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Traffix 3D - Traffic Simulator

Traffix 3D - Traffic Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by InfinityGames.io located at Rua Alves Redol, 3B 2675-285, Odivelas Portugal. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Boring game with excessive ads. I click to not watch an ad offering triple coins... however, I still get an ad with no rewards. The game is boring and the graphics are terrible. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.
Its qite a nice relaxing game is what i thought and its nice that tou can go to high levels and get different cars.
A simple mechanic but in some levels it's kind of hard. But as other say - no real challenge since you don't have a time limit or something.
Not bad!! I loved the original better in a way because I like to be able to control more than 1 traffic light. In this version you control all the lights at the same time.. Makes some levels difficult tho.. I like it!
This is really a mediocre game that is far worse than the original Traffix. Everything in the game just wants you to watch adverts, and the controls and graphics are poor.
The reasons for giving one star is that thera are so many ads in this game which annoyes me,and while playing the game gets hanged up and i have to restart the level again and the main thing is that the those levels are repeating again and again but the difference is that they have just changed the colour of streets i request to all those who aee this revuew pls don't install this game
It best app for time pass 👌 Good game Reason to give 3 star is,, there are more adds Coming repeatedly That is so irritating 😠😠😠
When data is on it shows frequent ads..which ruin your enjoyment of the game..also it does not have option to quit ,, which makes it addicting like tiktok.
TOO. MANY. ADS. If you give someone a choice between tripling their reward by watching an ad, and giving them a "no thanks" option, DON'T JUST SAY "WELL HERE'S AN AD ANYWAY". Just want a game I can chill to but this ad frequency is stress-inducing!
Much better than the original Traffix. Degree of difficulty increases in a sensible fashion, unlike Traffix. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with is the lack of full screen support.
Good game in general but missing many features. Would be better with an additional "endless" mode and with level select
Very good game, however....after purchasing 'no ads' the advertisements are not turned off which is totally unacceptable!!
Unskippable ads after every level. I normally wouldn't mind it, its 15-25 seconds of look at something else time. Buy if you mess up 3 seconds in... Ad. Gimme a break, if I've been playing for 25s or more, fine ad me...
I really liked the game, very nice option to pass your free time. But the problem was when I reached the 105th level. I got out of the game and it took me back to level 4. I will surely update the rating if the devs come up with a solution.
A Good Distraction This app is neat, but I don't know if I would call it a "game". There's very little to challenge the player - no time limit, no points for close calls, or any other ways for players to continue enjoying the game after mastering the basics. You can't even replay levels! It's a shame because the graphics are beautiful and the core gameplay mechanic is engaging, but there's very little actual fun to be had here.
I cant really continue the game after the coing come up on screen and i push claim but i hear the noise but nothing happens and i have to reload the app to get it to work can u fix it?
Played through to around level 60plus then I realised that the rest of the levels are duplicates of previous levels with just a switch in orientation. Sigh.. oh, I play without wifi/data to skip all the ads. The ads are not worth my time. But still have to give credits to the gameplay.
Seems like a good timekiller. However I am unale to get past "Claim +30coins" icon after completing level 1 tutorial.
Literally 3 or 4 ads forcing you to go to google play store to downloaded more of the same. I like this sort of games, but played 4 levels then deleted the app. ***** In response to your reply ***** Yes I get the need for ads, I really do I understand thay, bit for 30 seconds of play I got over 1 min of ads. That's more ads than game time! On YouTube for a 5 min video you could get 5 seconds of ads which is fine. I'm not alone in my thoughts so please see the other reviews!
The game and design itself are good. Levels are not too hard but still are possible to fail at. But... ads. After every level. And not all of them even work properly or can be skipped. Some even do not reward whatever they should (e.g. keys) so you end up rewatching one more ad in hopes that this one works.
The fullscreen video ads crash the app or ask to save trackers and cookies. Ruins experience, interesting game but not worth money to upgrade the poor design.
The game generally is good, but the original Traffix is better. If you fail a level you are given the option to continue from where you failed if you watch an advert... Great, but the problem is you get shown an advert half the time anyway even if you choose to restart instead
Too many adverts. Adverts after doing everything!!! Advert... Advert... Advert.... Too mnayt adverts...
