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Town of Tides

Town of Tides for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Odencat located at Minami Aoyama 3-1-30 Avex Building Coworking Space "avexEYE", Minato ku, Tokyo. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very nice game i played the full game very wonderful. I think the walking of carecters and conversation is a bit slow ,well it just my mind ,again very nice game.
This one was a more straight forward story compared to the devs other works, but it was a very heartwarming one, and still dealt with some darker themes like the other games. Good read overall.
I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, but the experience was very worthwhile. It's a short game, and the ads took very little away. I definitely want to see more stories like this.
it's a great game with a great storyline it's kinda sad though but it's fun I hope there will soon be more to this game I'm rly glad I could play it and there weren't many Ada at all
Beautiful scenery and good characters set the stage for a story about coming into one's self and moving forward
This was such a good game, it wasn't too long which I appreciate, and it had extreme feels. The ending was a little rushed but I still enjoyed it.
This is such an underrated game, the story is very good and touched. I cried real tears from this game, it has been a very long time since I cried because of a game, and this game just made me. The soundtracks are also great, they help make everything much more emotionally. The ads between stories that appear sometimes make you somewhat annoy, but its okay since this is a free game. 5 stars rated, awesome
Overall, it was good. The reason why I'm rating this 4 stars, is because of the flashing lights. That kind of thing does hurt my sensitive eyes.. but the story is good... well for a short story!
What a wonderful, heart touching game!!!😒 Eventhough it is a 2hr game I like it. I had learned many important lessons from this novel game. "Everyone is unique ". That is the moral of this novel game. The soundtracks are awesome!!!πŸ˜‹Specially the dreamy scenery and Minatoko. Suggestion:just play this life changing game when you're bored or free I hope you will make similar novel games in the future. Keep it up Odencat!!!πŸ˜‰
This game is amazing! The storytelling is great! This has surpassed my expectations.Thank you! 10/10 would recommend!
Great game! Yes, we get tossed into it and have to figure things out with a few hints but without obvious dead giveaways-& I love that! I think it is perfectly made. I keep it at the top of my must-play-again games.
I've just written a review, but I forgot to mention some things! The game tosses you in blindly, and lets you figure everything out on your own. This is entirely flawless, as it has guidance but not enough to drive you directly to the answer. The ! marks were only there when needed, and it overall felt like I was actually in the experience. The tree of heart has to be my favourite part, because you learn about it gradually. Wonderful experience for anyone who likes this sort of thing!
SO SO SO GOOD!!! You will NOT regret getting this game!! It's so good, loved the music, the art, the STORY! The only thing that I can to think that would make it better is if there were some cute animated scene like when the girl hugs the guy, that would make it SUCH a mood and be so cute! Other than that it was SO good. This is to the creators, thank you for such an awesome game!!πŸ’–πŸ’•
I love everything!!it made me cry because of the storyline.Please make a part 2 of this game!!I really really really love it!!πŸ’™
oh, hm.. i don't know what exactly to say, but i wanted to support the developers in some way. the game was lovely and had me i tears in the end. i love 2D games and i'm glad this one its one of them as well. i hope you guys makes more games that you all enjoy doing, and can make it a success. thank u for the beautiful story (: .
the story is amazing! really sad at first and a really good happy ending at the end! I would love to see you guys made a sequel to this amazing visual novel!
Very touching game. I cried because the story was touching. Its a really good game, and i love this game (really much). I will support this game forever, i will share it to my friends cause its very touching and a really good game. I cant say another word cause all of good kinds of games is in this game. I love this game!πŸ’– I will not forget this game. I will never delete this game. When i became old, i will make part 2 of this game. I love TOWN OF TIDESπŸŒŠπŸ˜§πŸ˜ŒπŸ’“
I Loooove this game. Finished it in one sitting, even removed the ads. But I'm afraid it may deliver a wrong message to young players. I think there should be trigger warnings or age restrictions for this game, considering the theme of it. Kudos to the developers of this game! Love the storyline, graphics and music!
I have nerver played a game like this before.I am so glad that I found this game(story based rpg).It helped me a lot.I want the developers of this game to make more like this one.
