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Toy Party: Pop & Blast Blocks

Toy Party: Pop & Blast Blocks for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Tilting Point located at 521 5th Avenue New York, NY 10175. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game. I got addicted the first time I played. I love the hexagon shapes and the way you make matches. Not the same as every other match 3 games.
I'm actually really loving this game. But the reason l didn't give 5 stars is when l installed it l got a welcome back gift which was really nice only the most important one l was suppose to get l feel was the one that you can use in any color l was suppose to get it for 6 hrs. free but the thinners running but it's still locked so no good to me. If l could besides that issue l'd give the game 10 stars.
The little girl is so cute and when she laughs is adorable. the graphics are amazing. I can get lost in this game.
Really enjoy playing this game! with that said i dont understand why you start out filling your bank with 100 coins which you can purchase for $1.99 then you have to get 200 coins but the price to purchase is $3.99. should it not be $2.99. The math dont add up. Seems like a rip-off.
I'm new to the game and it's confusing. Also I have to spend money to get the piggy bank which I earned.
This game is a very very VERY fun game I wish you could get power ups more easier but other than that this is a very child friendly loving beautiful game I hope others think the same way if not then at least try giving another go just in case. ENJOY!!!!!!πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Excellent game so much different to match items games would definitely recommend this game I have just one nag about this game the ADD on,s are really expensive most games are 1.99 and yours are 2.99 that is a lot of money to some people and you have to spend it to get on with some of the levels that's all .
love the game have been playing for awhile up to level 1476. now when it comes up free play adding 3 moves it doesn't work anymore
Love this game. The only one I need on my phone. This is really the only game I want. t the others just take up space. this game does challenge you. Just stay with it. you will get it it.
The game does not load and have installed/Uninstalled 20 times. Still will not load. Havent had this problem until recently. Fix it
This game is fun at first, then it will start cheating because i can move one way and it will move the opposite way so i cant win and move up a level and it will take your tpoints and give you five extra moves that you didnt actually continue on i think this game is a big cheater.
Like this game so much. it looks like a kids game, but it isn't. Try it and you'll see. If you like strategic, thought provoking games, try this one.
I like the game but sometimes I don't like all the strings in the double double-spaced is one with the white lines and then you got the right underneath of it it's just too much boy that I like the game I love to get
I hesitated to download this game because I seem to have been bombarded by ads for it and that always makes me suspicious. In this case, the ads were correct. I noticed that the game is by CookApps the makers of Sweet Road, a terrific game in the Match 3 genre. This is definitely a strategy based game with special moves that will either make or break a level. The character, Joyce, is absolutely adorable. The graphics are great and the gameplay is fun. I always wait until I advance past level 40 before I rate any game. So far, so good! Recommended!
IT IS VERY ADDICTING! I'm at level 1280-1281 but I wish they gave 100 free coins after you pass a certain level. "Hint-Hint"..!
l like the game but to many hard levels it takes forever to get though and No way to get points to buy a lifer to buy lives except to spend money
Absolutely love this game. The hexa part makes the boring match 3 more exciting!! The producers of this game does not want you stop playing, they give lots of opportunities to keep playing that's why I gave 5 stars!! Thanks guys for the wonderful job yall did on this game!
Learning and see how tough it the games but I usually play it quite often, it's fantastic and amazingly well done to play with others players and I LUV IT VERY MUCH and this is my Second time to play on in Toy Party 3 on Pop and Blast....
Great game. Some challenging levels. In app purchases a bit pricey but not needed often as u can win items. Be good if u could choose whe from to use your won infinite lives though. I usually get these and have to abandon game
hate new update. extra moves watching video not working. causing me to fail when before would succeed.
LOVE THIS GAME... Load it up & experience the LOVE for yourself❣ You won't be sorry... I promise❣
I paid for 9.49 dollars. The money came out of my Commonwealth banking app but this game seems to not want me to have what I purchased. my coins should be more than 60 coins now, but it still sais 60 coins. The coins I purchased were 110 coins. If I can't have what I purchased give me my money back. You just get one star from me because of your dishonesty.
Hard at times but it is beatable without looseing the challenge. Love it. but would like coins more accessible
Been stuck on level 359 for three days now and have had enough...if this is what you like, then this ones for you...I dont have money to spend on a game thats supposed to be free, at least provide a skip button...as for me, adios guys, I can find something else less stressful and more fun!!!
So many games on the market with so many different themes. I wish this game had gone the way of gems instead of child toys. Love the hexagonal match 3 game play just cannot play because of toddler/young child theme for game play. Please notify me if you create a hexagonal match 3 game play that has a theme like food, butterflies, rainforest animals, penguins just not a toy theme.
