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Toy Blast

Toy Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Peak located at Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I came second in the competition and my reward disappeared... It's not the first this is happening. As well as 20 levels every 2 weeks is ridiculous... Fix that issue...
A.I controlled game that dictates your game either making it easier or impossiable for you to win, depending on where you are on the leaderboard to encourage you to spend. I doubt the competitors are real either. Not much fun when you relise its got nothing to do with skill. Not happy Jan. ps Is this a legal way to extort money from people????🤔
Once I close/leave the game and then come back it always freezes and I can't select anything. I can't start a level, change settings, scroll the screen, nothing.
Developers since this last upd when I open the apt it FREEZES. I restarted my phone and no change. Question if I uninstall and reinstall WILL I LOSE MY PROGRESS?
I love this game, especially when it gives the opportunity for unending lives. 11/27/18 Ok, so they took unending lives away but added the quest that give you a whopping 25 coins. I liked the unending lives better. Gonna have to take a star. 😒 8/16/19
it's slow but has new feature that can allow you to get through the slow stuff. it's my second time. Giving this game one more try. First time it was as if the random blocks fell it was to common that it was allowing me to move forward. and I got mad and haven't played it in almost a year. so now I'm gonna be like the rest of the word and get brain washed by this abomination of gaming. shame on me for the time I've lost playing this game. Lord I still remember YOUR GOOD.
I miss the compasses as a challenge, as well as the squares that change color on the next move, how about returning them in future levels? How about a future level showing all 12 zodiac signs in the background, starting with aries near the first step, and pisces near the last step of that level? It will let players connect to the game more
I really enjoy playing toyblast. The game has enough challenge in it that allows it to be a little difficult but not so much you can't relax and enjoy the game. My days can be very stressful, I can sit down and play for 30 minutes and I realize l am completely relaxed. Thank you for this great game. Now don't let me down, keep up the great work.
Stopped Updating: Game Hogs too much storage!! No way to delete earlier levels to free up space for new levels. I'm not deleting pictures & video of friends & family just to play a game!! Ridiculous, this company thinks you should devote a whole 1GB to their game. Not everybody has the latest, greatest phone to devote a whole Gig to a game. That's crazy!!
Now that there are players using "cheat" apps, it's impossible for the rest of us to ever place in prize winning levels in competition.
My experience with this app was actually great. It is very fun when you are bored or when you just need to relax. I reccommend this app for boredness and relaxation.(p.s.-idk if i spelled that wrong.)
nice game, but I hate the fact that when I forgot to open the chest when it's full and continue playing, it won't count the additional stars until I open the chest. Like e.g. I'm at level 114 now with 3 stars every level, but I only have 16/20 (20 for 1 round of chest) stars instead of x2/20 (since 114×3=342)
this is my favorite game but it is frustratingly difficult sometimes. Some of the levels should have quite a few more moves before you either have to quit or buy more with real money. I won't spend my money on one of these games no matter how much i like it. We watch ads so it can be free. That should be all there is to it.
I been playing toy blast for the last three years, I love game and its a challenge to play ! Never got into gaming til now! I love it! Thank you!
Absolute worst customer service. They wont even respond to my tickets now they just close them and dont even respond. They also have the game set up so you accidentally click to buy extra lives and then they wont give you your coins back. They are reason these kinds of games get bad names. The worst
I seriously LOVE this game. There have been a lot of little changes here and there, but it's a great time passer and you get lives pretty quickly. I play the new levels as soon as the game updates lolol
this game is good for my fingers and my mind it keeps my mind occupied and my fingers some what due to a few strokes my right side is very numb. This game motivates me and it helps me.
Really poor effort that in my opinion is purely a money grab. Barely 40 levels in its extremely difficult to complete certain levels with the allotted moves so you will have to buy extra moves. I normally fly through the first few hundred levels of similar games and never have to spend to progress but I'm fairly sure this won't be the case with toy blast. If you like these sorts of puzzle games I'd go get an alternative as this is poor, overly difficult and overall just meh
It's a pretty good and addictive game, but it's totally stopped working since the last update. Won't load at all anymore. Have checked the internet connection and restarted my tablet but no luck. Boo.
It's a super cute game. I've gotten stuck on a few puzzles, but they aren't rage inducing lmao. Pretty neat 👌🏻
I love this game! I have been playing it for a few years and haven't had to purchase anything yet. It isn't an easy game where you match 3 then all the rest falls down. There is strategy involved. Not as much as chess, but at least as much as checkers. I find it very much more fun than checkers.
