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Toy Tap Fever - Puzzle Blast

Toy Tap Fever - Puzzle Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by One Hit Game. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game itself is wonderful and i do like the game, but honestly it is too many so commercial that take away from playing the game for a long period of time. I play until iam tried of the lenght of waiting. I will not complaint but i will speak when Iam ask to rate. I didn"t like the point i gave but why you all thinks its greater with the lenghty of guideline with showing all these games and taking away from playing your game. Ten seconds could be better. Ok. Thats my point. Thanks.
The game itself is pretty fun. Not too challenging, but challenging enough. However, WAY TOO MANY ADS! Also....900 coins for a continue is ridiculous for how few coins you receive when watching an ad to get coins!
It's a great game and very addicting. It's nice you can enjoy the game. You don't have to watch ads after every board. The graphics are great and it's a fun game to play.
Great game, helps pass time while waiting, relaxing, and lunch break. Keep coming up wth enjoyible games😊
Just way way way too many ads to enjoy the game play...too much time wasted on ads. Every game segment was close to 3-4 ads, depending on if you wanted the items too, in which case it's yet another 30 second interruption.
Like WOW! I just so absolutely totally LOVE this game already an me I just downloaded it like maby 10 to 15 or 20 minutes ago an WOW do I just so absolutely LOVE it an I have a game like it toyblast but I was playing toyblast an a add came up with this game so I got curious so I downloaded it an just WOW am I glad that I did because this game is like far beyond fun an just WOW is it adorable with that adorable little bunny so all in all I LOVE this game it gets my 5 stars πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ€— πŸ˜πŸ‘
Finally a block busting game with very different boards oh my I am very hooked on this game its beyond super relaxing love the graphics not enough stars or I would rate much higher
Great graphics and gameplay. Not too many ads spoiling your game. So far, I am enjoying this cute game.
It costs WAY to mu h to keep playing. Please address this issue. First review was 4 stars. Changing to 3 now. Fix this issue and my review and rating will adjust accordingly. Thank you.
It's fun to kill time, while waiting for other games or work. Only issue is to many ads. Just starting playing today
90 levels in and rarely use any boosters and not a dime spent. Ads aren't even that bad. This seems to be the perfect day wasting game.
You bait me with one game and present another. The bait shows dragging your finger over the colored cubes. The actual game is the same as a hundred other games where you touch groupings of cubes to eliminate them.
This game is pretty easy and good to play but your reward system sucks especially considering you only receive 30 coins where you charge over 1000 to get boosters or 900 to play on when run out of moves. If you want people to invest in your game you might want to consider improving the rewards
Fun game if you like building bombs and blowing stuff up and I do. The ads, well, I've played much worse.
So far I have enjoyed the game and you have the option to watch a short ad to earn coins or for a booster.
I lost my internet and this game has a mind saver. Most of all I want to say THANKS for making two ways to play. On and Off line. Way to go.
Graphics are good. Cartoon figures are amusing. But it it looks the same as 90 percent of similar looking games like toonblast or pet rescue
It does not give you any coins after watching ads. This has happened to many times. Uninstalling. In answer to your response this was in the game app. I do not believe I was on wi-fi at that time. I was only on cellphone internet.
Marie is brilliant game you get really good levels best in the world you done a great job may it continues be the best
I actually love this game, I only low rated because I just got a new phone and I can notvtransfere my data. I didn't want to start over. If it wasn't from that it definitely would be 5 stars.
Game is good. Wish the coins were a little more than 30. I'm at level 1000 and it says coming soon....how long am I waiting for next levels
It reminds me of toon blast and toy blast, so I like it but way to many ads, so it makes it annoying to play.
NEVER give you boosters to use WHILE YOU'RE PLAYING. You only receive free boosters BEFORE YOU PLAY. And then 1500 coins for 3. Don't mind the 3...it's the 1500 that's waaaaay over the top 🀨
Really fun game. Right now its not to challenging since i pretty much started. But i do like a challege. It will get there.
Wish it had less ads, but at same token you receive tokens when you watch them even sometimes not by choice
It's a fun game, but like most of these games, it'll start asking for money as it gets a little harder. So I'll delete it too! Sad!
