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Township for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Playrix located at 4th floor, Red Oak North, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 D18 X5K7, Ireland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game was fun at first. Developers gave bunched up the contest now and have several going at once. Also have I creased the cost on chest and other T-cash items. Been playing everyday for almost 2 years and have become bored due to the amount if time it takes to get the material needed to build either zoo items or regular. It looks and feels like all they want now is for you to spend real $$$. I know that's part of the game, but you almost have to now in order to move forward. It was a fun game.
Been playing for two years and cant stop...I love this game and the regatta, unfortunately lately in the past last four months some players have issues and have been said it was cheating but its no way. This should be fun not stressful for players and being blocked, ignored, and mistreated isn't fun nor cool especially when these people spend their own money to play. Overall I enjoy this game its my favorite but please be thoughtful of others issues.
Okay. So. I have been playing this game for a few months now. It's a great game (at least in my opinion) with a few more facets than just trying to build your dream town and farming. Lately tho, I feel like I am not getting the full benefit of what I pay for the Gold Pass. The tasks can be ridiculous to complete at times and I don't get why tasks need timers to be displayed!? It just limit the player from reaching the end. In simcity buildit, my Gold Pass purchase is always worth every penny.
This game is full of continuous never ending fun. You never run out of options and it's not like a candy crush type of game where you run out of moves or get stuck on a level for ever. Plus there's always freebies and mini games to keep you interested. In the beginning it might move a little slow but that changes
Purchased additional dollars during current Pirate mission since it stopped adding tokens over a couple of hours like it should of done. Then I used them for more tokens to proceed further in Stage 2. Only for the game to kick me back to Stage 1. I am now unable to re-enter Stage 2, and have wasted the dollars puchased on tokens that cannot be used. This game is becoming a bust.
Township is a game about learning how to things work, how player's come together, stranger's, many can't wait for level 19 to be apart of a co-op. then you find out your apart of co-op which means bullied, humiliated and work hard never noticed because u were not the players who stock when it started. A petson who does what they choose cause leader the status. They may be 19,17 coop called slims servants must do or kicked out. Sadly the new member are. yet they have Coop's that r teams are rear
Very good graphics and story line, no glitches. Your achievements are only as good as your team (coop). If you have a good team and there is no stealing of reserves you can get gold and maintain it. However money seems to be the main aim of the game these days. I object to having to pay to progress, its not fair and turns what was a pleasure into a massive rip off.
I actually enjoyed playing this game for a while. It was a fun thing to have going on in the background, that I could check in on and get some entertainment out of. Except now I've randomly been banned, and can't access my account. I've tried contacting customer support a bunch of times, and I literally haven't gotten any help. I feel like I'm putting in all this effort now and there's no point of playing if you'll just get kicked out and can't get back in.
This game would be 5 stars but there is little reward for spending money ingame. I get that developers need to get paid. I get that it costs money to maintain/update and keep the platform secure. But you should reward the people who actually spend money by levelling them up instead of continuously trying to drain more money. I've spent over $100 on this game but few things change. It's like the arcade games of the 80s where you just keep shoveling in quarters. Considering un-installing...
Overall brilliant little game, fantastic graphics, I have been playing game well over a year level 145, only problem being waiting for building materials to arrive... barns take forever to upgrade...land takes 3-4 days to complete and mini games far too hard, not enjoyable!! Also cost money! money! money! which you needs lots of to get ahead! if you dont mind spending alot of cash then ideal game for all ages.
Absolutely fantastic game! Totally playable without using real money but it's so good you don't mind spending as it doesn't force you into it. I downloaded this after deleting Hay Day because the developer's are so greedy that you have to spend real money to play at a certain point and I'm so glad I did! Keep up the good work guys, it truly is a brilliant game! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Love This Game. Have been playing it for several years. Really enjoy the addition of the Zoo, but the original Zoo was better than the present version. Very much dislike the addition of the Tool Exchange and deletion of the Mint. Agree with others some things take too long to complete unless you do not care what you spend. But the graphics are great, lots of variety, often something new. Not perfect, but a very good game.
Wonderful game . We are also able to chat and share good and the best thing about this game is that there is no matching games , which are in homeescapes and all of your games . I hate those matching games which earn us levels b cause they become so tough some time. I love this ame because of the absence of this matching games. You should make more games like that of township.
I am OBSESSED with this game! I haven't put my phone down in days, but if the developers want to make us happy.... Give us more space (higher numbers) in the barn during the upgrade. The length of time it takes to create some of the items are way too lengthy and find out why when we make purchases in the market, they don't always transfer over to our barn, but the money is gone.
Need to fix bugs ! Also what would be nice is, if once you move things around in your town that next time you open game everything has not jumped back to it's old place. I am now a little fed up when that keeps happening ! My only request is.. Could you please make it so we would be able to turn bulings all the way around!
My favorite game. I am changing my rating because of the impossibility to win the mini games without using your own money and it isn't cheap. I purposely continued playing (the mini game) just to see if Township would give me any kind of a break for spending my own money and they did not. And the prizes when you FINALLY rack up enough points to spin the wheel are: minimal building supplies; or a couple of bars of ore; once in a GREAT while, a profile pic and maybe a sticker. Township is greedy.