Very cute! I love the little "Woohoo" from the toys🤗 There are in app purchases that will help you reach the next level when it becomes more difficult but it is not necessary to do so...it just takes more attempts to succeed. I love it❤ because it's so cute. My favourite game so far.
Now this is a color blast game I, and I am sure my grand kids will also love it too!! I am thoroughly enjoying the levels as they progress I am on, I almost feeling guilty because I am so happy while I am playing this game!!! Thank you so much!! I love you guys! Love&Hugs Stacie H.
thanks again for your time and consideration and dialogue with love and support to Aman Garg is not responsible for the first time in hindi language
I love this game! Settles my mind after a long, stressful day... I don't much care for the obvious pay-to-play part, where some levels cannot be beaten unless you buy more moves.
be prepared to spend money or not advancing. you usually cant pass a level until the game decides its done cheating. now if you spend money you have a better chance of advancing. also if you get any special pieces the game will make sure you use those up quickly so you will have to buy more. so enjoy its rather amazing how the "random" pieces almost always go the wrong direction. all they want is your money you will never get help or a fair game
Graphics are bright, very cute and eye catching with game play at a great pace that keeping players engrossed and never bored! Don't usually play games I usually find them dull and boring around the 2nd - 3rd round. But not this one . . . LOVE IT! THANKS!!!
I love the game, but it keeos crashing on my phone. It is getting ridiculous, i am past level 2300, and now i cant even play it.
Just updated again and stopped working again. Stop updates! I really like game but ever since last update has not been acting right. Decreased stars because still have problems opening game. I don't want to delete and reload.
this game is very addictive! only been playing a couple days and already on level 100! it has the right amount of challenge!
Unfortunately i love this game SO FREAKIN' MUCH! More than Candy Crush even. Cute cute graphics, fun level changes... it's a perfect storm.
this game is rigged liked most of all games. And you all makes it so difficult. so we spend to achieve nothing. we spend you get rich the worlds dreams. well God bless you on your achievements. everytime i have the winning move the blocks dont fall or the random rockets aren't random but chose so it doesnt work for you but against. Just wanted you all to know that with all your money and achievements that making making game. Keep up the work of screwing over young peoples minds.
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It is very addictive, its competitive, you have to use your mind strategically. It's a wonderful game. I LOVE TOY BLAST.
I just downloaded this game yesterday and I'm already on level 73! Very fun and enjoyable. If you like toon blast then you'll love this game!
Yes the best game I played etc. I just wanted to know, Do u have any more games to play on Toy Blast??? If so I am interested n waiting.
very fun and addictive game to have!! it help me deal with stress from the job and just plan old boredom!!!!!!!!
Level 2951. Just finished playing 12 games in a row. 10 of the 12 came down to the last move and either rockets went wrong way, wrong color cube dropped, etc... anything to get you to spend some money to get one more move. Finished up all extra lives, boosters, finished with this game. Totally rigged. Deleted Toon Blast earlier this week and deleting Toy Blast today. Don't waste your time or money.
Although very addictive and fun. The game cheats by replacing color cubes in an effort to reduce your chances of winning... I get it... its makes money by costumers buying specials offers to help you advance but its very disingenuous that its changes cube colors or sometimes changes an entire sequence, so that you fail I wonder if the franchise knows how the developers cheat in the name of making money. This should be fixed immediately If i get stuck let it be by my moves not by the game itself
Game Freezes! The game is amazing and lots of fun!! But it keeps freezing up on me when I turn it on. It is not my phone as I have a new very expensive phone and protections on it. When I turn the game on, it freezes. When it unfreezes, I have no issues during play. Please fix this freezing up issue. Thank you.
I absolutely love this game so much!! I would rate 5 stars but i kinda feel like this game cheats sometimes with the direction if the rockets. Its frustrating but i guess its more challenging that way.
well i did like it at first, but then after you hit a certain level they don't give enough moves to succeed and win the level, so i had to edit my 5 star rating to 1 star rating because its frustrating that they don't give enough moves to actually win so you end up having to spend your own money which i refuse to do. so yeah i wouldn't download this game.
Great game. Love the tournaments and opportunity to win coins and boosters. Do wish they'd bring back the unlimited play options though!!
love playing this game, very addictive, a very challenging game and very strategy game. so intense and I can't get enough playing this game, love it, I would recommend it if your into a strategy !!
