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Train Station 2: Railroad Game

Train Station 2: Railroad Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Pixel Federation Games located at Einsteinova 19, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Basically its a Railroad Tycoon type game. The graphics are strong, the flow of the game is good. You have to manage the trains (3 at a time to start) until you earn enough gems to buy another Dispatcher. Unless you're willing to buy more, don't do anything that uses them as payment. They only come to you with glacial slowness.
Its good, feels a little repetitive, kind of annoying having to wait an hour just for a task to complete, I think they should have gradually increased the waiting times.
To start i loved this game, I then tried to earn more gems via their play another game and get rewarded. Big disappointment 😪 spent nearly a week trying to earn 550 gems only to have it declined, no help from this developer and the game was getting very slow due to steering you towards paying your way, I would rather pay for a game outright. So due to a massive failure on their customer services and slowing up of the game it should be 0 stars 🌟 but I have to leave 1. Disappointed.
Its a nice game as far as running the trains. The competitions are tilted toward those with deep pockets as if you want to win you need to purchase the extra factory and dispatcher capacity. If you're content to just play the non competitive game, its quite nice.
This is neither a railway simulation nor a 'Tycoon' game. A reasonable concept, poorly delivered and shoddily programmed. Nice graphics with animations vaguely related to the game. One takes the role of a train dispatcher, deciding what is collected, what is made, and then what is delivered, to acheive tasks that enable progress. The number of trains that can be dispatched is limit, and some tasks take an hour or more. One task took more than two months to complete. Customer support VERY POOR.
Pretty fun time killer, a bit repetitive. Cool game to start a job quest and close out get other things done and come back and do it over again.
Its a great game and competitive. The only hard thing everyone have to deal with is event they need to either make the deliver medium difficulties or reduse the time to deliver 300 to a 1000 in 3 hr in a event
One of my favorite games destroyed. In the new event you are locked out of all areas but the first if you are not on a team. I have always liked this game because you could play it without teams. Now it's required. It is no longer fun being imprisoned in one region. Not fun = of on my phone
Well it was a lot of fun until levels 50-60. Now the game is just getting greedy. Hours and hours of play time, then finally get the gasoline plant built, and the reward is a measly 5xp. To top it off, I can't even pick up gasoline from there since only legendary trains can do so, and the game has gotten so greedy I haven't received any of that type of train for this area. So many duplicates and not a single legendary in the USA. By all means play this game, but not for too long.
It's a great game, but the methods it uses to make money feel quite exploitative. They could make a mint from kids or suggestible people. In short, you make quick progress at the beginning, but progress soon becomes painfully slow. It's designed to frustrate you, and it then invites you to pay to skip the wait. Likewise, it withholds the trains you need, but you can pay for them. And you'll desperately need dispatchers, but they're extremely rare unless, you guessed it, you're willing to pay.
As the game advances, the only way to progress, (competively), is to shell out cash, (pay to win). This is very unfortunate. Also, the developers need to make the "rewards", (such as they are... ), commensurate with the increased tediousness of the "advanced tasks".
This game is ok if you like gaming and have nothing better to do. The progress is slow, and once you dispatch your trains you have to wait one hour until the come back. The problem I have with this is I feel like I should be playing it every hour otherwise I don't make any reasonable progress in the game.
If everything didn't continuously cost it would be a better user experience. Unlocking dispatchers for only a time period limits progression unless your pockets run deep. The time it takes for deliveries is too long in my opinion. It drags the game and forces me to play a different game to pass the time. Expanding warehouse space is tedious and shouldn't be so restrictive. I appreciate ads the way they are. With all the money seeking options in the game the ads should pay more for watching!
This game is rather addictive, and sometimes it will give you a task, but when you go to deliver, the avatar is not on the screen, This has happened three times so far, and I am at level 47. The only way I can get the avatar to show up is to quit the game, then re-start it. Right now, it says to deliver 80 barrels of oil, but the avatar isn't shown, just the area, so I can't deliver. Same avatar each time too. It's the guy with the bowler hat and big moustache. Just wish I could play it on both my tablet and desktop.