Damn at first I thought the game just be boring, boi was I wrong. Tears started showin off cuz of the story I loved it so much, although short and simple I did love the whole concept of it. :D
This game is just amazing, words won't explain. This game is a little masterpiece of it's own. Graphics don't even matter when a game is this Wonderful! Very emotional and touching, inspired me alot, excellent! Thank u🌸
Yeah I did like it..... And now I know why how great the game is, because you guys did this game with your hearts... I really love the story even if it is presented in 2d... And I love the music to be honest....
did I just finished playing this? Incredible storyline, it depicts real world struggle of the main character πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Could you make it even longer? Im surprised I just finished playing, we want more 😍
I couldn't say I completely related to the character, but I absolutely felt sympathetic. When I saw what had happened at the end, I had seriously started crying. thank you for this game. πŸ’›
Its a pretty fun and simple game. There is not much choices so recommended for people who focus on storylines. Its not the best but its good for the heart. Love the message and the soundtrack
this story got me good it made me cry in each story i felt all the characters in here how they felt like i have a great connection with them seems to be depressing but it was worth it i recomend all of you guys to play this game for its good also the storyline
The story is short and simple but meaningful. If you are looking for a short, story-driven app go and check it out!
This is an amazing game, and I actually cried during gameplay. I suggest this game to many people who enjoy story games. Even without paying, there isn't even many ads, so it makes the game even more enjoyable.
Such a beautiful game, I didn't think I'd cry but I did-- I hope you guys put a warning beforehand seeing that many topics are sensitive. Besides that, an amazing story and characters. Thank you devs!!
Hi, this game is so heartwarming, beautiful and touching yea the story is short but the game makes up for that with its beautiful OST and calming, beautiful graphics and a heartwarming story I will recommend this to anyone whos having a strassful day :D 10/10 for a short, game loved it all the way, keep up making games like this :D
Loved the game very much it has amazing soundtracks, character and the most best thing about this game is it tell how to live. If people were a lot sort of like in the game, the world could had beacame a better place.I would recommend it to everyone.
The game is short and sweet. The main chatacter's thoughts were familiar and relatable. I liked the others too, but I wish I had more time to talk to all of them. The ending felt a bit sudden. It made me want to see more stories like this.
This game touched me so much. I thought it will end tragically but it was unexpected. I totally love this game.
Honestly I loved this game a lot and it's the first game I've ever played that brought me to tears especially near the end. Also I feel like in a way I connected with the main character and I've learned more about myself playing this. So I thank you and everyone that took part in creating this wonderful game even if it was short.
This is the best Story I played πŸ’˜!! Really, The Story is very sensitivety 😞❀️ I love stories Like this πŸ‘ŒπŸ’• I wish there are more Rpg games that has Great stories Like this πŸ™β™₯οΈπŸ˜”πŸ˜ I recommend everyone by this game/Story, It's very pretty πŸ™β™₯️
i really love the story, it made me cry because somehow i can relate to the mc's way of thinking. thank u so much for creating a game like this!!
Very realistic, Modern day story and thank you for creating such a game . Keep up the good work sir/madam
I'm amazed with how much depth the developers managed to retell in a free, pixel mobile game. It's very touching and soul searching.. I felt a similar way as the protagonist and I'm touched with the messages the story gave.. Thank you developers.
When I just turned on the game, the BGM made me cry within 1 minutes... As I played, I though it would ended up tragic, but it actually bitter-sweet. this is a very thoughtful story-based game. totally recommend everyone to play, and paying $1-2 to remove ads can help to support this developer team, and yes, I did purchased it.
It was a very spectacular game, It really showed what anxiety and many other things could do to you. Coming from someone who has anxiety myself , It shows people that they are not alone , They are able to adapt and Find atleast something out there. The topics are a little harmful , Even if It's something that happens to millions everyday but I am glad a game has took notice in that and showed atleast what It's like to experience something like this.
