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Train and rail yard simulator

Train and rail yard simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 3dinteger. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it! It's a Cool game but when you cause a derailment (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) it never stops, and there's no crane to rerail (Sorry if spelled wrong again) the engine unless you restart the whole game!. But other than that it's good in my opinion! P.s maybe add some autoracks, flatcars, boxcars, centerbeams, caboose and coil cars? Also how about UP 1996's paintwork on a tier 4 with the word "CENTRAL" on both side's?
The best train game ever. Fantastic graphics and gameplay. Exercise your brain power for complex wagon sorting, watch your speed on the "wiggly" sections and feel the satisfaction of successfully delivering to your destination! This game is in a league of its own and is highly addictive. ADDITION.....JUNE 2020.... WOW! A fantastic upgrade! Now with a HUGE new route map without the "wiggly bits" that restrict your speed to 25mph to avoid derailments. PLUS.... Extra steam locos! Well done!
Eng: I have a suggestions. Add a save system to all the sandboxes of this fun game. Also add electric train or highspeed train. Thank you! Rus: У меня есть предложение. Добавьте пожалуйста систему сохранений во все песочницы игры. Также добавьте электропоезда или высокоскоростные поезда с контактной сетью. Спасибо за внимание.
The sim is great needs more steam trains love the wheelslip make it more challenging and realistic...can make an improvement on game graphics,And more steam trains..coal trains,ect..I personally think the game is great overall just these minor adjustments....
Good but a few issues 1 can you change the train horn. Because all the locomotives like the csx locomotives are the same horn. So if you don,t mind changing the train horns that would be great. 2 for make your own train. Can you not keep the points thing can you take it out because the points are to low. So if you don,t mind can you add more points or take it out please . But overall a good game
Decent gameplay so far. I do have some suggestions for the next update: 1) add people at the stations to pick up and drop off. 2) add railroad crossings and cars. 3) add signals in the sandbox mode plus if you can add an AI train in sandbox mode too. 4) I would like there to be newer passenger cars and freight cars. Please do consider my suggestions for the next update. Thank you
definitely a great app and if ur a train fan then i would 100% recommend downloading it. but one thing however, i would rather spend a couple of bucks to buy the "premium" version or whatever rather than having to watch ads if i want to like add custom weather or more locomotives. so adding a "premium" version would definitely be more enjoyable.
Not to bad of a game. But my suggestion to make this game better is: can you please make gondolas the correct length? Also add new boxcars and make hoppers 52' length. Add signals and crossing gates with flashing lights.
It's a good game but there's a problem I don't know whether it's just me or the downloading always takes a long long long time I would rate it 5 or 4 but it's just not good enough please work on the graphics as well and add some British steam engines in it you idiots
Great game! Although, you could consider adding the Mallard and electric trains. Also, maybe a BNSF? More variety of horns and whistles? Thank you for everything! ❤️🚂
Love it, but should have new locos and add railroad crossings and new horn and bell sounds and i whish they could add a union pacific loco in the game and a bnsf and add the SD70MAC and SD70ACe
3 stars for now. When adding your own consists you have to wait for the carriages to roll off before adding more....WHY? It makes no sense. Also the views needs to be tweaked, it would be nice if you could switch aim controls to different thumb sides.
Well its a very nice train game i love it. There is one thing i want to share with the developer that kinsly do also change the horn sound for ge n emd locos will love it and 2ndly kindly do also make the throttle and barke levers moving show in cab view for all locos like you did in your new update thanks
it's a pretty fun game but I would really appreciate the diesel locomotives to have exhaus come up the stacks when you throttle up and the steam locomotives that have water injectors sounds and more sound effects possibly dynamic breaking on the diesels in the game would be pretty great
Good physics and train detail. But for me scenarios are too long without a save feature and don't have time to complete and then progress is lost. I'd prefer to pay for the app than sit through adds especially when building trains in sandbox.
The game is great but please fix the following issues : 1. 'Quit' button doesn't work. 2. The sound frequency of steam locomotive is not real. It sounds monotonous. Please fix this. Steam locos are loved especially for their sound. 3. Diesel loco sound is not real as well. It sounds like an electric loco. Fix this too. 4. Camera and movement control sucks. FIX IT IN THE NEXT UPDATE. FIX THESE ISSUES AND IT WILL BE A GREAT GAME AND I'LL RATE IT 5 STARS!