Love the game. Only negative thing i can say is takes a little long to finish things. One hour seems to long. But other then that great game
Fun game. 2 reasons why a 3 and not a 5. Christmas village as an example...1) after you go through the rewards for EP once...you can't get anymore rewards. It just stops even if you keep entering competitions. 2) once you go through storylines in Christmas village the amount of items you need for missions increase with no increase in rewards. 400+ items with only 45 EP points is ridiculous. Japan as an another example...700 plus items with 39 event points rewarded. This is ridiculous.
Addictive. Would be nice if purchases weren't as expensive but I suppose I'll just carry on playing to level up anyway. Real addictive game :)
I like the train designs and animations. You can even follow a train when moving. However, it's preety grindy and repetitive, but what is most annoying is that some ads don't work and i have to exit the game and re-enter, sometimes even more than 10 times. Please fix that, it's a game breaker.
Typical. Click and wait game. 5 mins playing ever hour or so. Wait times way too long. Pay to progress. Nothing special. The conductors don't even last for ever when you spend gems to buy them they are removed after 7 days Max. CRAZY!! The trains don't match delivery time. It's just cosmetic when they run around. Pretty meh and money hungry. Man ......mobile games never change.
It started off strong. The pace was fun and kept me playing for a while. This is my second day playing this game and it's already exponentially slower paced, requiring you to wait AN HOUR for one task to complete. That sadly turns this game into another grind, making you either spend real money to speed stuff up or something you only check every few hours to send your trains on another hour long journey.
This game is good. Mechanics are good, gameplay is simple. I don't understand how you go from a few 30 second jobs to 30 min or 1 hour??
Trains are my favourite. But this game is very very slow. The new Japan event is slowest event I seel till the date. Also there is AI behind assigning the tasks. Game AI looks in warehouse and accordingly allocates the number. For 2-3 more things we need to produce entire stock. And it is not like they do it for harder stages. They do it aleways. I think developers/company wants its user to spend the Gems for completing tasks. And these Gems are very costly in Rupees. Reducing 5 stars to 1 star.
The update has bugs really.Im unable to open any regions except britan and I unlocked both USA and Germany.But region is not loading it will say loading please wait.If u wait for 1 day also no progress.I don't know y u guys spoiled the game by releasing new version I tried all possible ways suggested.While I'm trying to open my unlocked region it is showing please wait....And not loading for 3 hours ALSO
I love this game but there is a few draw backs. All the missions take an hour. So 5 trains at lvl 20 all out for an hour makes this game drag till bordom. I truly hope you can help with this, I would purchase this game and would play a lot more if everything didn't take so long
The game is fun but as others have said, gems are necessary to progress. I woke one morning to find that all of my gems had been used to buy useless coin packs - over 1700 gems. I didn't buy them and nobody else has access to my phone. Help desk refused to reverse the transactions as they said they couldn't see a fault on their system. Considering the amount of real money I have spent on this game, a decent team would give me my gems back. I will never spend money on this game again.
I've been looking for a 'Train Game's for a while that not only has good graphics but has reasonable trade and upgrade features. I dare say I finally found the right game. Easy enough to get into. Let's you set your own pace. Let's you get a glimpse of what's a head to keep you motivated. Definitely worth trying if you want to get that Train Tycoon feeling.
Gets worse with every update. They should hire at least one developer who is capable of doing simple math; the algorithms are WAY off and it detracts from the enjoyment. Simple logistics issues that would be easily fixed never get fixed. Ads cause the game to freeze up or crash. Unfortunate really, it could be a good little game. Don't bother.
A lot of fun. The current Japan event is deeply flawed, in that it requires absurd amounts of material for basically no game benefits. I've pretty much quit paying attention to it. Fix needed prior to next event. Hear me, pixel federation? It's far and away the most disappointing thing about the game so far.
Super fun, but a slow server prevents a true competitive atmosphere. If looking to compete in a competition, don't bother with this game. If just looking to waste time with decent graphics, this is a good pick. Tech support does respond politely and in a timely manner, but they lack the ability to fix the issue.