I'm crying. Thankyou for a beautiful story. I wish it didn't have to end. God bless Thankyou again *Could you please tell me if there is a sequel or any similar games I could play? Thanks
This was so ****GOOD!! I love the story, on how it's actually real or somehow it's relatable to someone who suffers from a mental disorder or illness, and 'Everything About it!.. The last part Makes me cry the most Xb. Rly appreciate the Effort of u guys! ;)
this made me cry so much I'm so glad i found this game,been dealing with depression lately (well not really like that but more on having sad moments and loneliness) this gave me a new meaning of life and I really want to have another one of your stories,hope you do more of these and great job!!!
An amazing game with amazing subjects Its a very cool clever and just over all very wholesome , I liked that I could close the book at the end , didnt get to finish the book in the staff room but I can comfirm that old ladys view as I pick trash up alot , 10/10 πŸ’•
It's a simple story. There is no combat. The translation in moments is terrible, but I genuinely loved it
Wow.. not many games manage to make me even get teary eyed but, this one did it. the music was perfect, the story was perfect (though I do wish it was longer, but I'm glad we didn't have to go through too much pain), the characters was very relatable, and I just loved it. I hope I can find more games like this.
This game proved that you don't need awesome graphics,powers, weapons,etc to make an awesome game. Really loved it.
One of the best free story oriented game that I probably ever played. The story telling is amazingly good, and it's quite short too. I'll probably gonna scroll more games from this developer, because their stories are amazing. Keep going, developer! ❀️
a very touching game, i wish it could be a lot challenging but this is fine and i had fun with it πŸ₯Ί
I really enjoyed this thought provoking game. I didn't want to stop playing. The music was great and the overall feeling of the game is thoughtful and positive. Thanks Cyan
Short, but impactful. It's such a relatable story and touched me more for than I expected. The soundtrack is wonderful. Town of Tides is a hidden gem I'm so happy that I found.
With all honesty, my gameplay was great. As if I was looking at another version of my life. From giving up on life, to wanting to die , to attempting it once, all but the ending where the character got someone who he could feel warmth from. I cried in the end .
This game is just amazing, words won't explain. This game is truly like a story of mine and this has motivated me to help, especially one person who is just like the main character in the game. Very emotional and touching, inspired me alot, excellent! Thank u🌸
I loved this story. Things are finally looking up for me and i no longer feel like death is the only option. I really want a sequel or even more storyline added where they live a happy life.
This game. This game is the first game that made me cry this way. This game is so touching. It tells you how hard life is and all then the songs..gosh I couldn't control my tears download it its nice dont judge coz its pixel.
Every game this developer makes is soooo good. Graphics are beautiful and the story was gorgeous and made me cry. Great job as always.
This was really amazing! Glad I pick this game up. The story although kind of predictable because well, anime but it still give you the kick. Plot twist, amazing story even it short and soundtrack! Remind me of To The Moon and Finding Paradise. The way how world keep not give attention to some people like the main character was real. I don't know what to said its really deep. You feel everything, sad,sorrow, happy and other feeling. Give it a try guys!
This is so Emotional! I Love it so much it made me cry... This is for people who has anxiety and loneliness.. This inspired me to help other people who are in need and Im very happy to do so because it made my Hwart Calm and soothing.. Thank you for this Story/Game Creator I Love it so much!
This is such a great game, I swear! I'm so glad to chose to play this game. It really gives me a lot of moral lessons. I love the story, it made me cried and so emotional. I also love the background songs, it's so relaxing and fun and it add vibe in every scene. It such a wonderful game even if it wasn't too long.
Its soo GOOD!!! Its quite a short game but its totally worth it to download, I cant believe i Cry in a Game πŸ˜‚ ,it really hit me though i guess happiness is right beside you πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
Oh man, this is a great game. The story was just on point and it really leaves something meaningful to you. Good job for the developers! Keep making games like this that are so much remarkable and awe-inspiring.
This is an incredible game, I couldn't donate as I'm in no place to donate but I would recommend this to anyone who just wants to have a good story and don't even mention the music, the music was super good, just try it out. You won't be disappointed for sure
I really don't know what to say.... This games is perfect everything about this game is perfect . The story is mind blowing! Just perfect
I honestly never thought a mobile game could could make me cry, but here we are and I am in tears. This game has such a beautiful and real story. I could relate to the main character so much which made me feel so connected to the game, hence the crying. I recommend this game to anyone who wants a heart warming- and frankly heart breaking story. One of my favorite mobile games by far. Such a beautiful story, it's honestly a shame that it already ended. And the music was also amazing too.