This game is fun to play, if you have the patience otherwise be prepare to spend money and lots of it. Everything in this game takes such a long time to complete and there's no other way to speed up the process unless you pay for everything! The least amount of waiting you'll do is 90secs for grain to grow. Want a public building? 18hrs. The train does not bring enough supplies at once so you have to wait several rounds of it, and it's ANNOYING.
Best idle game that has had me hooked from the very start. The kind of game you can play every day and not get bored, because there is always something new and exciting going on. You dont lose out on anything if you dont play the game for a few days, but the town will still carry on without you needing to log in constantly. Whether you like to ride solo and play by yourself, or you like working as a team, township has it ALL!
Well built but a lot of the mini-games are essentially pay-to-win, which is really disappointing as this is probably the only negative aspect. In order to complete some of the mini-games, you need to pay Β£10+, which is shocking. They label the levels as "hard" but should probably be described as "impossible-unless-you-pay".
Game has become even worse. Paying cash doesn't mean anything. They've reappropriated material from other games and made it impossible to finish without spending large volumes of cash. I only had to buy Animal Crossing once, I have spent more than that on Township. After 3 years, I'm pretty much done. They NEVER take into account player feedback. The ideas are good, but they are always DISAPPOINTING in their execution. They've sucked out all the fun and replaced with FRUSTRATION.
It love this game. It makes think and calculate on how to use the resources I have and build a beautiful community. The mini games are helpful so that the game will not be boring and static. You get food bonuses to fill the ban. However, there are some unrealistic results in the regatta event. You start a regatta event and suddenly some are far ahead of you. I wonder how did it happen. Also the time for preparation of some products are damn long. It is a game not a reality. But it is exciting.
Great game! Quick question: I like the game, it's well made, and please keep it ad-free! But why does a player get better rewards if they send the plane just before it's too late, than sending it right away with 14 hours to go? The animation is very good, even the people walking around town have character, (I saw cops giving tickets at a car accident! LOL) The game is enjoyable, entertaining, and even mental exercise as one figures how to fill the barn, feed the animals, and fill the orders.
I cannot load my game. I have spent money on this game and it's all going to waste because my game just disappeared. Keeps wanting to load on a different profile! 😑😑😑 Very annoying and frustrating! Unfair! Angry! Disappointed! Playrix says my game is lost and its tough that I spent money. All I get is sorry! Google wont refund it either!
(Update: The issue was resolved and I've updated my review from 1 to 3 stars. Still not a fan of robo customer service. Burden of proof fell on me--had to dig up screenshots of receipts, etc... Yuck.) I've played this game for three years and it used to be a great game. In the past year it's become all about the money. I just purchased the gold pass, got charged twice, and received zero gold passes. The "customer service" is now fully automated and I've had absolutely no help there.
Highly addictive! I play this game everyday and I must say I'm addicted. There are some flaws like when growing crops, feeding animals and making orders in the factory you have to wait the full time it says. I wish there was a button to speed up the last minute to 30 seconds but there is no feature for that other than using your cash. I really like how you can decorate your town as many ways as you want (wish I can put some of my community building in my zoom to declutter my town). Really enjoy!
To keep your town thriving a player MUST spend money. If the player expects the town to be an true economic experience this is not the game for them as the town's profits have to be purchased. There are no cute puzzles as the ads indicate, after two weeks of playing I have only had two. There is a lot of waiting for cops to grow, eggs to be laid. Buildings to be built-so no instant gratification unless you spend lots of money.
The game is easy to get started and fun to plan out. The graphics are good, and the levels get more interesting. I like the additional games they put in. My only issue is that support sucks. When you try to connect with the developers or use their help feature, you only get a robot response and not a person that responds which makes it difficult to solve issues. However, the game doesn't require too much support.
It's great game. But for this ongoing Big Screen Adventure, the information said we can gain the energy fast by filling helicopter, plane, ship and trains. It is a glich? I already send off all my ship and trains, and helicopter also. They already come back and i send them off again, still my big screen adventure event energy not raising up. It is just your trick to not let the player get the token hunt present?
Was a fun game but now they are money hungry. Impossible task to complete to many mini games going on at the same time. They ask for feedback and don't listen just make things more difficult so you spend money. It use to be a fun game been playing over 2 years. Now it very stressful and expensive. Stay away unless you have lots of real money to throw away.
I love your game. But the problem is for prof Verne's experiment I got a task to collect 50red paints in the beginning and I couldnt finish it till the end and still I haven't. I spent money to get the gold ticket to earn more and more rewards. Please fix that because its hard to get the red paints as it is the game and I had to collect 55. Not cool!
Play at your own risk. The game can be fun and at the same time challenging and stressful if you want to move up in the game. You go up against serious competition to get anywhere and support is no help. You are going to have to spend actual money and buy town cash to move up. Playrix doesn't care since making money off of the races they create to get you to buy the town cash, if you don't you won't advance in this game
Sim game, like many others. Very nice graphics. But it is very difficult to get materials for building. playrix tries to force you paying up for play money. This kind of mentality is short of robbery. The higher the level you get to, the longer it takes to get the materials to upgrade or complete a building. The constant ads for buying cash are VERY ANNOYING! The constant upgrades and special events are a very appreciated feature, keeps the game interesting.