Not really a good idle game as I expected. They have a really rough window where you would wait 30 seconds on tasks one moment to suddenly 1 hour. Sooner or later you have only tasks consisting of 1hour to 12 hours and that stops gameplay. An idle game should be idle when people choose. Not when a dev wants you to pay to accelerate the not so fun parts by forcing you to buy gems. Not worth the time and I'm not starting the app over and over.
I didn't play much of this, but the reason is that I was looking for a kind of train Sim... this just didn't feel like it. I wanted to earn trains for instance, not gamble on lootboxs hoping to get something decent. I guess I just want to play a game and not go to a casino.
Decent game.Only thing I dont like is the way in which you obtain trains in the game.It was disappointing to learn after unlocking a new "level" that I could no longer obtain trains for the previous level.Yet they set goals in the game to obtain all the trains in each level.Now obtaining the trains for lower levels is almost impossible unless I shell out cash and even then maybe not since its all randomized.Seems like a scam really.Had this "Feature" not been intentionally added, 5stars.
I am at leavel 300 and no storie line in Canada , and Russia it is getting bored but I like to see this new event comes out bc they say 5 hours it is 22 hours to go and my City is full so it is hard to get any high in your storage so what to do .I will try to finish the game out .the egg hunt is not in my game please fix
Good game but it costs so much to play the game will and go be able to earn the better prizes during competitions.
Not enough space to give a full review. It's a money grabber, and you can buy your way into high placement in events. The game throttles your play in various ways, unless you spend money. Not my idea of strategy! The game lacks sufficient depth to be worth any expense. You won't be able to place in the upper end of events unless you do spend, as you can buy your way through it. I'll be dumping this one!
It can be frustrating waiting for the game to finish a task, and difficult to work out how to make the materials, but it's not a bad way to spend idle time.
I think the game is fun. It is annoying that it takes an hour or longer to upgrade your projects. They sell "gems" to make the upgrading process faster. If you don't mind waiting an hour or longer for each task to finish then the game is fun. But if your wanting to see things finish quicker then you'll have to pay to play. $5.99-$19.99 for packs of gems to speed up the upgrading process a long. I don't mind waiting so I enjoy the game.
All good now. I didn't get an available notification. Back to my favourite game ❤ Train station 2 is not able to be loaded today. I was in the middle of an event for which I paid money. Please fix it ASAP. Thank you. Meonie
Good game. Easy to follow. Some adverts direct straight to play store at end of the 30 seconds then when you hit 'back' the game starts loading and you don't get the benefit, you watched the ad for. Mainly the earn money by playing ads do this not the other game ads, maybe need verify the ad end is not an auto disconnect.
I enjoy playing this game. Watching my trains doing tasks needed (adding that you can tap on a train and zoom in/out and watch them that way too) is nice. I'm still in the first location (Britain) and barely scratched the surface, and I look forward to building on my train empire. I do have one complaint: there is a global event in Japan happening but I don't see Japan as one of the places I can unlock later. What's going on with that?
I was in 1st place after time ran out this morning. The FINAL scoring even read "Finished" after the clock counted down. When I went to click my reward, all of a sudden the 2nd place person somehow jumped ahead to 1st AFTER the clock had already expired. That is by far the biggest shenanigans my friends & family have seen. This is why some of them stopped playing this game. How do you convince us to continue trying so hard to compete, actually win a contest, then something like this happens.
Addicting. I would prefer to pay a fixed amount to purchase the game outright with full access. Still you can play for free with enough patience
Great game, but needs to be probably classified as an Idle game. Lose interest very fast when all the missions turn into sending 3-4 trains on hour long quests. Working 5 days a week where you can't be on your phone makes it feel impossible to progress further.
I've been playing this for a while now. It's a good game. But let's be honest, none of the screenshots represent the gameplay at all. The game title is a bait and switch because this is not a railroad tycoon game, nor is it a city simulator! The game is just a good resource management game. The trains are just a pure eye candy thing that have no bearing on the game play at all. Nice models yet used in the most implausible and illogical manner possible. This is not a train simulator at all.