4now its a great game until i have to start spending my hard earned cash.....i have changed from 3 to 1...not spending $ game is not worth it....being i want ever own it..you guys should pay us for playing
Nice game, however l dont like that l would have to log into FACEBOOK to save my progress. I dont have any social media accounts and l dont intend to. There should be a way for me to save my progress without it.
NEW players don't see what the problem is with negative reviews lol but they'll find out in time once they get sucked in ?? TRUST ME.. I've been playing this for 3 years and even though I feel I'm being cheated I still play coz its addictive. the crown rush is a joke coz 9 times out of 10 it gives you problems . get rid of it or let the players decide where to place them ?? this game is ruined by GREED and I refuse to be conned out of PAYING FOR IT
Robert Dallago, I have been playing a long time and have never bought any items. I have won a lot over the years though.
June 2019: I have downloaded this game again and I'm really hoping that it doesn't freeze up again cuz I truly enjoy it. We shall see... *UPDATE: Today is July 28, 2019 and the game froze up once again! Deleting it for good.
Parents Beware. This game uses colorful graphics to lure in young children to play then after so many levels the game becomes impossible and your child will ask you permission to buy bombs or some such. I don't mind a game that will make a child look at an advertisement but to just ask for cash so as to let the child go further in the game should be illegal.
I have played this game for years but i dont like how it no longer gives you infinity play for 2 hours. just gives you extra lives. PLease fetch infinty back!
another game programmed to make you lose by one move, so you spend your money on power ups so you can win. Great game King 15 billion and counting.....
I like the challenges and power ups it gives you if you do good. You could go one better give a coin for moves that are left over. For example if you have 5 moves left you get 5 coins. Just another perk to keep the game interesting. I think it gives incentive to try to beat it in the least amount of moves. Which you're supposed to do anyway but this way you're rewarded for it.
After playing up to a certain levels, you will just stuck there and you need to purchase more extra tools to complete the level. And I find that it is very costly to keep paying just because you want to complete the levels and +5moves for 25 coins is overly expensive. Overall this game is fun but too costly to continue... Not recommended!
Love this game,great challenges, it'll keep you occupied for hours, but I've Been locked out of the game for two weeks can anyone help I'm on level 976, Jx
Fun game! I've played all the candy crush games and when I started this one I was afraid it would be boring for a while until I got to a really high level ..I was wrong! not even to level 100 and I'm enjoying it!
Love this Game 1st it was fun when you could progress but it's getting really annoying with making levels so difficult can't pass even after using extra lives and others as well.... FOCUS ON MAKING IT FUN & ENJOYABLE NOT STRESSFUL
I would like to charge but it takes it's not fair to play the same level over for several days we don't get out at your point or at your lies you want your customers to buy
It's a fine game but there is no option to reset, even if install and reinstall. Giving an option to reset is trivial. I'm deleting the game.
i think this is stupid that you have to update before going into arena and its really stupid enough as it is that they have legends arena . why cant we just keep playing the game till there are no more levels
A lot of comments about it taking 30+ lives on higher levels. Sure I got stuck a few times, but I've never paid for anything and thought I'd give you just a sample of what higher levels took for me: lvl 2801/3 lives lvl 2802/passing 1st try lvl 2803/7 lives It's challenging and addictive, and it's not something I would be happy with if it's the only game I had, but don't mind taking a break and coming back later if I run out of lives. That rarely happens though as you get a lot of free lives.
This game really sucks ass Its sucks some levels take 20 to 30 times before beating the level. F#@€ng game SUCKS NOW!!!!!!!!!
I just started playing this game recently and I thought I wouldn't like it too much based off the reviews I read, but its actually pretty fun so far. I'm hoping it stays this way and I don't run into the issues that others have had to deal with!! Fingers crossed lol
I love this game. Each set of levels (usually) comes with new obstacles to tackle, each one more challenging than the last. You dont need to spend money, thanks to the chests you unlock along the way. Great time killer
The game cheats a lot, you all have our will experience this on many levels. Rockets are random to stop you winning, colour cubes pick the colour with least amount on screen not the colour you should get to stop you completing the level. On a day good you can move up on the score board 30 places and win the tournament but that's not very often. It stresses me out more times than cheers me up. Shame cos other games I play don't need to be like this. It's all about the money making.
This game is so much fun to play I cant wait until I get home to play.the only thing I dont like about it is that you have to hit some of the pices to many times.by the time you break them you are out of lives.
updates slow. some glitches in programing. dont get credits due. overall a good game. some levels are pure chance. no skill. boring. should get credit for not being stupid rich and buying the at the store. Some levels are arbatrally near impossible just to soak your prizes.