I liked the game. The graphics and controls are good. But the story is kinda of short and not that interesting . It's just a simple going story about depression and all but it's a good story . I wish you will improve more in it. Best of luck.
Just beautiful. when I installed this book I thought it would be same as other games I play but this was totally different. A gem truly! Who knew they could tell a small but a powerful and deep meaning story in such a small time through a game! I will definitely suggest people to install it and give it a try! it will blow ur mind away and make your heart warm at the ending! I'm πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
It's really a good game, a great game. It has a heart warming story that will really melt your heart ❀️. Plus the background sound along while you're reading, it's very good. It'll give you the emotion and the feelings. I really recommend this, for those who likes visual novel. It's great. You, also should try this one.
every game you guys make puts me to tears, the story, the pacing, the theme. everything makes this story mean something. I cant put to words how much these storys mean to me
i just played this game for straight 2 hours or so and completed the whole story in just one run. it was just awesome. Thank you so much developers
This game is inspiring. No words to describe this game other than fascinating. Thank you for making this game.
This is the best offline games for me, aside from β€˜A Garden and A Hero’. The storyline is wonderful, and the animation is excellent. I have learned many relevant lesson in this app. Thank you for creating this masterpiece! Κ•Β·α΄₯Β·Κ”
The game art was amazing. The story is quite normal but if i have to be honest, the story was quite sad and heartbreaking. But overall, it's a beautiful game and people should really try to play it.
My first Odencat game and it has become one of the most moving experiences ever.This game is very well written,the gameplay is smooth and relaxing.I'm grateful to you three for this awe-inspiring roller coaster of a game.❀️😍😘
Some how, i feel like I can relate to the main character and the thoughts he is going through at this point of my life. This story game has also become a way for me to reflect on my own life, and how precious a life is, also that everyone is going through something.
No game has had the abilaty to make me cry this fast (in a good way) the writing was phenominal and i loved everything about it from the charcters to the story keep up the good work! (Sorry for spelling errors but its late at night and i just finished the game and wanted to rate it right away)
What a great calming game! I loved it when the orange and grey/white cats were walking with each other! Sorry if i spoil the end but! He made the tree bloom its not witherd! Good job game devs!
To me this is a really good game, I thought it was very interesting! I gave this 4/5 stars because are some suicidal things in this game that should have a warning to the players that are sensitive to this. But other that that I think it was really good and had a great concept! Hope there games are as good as this one!
I somehow can relate so much to the protagonist, the story is touching and overall the game is just perfect
This is a beautiful visual novel and I encourage the creators to make more visual novels like this also I love the graphics on here, one more thing I love the ending of this there is no way sombody would make a bad review because of the ending, in my opinion this is a really good visual novel and I would like to see more visual novels like this, EDIT: I forgot to mention the storyline of this game, it's kinda sad but in a good way, it's bitter sweet and I like that =)
I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOOOO MUCH 😭😭😭❀️ it makes me cried so hard bro 😭❀️ i was touched when playing it. the storyline, characters and the plot are beautiful!❀️ i feel like this game inspired me so much. it touched my heart, i feel motivated. such an amazing, awesome, incredible, adorable game. the ending, LOVE IT SO MUCH ❀️ i hope this game get more recognisation. odencat, you are doing such a great job. congrats ❀️❀️
Such a Beautiful Game, was so Nostalgic, soundtrack reminded me of The time I played minecraft, it had the same immersive experience, the nostalgic drive. Just a wonderful game, out of this world...
I love the game the story the musics and how the people in the story welcome each other and it almost makes me cry at some point of the story it was an amazing experience and the main character story was understandable if you had that life too and i hope for new stuff again love the game
Visually an amazing looking game I like that, but the story... it feels like it needed more and the ending was rushed .. it was pretty interesting but the ending was so bad.