Trap for money collection. And no tutorial a pain yo learn. It's 100 times worse than the very (very) old Railroad Tycoon for PC by Side Meyer. The game takes FOREVER and everything is about spending money to run smoothly. Without spending it every task is very slow. Also annoys you by sending messages continuously... (even AFTER app has been closed).
This is my favourite game. As you progress to new countries with more natural resources, the strategy becomes more complex. Personally, I feel that the competitions occur too frequently, but they are useful for gaining spare parts to upgrade trains. I would also love to see the occasional vehicle use the underpass in the station screen. I have reached level 413 in my 7th country, and I am nowhere near being bored with this game. Well done to the developers and thank you
nothing but a money grabing rip off completed a task at level 330 bought gems to get controller next one was supposed to be at level 350 but after playing for controller it now says you have to reach level 430 to pay for next controller knowing the way they ripped people off it will then jump another 100 levels not paying to support a bunch of grabing ********
Competitions are a joke , when you are 100 % you have to compete with gamers who are new to that level. Makes it impossible to win unless you spend a fortune on gems Otherwise a great game Ok . So still been picking this game up and playing. So during a recent competition this came up in one of tasks collect materials and make 720 barrels and then ship them out for the grand total of 39 EP. May seem a small annoyance to some but it's one of many . So I'm out . Deleting
Game freezes, locks up phone, shuts down randomly. Normally when you've just finished an upgrade, "free spin with ad", well anything when watching an ad. Then you've got to reopen it, watch ad again and hope it doesn't close after watching to get your bonus. Rather bothersome to say the least, over had to watch an ad over 6 times before it let me get one free gem. The download an app, to get free gems doesn't work all the time either. Worked 3 out of the 10 times.......
I don't know why I played this game as long as I did. The game loop is simple and straightforward, but made just frustrating enough to incentivize you to buy "gems". Plus, since everything takes so long, you have to wait around to be able to do half of what you need to do (which is all you can do due to arbitrary limitations which can be bypassed through "gems"). The train models are nice but the way they're set up is ridiculous. Replace them with racecars and you have the same game.
I had really been loving this game. However, for the real train buffs out there, you need to know its not good with details. On the title screen that there is an Amtrak locomotive hauling freight. There are a lot of things like this. In the USA, you get a GP18. That's great, except for the fact that it has 6 axles. In France, you get a Burlington Zephyr! And you use it to haul freight! UGH! Most people probably wouldn't notice these things, but it has really lowered my enjoyment of the game.
I enjoy the game, would give 5 stars except it makes terrible use of system resources. It hogs memory to the point that I can't answer incoming phone calls - takes too long for phone to respond to attempts to answer. I had to move game to an old phone without sim card to keep playing. CPU use intense enough that phone heats up whenever game is active. Overly dependent on web connection; any short break requires restarting the game to get game reconnected.
I'm level 236, downloaded the new update.....boom. Game will not start anymore. Good job ,just what players want. Update on that matter. I've complained to the makers if the game. Got a response that they work on the problem. Well...4 hours later a new update and it's working again. Thanks, thus is a real good job
Updates in the middle of a Tournament.Not all play on modern phones it gets hot just playing the game.so 10/15 minutes of updating making room i get back to the game fortunately same position as before hard enough moving on to a new country with zero trains and spinning for "common" close to useless so for the next month don't expect much in tournaments
More permanent dispatchers are needed, or gems to hire temporary needs to be drastically decreased. Storyline would be better where all buildings are connected. Multiplayer?
I give it a solid 8/10. I mean this game is really good for starters and it is greedy once you get the annoying starter pack but its good for me. I put my trains to go for a week and once they come back I don't have to worry about them. I can literally do my school and at the weekend my trains come back. Although the gems to buy are pricey like buying Roblox currency, but all in all great game. Hope they update the summer update to be cool thought.
Although I e only just started, the game has grabbed my attention, especially since model railroading is one of my interests. And, even thought the wait times on some stuff is starting to show, from 30 minutes to a few hours, as I do landscaping, it works that the game accomplishes stuff in the background so I can come back and collect things later one when I'm available to play again.