The game if fun but with the need to constantly update it i have no room left in my phone to do yet another update, its rediculous that i have to update every couple of days bc they only give you 50 levels at a time im left with no choice but to delete this app
Great game until reaching higher levels (100s). once there, takes multiple lives to pass a level and few boosters are given. Sadly, it is very apparent that the game requires money to play successfully past a certain point.
not impressed was on level2261 an invite appeared instructing me to log into facebook i dont use facebook tried to back out and restart my game and to my surprise i started at level 1. and all of my contacts for free lives were gone too. now your instructing me once again to go to facebook to refresh my game and save my progress. i dont trust it. I do enjoy the game am currently on level 621 has this happened to anyone else it sucks
Fun, cute characters! This starts out as a normal old match 3 - but as you get into it the colors seem to get brighter and more toys populate the screen. It's entertaining and you can play forever without spending a fortune buying more lives & moves.
I like the graphics and the game is alot of fun,but when you level up on the boosters some level are not playable with them. So you have to lose and play the level without the boosters and start over again. Not sure what the purpose is. Gets annoying.
Toy blast is Definitely a blast for me. Toy blast is one of the funnest games i have ever played, i tell everyone about the game and there they are on level 89. I woud definitely recommend toy blast to anyone who reads this. 👍
Fun and addictive game. Minus points for the missiles not being random. The game says they're random but that is very doubtful. I believe creators put code for way less than 50% chance to have missiles go where you need them.
I am on level 2931 and for some reason my game will not play. It loads up just fine be will not start the level, it just frozen and has been going on 3 days now. I thought about uninstalling and reinstalling but I don't want to loose any of my progress. I have tried to email the game's creators but the the email address provided keeps coming back as "not valid" or "unavailable for receiving". This is one of my favorite games and I am at a loss
So far it's been fun. Very typical in its set up for real cash to be spent buying in game coin. I like the bright primary colors.
What I don't like about this game is that, whenever you have those TNT and the cubic together. It doesn't put them where I need them, and it's not just me that doesn't like that, I have a lot of friends that use to play it but because of that they Stop playing. I think you need to fix it.
they lie this game Lies when they say oh will give you five going to play if you give us a good reading of 5 I gave you a good rating of 5 and you didn't give me nothing there for I'm giving you a one
terrible!!! used to be great but am stuck at level 339 (of 2,750) for a few days as it is impassable without using a lot of bonus items, which I do not have. and I refuse to buy them so am going to uninstall this game now.
Super fun game,,,til you get to the upper levels, when, without constantly purchasing 'extras',,,you stand no chance of advancing,,,
Addicting game. BUT! I feel like it makes you lose on purpose. It's a bit hard to explain, but I waste atleast half of my moves pressing a matching block (lets say green) only for it to be replaced with the same color. Sometimes I use all of my lives because the same thing happens again and again everytime I restart the same level.
It made me feel as if I was hanging out with Abraham Lincoln's mother's, uncle Fredrick the 3rd. I didn't know how to react when he offered to be my man. Now I am truly blessed that I got to play this game an Discover my long lost boy toy.
No matter how good you get on the game, if some random factor doesn't help you, you have no way of completing a level. The developer made sure to make that clear: 5 lives cost the same as 5 more.turns on the level you are, so basically, you get to feel that trying a level 5 times is the same as almost finishing one. The notification light the game generates use the same pattern as low battery, so you can think your phone battery is dying for getting empty even though being connected on charger.
I LOVE Toy & Toon Blast!!! Would like to know if you'll be coming out with a new "blast" game like them? I do not like the other PEAK games unfortunately.
This game really sucks ass Its sucks some levels take 20 to 30 times before beating the level. F#@€ng game SUCKS NOW!!!!!!!!! game still sucks
Very enjoyable. Continuously adds variations in challenges. Does a good job of teaching skills and techniques gradually. The buy-ups are low in price too.
Id give this game more stars IF there weren't issues like there are, and the developers didn't make it to where even using specials and boosters an actual move. In other words, depleting moves using boosters as well as regular moves. And you're forced to use up boosters, specials and forced the option to spend $ if you run out of them. Otherwise, you wont get to progress and not BE ABLE TO COMPLETE ANY OF THE QUESTS (starting from scratch each and every time) if you can't afford it!
everyone on here crying because you can't beat a level? that's why you give a bad rating? stop it! this game is great! levels are challenging. what more do you want? I've never spent a penny on this game and I'm almost to level 3000. don't blame the game because your to slow and can't figure it out!
