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Tracky Train

Tracky Train for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Crash Lab Limited located at PO Box 10286, Nottingham, NG16 9EU UK. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's certainly a great game. Fun, engaging and just an all round enjoyable experience. My only gripe would be it tends to run extremely laggy on my device from time to time, rendering it all but unplayable. Other than that, I certainly feel it's a fun little title to play.
Game itself is kinda fun. My problem is I'm not going to spend money for coins. The coins earned per level is very low compared to the cost of upgrades and engines. It makes you feel like you're going nowhere progressing. I don't mind spending a little, but you (devs) gotta make it enjoyable first for me to want to. Emphasis on want. Why would I just waste money on coins that will be gone instantly? I'm a gamer so a little grind is ok but that's just crazy.
Hello about the game is great make a simulation game with transport include this game trains that takes more great popularity the simulation game must have a buildings which like other simulation game. GREAT!!!!
Lost all my progress changing phones, wish the progress was saved to cloud, thought it did at first as you can sign into Google play.
I love this game sooooooooo much we have different trains loads of fun. And there are so many prizes.i give five stars super good.
Tracky Train is the train version of Crossy Road. Both are addictive to play. Tracky Train offers different trains you can unlock aswell as different locations. You pick up coins and pick up passengers on route and drop them at the stations.
This game is so fun, I practically had to force myself to stop playing and make this review because it's so much fun!! I'd like to see more engines (I'm a railway fan. We don't say "train". We say " engine".) in the game! It's a good and fun way to pass the time. I'd say it's better than "Crossy Road"! The graphics and gameplay is awesome!!!
This game simple yet fun. They make a pretty fun way to push you further. Like speed up your train after a certain checkpoint. To compete with the speed of the train you need to upgrade the passenger capacity and take the passenger untill it full. The train will stop to take passenger and will give you some time to take a breath
One of the best games I've ever played. When I first played it in 2018 it was amazing and now I've come back to it. I love how entertaining and fun it is.
It's fun but very flawed. As many others have already said, it has a tendency to lag a bit, plus it has a tendency to decide it doesn't feel like registering your finger swipes every now and then which is an absolute run ruiner. I want to love it. I love the art style and the concept, but it's just so frustrating to get so far and lose to something that is a legitimate flaw in the game rather than a mistake that you made.
It gets too hectic too fast and it feels like the train ends up going faster than you after a while. Also needs a few tweaks. Cars need to stop when you're crossing a road (more than once a truck stopped me and the train crashed into me) and I find it entirely unreasonable that you can't double back on older track. Again more than once (usually due to lag) the game stuck me on a piece of my own track and unable to go anywhere.
Everything's is great and amazing, however after I'd used it a few times, it started to lag so so so much.
It's nice and the is so good šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ and the graphics is so good And thank you so much the one make the game
This is the most perfect game ever! I like playing this game is not laggy and does not contain ads šŸ³všŸ³
Very nice game but thi only problem is that if you are not connected to the internet the game lags and it's going less the 8 fps
Hi I like the game and I think there could be some skins for the track maker thingy so that could be cool but game is good otherwise
I downloaded this game out of boredom, expecting kind of a Flappy Bird clone, but I was pleasantly surprised. Great to kill boredom for a while. However, it does take some time to buy upgrades, as many are rather expensive for the rate that you can realistically earn coins in-game.
Great fun so far! Probably the biggest thing I'd love to see is a bit more dynamic gameplay / strategy. Like, getting more money the farther you transport passengers, or getting higher denomination coins the further you make it down the map.
this game is amazing. it's fun, it's free, you can quit anytime, and the polite request for a review actually convinced me to write one, just because it was polite instead of begging. what i don't like is the fact that i need to restart the app to play a new game, because when i tap "new game", it shows me an ad and gives me the screen from the last game i lost, and leaves me unable to do anything. but otherwise, i got bo reason to complain.
The track maker is very fast, So do the train. And it makes it super hard to manipulate, and its also hard to pass through the courses because sometimes the sensor doesnt work because of its super lagging. All of it makes me feel bad to continue playing this game. Uninstalling.
I love this gane so muchits alot like crossy but way funner.Developer plaese add a new map on your game :)
Fantastic game, very addictive and fun, definitely needs more content like trains and maps. Only problem I've encountered is when the train is moving at a high speed, the game becomes less responsive, so when I swipe, the train doesn't always turns which makes me crash, this needs to be fixed but other than that, great game. And not ad intrusive which is great too.
This game is hard and easy depending on certain occasions but I really like the game. I really like trains and this game helps my swiping skills. I played this game when I was little. This game is EPIC!
It's I good game and I like it but I what I don't like is how if you loose it takes a picture pls fix or make a button where it don't take picture
I really enjoy this game. It was recommended to me by a friend who had previously played it and I find it amazing.
Ads are rewarded, the game is adictive tp an enjoyable sensr but not to a point where you can't stop, involves real-life trains, and is a lot of fun. I gave it four-stars because normally when I join the game my first seven rounds are very laggy but this could just be my device.
I heard about this game through the Kongversation if anyone here has heard of that, but I would say it's very fun and some of the characters look like Rare characters and even Mario! (The characters you pick up with your train anyway)
It used to be a fun, addictive game, but then it started lagging really bad and it's no longer playable. Can someone please fix it?
The game is amazing and everthing however the is one problem and that is after you play this game for a little bit of time the game start to lag out and i have tried everthing like reinstalling it trying it on anouther phone but the same problem keep on happing please fix this because i don't wan't to uninstalled this because this is very good butbecause of this problem i don't want to play it
A very addicted game but only 1 thing is wrong about it. When I want the track to go left or right or upwards it doesn't sensor my finger swiping. But sometimes it does sensor
I really have fun playing this game. It is vary well made but I think you could make the train go a little bit slower. But I really love the game! Crash lab limited you did a good job.
This game is fun, and addictive. One problem with it though is that the coin multiplier makes the game super laggy. And the train crashes are a little anticlimactic. Other than that, great game.
The game is a time killer and one thing I've notice after the second station the train is getting faster and faster and difficult to navigate.. But over all the game is good
Fun simple game, but the Android version suffers from low framerate when the camera pulls out too far. Unfortunately, the better one plays, the farther the camera pulls away and the slower the framerate.