Being playing this game for 6 months, graphics are very nice and smooth, it's a very chilled drop in and out game, you can do tasks that take 1 hour or speed up with gems, you have the option of paying with real money but the game does not slap it in your face like others, the events that are put on are very thought of and you keep the rewards, not sure what the other reviews are moaning at, but with patience you set up a nice train world, keep up the good work Devs.👍
Game is good. Please consider adding a feature where you can set a train in recurring mode to collect iron ore and coal. Would make the job lot easier. User should have the option to set in recurring mode or cancel recurring mode to use in other jobs. Please implement this and would make it even better
It doesn't work for me. I press the app and nothing happens. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, didn't help. Update: It works now. I tried a couple days later to install it to see if it worked and it did. Anyway, it's a good game XD. I like seeing the trains as they deliver stuff
why arent the locomotives local in the regions? would be great if there was some kind of progression when it comes to unlocking them snd not just random spins. plus the amount of pull power makes no sense, the up gas turbines are outpulled by some 19th century british locomotives?
I have wifi at my home at 10mbps speed. My other apps & heavy games are working fine on this & this game was also working good. But, from few Day's this game shows there is no internet connection. But, my wifi is on. Notification coming from others apps too. Then why this game is showing No internet connection ? Please resolve this.
Really enjoying this game. Fun, interesting, not barraged with tonnes of ads. They try to keep things interesting with different events. Only 'flaw' is they are located in Europe so all events start when I'm still trying to get by my nightmares, lol. Really glad I found this game. Still hooked.
I've been playing for a month now in the top 1% of players. Progression is too random, and the prices for paid content are outrageous! For example, buying a top level train is about $90 (it's a random draw, you can't always find the parts you need, plus it's region-locked), and then you need to pay $12/month to use it (double for the second extra Conductor). Further: this is a train game, so you have several trains in operation at the same time!
Game is fun for the most part but the microtransactions absolutely destroy the experience. Almost impossible to get any decent level locomotives without basically throwing money at the game in large quantities. Gem rewards are pitiful, considering the cost of the simplest of tasks, for example upgrading a factory, the amount of gems awarded for completing special tasks is basically useless and requires days of grinding for one upgrade/item. This needs fixed. Other than that, fun game.
Good game steady level progression up to 20. Can speed up leveling with gems which can be earned but not required. Not needed to buy in game items from the store yet. Can see game getting slightly repetitive but the events make more interesting to play. Would recommend to ftp in early stages, and enjoy resource management /strategy games.
When i give a bad review I expect it to stay up. This game is poorly designed and forces people to waste time trying to get 1 more fully unnecessary items you have to wait a full hour. No replayability at all.
Not normally a fan of phone games but this one keeps me distracted. Game seems to go forever. Many tedious missions.. each about an hour long to complete.. many many many ads that get you X2 on prizes and or fast forwarded dispatch..
I love this game, but forced updates at the end of a challenge are really frustrating. The game won't allow me in without updating, which I've been trying to do for close to an hour. It's stuck on pending & there's less than 3 hours before the challenge ends. I had a high score in this challenge until this happened. Update: 10 hours later - still can't play game - update is still pending!
This games builds up slow and steady, at first it seems a bit monotonus but as we clear levels it starts to get interesting and good thing that there are no annoying ads at every moment and quality in game development is seen
Train Station 2 is one of the best games I have ever played since I've installed it. Delivering materials through trains are great to get those buildings to open as well as upgrading those tracks. Keep it up!
It's quite annoying to not be able to get trains from the previous region, can't you just mix the ones we don't have from the previous region with the new one with just a lesser chance of getting it? I don't think we should have to spend gems just to get the trains, it's annoying and completely stupid overall can you change it, and it's not even a guarantee that you will get the trains you don't have, it should be, it's also hard to get storage, please Change this!
