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Toy Fever

Toy Fever for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Crazybuzz located at 281, Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It would be better if it weren't for the constant and in your face advertisements. You win a match? Ad. You click something wrong? 3 ads. Oh you need another ad after this ad before the match even begins. Understand making money but this is ridiculous. That's why I uninstalled the game.
Great game!!! No hoops to jump thru, no points to get for boosters, no lives needed to keep playing - just play and enjoy solving the puzzles!!!!
I enjoy this game but at times you give an amount to do a game but at time you get 3, 5, maybe 10 moves ..ie You get 58 moves ..you only get 5 moves..at time more and game over,, what is up with that..?????on one game it took me 3 days to finish one game cus OF THIS !!!! That is very stupid to do this!!! You have so many moves..keep it that way!!!!
the game is fun but I am sick and tired of these games advertising as though they're going to be different than the game that they are. when this game was advertised to me I was supposed to be fixing things throughout a house but it's just another Match Game. if you're going to make games for us to play at least tell the truth about what we're going to be doing it really makes me mad when I pick a game and I can't even do the things that were advertised. This happens in a lot of match games.
I like the fact that it is not like limited with lives and actually gives you a chance to beat the levels has the best power ups for a game that I've ever played and to hell with the rest this one is the best hands down no contest
While the game would be a nice time killer, you lost me at unskippable ads (must watch at least 10 secs). Once those ads began crashing the game completely, uninstalled immediately. Pity.
Very fun enjoy playing when i get the chance it is very challenging .cant put it down once i get started love playing more then any other game.great stress reliever and keeps me focused.
It's an ok game to pass time, colorful. ?Somewhat addicting? Simple so I can play before bed and it makes me sleepy. I'm glad the harder levels dont keep me stuck on them for very long, 2-3 games tops not for weeks like some games. I like it, I dont love it. Colorful but not very much for graphics on visual stimulation. But, I haven't deleted it. "Playing 3 mos now"
The game would be better if you could earn tools to help with the game. It gets kinda boring and you cant strategize to win levels.
I like this game, but, you have many ads. I can tolerate some ads. With this game, there is a ad after you finish a level. you get 1 booster if you watch a ad. not player friendly. most other games, give you more boosters. though, i like the game i may uninstall.
It' s fast paced enough to be interesting but not so hard that I uninstall after level 120 or so. I like it.
unfortunatly, this refreshing fun game, becomes an agrivating , annoying, give up game..couldnt wait to uninstall. the ads are 13 to 30-45 seconds of play time. way over 3/4 of each attempt to play. Either tweak this game to fame, or light the flame, to burn it up!.(it could be a serious addictive past-time. ) fix!!!!
I've always enjoyed this game, it'll keep you on your toes with timed rounds, so watch out you just never know what they're going to throw at you!πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰
This Game is "straight & to the point." It's ALL ABOUT strategy, logic and challenge. Hours can pass quickly if you "get sucked in!" It's a terrific deterrant when you want/need to be distracted.
It was fine. A fairly fun way to waste time. A thousand other games out there are just like it, so it's about average. No big glitches, though, so that's good.
good waste of time when you are bored however after reaching the level section SweetsFactory, level 138, the game has no more levels even though it says there 144. Might have to uninstall this game after months of enjoyment. too bad. I will wait a few days to see if an update adds more levels but I won't wait long.
I like the game but whoever made this game obviously doesn't know English or doesn't bother to correct their English. They spelled "Score" as "Sore". Also thier pop up words while playing are "excited" or "exciting", which honestly is just poor English.
Its fun but you have limited moves to make to get all the peices you need to win and they give you 5 extra moves if you watch like 3 ads. If you aren't lucky to get the right cube combo they extra 5 move you to death and I end up exiting the game through all the ads to continue playing, it's very annoying.
The ads are off putting, sometimes have to exit the game to remove the ad before replaying. Only d onside to this game.
Great game let down by riddled with adds, I mean riddled with full screen 30 second adds that can't be closed, there is just too many
I NEVER rate apps but this game is awesome it is so much fun there are no ads no stupid lives to lose and you just make it so much fun there are some very high levels and it gets aggravating but the fact that you let people do it over and over again without losing anything and have to buy anything it's absolutely perfect great job
This is great game for kids & adults who need a slower pace. I was looking for a game that doesn't require speed or brain power. So far this is excellent. However, after level 38 it becomes frustrating with a 90 second time limit. The game has changed so it's not for me. will delete it.
I was only interested in the Shockmachine version of this game way back in the '90's (Collapse) until this blew it totally out of the water. Candy Crush whatever, eat your sugary heart out. I installed this for my 2yo toddler, and now we just trade back and forth while he plays the lower levels and I unlock the rest!
I liked how the levels gave you a choice to watch videos to earn more moves or to restart the level. Looking forward to continued updates.
WAY too many ads!!! Nice game, but not worth the aggravation of the constant ads. Also, there's no explanation of game play!
This would be a great offline game also..the ads are way too many! Make this an offline game then I'll give it β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† five stars..no ads!
So. Many. Ads. this game would be fine if there weren't ads after every single round. Every time you do anything, another ad pops up. It makes it EXTREMELY irritating.
the game will not allow you to finish the level out something wrong every time it say oops you fail and the time has not ended need to fix the problem then i will rate the game i like the game alot
way to many ads. should let you go on to next level sometimes gives windows move 2 colors sometimes 3 sometimes you move right colors get nothing. I am finding something else
levels with advancing pillows and no obvious stradgy are too frustrating to continue. all the ads are totally annoying 😑 come on after every fail and completion And if you want an can extra. too much, bye
cool game, somtimes the graphics freeze. No special or extra points but a great way to make time go by if your in a waiting position.
It would be more fun if there weren't so many ads. I like the ads for the extra lives but you can't go up a level without watching ads. You can go back to the home page without watching ads. Sometimes its quicker just the close out the game and reopen it than to wait on the ads.
The Game is Great, being FORCED to watch 5 sec ads is disrespectful and just plain greedy. Too bad, game is fun. Uninstalling, plenty of options without attack ads.
This is a good game to help with colors and numbers for kids and anybody that is learning how many to push and colors to push it also has differant other tthings to do! Its fun!!
Decent game since you don't have to worry about lives, but it's VERY glitchy.... it seems to shut down on its own a lot when you are in the middle of a level & freezes a lot when you put 2 spaceships together.
I really like this match 3 game that lets me continue to play without running out of lives and the puzzles are challenging but not impossible to beat . Thanks its a Relaxi g and great for passing time.
For me is fascinating, because it challenging which makes it more interesting and make me want to think of method to pass through each of the level with a fierce move. That's what I like about it most
love this game but it states that there are over 700 levels, so how come on my phone it goes to level 5 then says new levels coming soon? I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now, and have finished the game, more levels please or won't reinstall again.
Game not bad, until you get to golden ?? Then at round 36, dozens of time bombs are thrown into the mix. This is not, Not a game for fun, rather a game teaching kids about fighting and almost in a war scenario. Not for me, nor my g.children, or other family members. If you think this is more fun, I ask "Where the heck are you from?" More addictive, sadly yes it could be if you waken a sleeping menace. Next school shooting, YOU should be held accountable. SUPER CONCERNED GRANNY
So far so good & am now on level 2. Great entertainment recommend for all ages. There's no clue as to what's req'd & although its now on a time limit I cant figure out what's req'd & have decided to take time out. May return another day & I do thank you all hence the 5* rating remainsπŸ‘Fabulous graphics to boot, on/offline options, topsπŸ‘πŸ’πŸ‘πŸ‘‹