Didn't like your President Trump add. Even uninstalled another game for showing it. Please show some decorum.
Too many commercials! After every play you have to watch an ad that lasts 30 seconds and if you are playing the game with sound off to not disturb others the ad's aren't silent! They are very loud! I had to uninstall!
Too many adds. I tried this game because the ad showed minigames in it. Over level 50 and still no mini games
Interesting power tools. Ask too many coins to restart a level in comparison to coins given in rewards. A glitch on level 212 where a bear gets stuck and theres nothing you can do. Needs some improvement.
Love this game but when it goes to show the ads I get a black flashing screen which I then have to close the game and reopen...after almost roung
Lots of ads but a good game to kill time while I'm waiting for lives on other similar games. I have been stuck on level 339 forever! Getting ready to uninstall since I can't get past the level. They've made it impossible to pass.
Extremely hard to play when random (manipulated) combinations of colors are quite low and easy to lose. I played several similar games and this one has cool ideas, but win a game sometimes may take days or weeks. If you fix that, may worth the annoying amount of adds. Also 900 coins for 1 life and in order to earn 900 coins you need to watch 33 videos of 30 seconds? For 1 life you need to spend 15 mins of annoying videos!!! After expecting any results after the owners replied, nothing happened
I like this game but, the bubbles are very hard to see. The ad for free boosters gives you nothing. Level 250 won't let me hit the ghost, I have the hammer there but it won't work. Think you have a glitch
Fun game I like that especially when it relaxes you and its simple doesnt get you frustrated like some games do thanks for keeping the moves super fun and the option for ads if need them for coins like your gift boxes as well wished you could put more coins in them rather than a 30min heart every game is all about coins not enough when getting up in levels you burn them so fast when you dont gain enough
Fun and very easy for kids and adults. Lots of ads if you want coins to pass hard levels. Even if you don't click on free gift of coins you get an ad.
I like this game, just one problem, the bubbles are very hard to see, even getting a headache from eyestrain. But it's a good game
Liked the game, but....the prize box with the jumping lid at the bottom left corner was so distracting that I had to delete the game. It would had been fine if the box was there without the lid going up and down. If that is evee fixed I would probably play again. Such a shame as I really enjoyed the game.
Great and entertaining game. The 3D game features are really fantastic, I enjoyed myself while playing this game.
Game could be great if Support were available! After many attempts and losses trying to enter the box of pies in level 100, I finally went to the game's settings only to discover there are none of real value. Not only is there no "Game Support" but Troubleshooting and Messaging are nonexistent as well. At this point I am ready to move on to the next game as there are simply too many games out there that provide the necessary support.
Fun to both play and to look at. Levels are not too hard to get through, and I can see every single one of them. Please make more.
Love it. What more can I say? Very cute and so addictive. Beautiful graphics, and cute bunny to keep me company through out my cube Journey.
Saw your ad for this game. I play it off n on. Your ad now shows the likeness of Trump getting beat up. Really? It's a game don't lower yourself to make it political. Good grief. Enough negative and disagreements going around in life. Don't do it to a fun game kids like too. Let all if us have a escape from 2020.
This was about a four star game, UNTIL, I began clearing more levels. It began to stall and not clear the respective items, or, recognize the respective items that I cleared to complete the tasks at hand.
So far so good. I like lots of free stuff and lots of tries to get it on the first time. I really dislike when the game lets you get so far and you have object yet to get. And you have to play it over. I uninstall those games stat!!
I would give it a 5 for the game so far but the ads are a definite deal breaker! I expect them but this is a little much. I play toy and toon by peak games and they got it going on! Just sayin
Its one of the better games like this...not many ads..can spend ages playing..well worth downloading.
Good fun, easy to play and doesn't get fastruting like most of these games do after a while , hoping I've finally found a game where I don't want to throw my tablet at the wall because I'm stuck on the same level for days on end. Yeah so far so good πŸ‘
I enjoy playing this game it's fun and easy to manage the cartoon character is so beautiful nice and entertaining games are perfect to play thank for the game. I enjoy it very much.