Way too many glitches and never give power ups unless you buy them. Only good thing is you get a new life every 20 minutes. It's the only thing that keeps me playing when I'm bored.
Extremely good fun. Easy to play but very addictive. The charcter you use is cute, although the wording when he wants more prize boxes is not very polite! Also it seems to take a long time to get more clothing. Other than that it's very enjoyable.
I love this game but I'd give it a score of 3.5 if I could so you get a bonus with 4/10. Reason being is that the game works fantastic on PC. On mobile it SUCKS! I've already told you this months ago. Sadly and clearly you still have no interest in fixing the issues. :(
This game is great for kids and for the kid at heart. The characters are cleverly done, and very cute. There are a couple of reasons why this doesn't get a 5 star rating:... I just wanted to edit something and say that it is only a fifty-fifty chance that the players will have a bank account and the game asks too often for real money....
Quite engaging, I love the fact that it teaches you how to play the game. Downside is when you warn points it still wants you to pay cash for tokens/ boosters!! Would have given 5 points if you could use your points to buy tokens/ boosters.
The game is addictive, but poor experience with buying coins. I've lost over $20.00 with trying to buy coins. Do not buy coins from this game!!!!
Fun game, but once you win challenges you really don't get the prizes. you have to pay for them. If write in to support they don't respond. Game get stuck once you when a level. then once it is unstuck you have to try and beat the same level.
love the game have been playing for awhile up to level 1476. now when it comes up free play adding 3 moves it doesn't work anymore. When are you going to fix this. It still doesn't work
I can't save my progress because i can't login with Facebook i tried so many times to press the login button but it doesn't do anything Edit: problem solved! Thank you so much ❀️
This game is definitely addictive! Puzzles are a good mix of easy and hard levels; graphics are cute; kids laughter is good antidote to the daily news.
game was fun and entertaining but as you go up.in levels they become extremely hard and vexing to the point you fee feel you HAVE to buy boosters. I understand they need to get harder as you progress but some are just impossibly hard and there are too many hard levels together
Fun game. Annoying character. I would give it five stars if the little pink headed girl weren't so obnoxious.
the levels are becoming too difficult to get through without spending a little bit of money. I still play but very rarely
A really fun game, some of the levels do catch you out tho as they're harder than they 1st appear to be. So far 3 attempts on 1 level has been my longest go and I don't buy any of the extras, I just use anything I earn for free in the treasure chests, or else it would work out a very expensive bit of relaxation!!
Still graphically and addictively my favorite 3 match and overall game and holding! However I'm still waiting to be awarded all or at least find out what happened to the toys promised with the action of the initial Facebook connect??!
I love this game ! I've been playing for almost a year & was on level 579 . Somehow I lost my position & had to start over ! Not fair ! Wish I could resume at my previous level . Anyway I love the game & will continue to play .
I'm booked for the year to continue winning. Is because of the graphics it feels so much more gratifying compared to ALL OTHERS. I've tried playing other match 3 (my fav genre) ToyParty has held my attention for 2 years now!!. Thanks. One thing to note, initial social media bonus toys never was given to me
Awesome Game will be challenge my grandchildren just to have fun, even though I will not win. But it is time well spent when we are so far apart. I live in Vegas they live in Hilo, Hawaii.
Can't get enough of this game,but and a big but, is that you really cant progress without paying highly for features. game when upgraded just got worse as none of the previous freebies you got are still there. I wont be recommending to friends as it's financially not easy to play
Loved this game until I downloaded the new update and now it won't work right. I can't get the free moves in the beginning or the end.
Learning and see how tough it the games but I usually play it quite often, it's fantastic and amazingly well done to play with others players and I LUV IT VERY MUCH
Good game but screen just froze up on me right after i cleared level 715 after umpteen attempts.now it says i have to play 715 stage as though i hadn't cleared it.I am very frustrated.This is not the first time this has happened to me,the screen freezing up.screen just froze again after i cleared another level.this is not right.please fix this issue!i'm tired of clearing levels and not getting credit.App tends to freeze up after i clear some levels and i have to repeat the levels.Game freezes up
I really love this game, it's adorable! I didn't try it for a long time because I assumed it was just another Toy Blast copy cat, but I was surprised to find it's match 3 - with hexagons instead of squares! It's definitely a fun challenge that requires a different strategy. They don't push ads and don't "beg" for money, playing Toy Party is a joy and a pleasure!