I enjoy this game along but the only problem is you have to buy the extra house which is 7.49 extra house. Why couldn't they give it to use instead of paying extra money so I came to a conclusion I'm not going to do that mission any more unless they supply us with the extra room with no extra charge. And also why couldn't you use the trains you had in your other city in the new city. I'm finding its hard to clear that mission with small trains that only have small numbers like 18 than having 30.
Good potential, but boring to play because they're trying to squeeze lots of money out of you. Can play it for free, but that requires opening the app every hour to send trains out. I played it pretty heavily for 2 weeks, (18 hours play time), paid about $8 for an extra dispatcher... I would pay more to unlock the entire game, but that's not an option. Spent a weekend focusing really hard on game for special event, playing every hour, waking up at night etc. Meh, got boring. Completed 1/4 game.
It's definitely more convenient than the original for Facebook. Also, it is very similar to a world-building game without having to do individual wars or button pressing madness. I enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed the original.
Enjoying the game apart from the countless, endless crashes! I'm losing interest in the game because of the incredible amount of crashes I face in a go!.. I hope the new update fixes that, then I'll update my rating.
I started playing this to get "gems" for 1945 Air force game. I made it past level 20 but didn't get the gems. I like the game, kinda slow but fun, then after a couple weeks it quit loading, not only that but the Air Force game quit too. Now neither game works so it has been a total waste of my time. I'll wait a day or two to see if it gets fixed, but as of now, JUST A BIG WASTE OF MY TIME.
Gameplay is awful. Transitions between screens take too much time (3-4 seconds) which is a lot since you have to go between stations and cities a lot. Also the game shutdowns itself from time to time for no reason. Watching ads also is a bit off. I have sometimes to watch the ad multiple times in order to get the reward. The story of the game on the other hand is good but gameplay ruins everything.
Worked for 2 days, not keeps telling me I have no internet (even when on wifi) despite having a full connection to network. Load of rubbish
Excellent simulation game In my view game could be more interesting if the transport system could be controlled by user like for if one have to transport 100 iron on a place with a train of 60 capacity then user can engage the train and after 1 minute 100 goes down to 99. after 2 minutes it goes down to 98 and so on. if use thinks that he need to stop that task and perform another then he could gave an option to stop the train and resume the task later. 60 should mean train capacity in an hour
FIX YOUR GAME!!! I been playing this game appx, 2 mons. There were problems then, much worse now. I refuse to invest anymore money!!! Loading game, screen freezes up, restart game, there is much more,this is a time sensitive game. Today you shut my phone off. I'm about to cut my losses. I also play Designer City and SimCity, no glitches at all. I just wanted something new, I picked TS-2, not impressed!!! In 2 wks and I'm done, no more money. FIX YOUR GAME!!!
This could be a good game, but, it's too hard to earn parts and all. It takes an hour to do each task, which means you are stuck doing nothing if your trains are out. If you want to advance faster than snail pace, you'll need to spend money. Meh...needs improvements
I actually like the one hour breaks, so I don't end up wasting a lot of time. And I've never had to pay to play, either. I'm saying these things because I read a lot of reviews complaining about these issues. Maybe it's a symptom of our times that everyone has to have instant gratification? Patience, people! My only complaint is: what the heck is it with needing so many blue tickets to upgrade? I have over a hundred each of the yellow and red. Oh well, it's still a nice relaxing game. Thanks!
After last update, first opening always show bad signal, even though my wifi connection have no problem. Must force close and reopen thrn it can works normally
Great game! Fairly easy to pick up and play. There are items to use to speed up deliveries from your fleet of trains. So there is an element of pay to play. But you get plenty of those items for completing jobs and leveling up. Definitely a laid back game that you can come and go as you please. 5 stars!
It was a decent game until now early on. You could in region 1 upgrade trains reasonably. Beginning with Germany (region 2) play starts to get difficult without pay to play and is very hard to upgrade trains without doing so. I could use trains from all regions 1&2 in japan (region 3). Now in region 4 (US), those trains don't even show up but occasionally when I get gold coins from cities on those levels. You go to job list, click on one and it will not be there. And free gems don't work.