I got another idea for you guys there's some other stuff that would be nice if you added optional to you guys but ideas I think you should add Canadian Pacific Auto Racks Lumber cars in Wood cars along with flat cars baggage cars please add that to the game but if not that's okay too just asking love the game please add new scenarios to please can you add Shay locomotive number 5 to
Great game!! Play it everyday and I love it! Just one thing that i think should be added. I would like to see more railroad crossings added in a few spots throughout each map. Other than that, great app to pass time!
First of All, its a Good Game. But can you please Invert the Controls because I am a Lefty. Also please add Breakdown train In case of Derailments. I want this game as realistic as possible. I have a Request, Add LBSCR E2, LMS Black 5, GNR A1, LNER 4472 and Other Popular British Steam Trains. Also please add Multiplayer.
I like this game it is like real graphics but I want smoke of diesel engine and while climbing it should be leg walk and I want to seeing outside in train on standing while train move
I think 30 points in all train builder is not enough to play. I wish at least with total 300 points for player to build the train they wish, also the map cannot shown properly on 21:9 size phone as it croped the top and the bottom of the map.
The game play and graphics are good but I couldn't find a way of saving games. This meant that after I had played for an hour or two, delivering the wagons to the correct destinations, I was unable to carry on from where I left off the next time and had to start again. I'm actually going to uninstall it because of that, which is a shame.
Absolutely abysmal view controls. No map or saving on routes, so you have no idea if there is 5 minutes or 5 hours left to the route. The map when playing the switching mode is cut off on the top & bottom. This game is basically just a rough idea, with no refinement or consideration of user experience. Finally, the sounds (especially the horns & engines) are about as low quality as you could possibly imagine. The only person I would suggest play this would be a person looking to be frustrated.
My feedback is that their must be more crossings on the next update 2 their should be people and cars in this game not just you and PLEASE FIX THIS!! It makes this game boring and please fix the train horn sounds and the bell in the next update!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is good but update the bell of the deisel train and the horns.can u add up cars please that will be more better:).and other up or BNSF NS Other trains .and other Amtrak trains and amrail.
This game is really nice to play but I need to tell you something Not only steam locomotives, and diesel locomotives actually. I also want you to add electric locomotives including Amtrak Aem-7, I also want you to add when we need to stop at coaling tower refuel, when we need to stop at water tower to fill a water, when we need to stop at fuel depot to refuel, please also add some fuel panel
It is a good game to consider. I would recommend different types of trains like multiple units and power sets. Electric trains would be a very good addition to the game.
This game is just phenomenal. What more can I say? There is no train sandbox simulator that's better. At least for now. Perfect game with endless opportunities, and perfect for train fanatics.
Hm... Still no new trains?: Correct. And I really dont like the sound of that. Please developers! Im begging you to add in sandbox mode, therebshoukd be infinite points because its a sandbox mode for god sake! (No offence in any of the message!) Please make different horns/whistles for each train! Please add a paint scheme changer button thing! Please also add as much Amtrak trains as possible! And you might add a train editor to edut train speed, power, etc. Shoutout to WAAS Studios too! Thanks
I love this new update but one thing can you make us save our progress so we don't have to keep remaking it on train builder so thats why I have 4 stars plz make us save progress and plz read this
Just a really fun game. It is simply great. None of the crazy effects and points of the other train games out there, it just stays true to the feeling of a train and I like that. Simply perfect.
This game is so darn good I would recommend downloading it! Also please add way more trains and electric trains also lower the prices on the trains, please and thank you! I forgot something though, make in some real modern and classic trains with real train names like BNSF and Amtrak with real numbers to them in random! Make a new update of this, please and thank you! Maybe also put in shorter ads within the game, please? I love this game! Big update coming soon? Please and thank you! Response?
I really like this game just some minor issues is for the steam engines use the correct whistles for the locomotive because there all the same and also for the passenger cars would Like to see more besides Amtrak cars for example Union Pacific's passenger cars that the 844 and new 4014 big boy pull
It's not bad! Cool game but when you cause a derailment (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) it never stops, and there's no crane to rerail (Sorry if spelled wrong again) the engine unless you restart the whole game!. But other than that it's good in my opinion! P.s maybe when you pull coaches passengers could get on and off in "passenger route"
This is a good game exept for a few things I would like to see. 1 is the train builder needs more points. Number 2 is that we need a lot more civilization. The 3rd and final thing is the way the horn sounds, but outher than that it is an exelent game.