I didn't get the gumball event that's ending soon. Found out from player in my group, game glitch... graphics use to be sharp, now some items are fuzzy, enjoyed the sharper graphics. Love the designs, holiday decor & people dressed up in the towns. Enjoy a bunch of the game. The game in helicopter also went funky. Love the game. Several glitches each year thou
Its a good game actually.. ive been played for years now.. but im a bit dissapointed with zoo.. which it require too much to build one place for animal.. ive been stuck for a long time to complete it. Please atleast reduce the material that need.. i need some fun when i play. Not getting more stress.. i really love this game, so please atleast considered it.. πŸ₯Ί
No rewards, high dollar penalties in games. You are manipulated. Experiment tasks are too severe. You have to play hours to get anything done. Support is horrible, they patronize you. This game is not worth the money they force you to spend, beware. The tool exchange is a joke. Took me a month to get what I needed and I gift. every day. Beware,this game is a con, a scam, and a grift. Minecraft is worth the money with many rewards. This game is not worth your time. I put so much into it, don't o
EDIT: playrix needs to realize they are going to lose paying customers if they don't slow down. There is too much going on a one time. Burn out=lost players Love this game! Almost a year now and I do have the occasional glitch but it's a game! Unless you need to finish (never going to happen) immediately you do not have to spend a dime!!! Great, addicting way to pass time. I seriously don't know what people complain about. It's a fun free game for those who understand the concept of FREE.
Have been playing for a long time, still enjoyable but getting frustrated with the challenges, having to do a ton of match puzzles for the building/decorating ones and STILL not be able to finish is annoying. All the mini games but the roller coaster one are great, I don't like that one and never get far, so I just don't bother with it anymore. Other than that I have enjoyed building my town and helping my co-op for several years now, and hopefully will continue to do so for more years to come!
This has been my favorite game for many years! And I've been a loyal, daily player.. But since the recent mini game, I've been extremely frustrated! It's almost impossible to pass without spending actual money. And if you need more turns to complete the level, they require 10 game dollars instead of 5 like it used to be. I've been stuck on a level that's impossible to pass! And now.... I cannot open my game!! It won't get passed the intro screen!!!!
This is was fun until I finished a challenge and it did not give me my rewards. It stopped 50 points from the final goal. The last task was valued as 150 points it only gave me 100. I completed all daily and ongoing task 8 hours before the challenge ended! The final reward was to get 200 cash and open the vault. I received my rewards when I completed the other daily task and get to the final one and it stopped on me! This challenge was for 30 days!!
This is one of my very favourite game. I love this game a lot. You may get confused by reviews so let me tell you a honest answer. If you are downloading this game by seeing ADS of this game is not as its shown in ads, it's totally different. You acn meet new friends here by co-op which you will get on 19 level. And you can have animals (like cow, sheep, hen, pig, bees, duck etc)and you are gonna enjoy this game a lot. My level is almost 53. And it's been 1 month since I am playing it.
Too much time waiting for the right supplies to upgrade buildings. You get too many of some supplies and not enough of others. Leaving many buildings unfinished. The only way to upgrade many buildings is spending your own money which I refuse to do. That makes this game a money grab. Uninstalling!
I have played this game for years and enjoyed it, lately though the mini games and gameplay are glitchy. The timers say they add time every 5 minutes but not if you are out of the mini game. In the game professor verns experiments are nearly impossible to finish, i purchase a gold pass but cannot finish to open the end safe, it takes forever to upgrade the town and zoo because you need so much to build, i have tons of animals but cannot finish enclosures. Frustrating, ready to uninstall.
I have a problem concerning my energy points in the ongoing Expedition. My energy points don't refill as usual. Every point should take 5 minutes to refill, while in the last hour I only got 2 points! The full energy should be reached within 4 hours and 10 minutes While my points take a lot longer to refill. And surprisingly, your support team don't seem to care enough to answer!
This used to be an excellent game, but recently it has become about spending real money. There are far too many side events going on at the same time, and also continuously without a break. The gold pass/ ticket events are also too regular, and linking the mini game to the gold ticket event is the last straw. Things are not good with this game. Devs please listen to your players.
it's great, i have been logging in everyday for almost a year now. my only problem is how slow it takes to roll through the regatta, when you are forced to watch the boat ride across the water. it's annoying. extremely so sometimes. either let us be able to minimize it without being forced to watch it, or get rid of it altogether. i can complain about how rare it is to get a handsaw for land expansions but the regatta boat thing is the worst.
Love the game! Hate the updates. I hope every time that it fixes all the crashing, bloat, and errors. It never happens. I have Android and a Fire tablet. I can't play on the Fire at all. I have no Christmas decorations at all and have lost over $25 in TCash. The wait time between areas is too long. I can't even get to help anyone. Please fix this!!!!!!
I have been enjoying township for more than a year. But some events makes me irritated. For example this rescue event which is active now doesn't work properly. We don't get tokens when sending off train, plane, or helicopter. Then how do we complete the rescue event. This is not the first time we are facing problem with new events. Why can't you people make the event flawless and we can enjoy more with playing township.