I really love this game, but, you cannot progress unless you are an exceptional gamer or have pots of money to through at it. it may appear in bite size chunks but really quickly mounts up to an overspend. shame really, I cannot promote this game to friends, because I know that they can I'll afford to lose, heaps of money.
Love the game, can be generous at times but definarely aiming to make money! Still enjoy it though and find the levels can be passed with playing multiple times, if you play just for free. Just takes a lot longer! Still loving it and into the 600's lol!
Really enjoy playing this game, as most levels can be completed with a couple of attempts, and while the difficult ones may take more, there is none of the "I have been trying to pass this level for a fortnight now" frustration that causes me to delete games.
Freezes up at the strangest times; like when u r winning... The game will run flawlessly until you have accumulated a stockpile of coins or won multiple rounds back to back. Several times I've used the option of 3 free moves for watching an ad - works just fine. UNLESS After the option shuts down several times as listed above, it's pretty hard to view it other than as deliberate.
I enjoy playing this game, however the coin and booster packages are way too expensive! I keep losing coins. Finally, I'd like to decide when to use the lives I receive/purchase. I find this very irritating, as you don't always have time to play for say, 3 straight hours! If possible, change this, or you may lose players.
Hiya I downloaded this game again tonight am starting to like it I must say I do like a challenging game not so bad after all
The game itself it alot of fun to play and challenging. However it is extremely impossible to get coins.
the game is fun but waiting 48 hours for a power up is ridiculous. Daily.players should get some sort of prize.
New update is amazing but levels 556 to 570 are ridiculously hard with every match being blocked by the lines put in. I have to Uninstall bcuz its impossible to pass a level without spending a fortune on buying power ups to cheat and its just too much money for a game. But I did enjoy playing it very cute and challenging but those levels are too much Thank you to the creators its a great game other than those levels when you make those levels more winnable and easier to master I will reinstall.
Awesome game but I can't deal with the tips that can't be skipped. I play so many of these types of games that I don't need a whole lot of tips. If I could have skipped them, I'd have loved the game.
I absolutely love this game, however I made a purchase of a package for $14.99, never received it, made a request for a refund or for my purchase to be delivered, nothing was done at all. This is very disappointing to know how you treat paying customers. THANKS A BUNCH GUYS!!! Still waiting.
I love love this game soooo much. It's great to play this game when you are bored. Especially when you are travelling. I always play this hame when I'm on my journey to work or somewhere. I love the music and the graphics of this game. Maybe the game developer should make a live wallpaper on this cute characters.
I've rated this once already i shouldn't have to rate it again for that I remove 1 star this rating stuff all the time ruins the game.
This game robs you of your moves you have left that can give you your bronze, silver or gold cup and that give you your points to compete. It sucks because of that!!!!!
Great game. There is a bug that needs fixed. When I win a game I get the score then next to it the number of coins, but the coins are never added to the coins available for boosts. That number has never increased. Please fix it or whats the point? I'll need those coins for higher levels. Please fix.
Can't put it down. love the fact you get infinite lives for 24 hours, giving you the opportunity to go really far.
Do not play...never got credit for a purchase. Have emailed and submitted cases with receipts 3 times since Sept not a single response
I just love love love this game. Each level is very exciting. You never what to expect. The challenges are VERY challenging. Way to go guys. Graphics aware wonderful.
I love the graphics, they are so cute. The game is so much fun, you start playing and the next thing you know, its -3 hours later from when you started. The only thing I don't like is the number of levels that tutorials are shown and when you get to the higher levels, the tutorials start again. Its time consuming and a little irritating.
This game robs you of your moves you have left that can give you your bronze, silver or gold cup and that give you your points to compete. It sucks because of that!!!!! I'm going to uninstall. I am so tired of being robbed of getting my gold cups. This is unprofessional and unimpressive. Buck up you guys and be FAIR and do the right thing!!!!! Pitiful.
One of my favorite games and I have played over 200 games in a 2 year period. Play this game every day!! This is a keeper.
this game is fun to kill time but it is very difficult to get coins and other helpful items without spending money...
really good game hope it's one like candy crush and you never run out of levels as can't stop playing it's addictive
I want to give more stars because this is my favorite game, addicted status. However many upgrades you gave most recently were awesome. Major setbacks even still. I've email issues before ava haven't seen those fixed in so much as not getting the extras lives and coins for logging into facebook. coins disappearing from my collection. Ufo combinations with other toys not going off after combing them, that's extras moves!!!! Edit please. I love this game.
really enjoyable game, but why does it offer you 3 free moves but when you tap to get them nothing happens!!!