Great game! I spend a lot of time on this building different trains in the sandbox mode and playing the scenarios over and over.
This game is cool actually but i like sanbox mode it can spawn trains and i Like how trains derail at diffrent yards like Too fast or super duper ultra fast and i like how they add passengers in the game
I have a suggestions. I want to add a save system to all the sandboxes of this fun game. Add electric train or highspeed train. Thank you!
Beautiful, realistic. Some suggestions are -The need to refuel when you're not playing sandbox mode -Decoupling from inside the loco -A player model visible inside the loco when it's running
i came back to the game and it was amazing! i like that you added more steam locomotives like the big boy the hodson and malard. it will be great iif you guys add the flying scotsman and maybe some electric trains. (add polar express and a desert section to the maps)
Add some people and buildings ! I don't like the barren landscape ! Change the UX and add international trains from India and all locomotives and coaches like ICF and LHB and from Pakistan , Indonesia etc . Do this gradually !
Please add multiple mod so all world can join I know this is train game but please add multiple mod this game is very very good
Well done to the creator, some gamer should review this game. I have had some lag but i didn't give up and got better over time! And its kinda realistic, the more cars=more weight+1 locomotive=wheel slip. Its true, the more weight means the engine struggles more.
Good game mostly' but need more points( 250) if possible. Also add lumber cars' flat cars and auto racks. Straigten the mainline between central yard and the nearby town north of central. Also add a locomotove shop and engine service at central yard and put in 6 more yard tracks and a double mainline between central and blueclife and straighten the mainlines. Put in a few companys as well. Also add cars and trucks on the streets and have 2 rr crossings in each town. Add flat and lumber cars too
I love the Game. It's really The Best Simulator I've seen With the Amount of Detail. But, Could you please make a way to download Add-ons for this game like For Trainz. Thanks for your help.
This game is almost perfect but there are a few things that i feel should be tweaked: - Wider Locomotive variety (perhaps even bringing in famous locos if possible eg: Flying Scotsman, Mallard, Duchess of Hamilton etc.) - Update track layouts more regularly or add in a create your own railway feature to prevent the game from getting stale once all senarios and routes have been completed. - Also if you could add some more scenery to the landscape that would be incredible. Thanks :)
Good game but horns need to change. The default crappy horns from TS 04 aren't really good.... You should put K5LAs on the AC44 gp9s with Nathan p3s or do research on it. Also controls suck please put moving button on the other side of the screen and get rid of the look button and let us drag the finger on the screen.
Please improve the graphics a little more doesnt matter how big the game file becomes ..we want a better version of the game and try to bring more engines like indian train engines with different engine sounds for every train and also improve the train speed and also come up with some new more maps with improved scenerio and more great spots
Good game but how to get more points to spend in sandbox??? Other than that a great train sim for all purposes and my favirite thing is to derail and crash them 😉
Railyard I like the new sandbox mode. Here, you can add more rolling stock freight cars when you update this app again. And if you make a mistake, just simply strike out the wrong one and a different car. And maybe you can add some "conjoined freight cars." [at 10-24 points each] like the TTX auto racks, a conjoined stack trains and flat cars as well. Can you please add a caboose when you update again? Thanks.
It be cool if i can control both train's at the same time Also it would if this game had Amtrak Dash-8 Metra Union Pacific Surfliner Horizan Passenger Cars Cab Cars Metro North Auto Rack Cars Caltrain Northstar Coaster CN Northfolk Southern Sun Rail Brightline Southern Pacific New Jersey Transit Tri-Rail ACE Amtrak Cascades Amtrak Siemens Charger Sounder New Mexico Rail Runner Metrolink Grand Canyon Railway North Carolina Amtrak California Marc Amtrak Veterans CSX And make your own track too
Switching problems not what they use to be with the new simplified yard tracks. Updates have improved graphics & controls. BUT 3dinteger needs to change their monetization of the game: it takes a considerable amount of time to play a stage, so 3dinteger should use in-game purchases to permently unlock features not adverts for each time. This might also stop the game from running in the background!