It's been a good experience, I like the colors and also the designes, pretty close to reality. I have one suggestion, when we initiate to manufacture a product as an example paper towel, there should also be an option to remove it from the line, I mean to say stop the production while in the line not when under machine and show the pine trees in the Barn in this case 2 trees. This should be applicable to all the products produced. This will be more practical. Hope this is considered. Thank you.
The game is fun; however, the customer service sucks!!!! Twice now I have made in-game purchases that did not result in me receiving what I purchased. The steps required to notify Playrix of a problem (by way of a ridiculous and self-repeating automated system) are madening!!! Then you have to wait forever for the issue to be addressed if ever resolved. Like I said. . .the customer service sucks!!! Make in-game purchases at your own risk!!!!
An amazing game that is great for passing the time. Plenty to do and pretty challenging. I love how you can design your city and even landscape it, no more annoying hills and uneven roads for me! I also love how if your stuck, you can ask friends for help! Sadly, I have to take a star away due to a glitch. Randomly, certain numbers and letters will disappear from the screen. If you can fix this glitch then I would be happy to rate Township 5 stars!
Its become a greedy game. It take forever to build anything, even longer now they have the "tool exchange." Professor experiments have become next to impossible to finish unless you spend money or are on 24/7. The tasks have become ridiculous. The rewards for your hard work aren't worth it at all. Now the mini game won't load energy. Beginning to get fed up with playing this game and I've played for years. It use to be fun, now it's just frustrating.
The powers in charge have continued to make tasks more difficult making it nearly impossible to collect the items needed to complete tasks. This game used to be fun. Now it's just multiple levels of frustrating. Thr algorithms used take all control away from the player. Regardless of your effort they devise whether you are successful or not. I can no longer recommend this game.
Thank you for giving me my game back. However, the customer service "team" is dismissive, and rarely responsive. If they DO respond, it's a poorly worded "auto-answer," though there is no answer contained within. I once gave this game a 5 star rating, but several times dropped it due to poor customer service. Too many updates, to frequently. Too little cash (not coins) earned, and waiting times for building could be scaled back. Not bad, otherwise.
I have been having issues with the roller-coaster part of the game. When I get about halfway through a level of the roller-coaster, out of nowhere I end up crashing into an invisible object in which I lose a life. Granted it's free and I shouldn't complain too much but there are items that pick up and I could use to complete tasks but like I said I end up hitting invisible objects and wind up losing whatever I collected. If there was a way to post video recording I would but can't.
ChangeD review. Developers ran out of ideas. The race of champions is good but only once in a while. When failing a task the continue button to advance is now more prominent so it's easy to waste tokens. It's much harder to complete tasks so tries to get you to spend real money. It is the same thing over and over again. I no longer buy things in the game. I play it now as there are people i met in game. It is no longer fun. Tasks are tedious and boring and pretty impossibe to complete.
Very fun, the graphics are cute, it's simple enough for my kids to play with me. Helping other players feature it's neat but few people use the chat to request products. it's a little to hard to get buildings or enclosures done because of the lack of materials. Update: still love it but after over a year, pay or lose has become common. The room events are impossible if you don't pay... I use to pay sometimes, because I enjoyed it more. I feel they've become more $$ so I don't pay.
Great Game.. But im getting bored with it! Its the same games over and over! Nothing ever change! The regattas are the same! Ive been playing for atleast 2 plus years! Me personaly hate repetivness.. Need more of a challenge! Doing the same thing over and over gets boring! Love the game! But wish it change up and alot more challenging.
Game Devs constantly offering new mini games requiring a lot of time, almost impossible tasks to complete and requiring $$ to purchase helps to reach goals. Not nearly as much fun as original game when I started to play many years ago. I feel it's all about getting us to spend money.... Not have fun. The regatta is no longer any fun at all. High point tasks are very hard to get and a lot of competition. If I was looking for a game now I would choose another.
This game makes me so mad. It's expensive af and they force you to play these minigames that are nearly impossible to win if your phone screen doesn't react like you need it to or glitches, which also causes you to spend more money. Also the time it takes to create things within the game is ridiculous. It could be fun, but the price and time devotion makes it unbearable. As soon as this challenge is over, I'm done since I spent money on it.
Used to love it but they have made playing impossible. Constant events, used to be every several months now back to back, if you want decent prizes you must buy, but they make it impossible to get to the end. And now they have, after you paid of course, they have daily tasks and if you cant get past this 1 task your stuck there I guess for the next 20 days of event stuck in the same task that is impossible. This was the last straw for me. I'm gonna blow my tcash and get out.
My only complaint would be that it seems to take $$ to play game well. There isn't ample opportunity to earn $$ to use in game. Also, when updates come out it is getting increasingly difficult to update game. This last update took days circling in "pending" mode. Locked up my game. I was afraid, I would loose all the time, money & effort I had put into the game. I don't know if updates are being geared towards newer phone models or are too large. Other than that, I love the game.