This is my FAVORITE game out there! An old friend suggested it and after the first level I was hooked. I'm in the 1000+ levels and the fun NEVER stops truly! I even got my fiance hooked! I HIGHLY recommend!!
Reading a lot of reviews saying it is a con to get your money, well I have never spent a penny and have completed all the levels and even come in the top 10 in legends arena.So it is possible.Yes, sometimes you get stuck on a level and you think you'll never get passed it without extra moves,but people need to remember there is a lot of luck involved in this game depending on what drops down.And then suddenly your luck can change!And you break through. So here I am waiting for the next update!
These games are supposed to be a welcomed distraction to help take one's mind off of life's uncontrollable hardships, whenever there's some downtime to spare. The problem with these games is it becomes ridiculously difficult to complete especially when approaching level 40. A challenge is always fun but not when it's taking a week to conquer a level without any assistance... It then becomes another unwanted stress (who needs that). I'm uninstalling, I got enough difficulties in my life.
This is a great game. It's easy, fun, and it doesn't spam ads every 5 seconds. I recommend you guys to download this game, you won't regret it.
Not quite as difficult to move from level to level, option to obtain tools through various routes daily makes it much more fun!
I honestly believe yall cheat a lot of the honest players in the tournaments. I am well aware that this will be denied but i have watched players name that climb way up in the tournaments and there ain't no way they can beat 40 or more levels in 10 minutes or less. Other than that it's a good game.
So far, so good. A very enjoyable puzzle game so far, but I dislike that saves are tied to Facebook. Does not save Game State when you switch away to a memory intensive application like YouTube or a long phone call, but instead you automatically ens the puzzle with a loss. Very frustrating. Level 766 is an insult: you often have only one or two legal moves, neither of which help. All the playthrough videos I have seen are obvious fakes or cheats, as fewer balls fall in the video than in game.
Love this game. play it more than Candy Crush Only issue, to long loading to next level. I do not understand the negative reviews. As you progress in the game, the levels become more challenging. Useless if I won every level. Eventually won, moved on to next level. Some levels take more strategy than others. There are NO ADS, no tricks. Never experienced cheating. Graphics as great as my XBOX1S. How is it luring children and a scam. Thank you Developers. Great Game. MS, (brain exercise.)
l love this game get this game right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Super relaxing game, I love the consistent updates. I wish they would bring back the unlimited lives even just for an hour because I enjoy this game (especially now towards the end of pregnancy) Overall its a great game.
having a lot of problems accessing the game very dissatisfied !!!!!!! if i could I'd like to get back all the money I've invested in the game ! cant play it !!!!!!!
I really enjoy this game but got up to level 2950 and went into the Legends Arena. Played about 40 levels and it says to stay tuned for more levels. That's it. Meanwhile I have a friend that's played at least a couple of hundred levels in that Arena. Developer email is an invalid address, so hoping to find answers here. 🙄
this game is so rigged, its set so if your not goimh to win levels that day you cant win any levels. the developers of this game should be assamed of themselfs. its all about you spending money. GREED has ruined this game. No more good games on the app store, a lot of scams, someone really needs to put a stop to it.
Super Fun! I love all the extra bonuses and adorable graphics. Quick touch response no lags of graphic and or game play! It can get extremely difficult. I made sure NOT to do Facebook so progress doesn't get refreshed. If extreme I reset progress, because I love the game and keep it fun, not stressful.
i hste thst if u hit the quit button it says u sure if u hit the keep playing button by accident it takes ur 25 coins with out saying are u sure yall need to fix that why is that u can only have 50 messages? ???? That should be fixed there shouldn't be a limit
this game is ok but you guys make it too where it's impossible to beat levels shoo early in the game wth. my daughter is amazing at the gamers and had beat almost who that are out she even said this one is absolutely ridiculous.
This game is full of $&it! It cheats and is designed so that you have to spend money to have half a chance to advance to the next level. I had 2 ice cube left to blast to win the game so I bought coins more moves. The 2 cubes turned into 3 cubes. Blasted one cube and all of a sudden, I have 4 cubes to blast instead of the 1 I should have had remaining. Made it impossible to win unless I bought more moves. I deleted the cheating game instead. Google toy blast reviews. Majority negative!