I use to really enjoy playing this game but during these events I've notice the payout totally sucks balls! The time and energy it takes to gather the materials, create the product and then take several hours to deliver 700 items just to receive a lousy 43 points! Plus, I no longer enjoy the Pay-to-Play aspects of this game, because at the end of the day, the returns are just not worth it! 😕🙄😒 Star Rating from 3 to 1
I enjoyed the long term game play, but unfortunately the game is a systems hog. Be aware that you need more than 2 GB of RAM. On my Samsung tablet I was able to play the first couple of levels ok but then it began to crash and take longer to load as you add trains and regions. By level 4 it crashes frequently.
Great game, scenery and logistics! Also good challenges ahead. Two reasons why I didn't rate it 5 stars, and almost rated it 3 stars: 1 lack of more short term jobs, very soon all jobs take 1h to complete and that is simply boring. 2 the lack of visibility of materials required for the next job(s) such that you could start getting ready for them during that looong 1h you'll have to wait.
This game is a complete misrepresentation! The gameplay is nothing like the pictures. Also, it is not a simulator whatsoever All you do is send out 4-5 trains (unless you spend real money for more) And then you have to wait an hour for those trains to come back and then just repeat the process.. Stupid/pointless!
The game started off really good, I thought I had a new game to focus on but low and behold we have yet another that is a money drainer! Doesn't even let you get a few days in before your more or less forced to spend money to get anywhere. You send a train to deliver 20 iron and it takes 60 mins x 5 then the next time its more fed up all ready. I hate to say it but hitting uninstall I'm afraid.
This is a fun game. The delivery times are unreal. Some as short as 30 seconds while some are an hour. I am sure there will be longer times as I level up. I dont feel the times need to be this long! I get the wait times on making stuff. The long wait times make me play for about 2 minutes and then close the game for a couple hours and that's it.
Initially the game goes very smooth. But after reaching level 10. Four new customers need 250, 127, 300 and 130 items and the train you have is of capacity 12. The problem here is in completing these order with 12 items delivering in 1 hour. You can imagine the number of iterations and time taken. This is the reason I am giving only one star to it. After delivering two orders when I got four more I uninstalled it.
I played this game for a long time and enjoyed it. But I got a new phone. Every other game transferred with no problem but not this. Back to the start with no options to relink my account. Very disappointing.
I redo my review for this game, this is a great game to play and they don't force players to spend real money to play. Take your time to do the tasks and DO NOT level up too fast, otherwise you will have a hard time in higher level, then complain this and that. This is one of the games I would recommend to play, join the group in Facebook, getting more information about the game. And I like their current Christmas event, spend little money to support the developer, they do a great job & listen.
I hate to give a bad review of a half decent game but ever since android 11 update I haven't been able to fully load the game. It has been this way for over two weeks despite the tickets I sent to the devs. I will be uninstalling it soon sadly as if I can't play it I have no use for it. I am an avid model railroader and love playing games like this.
This game is addictive... but I'm in the middle of a conundrum....my storage space is almost full with items I can't use at the moment... I can't get rid of anything.... I don't buy gems... any players in this situation like me will quit... I'm close to that point. I don't see away out of my situation without spending money...I'm pretty sure I'm leaving... I'll think about it.
Pretty fun. You gotta be patient though. Otherwise you're spending real money. My advice? Spend ten bucks on gems. It will give you the boost to make the game enjoyable.
The game is a lot of fun but way too hard to get coins to upgrade trains... The ads aren't forced on you so you'll only watch them if you click on them for extra items. The game developer needs to make advancement easier in the game. I lost interest after 3 weeks. Too much clicking for too little progress. Too much rigging to get you to guy gems so you can make progress. I'm done playing this game...The developers got too greedy.
Why do i get to collect all these trains but only allowed to dispatch 4 at a time. Why not create away to dispatch more trains like a switch board to dispatch and schedule our trains when we're not playing; because of the length of time it takes to complete a task. Its a great game
I really like the game, it takes no brain to play it. Easy to play and loads of cool moments in the game, but the only thing I would say what's wrong with this game is the waiting time for each mission but other then that it's a very good fun game especially to kill time
This is the perfect example of a game that will frustrate and irritate you to no end. Once you get past the first 5 levels, the game slows way down with restricted time jobs/achievements. It requires that you wait hours upon hours to get stuff done. Or you can pay real money to speed it up. Don't do it, it's not worth it.