They rig sub games so you CAN'T win and need to spend LOTS OF real $ in game. They make it so that you have to be playing the game constantly. If you don't you feel behind. Especially special events that you pay for. If you aren't ready to play 24x7 don't start this game! When players complain about a problem with the game they say they'll pass it pass it along. Nothing changes. They say here contact them. They won't reply for most problems. Sounds good. Spent $100s getting ready to quit.
Had to take away my 5 stars. Ever sense the update it takes longer to load into the game. Its glitchy and every time i try to claim my prize from the ragatta, the game freezes and sends me to a black screen. Same thing sometimes when i go to my zoo and back again. I don't know what that update was for but it made the game almost unplayable. Hopefully they fix it soon or else I'm gonna have to find a new game to play.
Im very disappointed in this game, so I had to edit my rating. 5 stars to 1 stars. Township now requires to much real money to complete many side games and tasks. This last professors experiments gave us task we couldn't even control the outcome. 130 paint cans... ridiculous. So you buy a Gold pass and can't even make it to the end to get the last prize. You spend more TCash trying for days to find Paint Cans then you would even win in the end. I've been playing this game for few years now.
Started out with 4 stars, now down to 2. So over the length of time it takes to acquire required materials to expand, also the cost of building factories. Not enough opportunities to earn city cash. Side games are boring. Ridiculous how so many alleged one-person co-ops can accumulate so many points in such a short time, in the regattas. Professors experiments requires items to be sent to co-op members to earn points, which is unfair to one-person co-ops, who will not earn those points.
I enjoy the additional games within this game. But I truly hate the personal cost of one game in particular. It is the game where we have to duplicate a picture by earning tickets to purchase the items in the original picture to put in ours. This last time it was a cabin by a lake scene. I spent over a thousand game dollars because the "hard" games never gives us near enough moves. As a result, I will never participate in that one again.
Just love it! Great customer service as well. Any questions, concerns or problems...have been resolved or answered very quickly and in a very professional way. Well customer service is not that great anymore, unfortunately. Still love the game but not playing in regattas anymore...too expensive, the game used to relax me, now playing Township it's kind of stressful to me.
Since August 2020 this game just keeps getting worse. Don"t get it. Also the support is just bot answers. Events glitch, are cancelles in the middle of them, made mathematically imposible, taken off the event calendar altogether and the ideas just get worse and worse. This game used to be fun, now its becoming a game I am starting to HATE. Thanks for your time but I refuse to invest into anymore professor task!
Been playing for over 3 years. Every day. I started because it was relaxing and not much going on. Now there's constant contests and missions. To make matters worse they are tying things like the pirate stuff to the mini games, with impossible goals without spending a ton of t-cash. As the owner of a software development company, I understand the need to earn revenue, but there is a point where you put so much into that need that you chase off your user base. Hopefully Playrix can right their ship.
Lots of things to do and fun graphics however, drains battery. Some glitches with events: 1) snowboard game lags causing you to crash into obstacles, 2) energy for big screen adventure event doesn't replenish passively and NOT awarded for transportation tasks, 3) room decorating and professor experiment events are sometimes very difficult to complete within time limit without having to spend money. In-game help/support is absolutely terrible and has you going in circles without resolving issues
Absolutely loved this game.!. It was great in the beginning, now they throw too many mini games in. It has become a money pit. In order to complete anything, they want you to spend cash. All the fun and enjoyment is gone now. This game has become to frustrating and boring. And forget about playing in the regatta. Those are even worse to play. Very disappointed now with this game.
** No customer service*** Great game, unless it has an issue, which it will. Yes, I reached back to customer service, about 10 times. This is now my 4th same issue, after prior issue: Laboratory 'orders' do not last the listed amount of time. This is not okay. Last response was 'This is a known issue and we are working on a resolution'. Please reinstate my laboratory orders that didn't last the correct amount of time. One was supposed to last 2 days, and lasted 1 hour. Please help. Thank you
Some of the side games , like room decorating , the side game is almost impossible, to achieve. The zoo housings for animals , are too hard to obtain. And too expensive. This is one of the only games I have ever spent money on. , and only because I maKe the money playing other games. . I am level 68 , ? Other than that , I do enjoy playing , and do so daily.
Trust me! I'm suffering a lot for lagging in this game. After a little bit lag, if I do any work in Township it is not completing. I noticed it so many times after opened the game. Why? Please give me solution. I'm playing Township for 3+ years. But for this problem I'm about to uninstall it. Please please give me solution...It is my favourite game.
This games has become all about money. The latest professor experiment is a rip off . You cant win. 4.99. We have spent for what. Why did you incorporate the mini games. The room one is impossible to do. Win five levels in a row. It is impossible to do. It should has said lose 5 in a row then maybe we could have progressed.the points for the other tasks are so low it's a joke. 3 barn upgrade are you haveing a laugh playrix. I will never be buying the gold pass again.
The game is fun to play. But you could be bored when you need to wait literally for hours to harvest some of the crops and had nothing to do. and sometimes it also glitches. When there's an event update, i need to wait for hours until i can finally get in. One thing, I need to wait until my comunity building is built. AND, when you want to build, you need materials, glasses is my number 1 problems. Rarely get it even though i 3 of my Trains. Sad.