Another player described this as not needing skill and there are a few levels that may feel that way but having been a non paying player of 2 years and at level 2850, my experience is that although it appears random, you do need to learn that there ARE indeed skills and thought needed! Of numerous games I've downloaded this is one of only three that I won't give up! Just had to wait 3 days for the update after completing all the regular levels AND the legends arena... Love
Save your progress by logging into Facebook they said. So I log into Facebook only to lose all 740 levels I had already progressed through. Kicked all the way back to level 1. Last time I checked that wasn't saving your progress, that was starting over. Ugh!
Bored one day , came acoss this game , loved it as soon as i started playing. Now i cant stop. The best game ever, hands down.
Great game until you get hooked. Then it's so ridiculously difficult, it's obvious the developer it's forcing a play to play. Deleting now.
One of the best match 3 games out there! Enjoying this since a very long time. Just wish if the treasure chest provides hearts instead of power-ups. Other than that a wonderful game! 100 stars if possible.
Was good at first. Then they introduce levels where you are completely dependent on the colours they drop. If they don't drop you won't win. Surprisingly, you'll win if you spend coins. Was stuck on one level like that for 3 days. Spent some coins to renew my lives and PRESTO I won first try. Started keeping track and it happens far too much to be random or coincidental. Going to uninstall.
I feel like it is WAY to generated to make you spend all your lives on ONE level... some levels you will fly by and then you'll spend 30 lives and a whole week on 1 level is a little too crazy!
You hit a wall where progress is impossible without paying cash for the bonuses required to win a level. Not surprisingly, by Peak, the same as their other games. If you want a week or so of interesting game play before money becomes necessary, try this. Now uninstalling. Will avoid games by Peak in future.
Very simple but satisfying to play. I unwind on it. Also if you want to play something that goea quickly this is it.
Awesome game!! I lost my phone with my very large placement in the game that sucked didn't want to start over but love this game and am starting over so it's cool to try to get to the placement I had in the game before! Addictive game for sure!!
RECENT UPDATES HAVE TOTALLY RUINED A FUN GAME 43 lives to pass one level!! And i only get 5 at a time ... this game used to be fun until recent updates. BOOOO!👎 Update...EPIC FAIL!!! Email address is invalid. 4 days to NOT pass one level is RIDICULOUS. BOOOOO! I'll be uninstalling the right after this post.
Just getting started, but so far so good. Some leavels are challegeing, but who wants them all to be easy, if you have liked candy crush ,you will love it.
This game really sucks ass Its sucks some levels take 20 to 30 times before beating the level. F#@€ng game SUCKS NOW!!!!!!!!! game still sucks The players you play against are fake, you will be up by 100 points and out of no where come a name not even on your list of players and he or she is within 20 points. Game makes you spend your half of your bombs just to stay ahead. Game sucks ass
I play this game so much I have to wait for the updates! 100% Addictive!!! I even got my future mother in law addicted lol. If I could give higher than a 5 I would.
I like it's a fun game seems like toy blast and toon blast wont let ur restart from the beginning I lost all my boosters and stuff tried to start over and it takes u back to where u was I dont like that definitely notting like pet rescue and candy crush Saga at least them let u start over
Been playinh for over a year - thoroughly addicted. Only problem is that it gets twitchy when you have no internet. Tends to crash. Frustrating, but there you go.
It's an Awesome game...... I'm on 2900 level..only one problem i m facing is that..when v finish 50 level in one day v have to wait till 6 to 7 days to get update .... Pls do something....
It's really fun. Keeps me busy, competitive... love the graphics, I wish I could win more coins in the chest since I'm at a new level of the game.
i dont even remember if ive rated this game already but i love it. ive been playing it for probably a couple years now, theyve made really great updates since then. it really helps with my anxiety and its fun to play! 10/10 recommend. only change id make is having like a freestyle kind of mode where its just endless blocks with no goals and just see how long you can go and how many powerups you can get.
Love the game! however since the new batch of levels came out this morning, I've noticed several times the spaceships and helicopters I will get them to the bottom but they will not drop off, they just sit there as the bottom block..which causes me to lose the level..just happened again with level 2870. A glitch? Never happened before, now several times in the last couple hours🤔
Already part of my daily routine more or less 4 yrs, if im not mistaken. Enjoy playing, its fun and entertaining.
While the game can keep your interest, after awhile, you realize its rigged in several ways...like getting the same, lesser item when you "spin the wheel" (though it should have stopped someplace better), not having all challenge barriers disappear (even though they should) keeping you from progressing to the next level, etc.