Overall,this is one of the best Train games on mobile,I do have some problems with it,1.For some reason when I'm going uphill at high speeds the train will randomly separate, could you please fix this,2 could you add random things to sandbox like no derails,fast speed custom map but put in sandbox only,This is just a suggestion for the future but could you add online but test it first.
I love the game. I wish there was more engines and cars though. Like a cab car and some cars to match it. I would love to see that. Otherwise great game!
This train simulator is awesome. Please add indian railways to it like diesel locomotive-WDP-4D, WDG-4D , WDP3A. Their horns should be very real and realistic cabin view. Please also update coaches of Indian railways like LHB rajdhani and shatabdi express. Your game is truly truly awesome. I always tell my friends about this game. Your work will give you success.😁👍😁. All the best to your team.May god bless you
I really like the game. But, it needs more equipment options. SD40-2 locomotives, and flat cars with loads would be great. And a caboose option would be nice. Maybe destinations for specific types of cars to be picked up and dropped off. Or exchange empties for loads and loads for empties. The game has massive potential.
Please add a 4-4-0 steam train and also the train will be able to time travel which means you can teleport to different maps and also you will be able to pick a map and also the trains livery should be the cab will be blue and the roof will be painted black and also the trains boiler will be painted blue and also the smoke box will be painted black and also the trains funnel will be a balloon stack.
Please install the cab light and increase the head lights of locomotive,and do some changes like increase the platform level , install more tracks and remove the forest area Nd convert that into a city type area and do something so that we can go inside the coaches and travel in all the passenger loop coaches pls but the game is really interesting good job if you do some more changes so the game becomes more interesting.🤟
i had much fun drving the trains, on my phone i have it, but not on my computer. this game is very fun, and i hope lots of other people will try this game out too.
Good game but need 600 points to start with and in sandbox mode' put in a double track straighter mainline between central and blue clife and central and greenfield with sidings. Put in auto racks' flat and lumber cars and cabosses for freight and for passenger add dinner cars and baggage cars. Put in trucks' buses ' people and animals. Add block signals at each junction and overhead signals at each yard lead. Put in gp38-2 and gp40-2 locomotives. Also a yard tower would do at central yard.
I love this game the only thing i hate is that we can't save our progress or anything when we build our trains can you make a update of us saving our progress from train so when we leave its still there plz it annoying oh yeah and can you change some of the train herons like the freight train horn I don't like hearing the same horn but this game is cool but change those those things
Your game is so good only add one thing that plz we can travel in passenger train you can do this I always keep your game up and one more thing we climb in engine like in side like train simulator world search in YouTube train simulator world gameplay then your game gonna like train simulator world like
Great game best train sim that I have ever seen the only thing in my opinion is multiplayer so people can have lot more fun with more trains almost the number on app for me
Nice! presto! but i have an interesting request: add some DMUs, EMUs or Bi-Modal trains, and add electric overheads too, and add raisable-lowerable electric pantographs for EMUs and electric locos. Plus add crossings as well with also bot trains i stick with this simulator nearly 1.5 years
While there are some things about this game that I like, the negatives really do enough of a disservice to keep it from reaching its potential. I don't like that you lose all progress when the app is closed, and the sound design (while decent in some areas - like the sound of the wheels grinding on the tracks,) is overall pretty abysmal. It really isn't hard to find good, free-use diesel, steam, whistle/horn, and bell sound effects, (heck I've made a few,) and there's just no excuse for it.
This game is amazing and can u add big round table and realistic derailments and all the station r small I would request u to make it even more bigger with people and can u add cabin lights in trains and signals in all and can u pls add many more diff freight cars passenger trains and engines and can u pls add electric engines ...and ucould improve by adding marker to the engines as well as freight if ..possible add indian rails😂😅pls..it a humble request..I am sure u will get 4.5 ratings..
I play your game and it restarts. So can you add a save button and add more cars to the passenger train. And add "Random cars." And whenever I run out of points, It says 20. So add 40 or 50. And add bells to the railroad crossing. And add a BNSF horn to the passenger train. And add,"Passenger pick up and drop off" mode. And the names on the locomotives are not right as from real-life so replace that.