False advertising on the Professor's experiments. Some tasks are completely unattainable due to the game's algorithms, after players spent real cash on the Gold Pass. Not the first time it's happened, but shame on me for paying the cash again and thinking the game developers had grown a conscience. Never again. Additionally, there have been no updates for community buildings or houses for over a year now. Once you hit a certain high level, there's nothing else to work towards.
Have been playing this for years. They have destroyed it. Don't bother. Greedy developers i dont mind spending money on a game that I used to love but it's not fun anymore. They have taken away a lot of the mini games that used to appeal to most and put in awful ones. If you spend money on their gold pass they are you now forcing people to play the mini games and try and spend more money to complete them awful company. Check Reddit to properly see people's reviews
I've been playing this game for nearly 3 years, it used to be fun and relaxing. Now it's become boring and frustrating with all these money hungry side games and events, that just get repeated over and over again, and now making levels unattainable without spending tcash. This game used to be 5 stars, now if i could it would be in the minuses. Ready to quit with a lot of my other long term playing friends. Getting way too greedy in my opinion.
I've been playing for a few years now but Im going to uninstall this game. I have been stuck over a year trying to finish my zoo expansions and my town expansions. It requires way too many materials unless you spend alot more of real money and I have already spent too much. Game creators have become way to unrealistic and greedy. Done with this. If I could give you zero stars I would.
The game is initially fun until you climb the levels. The renovations are impossible. Some of the puzzles are ridiculously hard unless you pay cash to get extra moves etc. The regattas are alot of work for little reward. The challenges are repetitive and in some cases have been made ridiculously hard. The snowboard game used to be very responsive however the last time it was on it was awful to navigate. Really disappointing as it used to be a very fun game.
This game is actually really really good!! Is one of the best town games out there, and it's one of my favorite games but I'm giving it three stars because once I got to a level 21 and restored the mine the game stopped working!!I go on to the game and it just shows a black screen for like however long I'm on the game and doesn't even go into the game. So yeah please fix that!!
I really love this game and have been playing for a few years now, but recently it seems that you keep replaying the same 3 mini-games and they are the least enjoyable ones. The need for seeds one is soo boring, the roller coaster and the skiing ones are ok at best. There used to be much more variety. The plane one is very fun or the restaurant games but I haven't seen those ones for a very long time.
This game has been a place to relax and play with other people for several years. It was about working together. I love the race of champions! But the devs added minigames that are irrelevant to the game. They make them harder and harder and are now doing several simultaneously. If I wanted pressure to meet goals that require money for boosters I would play one of the many games that I played for a while then quit. This WAS my haven, now ruined. And NOT a pull the pin game like the ad!
After reaching a point in the game where everything took forever to build without spending money, the one thing that kept me interested and logging in daily were the events. These have now turned into just another pain. What once used to be a fun little distraction from the normal game has been taken in the wrong direction. Events used to give partial points to help you advance even if you failed the activity. Now if you fail you get nothing unless you pay, making events p2w. I think I'm done.
This game is going downhill. Every time the professors experiment challenge gets harder to reach the end. This last one I couldn't make it to the end and I only missed a few daily tasks and a few weekly ones that were impossible to finish! And now the new quest is not giving me any energy unless my game is open on my tablet which is absurd as it takes 5 minutes for 1 energy and it takes like 25 to remove 1 tree!!! Which means I have to have the game open for 2 hours to remove 1 tree. STUPID
This game is good, I have new friends to visit, seems as tho I lost my talking tree,i don't know what happen to my talking tree, I was sure I had one,an it disappeared, seriously!some of the side games are a bit tedious but I try, the graphics are good,..I dont miss a day playing, if I can help it, just celebrated my 5 years an not missing one day,love this game, thank you for the gifts, thank you keep up the good work you put into making it enjoyable 😊 I am enjoying the new update
The game is OK and nice in many ways. It is not easy and that is something I like because makes you to think, plan and execute. Township talk too much about FAIR PLAY, but in the end that is not as real as it should be. The regatta that ends today is a very good example: The three coops at the top in my Golden League are just cheaters that finished 16 tasks of 135 points each of the 3 players in less than 36 hours. That is imposible unless you are cheating. I reported that to support right away next day and 48 hours later I reported that again including the tags and I never had an answer. It is very frustrating that you play fair and honest and cheaters are just the winners and support is doing nothing despite that is reported. Minigames on many occasions are annoying or just imposible to achieve. This is a business and I understand that. I pay for things like the Dealer or the Golden Pass because is a real help, but on occasions I feel that I am just been scammed because if you do not spend unreasonable amounts of real or town money, you are not able to pass the level. Maybe because of pandemic and this isolation I am still here, but once this is over, sure I will find better things to do than just playing this game most of the time I do not have anything else to do. It's a shame because the essence of the game is excellent, but management is just horrible.
I love this game, but ever since the update the Mine and other things won't work, I will just get a "In-game elements are downloading, please try again later" notification, but nothing is downloading, things are stuck at 0% or 50%. It might be my internet connection that is responsible for this, but just in case it isn't (because I'm not having problems elsewhere), is there anything I can do to fix this?