Puzzle 66s' algorithm will make it plainly obvious that this is a pay to play/win game that will just take your money. Stupid programmer messed up LoL. Try Bubble Empire its not pay to play/win. Modern day snake oil salesmen here. Peace Noobs
Enjoying the game so far, just one problem. when I click on anything that would give me extra coins or a boost if I watch a as it doesn't work.
I love this is super fun . Not all games are about winning something. . I think the graphics are great .
Extremely hard to play when random (manipulated) combinations of colors are quite low and easy to lose. I played several similar games and this one has really cool ideas, but win a game sometimes may take days or weeks. If you fix that, may worth the annoying amount of adds.
It's fun, but I take the word free at face value. The whole heart and time limits are both annoying and send me off to play other games that are genuinely free with no time limits...the ads are endless...too bad...could be a great game.
Its awesome and it gives you more items that some games I've played, which is great. Fun and I really like it.
Beginning phases even more fun than their flagship app, but by lvl150 it quickly becomes frustrating and nigh impossible. Cant get synergies with only a handful of colored squares. Filled w ads at every turn, yet they rob u of the fun so quickly. Just dont understand the Devs strategy. Moving on...
Can't use bonus on left side of play button. Ad doesn't advance just buffers. Also we get rewards and don't say how use them.
It's fun and cool game. Though it filled with more ads but it's worth enjoying it. Becareful bcuz is addicted. Huh,hmmn.
I know it's an election year but really ads on these games. I love this game but the ads need to stop before I continue to play. This is ridiculous
I really like this game so far: It's a good mix between CandyC and typical match-3, but... I really wonder what's the gold for?? Any new shop soon or what? I thought I'd be able to buy a booster or so, but still looking! Anyway, I recommend it: not too many ads (most of the time, you choose whether to watch it. Many many levels. Responsive UI. And no annoying (yet?) notifications ;) It's not as sophisticated / rich-gameplay as BestFiends which I actually like.
Excellent match 3 game but level 518 lost me! This level can't be beat even while using multiple bonuses! Only coins (lots of them) can win this level!
I love this game but it keeps giving me a virus on my phone then knocks be back 365 levels after I remove it and install it again 😏 I was on level 1017 now im.back to.650 for the 2nd time.
Love the game play and the bright colors it's a great time filler. It's very relaxing hard to stop playing.
I enjoy this game AND the ads! I know that the developers get a tiny bit to help them KEEP ME HAPPY! And I have found other games I enjoy too πŸ˜‚ thank you for keeping me happy in these strange times
After enjoying the game and spending quite a lot of money on it what a change of heart after getting to level 1450 and seeing "coming soon". That was 2 weeks ago. Totally disgusted with you and feel I've been conned. Get this sorted
Would give higher rating but skimpy on the coins and to many ads..you only get 5-25 coins at a time takes 100 or more if you need a move ..almost on level 100 and only have little over 300 coins ..they push for you to buy coins..but when the game gets to hard and takes my coins will uninstall ..not paying nope to many other games out there
It's fun and relaxing. It gets any frustration, boredom or anger out of me. I love it and I can't hardly put down or keep from picking it back up.
Got to level 8 before the onslaught of ads after every level. Gameplay is pretty slow graphics-wise, if you have a bunch of rockets firing off at the same time it's akin to loading a geocities web page circa 1997 @ 14.4k baud.
Find this game so far very relaxing!However I'm just getting started sure it will get more challenging! See if I'm up for it! πŸ€žπŸ€—
I really liked it ... even won 2 free hours.. however... I reached over 31,000 coins... when add more coins video shows up they are there... but when playing the game a different set of coins show.. 900 some. Hmm
It's ok but you have to wait for lives like we are in 2008 again. Totally wrecked the game for me. Zero stars. Edit: No I deleted it. I need a game that I can play for longer than a few seconds at a time without having to wait half an hour or pay an extortionate amount of money. It's just greed. There are many almost identical alternatives to this, I just play one of those now instead.
My granddaughter and i love this game . She is just starting to play games on the phone and she has so much fun playing this game . Its one of her and my favorite. Thank you.
love the game... i would have given 5 stars; however, the app kept crashing and i was forced to re-install it after i had made a purchase...
The game would be a lot lot more entertaining, if ad request didn't pop up every time you finish a level and every few seconds after that.