why else would they incorporate an energy system as well as bombard you with ads and all that paid content that makes progressing easy if you p2w yet next to impossible if your f2p if that wasn't the case. Make it more f2p friendly and I will rate higher. Until then I'm uninstalling. I would avoid at all costs unless you have thousands of dollars to flush down the toilet. No stars from me till it becomes more f2p friendly.
This game is solid, and despite its flaws it is a good game who's pros outweigh its cons. First let's start with the cons: Sometimes it feels like you plateau, the ads, and ticket timers. The pros: it's fun, doesnt take much time, and can be totally free to play. I am a free to play player, and I hit top 7 in martial arts training. This game hands you diamonds (cash shop currency) hand over fist, which excuses the ads in my book. I wish I had more room to write, but I dont. GG Daerisoft
I love this game and the energy system isn't as bad as everyone makes it out so be. The are, of course, pay to win elements but you can do pretty good as a free player. The problem is that the game is pretty dead, haven't seen new content in forever and people barely chat. Shame, cause I really enjoy it.
I like this game we will easily earn 5 weapons, accesories,etc but l have a complaint l am trying for 4 months for earn a 7star or legendary weapon god of destruction but l l haven't earn it l am very unsatisfied... and mine game name is ABACILLA if your system has a problem please resolve it... Thank you 😊
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Extremely basic. Poor English translation. Simple flash graphics that do not appeal to me. Nothing really worthwhile here. EDIT: Dev response is an example of said poor translations.
Very boring and seemingly very little effort is put into the game. Animations are slow, effects are slow, the game altogether is slow and minimalistic. It's one of those annoying "you start at maximum power" games that's meant to wow and inspire you from the start to reach for the top. But I found nothing about the max level worth trying to fight for. Especially since the skills don't seem to change as they get leveled up. Obviously this was meant to be a soulless get rich quick scheme. RIP
Extremely bare bones. Most modes are hidden behind leveling up. By the time you unlock anything good, you are bored with the game. The hidden ads are also garbage. Forcing us into an ad just to get to the home screen is beyond garbage, and for this reason alone, this game should be removed until the surprise ads are removed. Dont waste your time, much better games out there. EDIT: Forced ads just force us to waste our time to give you money for something undeserved. How about you make a goodgame
Idle game where you need to be busy clicking things and wait for ads. Very linear progression and heavy on farming. Wanna play the gacha game ? Oh wait, you should defeat this strong dude who stuns you all the time. How to defeat him ? How about using a better armor ?? But oh wait you can't gacha yet ! Better back to the map drops or the ads item giveaway ! Oh wait again, both of them are sucks !!!
Hate the drop rate considering the money I spent for diamonds hoping to get atleast a 3 star gear, i only get 1 or 2 star equipments, my very last purchase! Also I want to suggest, it will be great if we can communicate with our guild members (atleast). The game is great but it kinda feels empty without a chat option. Will raise it to 5 when the changes are made. EDIT:- Changing my rating to 5 because I've finally received what I deserve for the money I spent. Received 2 6* equips! ❤️
Nice F2P game to kill time. Good side-scroll 2D graphics and neat equipment with set bonuses. The training premise to level is interesting and a nice break from grinding games. I also like that you don't have to use dead, data compromized Facebook to sync. However, it gets 3 stars because of PvP and lack of any Story mode. So sick of PvP everywhere. Edit: after day 2 and unlocking features thru progression, it's become quite addictive! I've raised to 4 stars, as I see now there is more to unlock
First you guys have maybe the best intro to learn your game. Its to the point and short, song with didn't boringly guide your hand! Then the design is ok and the grindis actually fun. Problems are the auto ads crashing your game all the time! Which is odd because you have high in game lot boxes and add videos to click on already. Having those extra ads fir no reason ruins your game. Lastly having gender and more character optiins would be a great addition.
It's a wonderful pastime, it gets slow when you hit a certain equipment and pet growth, but log in daily and do everything you can for the day...personally, I'd like to see something that allows offline farming. All in All a fun, simple game, thanks y'all
Love the gameplay so far and the in-game mechanics are very friendly to free to play players. There's plenty room for improvement since the game only just started recently, such as maybe implementing a global chat or guild chat to promote more social aspects in game, or customizing your character like adding a female gender or add/edit facial features that suits the player's needs. It has a strong potential to be a great game and i hope it continues to improve in its futute updates.
Honestly I looked forwards to playing this game but I was disappointed. First as many have said, the energy that you have remaining is so little that you can't even finish a quarter of the tutorial, not only that but it's slow paced being that you have to first beat to 1-10 to unlock equipment purchasing, and seeing how you can only store up to 5 energy, (1 energy per 10 min) it's gonna take you at least a hour and a half to finish 1-10 and that's only the beginning of the game. What a let down.
Love the game so far but the energy system is very irritating and annoying to play the game but so far so good about everything else this game has potential.