Gave a 5 star rating at first as game is super fun and addictive. But as it progresses, the amount of construction materials required to build the zoo and the community buildings is so much that it takes too long to build and the barn is always running out of space. It kills the fun out of the game. Gave rating of 2 for that. Overall rating 3
Been playing for almost 2 years. And like all games it required some purchases, but not many. Now within the last few months you can't do anything without spending around $30 a month minimum just to finish basic tasks in their mini games. They've taken something fun and are trying to squeeze every penny from their players. And on top of that, the mini games and experiments aren't fun like they were before. The game is fun, but you need to either the basic game play and nothing else, or spend $$$
It's a good game, but becomes unplayable after level 100. Ads go up to 90 seconds, the program forces the notifications to turn on in your phone, and rewards cost more than the reward. I too understand they have to get paid, but that's why I download free games. I don't want to spend Β£50 per day/week/month on a game. I want to play it and enjoy it and that's all.
As my initial review was deleted for no reason, here it is again. First, all events are money sinks ($5 to $10 each). Then, this game is a clickbait with purposely misleading advertisements and fake reviews to boost their score. It's also a typical pay-to-win; expect having to spend at least $10 every two weeks for basic things (like the trader). It's worth noting that so-called support is dismal. Yeah, game is addictive and looks cute. Finally, best way to play is cheating through an emulator.
Don't get involved with Playrix games. They won't respond to my in game help requests. I spent money on Township. I got a new device, I want my town back. Seems straight forward right? I had to look online on how to do it. It says go through the tutorial...ok, annoying, but ok. As far as I know I am done with the tutorial and the box to type 'confirm' still has not popped up... reaching level 8 or 9 soon. Other companies just restore your game.
Great game with something to do all of the time. You can purchase game-cash but not necessary. Having said that if you continue playing after the first several days please consider paying for some sort of 'deal" pack to cover some of thier costs. And feel free to look me up and friend me. ;-)
I have been playing this game for 5 years and used to really enjoy it. But within the last year or so there have been way too many poorly planned and executed new events. If this issue isn't rectified I am going to move on. It's unfortunate because this is the ONLY game I have found that has held my interest for this length of time. But frustration is overshadowing the good so am considering trying a different game to spend my money on.
It has mini games in it which makes it not boring to get on a daily basis. And most games are not as I expected. I just hope we can view our town in an different angle (270Β° or 360Β°) cause some decorations will not be seen if being blocked by a building or an establishment. And I hope we can accomplish regatta task simultaneously. Lastly I hope we can choose what to give or send as a gift to friends. But the rest it's all good.
I used to love this game. So much so that I got my family to play. Im not sure what happened but everything that I loved about the game has gone way down hill. Customer service used to be pretty good but now you get automated messages or responses after the game is over stating that there is nothing that can be done since the event is over. The game has started cheating so bad that they dont even care when you call them out on it. They respond by saying they are testing new ideas.
I do enjoy the game. But seems you can't get ahead without putting real money in unless you have god like patience. Have never been able to finish a room Reno again because I won't pay for it so stopped bothering with them. Some of the mini games (roller coaster specifically) don't seem to respond when you hit the screen so end up crashing or falling off which is annoying. But I like the concept and building my town even though i have had to pay for some of it
Great game but bugs in the mini game. My energy points are not refilled with time even after overnight twice now even after updating the game. And it takes 4-5 hours to refill the energy points to max and some tasks are added to the token hunt while I noted some are not, so I don't think I'll manage to get the grand prize for the token hunt which is a little disappointing. Even the prior mini game, did not save my progress and I keep losing the points I collected. Other then that, its a fun game
The images are colorful, engaging and creative. It gets you involved in selling, buying, producing, and decision-making in exciting ways. It gives you the opportunity to extend your wildest artistic imagination and allows changes at your pleasure. Many opportunities to access merchandise are at your finger-tips. A variety of game interactions and rewards make it hard to stop. You're rewarded with coins, town cash, jewels etc. BUT you have to rob Peter to pay Paul for community buildings.
The events have gone from fun to terrible. The big prize in the current event turned out to be a puzzle building with not nearly enough time to do all the upgrades. I am so massively disappointed with the direction the developers have gone as they've turned so many events into pay to win. The new "pirate" event has taken massive turn for the worse for Township. Tying the event to the "mini games", which have gone from fun to ridiculously difficult over the years, is miserable. Devs don't care!
Great game, I just wish getting building materials to upgrade the barn wasn't so rare & hard to get. I understand the creators want people to spend cash on the game but it's kinda outrageous on how difficult it is to upgrade things in the town. And the only other thing I'd have to complain about is the mini games, they replay alot of the same ones, I'd like to see the one where you have to make food for customers come around more often. Other than that I love this game.
Update: it's been weeks and still zero reply from support about not being able to play. DONT SPEND REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME! SUPPORT DOESNT CARE!!! This was a 5 star review, until this latest update, and now I can't play this game after playing daily for years. So disappointing that I can't seem to get help from support to fix the problem. I will never play another Playrix game again. Wasted time, wasted money.