Unfortunately nothing like the original, this was overly simple. Reached level 100 and the game somehow reset itself, losing all progress. Ad heavy.
You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Absolutely no incentive to buy the no ad version. No ability skip ads and all ads are video ads. At one point a terms and conditions was brought up. Too bad. It's not a bad game.
Way too many ads! Game crashes when you try to watch an ad to get some kind of a bonus. Randomly crashers throughout the levels. Stunning visuals Great gameplay Addictive in a good way.
Excellent game, would be great fun to play, however, the ads are extremely intrusive, taking all fun away. Very disappointing, after the original Traffix game. Even after paying for no-ads, the ads keep coming if you tap to claim stuff, or you have to wait till one can continue playing. Really disappointing.
Great game but sometimes it's buggy that the game fails to detect finger and the lights are stuck at green
this game is so bad compared to the original traffix i can hardly believe it's by the same devs...... i would highly recommend paying for the original traffix over this game
Some levels are broken... Objects(car) are crashing it self.. without any obstacles. Need some fixes.
Game progress isn't saved after 100+ levels. Was in level 113 and when reopening the app, it starts from level 13.
Ads everywhere and 95% of the ads forces you to close the game, thus losing the promised rewards in the progress because of the freeze that happens when you play the ad for rewards. This game is not recommended if you're playing it for rewards. 3 stars until you fix this.
There game is actually awesome. Really like it. But, the ads are toooooooo frequent. I understand that ads are necessary to keep the free version alive, but showing an ad almost after every level is too much. Otherwise, pretty cool game. Edit: I just turn off the wifi and data and play in peace 😏
Even after you buy it, this game is constantly trying to show you ads and sometimes even with fake clicks to open the play store.
Mediocre. Nowhere near as good as the first game, which actually felt like a game and not just a vehicle for advertisements.
This traffic management game is relaxing and very enjoyable. It helps me focus on it and worry less about what's happening around me.
just don't like the ads. uninstall and reinstall bcoz can't continue with the game it just stop the loading (just til the title of the game). after I updated the game
The game itself has a really good concept and i like it, it really does help to pass time. BUT the game has some minor bugs which should be fixed and level 70 is unplayable. I reached this level and it seems that there's a bug that makes cars crash even before the level has started so i can't even play it. Please fix this.
I understand the need for ads, but the video ads are strong in this one. Love the game concept though.
The game design is good the bad thing is sometimes of the levels are repeating and almost all the levels are very easy and plz make more challenging levels so that the game gets interesting to play. Other than that it's a good game to pass the time
Not a great remake of the original. I was so excited to try this, the original Traffix is one of my favorite games, but this one just dumbs down the controls. The holding down method is bad compared to the original tap. And having all lights go green at the same time takes away a huge amount of the skill of the first game. Overall, the original is just a lot better. :-(
I'm no longer collecting car keys since level 40. Gotten to level 170, put the phone down for hours, come back and I'm at 70. Get back up to 117, to come back to level 35 today. Will be uninstalling
Guys, first of all, many people has given this game a lower star rating than 5, the main reason being that of the ads. If you don't like ads being played in the middle of your favourite game,‌‍‌‌ ‍‍‌‍‍‌you can go into app permissions and turn your internet access off. This makes internet off only for that app, while your connection is still in place. This helped me for many games I loved. Have a nice day!
Purchased no ads but the game kept on insisting on watching ads and even slows down the process of moving on to the next stage. The game itself is great but the ads are really getting onto my nerves. There should be options and better ways to earn coins and cars than forcing ads on players.
played two levels and was already hit with ads to watch for a special car, I'm all for playing a game with ads to keep it free but when you gotta lock in game rewards behind it, it's almost not worth it
The game is fine-- it's a free app. Don't really know why people complain about ads on a free app. Something has to pay the developers. If you don't like the ads, put your phone on airplane mode. The only reason I took off 1 star was because the levels just repeated at 100. I understand that the game is still being worked on, but I wish they would have just said "That's the game!" Instead of faking like there were more levels. Very fun and addicting game, though. Did enjoy the first 100 levels.