Never stop training? More like train for 2 minutes and then wait for 50. The energy system gives you FIVE missions before locking you out for a minimum of 10 minutes, and the missions take maybe 40 seconds in the tutorial. You don't get energy for completing the amount they allow either, so you can't even build up a play session. The only way to remedy this is to pay for more tickets, as you can't even watch enough ads in one day to get a ticket refill, only 3 for gems and equipment each.
Good games would have given 5 stars but im not a fan of the only auto battles in arena. Probably whats will stop me from playing also haha
Game is simple, and that I could forgive, you get more energy leveling. If the game had other skills it would be better, but what is unforgivable is the sheer amount of ads making the game unplayable. Shame it could have been fun.
The amount of ads is awful. Every time you exit training mode, you get an ad. This becomes a problem when you're hunting for mats and need switch training stages. Sometimes the game hangs for a few minutes on the loading screen when it's loading an ad as well. Stick to trading ads for rewards. The art style is okay, but the animations are very lacking. Attacks and skill use don't feel satisfying at all. This makes combat very dull. Forcing a player to not play with stamina is no good.
This game always blackout. Always need to relog. Just play above 2 mins and black out. It always happen
I was sincerely enjoying this game. Then for some reason it reset my data, and when I tried to load my linked account it claim I didn't have one. This really sucks because I paid for the gem stone monthly pack or whatever it is called. I hate that this happened, I was really enjoying the game. Edit: nevermind, it just switched my server for some reason.
Couldn't even finish the training..Tried developer hyung's suggestions but still didn't work..Dissapointed..😢
the game is great but i just upgraded my heal skill at the very beginning of the big update . and i cant move forward because the items needed to upgrade the heal skill needs the new 5 items and im stuck at it. my IGN is Mongugulay . please reset my heal skill
Basic but engaging game, enjoying it so far. Stars deducted for the forced ads you get while changing menus sometimes, you already have plenty of reward features tied to ads that I would call reasonable, stuffing in more is just irritating, greedy and will lose you more players.
In the middle of any fight after the tutorial it pops up abnormal setting detected and force closes. What I can see from the tutorial the game is extremely generic. Response to dev: It happens on the middle of a fight. I'm not doing or changing anything, it's running on auto. It's your game that's broken. Even if it was something I was doing, why would you include something a player can do that causes a force close? Stock Pixel 4 XL no root and no launcher.
Needed a game to kill an hour and this accomplished that goal. Has potential with time and improvements but a few red flags for me. VIP system right away spells cash grab. Combination system for gear allowed me to plow through beginning content with ease up to 3-1 and then got hit with a massive grind wall that looks as if id need to spend $$ or days to pass one level after an 1 hour of gameplay. Not terrible game, not great either, hopefully grows into something worthwhile down the road.
I kinda got my hopes too high when i first saw this game, was hoping that this game would be another game i would get addicted to. But, the overall gameplay was just lacking, with subpar animations and a pretty terrible looking ui, it just brings down the overall gameplay experience. The art in this game is decent but still not that great as compared to other games out there.
in the experience of this game the game need to support samsung chromebook because i couldnt play it keep saying error and says the app been terminated please fix it in the next update
P2w only, hard for free to play to advance in this game. You need good gears to even clear 2-10 or 3-1. What a joke of a game. Edited: @DEV thank for your response, but i wouldn't give this 1 star if it wasn't bad. 1: to get good gear u need to fused 4 same star to get the next random lvl equip. 2: power creeep is a massive issue on normal 3: ads are all over the play 4: rng pull for gear for $100gem with zero guranteed or multi pull. This is not a free to play friendly at all.
The game is so damn glitchy... 3 times black screen and then 4 time i restarted the game and it stops responding... One of my worst experiences with mobile games.
Sadly, this game is just not that great. Its the ads that really strike the killing blow. I'll watch ads for rewards, sure. But they appear randomly too and interrupt the gameplay. Pick one: The CHOICE to watch ads OR forced ads. Having both is beyond annoying. Sorry, you had a neat idea but poor execution.
Deleted the game within 4 minutes of playing, i cant believe this kind of game still exist in 2020 Edit: it's not about playing for 10 more minutes or the amount of free diamonds. I don't think the developer is getting the point of players complaint. If you make a game good enough to make us want to buy diamonds, trust me, we will
This game does not work at all, i can't get through the tutorial because the equipment meny will not pop up when i click on it.
You don't have to spend a ton of money to win, but this game is basically determined by your equipment. You have like a .03% to get a 6 star item from gacha but if you have one then you'd be easily able to beat someone who doesn't have a 6 star item. Still, it's a fun game to grind and kill time. The devs aren't too stingy with giving out diamonds(in-game currency) and you get some free gachas everyday. Overall you'll probably really like it or hate it.
This game sucks. They don't explain literally anything about the menus or about how to progress at the beginning of the game. The "tutorial" was useless and some of the sentences don't even really make sense. Big oof
Weak game. Game play is lame. Is clearly pay to win after you even play, because it shows top 3 players totally overpowered on day one. Animation is unbelivalble. It's the worst piece of garbage that I ever seen. To complete, a terrible stamina system. Bad idea and bad execution. Sorry for being so harsh, but this game sucks hard.