This game is awesome and I enjoy it very much. The only problem I have is when there's a Race of Champions. First a window appears that shows which tasks are available. But after I close it I can not find this race anywhere. There is no track next to the Regatta platform so I can not see which tasks are available and I can not collect prizes at the end. I really wish I could do something about it. If someone knows anything, please, let me know :)
I am thoroughly addicted to this game! I schedule what gets done around the house by when the planes come and go. I don't know what's going to happen when I have ships to deal with too πŸ™‚. After 2 years: Still love the game mostly but new ownership made some things too difficult and stressful. Btw...ignore the mini games shown in the ads. They are a miniscule part of the game! What people refer to as mini games are actually SIDE games, which are increasingly more difficult and expensive.
This game is awesome in some ways and annoying in many other ways. First, the graphics are superior to any other game as well as its a creative idea. I wish it didn't take so many hours to make products, and that it didn't require so many supplies for buildings in later levels. I can't build my zoo anymore because I have to save a ton of supplies for my town. Also, the snowboarding sucks. It's designed with inescapable obstacles so that you'll keep paying lots of money. It just frustrates me.
I love the game. It's a good time killer. I've spent real money on the piggy banks. However, I would like to see a change in some of your events. Example: The Professor's Experiment. Only 5 days left and the last challenges you give me are getting paint cans. 7 trains so far after getting the challenge and not one single paint can. You should give challenges that players can actually control! Especially since the event is almost over. Event Gum Ball is laggy!!! Fix please!!
This is the best game ever,you can never get bored of this,this is fun & exciting,there is lots of stuff to build,and new places,and new places to discover.The best part is that there are no ads.😁😁I have already had this on my phone,and I downloaded this today,I love all the events and prizes,this game is very creative,If you have not downloaded this game,you are missing out, download this today😁.
my first review of this game disappeared, so here it is again: Very deceptive...playing the "Professor's Experiment" event...one of the tasks is to collect red paint cans "from ANY source"...except that is a lie...I spent money to buy paint cans and THEY DID NOT COUNT!! Customer service reaponse was Oh well, too bad... I am done spending money on this game and my Wife is as well...
Game can be quirky& most recent update has been problamatic & has taken over 3 weeks to fix (still not fixed). I used to enjoy playing this game and have played every day for about 2 years now. About 1.5 months ago with an update the game got quirky & issues have not been resolved after several contacts with support. Now my barn has lost over 3000 spaces of its capacity & I cannot play. Dont know how much more I can take!!!
The game is fun to play. But you could be bored when you need to wait literally for hours to harvest some of the crops. You need to wait 15 hours for a plane. 3-4 hours for trains and sometimes it also glitches. When there's an event update, i need to wait for hours until i can finally get in. One thing, I need to wait until my comunity building is built. AND, when you want to build, you need materials, glasses is my number 1 problems. Rarely get it.
I love this game I will normally play it 5 times a week at least but I used to play every day .I would like some more playable things to do like other ways to level up. The ones in your other games like homesickness o I would like to complain about that game because my mom was on level 6something something broke her phone doesn't play anymore. Otherwise I love everyone or playrix 's games!πŸ˜πŸ™ƒ
I am honestly confused by a lot of the reviews. This game is my absolute favourite!! Soo many things to do. I can't help still wanting to log back in every 30 mins and I'm almost to level 40. The mini games that people complain about are part of the reason this game keeps me interested. I've spent a bit of money on it but only out of choice. Just bought the Gold Pass and hope it's not a waste as a few players have said but absolutely recommended giving it a try and establishing your own opinion.
Designing a whole community is fun. The tutorials are very helpful along the way which makes for a friendly atmospheric game. The animals are cute too. The hard parts are making enough coins to buy factories and zoo enclosures and waiting for tools and building materials .I have been playing a year now and am enjoying the game every day. It gets harder but with some strategies it's very doable and keeps you thinking.I recommend this game.
This game was awesome played for 3 years used to be 5 stars but as of late it is same thing over and over. Between the non stop mining and the color splash that you get stuck on a lever for a week and can't progress. They are always having the experiment all the time. I am about to stop playing after 3 years. :(
It's a very good game. Graphics, gameplay and all other things are very good . But I gave it 3 stars because I think there are some things that you should improve. You should add night mode also into the game. It will make the game better. And also you should introduce to new events. This is very boring like playing same events again and again. You should improve this, Otherwise game is good.
The mini games are all rigged to FORCE you to pay real money to win. The newest disaster of a game gives 1 energy every 5 mins. And it takes 10-20 to clear a tree. Also, no energy from sending boats, trains etc. So many bugs. My new year resolution is to delete this game and make sure as many others as possible do it too.
Professor experiments are unreachable by so many people. Can't get supplies that are needed to finish the task such as RED PAINT! Also the number of farm animals are way too many with the time left. Will not ever spend money on this game again. Used to be fun but more like work now and more real dollars needed to finish task!
The side games are getting harder to finish without spending real money. The experiment was impossible to finish. The BIG SCREEN ADVENTURE, is ridiculous too. Energy not refilling after being off for over 4 hours, still only 1 energy on board. The amount of energy needed to clear things is absolutely crazy. I have played for over 2 years, and the game is going Downhill! 😑