I absolutely love this game. It's one of my favourites I've played on mobile but for the last week or so it's been crashing on start up. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but nothing works.
Was okay upto a week ago when for this game and the Sea Port game I have installed, started showing the same game advert of a car crashing over a mountainside! I have now seen this advert solidly for 8 days running every time the game shows a video it is this one. Please change the damned advert, it so spoils the games!
Too many glitches to be able to play very well. And it seems that they keep on having you get a certain amount of material that will purposely make you have to come back because it's off by one or two. Also it takes way too long to do anything and becomes a total waste of time. There are more ads than there is gameplay. This game will be failing soon they have less than 20 people per contest. So it's quite obvious they don't have enough money to continue.
STOP! This game crashes all the time! STOP! You lose your items! STOP! Just updated with bugs! Forget this game, not worth the time getting around the Xmas bug disaster!
This is the best train game I have ever seen but there is one thing I would like actually two I would like people to be in the game it looks weird when you see the trains moving without drivers and secondly the bus station should hold a purpose it's always empty there should be buses coming in and out with people that's all I have to say
The game is entertaining and I enjoy building up the rails and businesses. I like the animated cranes as set pieces are building. I would give it a higher rating except there is a huge gap in content between mid 20 levels until level 40. This seems unnecessary. The other issue is the difficulty in growing the city population to unlock new buildings. It was nearly level 30 before I was able to have enough building plans for the level 20 building.
The game has been unplayable for a week now. During every special event change and upgrades most levels are not able to be accessed. Was fun and theraputic unfortunately only 10% of the game now functions since the Easter and CEO special event updates and this has been a historic problem over every special event so far. Will uninstall and give them another chance in a few days otherwise will remove for good.
Updated review. I play TS1 & $upport it. I have decided to play and $upport TS2. It's a bit pricey but fun. What it will be down the line, will see. If you like trains and econ games it's good IF you take the time to learn how to properly manage your resources. If hate management this game is not for you. On the other hand...trains. P4F & see if you can follow the steep learning curve.
Game is okayish but it takes a lot of time to complete the quests and it makes me think twice to launch again... So sad.. If the devs can reduce the time needed for completing the quests than I will give 5 stars..
It's OK, but frustrating when you can no longer complete missions because getting new trains is random, and you don't have ANY of the trains required to complete the missions. Don't waste your time on this game unless you don't mind being unable to progress at a random point.
The game is good, but I dont agree with 5 dispatchers as max unless you want to pay for more with gems and they're not yours permanently, prices are a little steep in the shop. All in all I like the game and all of my whining isnt about the game mechanics
Ive only been a bit over an hour but I love it so far. I can tell already though that upgrading your trains is their cash grab. Materials needed for upgrading trains are very rare but other then that, great game.
There are a lot of FAKE comments on these game, first of all you get 3 conductors, if you want any more you have to pay ALOT for game gems. If you want to go anywhere in the game you have to have more then 3, as some tasks lasts for days ,if you want to wait days-hours even weeks then play the game, Over all it does have good graphics, easy to use and the controls are simple. It's just a shame they sneaky game company, stick with the smaller company's they have better up and coming games.......
The game as whole is fun and I enjoy it a lot. What I can say is maybe you can add a feature that lets you earn coins from the city or something like that. Also lowering the required level to unlock additional dispatchers would be better for the game.
Good game but errors all over the place. If I try and buy something ,I get and error ,no product id. If get some extra gold same error. If I Get another conductor same error.
Really good game but absolutely dismally that the game selects the trains you can use out if your own stock. If you have built up say a train to a capacity of 30 etc, it will only allow lower capacity trains to complete the job, also you have to pretty much start at the beginning again when you unlock USA. Kinda stinks so thats why I'm giving it only 1 star and unfortunately its time to give up on the game.