Installed because Traffix was a legitimately good game. This is a garbage ad-filled cash grab. I cannot believe it's the same dev. Don't waste your time.
Game is cute and great time killer but there's more ads than game play. I'm serious, only about a quarter of the time spent with this game, is game play, the rest is ads. They should have just named the game bulletin boards cuz that's all you see is ads.
The first Traffix game was good. Cars drove slower, it was actually challenging and you had fine grained control over traffic lights. In Traffix 3D the cars drive faster, you control all traffic lights at once and there are ads everywhere. After each level and after each crash you are forced to look at a video ad. Levels are not hard at all and they just repeat after maybe 50-100 levels. Made it to level 300 and got reset to level 1. I'll just uninstall this and go back to the first Traffix.
This is really boring and nothing like the original Traffix. Constant ads and unentertsining interface. Does anyone know how many levels there are?
I liked the 2D Traffix and thought the experience would be similar. The only similarity are the sounds, the game isn't challenging, it doesn't get difficult, in fact it is boring. And the interface is ugly and trying very hard to get you to misclick and watch an ad.
Way too much blocking ads making you uninstall this even if it is fun to play. It's okay to earn money but when you can't keep a user engaged it's a waste.
Is good nice game, enjoyable, time passing but after some level the game repeating finished level and last Sunday I reached 100 level but yesterday I opened game it showing level 1(look like game reset automatically) I think this game have some software issue, the game developer please take action about this issue.
It's not like what people saying , i don't need to watch ads to get multiple rewards, playing traffic games need patiente and also this is really fun , totally enjoy it.. but my advice is can you remake the background a bit , like change to green such as bushes (grass)
I'm ok with the ads (but it is a bit too much), I'm at level 60 now, feeling it's not challenging enough, hope it will get more difficult at later levels, thanks for the fun game.
I would recommend this game. This is one of the best traffic game I've ever played on this phone. And it helps you to learn the traffic rules. But, (there's always a But) there's a lag sometimes so please do fix it. But other than that it is one of the best games ever and I would recommend this game so please download this game.😍😍😍🤩🤩 And if there's any ads just turn off the data or wifi
Several ad sets locked my device and finally FC. Could have been fun and relaxing but it's set up to force you to purchase no ads option. Ad after every level. When given an option to watch an ad for a bonus and you pass... You are shown an ad anyway. Several bugs. Subjectively levels could be a little more difficult.
This is a 😵 game. You spent watching other game ads way too long to wait for the next level. After review of your game. How often do you think a user should be bypass to the ad screen and watching the ads running there for 15-30 seconds? Every 30 seconds? Or shall I count any bypass you take your users?
Perhaps my original review isn't clear enough. Why are ads the ONLY option to get more coins even after paying to REMOVE ADS? Why is there no IAP option to buy coins, like every other cash-grabbing mediocre mobile game out there? This is of course implying that the coins serve any real purpose, which the original game clearly disproved.
Too many adverts. Deleted the app within about 5 minutes of launching it. Only played 3 levels and saw 8 adverts. I think I spent more time watching ads than actually playing levels. Had to watch one before a level, then an ad for each of the two things I could claim for completing a level. I understand the need for an app to generate revenue, but this app doesn't have the ad balance for me to continue playing. Shame, gameplay seemed challenging.
Played 3 levels... got 10 adverts... spent more time with ads than actually playing.. looked like it could have been fun but I wasnt gonna be force fed adverts... you need to change the advert model... maybe 1 every couple of levels .. not 3 between each. Also couldn't find a way to exit app other than forcing a close.
Vauge instructions. The option to continue playing from your last point in the game requires viewing long boring ads. Because developers don't see us as players but rather consumers and a source of money. All games are designed to make money and everyone is is the source of that money.
Love this game! There arent many ads and it's very relaxing could play for hours. But everytime I get past level 100 it just resets and I'm back down to level 20. This has happened 3 times now and is a little frustrating.
It is quite fine but i would like it more if there was a day/night cycle kind of system or if not add an option for darkmode for us when playing in night or in the dark. Tap and holding is quite easy but in some way it gets complicated, i like it that but i want the same controls like the original Traffix one tapping the traffic lights to change color like that? 🤔