I love this game 🤩 it's best it's a it's it's pretty good for graphics from other train games really like it you can pretty much do whatever you want I thought was that you could like make a shay locomotive in the game have different whistle sounds and make it more kind of realistic well it's already kind of realistic already but it's a really awesome game
The game is very good, but there could be a crane to rerail the trains..that would be nice! Also, I would like to see more steam locomotives in this game as well!
The game is lagging in sandbox when you spawn a steam engine can you fix that I like the game thanks can you put a save button and zoom in far away places to can you also make a map where you can make what every you want cars tracks road buildings I would like that so much can you also have new locomotives locations to and have a double diamond train track to and have trains drive them selfs to with lights to be safe about the train traffic military realistic crash and can add ns loco pls thanks
My play time is limited so take this with a grain of salt but this is exactly what I've been looking for. Just a nice simple game where you can drive a train forward with a little more than just a line. There are some things that could be touched up like more variety and the camera and movement controls are awful. But at its core is a game where you can drive a train around a route, pull into some sidings to let other trains pass and get back to it which is awesome. Lot of potential and fun now.
I love this game so much! Only problem is, They need more trains and rail cars and improve the scenery of the map. Rather than that I think its the best train game ever!
1st big issue: Ads are tedious. I would gladly pay money to support development and unlock ad free version. That should be an option. This puts just about everything in front of a video ad. Just let me give you money and unlock it. 2nd: Need to be able to adjust the look/movement controls. If I could switch move/strafe and look sides to match up with more common game layout would be huge. Those two things make this an easy 5 star time waster. Right now it has a lot of potential.
I love the new coil cars maybe you can and an caboose to put on the back but otherwise this coil car is realy amazing
Can you please change the train bell to and actually a real train bell that includes all the trains they all should have different horns and bells not the same that and can you add a save button and let us sit in passenger cars and add all of the American trains plus that includes all the subways and electric trains and please make to maps bigger
Added The News Train Please Add New Map And Free And New Missons Add New Train And free Play!!! On June 11 added the next train And Cars 18 Cars 14 Trains Thanks For Playing! Ewery! And Premium Version! no Ads And Free Moneys Save Maps The Get Ready!
I give it 3 stars because it's a great game but why do you have limited points in the sandbox? Please make it to where you can make your own train without needing points.
It's a good game. I like the train builder. It has a lot of potential but it's ruined by the fact that some of the locomotives cost 15 points and you only get 30. I think that should be unlimited points and or you have to earn them on the routs.
This is awesome I saw the engines in real life and it was amazing dispite the gs4's tender so small, also I wonder if they can add up 4-12-2 9000 class in the game that will be great. You know maybe they should also put more steam engines in this game I think there's enough diesel locomotives in this game already.
I love the steam engines but can you put like one of those very small engines like a tank in in engine at the van have a tender I'm not talking about that little one that you already have but that one of those little small little tank engines other even smaller than Thomas from Thomas and Friends that would be a cool feature.
Add a multiplayer sestem so you can play with frends. And a way to make a paint scheme/livery and make it to where we can get more points by runing the trains we make please. This will make me happy
(1)Horns and whistles, they sound way to weird and they should have more diversity. (2) Cabooses, now I know diesel's don't need but steam engines need them. (3) routes, the routes are great but there are too many curves in their like their are some Unessesery cuvres. (4) Detailing, now there should be more detailing to the routes like more civilization and trees and other stuff like roads harbors and etc. (5) I wish you could make your own route and there should be no points.
This a good game. Pls put in more trains like bullet trains, car tranport trains,long passenger trains, more stations and passenger voices.