Toy blast is an great game with many different challenges and thats why i enjoy it. There is only one disappoint though, ive had to start over from level one every time i switch my phone. I remember reaching level 1638 and had to start all over after swirching from iphone to android. It would be nice to have it where all players of this game can have the option to create an account so that their game history is saved.
very fun and new levels constantly! plus, they have levels to play when you get to the end... legends arena... so you can always play.
I love the game, to many updates, and you can only play on your phone, I wish you could play it on a laptop or computer.
I absolutely love this game. It's addictive, adorable and fun. If they ever add a feature where while you're waiting for your lives to refill, as long as you have 3 stars, you can play those rounds to pass the time, i will be in game heaven.
I love it, you can at least get off of levels if you're having a hard time! you don't have to have money to get off of it to another level like a lot of the other games do. sure it helps but you don't need it ! thank you toy blast!!
as always find its a GREAT. GAME.But u should be able to join teams as you can in toon blast. and you should get given more lives. as you can in toon blasy. please do teams. I have just done 14 levels.& In the star tournament i have earned 20+ stars. So how is that as saying i have earned 3.....
I love this game I'm laying here and can't fall asleep because I'm in slot of pain from chemotherapy treatment today so I have found myself something to do to get it off of my mind. I'm not feeling the pain anymore thank you God..
one of the most rewarding games out! I enjoy the updates every two weeks along with the prizes every two days. over all a great way to pass time.
This is just like Toon Blast, which I am addicted to, and am very far into the game. I like this one, because you get more free gifts, and often. I wish Toon Blast did that.
i am truly addicted to this game. I've been playing it for 9 months now and its easily a game you pick up, do one level then an hour later you come to your senses. Great fluid graphics and slightly annoying sound (but you can turn it off). Highly recommended.
I enjoy playing this game, however I dislike how they keep you stuck at levels, I've used 30 lives, but could not break through, but when there's 5 mins left in the torment I finally make it to the next level
The biggest problem with this app is that I'm addicted to it! I'm surprised by all the negative reviews. I've never had problems with freezing. I'm on level 2701 and have never purchased anything. Some levels are really tough and seem impossible. But I've gotten past them.
I really really like Toy Blast!! Its a great game for just "getting away" for a while. No disruptive ads constantly running, especially those for apps that you may already gave downloaded. This is a great game for those few moments where you can steel away, while commuting, or standing in line that won't waste more than a third of game play on ads, great job developers!!!!!
game is rigged, computer controls when it will let you win, believe it's alogrithm controlled. only when computer feels that you have spent enough time on a level will it let you complete that level. How many times have you needed a rotor to go a certain way and 5 rotors in a row will go just the opposite way. If you have excess Rotors, tnt's or cubes, the computer will force you to use them until you are all out of options.
This game is challenging, lots of help from other gamers in your group. this is fun..... currently at level 2752.... join me🤩🤩🤩
Fun little time waster. Every once in a while, when I don't have good service, it will glitch. No service, no glitch, full service no glitch, but very poor service it sometimes glitches.
I have had more fun at the dentist getting cavities filled. I have had more fun having my neck poked with needles when having cancer biopsies. This game is not a challenge due to the random nature of the game; rather it is boring because of it. Seems as if the makers are merely looking for money from selling useless rewards. Not sure if I could write a more scathing review; but I will work on it. One of the stars I gave is from pity; the other is its worth.
I was unable to play on because I could not afford to:( So I ask to start over and they started my game over just want to say thank you so much.:)
Love the game, even though as with all such games the levels are sometimes impossible, and then always makes you use any gifts you have collected to complete levels. My only annoyance is that having finished the game and entered the legends arena the game updated adding 100 more levels and threw me out of arena. Still love this game despite those little annoyances
This is quite addictively fun!! And I like the fact that it rewards you after completion of so many levels at a time.
I'm obsessed with this game! I love how at level 1250 which I'm on now they still have new moves they put in! they keep it amazing and I've been addicted since day one. you dont have to spend money, but I've wasted over 100$ in the past week bc its amazing
I should have given a review months ago. Even tho this game is good to play its clearly fixed. In the past 15 mins i have cleared 10 levels with ease & got loads of tnt & rockets just popping up all over the place. I get to open the bonus box it gives me few extras & 10 lives as it always does. Soon as i have done that i go back to playing then NOTHING, no rockets or tnt & all my lives gone within 5 mins. There is a clearly pattern to the game because this happens all the time.
