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Train shunting puzzle

Train shunting puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Dmitriy Chistyakov located at Saint-Petersburg. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok.. I love this game!! BUT There's Way too many ads!! You have to watch an ad after every level Ads for games I would NEVER be interested in.. too bad. Had to uninstall after level 11
I really like this kind of puzzle BUT rather than trying to make upTV silly track layouts why don't you set up pseudoralistic switching problems? Or pehaps a mix.
Nice little free game. My experience of the adds, I got, was that they weren't too intrusive, and relatively short. The puzzles were challenging to get three stars on all levels, but still enjoyable when only scoring one star.
Fun for a while, then the image was bigger than the screen as the layout became more complex, meaning loco and wagon couldn't uncouple.
Game was good but i stuck on level 7, i thuoght i was rong, then i tap ? Button for tips, its show me the same path i done bfor but level seven was not complete so i give 1 star for you you lost my time to download and play this worse game
There are no instructions on how to play the game. Looks like it could be fun. But without instructions not so
Basic programming 101 for phones is to rotate the app with my screen. Ridiculous people still force one orientation only. I wish I could give zero stars.
Excellent game! I've been looking for a game like this for some time. I would rather get timesaver and inglenook scored by moves, not time, and the mapping between the score you show and the score reported to Google Games would be good to know.
Really absorbing and often a fascinating challenge. The adverts don't intrude and ruin the game either!
Really loved this game and would happily pay the small price to remove ads. But 28 levels is no where near enough. I had hoped that by paying to remove ads it would give more levels but reading the reviews that doesn't seem the case. Please add more levels and I'll happily pay the fee to remove ads.
I love this game. I play it almost daily, mostly in the car waiting while I drop others at their appointments. I have few or no complaints, except for the music . . . the song track is only about 30 seconds long, and loops forever, even on menu screens, it never stops. You can turn off ALL sounds, but not music/Fx separately. So either you play in silence, or you go a little insane listening to the same 30 jingle forever.
I Know You Got My Last Review And I Do Appreciate Your Fast Response. I Have Gone Through Many Of Your Shunting Senario. When I Find The Times That I Finish Without 3 Stars That I Wish You Would Have Put On The Game Display The Following Game Statistics: -NUMBER OF MOVES (FOR 3 STARS) -NUMBER OF MOVES (I MADE SO FAR) Something Like 18/17 At The Top Of The Game Display (Where 18 Equals: NUMBER OF MOVES FOR 3 STARS) AND (Where 17 Equals: NUMBER OF MOVES I MADE SO FAR) === Thanks
Please include a live move counter on the overlay for players aiming for 3 stars in the levels so the players can work out exactly what counts as a "move".
Fantastic game. Beautiful graphics. Really loved it. I have finished all the levels, introduce more levels.
This Game has potential. Please add- *Bigger Maps with industries and Raw materials. *New Locomotives and Different wagons. *If Junction point is set wrong then Train will derail. *Locomotive Fuelling Points. *Real Physics - Heavier Trains take more Time to Stop and Accelerate.
Great puzzle to tease the brain. Would have loved to have some more levels. I have finished the 28 levels.
I enjoy this game! I'd love more levels and maybe a steam locomotive with an old west setting? That would be a cool in game unlockable!
Great switching game. Not does it have the class two switching puzzles, but a series of other challenging ones too
Enjoying solving shunting puzzles. Also enjoying Inglewood sidings and savetime puzzles. Smooth train controls and fun game
It worked well initially but finding that when I do the Inglenook Sidings scenarios, I uncouple wagons but find that they recouple back to the rear of the rake of wagons I want to drag. Hoping that more levels might get released as I want to try some more scenarios if possible 🙂
Rotation at 180 degrees (even if not 90) would be appreciated. As it is, I'm forced to have my charger cable and ear buds cable both in an awkward position. Fun game though.
A very addictive and fun game... only criticism is lack of levels- hopefully more will come in future updates?
Very good, but there are too few campaign levels and I'm not particularly interested in time trials, so the replayability is a little low for me. But it was exactly what I wanted to play!
Unplayable. Forces landscape mode in one direction (can't flip to keep charging cable in preferred direction) and pausing to menu requires four clicks to get back.
I like it but am bothered by the fact that I installed it with play pass and still get ads. If I click on remove ads it wants to charge me.
Experience was easily five star but there's not nearly enough puzzles to solve. Just having more difficult versions of the same layouts is a little lame. I would gladly pay for more track puzzles or another app.
Great idea and makes you think about the problem but the pictures are a bit too small, and the reaction to couple and uncouple is affected because of the size/space available.
Great game, very polished and not crazy on the adverts. Only gripe is the music... can there be an option to turn the music off, but leave the sound effects on please? Pretty basic option to have surely...
Really neat game! I enjoyed playing through all 28 levels. Had to knock 2 stars off for the limited number of levels. This game really needs more than 28 levels.
While this is a fabulous game, it doesn't have nearly enough levels!!! I really want more levels, a sequel game...pls bring us more. Ty.
Very interesting game for children but too many adds and not appropriate for children, I want free of adds
The game is very nice and strategic. Just one small suggestion : reset the "moves" counter if hint is taken because as it is the level restarts when hint is taken but the moves are counted from time before the hint was taken.
This is a great game but it could be even better if each level had the number of moves to reach 3 stars and that number reduces with each move. It's difficult to know how many moves to qualify for 3 stars. Edit: Level 17 I cannot figure out how to complete it in less than 14 moves. I got 3 stars on all other levels but 17. Edit 2: When logged in to Google account, it doesn't update your times for the timed extra levels. You have to be logged out and when you get your new best time, you log in.
This is a very fun game and a nice alternative when I'm away from home and cannot have an ops session with my model trains. I only wish there were more levels!
Like the concept but train keeps stopping as if I've let go but my finger still on control. Sometimes it happens for a fraction of a second sometimes as few seconds, getting annoying.