I'll admit, this game is pretty good, but when you guys are getting ready for the next update, I have a few suggestions: 1) Modify the passenger cars so that the interiors light up in nighttime. 2) There needs to be signals at every junction in Freight Delivery and Sandbox modes. 3) Make more American steam locomotive models (NKP 765, UP 4014, etc.) 4) Include random AI trains in Sandbox and Freight Delivery modes. 5) More different types of passenger cars and not just the Amtrak coaches. Thanks
It be cool if i can control both train's at the same time Also it would if this game had Amtrak Dash-8 Metra Union Pacific Surfliner Horizan Passenger Cars Cab Cars Metro North Auto Rack Cars Caltrain Northstar Coaster CN Northfolk Southern Sun Rail Brightline Southern Pacific New Jersey Transit Tri-Rail ACE Amtrak Cascades Amtrak Siemens Charger Sounder New Mexico Rail Runner Metrolink Grand Canyon Railway North Carolina Amtrak California Marc FrontRunner Amtrak Veterans MBTA CSX Roadrailer To
Your Game is Fantastic Awesome......Wheel base is best in class... but I have a Humble Request to you please add EMD GT46 PAC aka Indian Railways' most powerful Diesel Locomotive WDG4 in these game with it's original specs like sound, speed and horn.... and another one pls add different chugging sounds and Horn in every loco, it must not to be same.....Thank you 😇
This is the best train game i have ever played even though the engines and coaches are old generation the graphics are next generation this game runs smoothly even in my 1GB tablet i was so surprised it is really realastic also like to drive the train very speed and also add more camera angles i enjoy the game this game is very nice as even though we give 5 stars it is very less because i rate this game 100 stars thank you developre for this amazing game
The new update is excellent in my opinion. I do think that adding in a caboose would make things interesting. Plus maybe add another train to the sandbox mode that would drive on its own. I definitely would like to see a coach that would be capable of going in reverse with lights and a horn
Awesome This is such a fun game to play. I love the trains and cargo. Although I would love to see AWVR 767 free with 777 and add the stanton curve. And i would also love if the trains would tilt on curves. And i would also like the AWVR logo corrected.In all I love this game
This game is one of if not the best train sim I've played its very addictive and just fun, altho there are some things i dislike For example the camera its very annoying having to use the joystick to move it around while moving, it's better just with the normal pad, and i really hope more locomotives are added to make the game more fun.
Railyard I like it when you add a new rail car when updating, keep adding more freight cars and a caboose or two would be neat. Next time, add some flatcars, larger hopper cars and more boxcars as well. Cabooses can be 2 and 4 points, an automatic one F. R. E. D. (0 points) on the last car when there's no more points left. Categorizing by locomotives and railcars in the Sandbox mode can be easier and helpful too, also add numbers to the unmarked locomotives [11, 22, 33... etc.]
LOVE It. I have been playing this game since it was first released. Love doing wheel spins it also reminds me of derail valley. But please could you add a British shunter like a E2 or 14XX.
Not a bad game. One or two minor gripes though which is why I've downrated to 3 stars. To make this a really good game, the developers should get rid of the Sandbox option and combine the routes and freight delivery options so that there's something to do between stations (signals, penalties for excess speed, add whistle boards, etc). More shunting as per the previous format would be good too. Change the features too please. Get rid of the bell and maybe add windscreen wipers
Amazing play value! Best simulatior thus far however, I'll love to see more steam/electric train models and more coaches. Another suggestion I'll like to offer is adding a way to re-rail or clean up trains that have derailed in Sandbox Mode.
Nice to have new update. Thank a lot. I m playing this game since one year. In new update i m feeling one problem that length between two stations is very long. Kindly add more stations while gaming in freight. And u removed some tasks in your switching and shunting option game. Please do something. Thanks again. SANDY
Very very very nice game please big boy give in first level and also in all level .kindly given also Indian rail engines also please. Thank you. Amit das. Please give stopes and stations and double track and trains. Give all types of steam locos.please add indian locomotives . Your game is very nice again. Thank you.
This is the most realulistc train game iv played!!!! I like all the trains but the only thing I would love to see is via rail train and cn rail trains.a big thing I would to see is rail trucks.ither then thats best game I played. I also recamend this game to people that love trains
This game is cool actually but i like sanbox mode it can spawn trains and i Like how trains derail at diffrent yards like Too fast or super duper ultra fast and i like how they add passengers in the game THIS IS INSANE but if your able to pull it of
I love this game so much, that for you to add a hi-rail in it for me, to make it even better, please? And by the way a hi-rail is a pickup truck with train wheels on both the front and the back.
Just went through all of the upgrades. Nice work, except... You ruined the randoms. Used to have to visit all towns, and now only 3. Why? Why put in a new town, and never have a reason to go there? Thing is, I enjoyed the randoms the way they were, CONFUSING! Now, less so. I suppose central just needs a bigger switch yard with cars scattered on both sides of the track. That was fun. I like the new engines. Great job on the stars. The mtns look great. Hwvr, 30 points for train bldg is insulting.