Toy Blast is a lot of fun while it challenges your brain. I also like that it allows you to earn "boosters" and extra lives as you play, so that you can use them as needed and/or for levels that you may find to be more difficult to pass.
fun game to play and relax for awhile. It has some levels that are almost impossible to win unless you use so many of your helping tools, but it is still a fun game.
I absolutely love this game. I'm om level 1080. I grant you that some levels are tough but not impossible to accomplish. It may take me a while to get to the next level but persistence pays off. My advice to those players who have a hard time on certain levels of this game, don't give up just keep trying. You'll find out it'll be worth it in the long run.
I'm a Google user I've been only playing toy blast a few days so I can't rate it yet but if I don't liked I will Delete it !! well I like the game. But it's a pain in my A'S the game ends to quick and it's just pain Nuff said Thank you
This was a favorite game until last upgrade. Now it opens and immediately freezes on 2 devices (not synced). Please fix!
This is like the best game I have ever imagined first of all I told my mum to try then she just tryed 1 level (( that was a few years ago)) and then she liked it so much and then she played it for a really long time until now she is on level 920 and I started playing ot a few days ago and it's amazing but only 1 thing that please put more moves on levels i if you can BESTT GAME EVER!💗
Actually I love this game and I was addicted to play in my free time but what is happening now, I try to open this app. I can't open and need to wait for a few mins. to start playing again. .damn! so slow
The TNT detonator connected to the rocket launcher does different things that I like. The arubics cube multiply everything it connects with. I'm addict to the game already.
i love this game i think you should get it becuse it easy but it's also challenging tou like challenge you get it if you like it easy you also get it it is a win win for easy and hard i love both personally it is my favorite game ever I've been playing this game for almost two years maybe out of all the games I've had this probably the best one and I write other reports about other games but this one's probably the longest one I have done it is a great game you should get it.
Latest update killed the app on my hudl2. The splash screen appears, and that is all that happens. Works OK on my HTC phone...
the game is rigged. levels start out easy but eventually get so hard that games aren't possible to win unless you get really lucky or you pay money for tools and lives. once you get stuck on a level, the only help you get for free is a life every 30 minutes making it frustrating unless you pay money to buy tools. don't get addicted. not worth the aggravation.
don't care much for the 10 board win to get 1 chest miss the 24 free game play once you had beaten the previous boards.
once again this game is rigged to buy chips. what game isn't anymore. i think i'm in the wrong business. over 30 live's and still can't get the puzzle. they want me and their players to not pay their bills and overdraw your bank account's so they can make a buck. lol. they will never get more than 1 star from me. that's fore dam sure!!!
There is a bug because i have cleared all the block in order to let the rocket or helicopter until the bottom...but in the end, i loss the game with no reason and i have to pay extra 25 coins to continue the game without any move in order to pass the game ...please fix it.
i realy like that when im off line i can still play then it losds my progress when im back on line fun to play
so far so good. these games usually cut you off unless you make a purchase at some point. So far, still in the game. I just don't purchase. It comes to that I uninstall. ****playing for a couple months now. really addictive and fair whether you buy or not. so far enjoying way more than DUC and that's saying alot.
Cute little game with nice animated graphics. Quite easy to play along but getting a bit more challenging with each level however, we haven't come across the purchase options as others have mentioned. (currently at level 60+) You gain various rewards as you go which suffice to help when needed. Definitely recommended for children which is the aim, or adults alike...it appears to be a child's version of Toon Blast.
I love this game but I hate the legends arena! I think it's pointless! Would rather just have levels!
It's a tease... It forces you to think since what you learn in each game you'll need to successfully play subsequent puzzles. More importantly It's re-taught me patience. It awakened a life philosophy that: "All we do in life is create chaos out of order and order out of chaos." Order and chaos are always present. You can't have one without the other. How you act or react to order and chaos defines your character physically, emotionally and spiritually. And it's just plain Fun!!!
What is going on with the prizes after completing the 3 days and being on the level to get the drills. I was 6th place last night and should have received 5 drills. Happened 2 days in a row now. Fix it please.
Good game. But either I am idiot or some levels are too hard. So you need to buy lives for cash. And it is expensive. Not that good
changed phones having to start over sucks, but i do love the game just wish i know how ti start level 647 where i was:-(
This game is challenging, lots of help from other gamers in your group. this is fun..... currently at level 2752.... join me🤩🤩🤩 I'm currently on level 2901..... Whatca waiting for?