The gameplay is simple but good, the storyline though...I did not expect to get slapped that hard bcz I find it really relatable to this modern lifestyle that can be toxic and all that jazz. I really love this game! Art wise, it's pretty good to me because I personally missed and liked the old school bit-like rpg game art styles where things seem kind of pixelated (in a good way) but that's the beauty from the minimalistic aspect of it. Looking forward for the upcoming ones ^_^)
Those who are telling only click no freedom i want to reply that its not a game. its a story... This is for those who dosnt read ebooks...i love this creative idea and i appreciate this work... I think it should be easy and free to make this type of game and everyone should make a story real or fake dosnt mean but it can improve story writing and its must be a talent as a writer... Love and support by me
It's so very cute and feels very authentic. Personally, the character is relatable and I enjoyed seeing all the sakura trees blossom! it's refreshing to see an RPG incorporate mental states and mental health into a game. I love 8-bit games and this is a definite favourite, I'll be holding other 8-bit RPGs to this same standard! The only things I could complain about (I guess :P) is the graphics of the sea which seem a little crusty but besides that, fantastic game and keep up the good work :D!
man! I literally cried. I want to say that 80% of the story reminds me of myself of what I'm currently going thru. IDK if I don't lol monstrous enemies or save the universe. I just have to save myself and eventually I can save others (at least that's what I feel from the story). btw, I'm from the east coast of the USA. can you make more stories like this?!? I really wanna hug y'all and personally thank you for this touching story
I loved it. It was so sad though it made me cry. The reason im giving this 4 stars because it was a little bit short... i hope in the future there's a Town of tides 2 or a similar game... but longer! 8-)
A wonderful story that I felt so deeply. It left me in tears, I hope that there will be more stories like this in the future.
I relate a lot to the main character, hopefully I get the same outcome as him. Thank you for the amazing storyline, hope you get to make more games like this.
Thank you for this wonderful game, i smiled, i cried, and i got so much feelings, i learned a lot, the main's character feelings and story is so relatable for me, and i felt so connected with him, thank you again for this beautiful story, i'm sorry but if i have money, i sure will donate. Much love~
so many mixed feelings. This story made me have an emotional roller coaster, but it was all worth it in the end. it was a lovely short game. I truly wish it was a bit longer, but the length was right. I love this game.
its a good game whit an amazing story πŸ™Œ would 100% recommend this if your bored and want a good story to just play through
For me its pretty amazing. The story is really touching <3 For an 1hr gameplay its a really cool games that makes me cry Good work right here dev!
This is so good and sad, but i wonder can i have a bad end where I'd die alone without the girl disturbing my ending yet somehow able to make all the villagers be happy
It's sooo nice. The story really hits me hard and it is too relatable, I just started the game and after I read "Town of Tides" I began crying and it ended just after I finished the game. It also made me realize a lot of things and it helped me really. Thank you so much!
Wow... this game is Incredible! I'm obsessed with this game. The story is a Hear-Warming! if you y'all want to know what is the story in general: it's about a man who moved to a small town and quit his job to find peace. he likes to read books because it makes him feel more comfortable. he is afraid of Regrets and wished to die. but he have no idea how important he was to others.. actually it' my 1st time to play but I finished it. it's really an amazing story. I recommend you to play it.
I really love the whole meaning in this game and describing people. It's just something that u need to think also in your life. Like the story but it could be great much longer but i still like it.
the art is simple but the story is really good, really a recommended game, I even cried, the story is really touching. Great game
Heart throbbing story.. I was touched by the storyline and not knowingly shed tears. NICE WORK! IT'S AN ART PIECE. DEFINETELY WORTH OF DOWNLOAD
not bad,this story are so emotional,some of it can make you cry if you understand the story plot but this game are not for making you cry of course!this game is to make you feel that you are not useless to this world,that..every people are not useless, everyone have meaning to this world,so this story game is so beautiful,that's why I give this 5 stars pls keep going and continue to make games like this
I empathized with the character. This is great if you love reading and novels. It's like an RPG except with a top quality storyline.
This is a very fun game and I recomend it. I am giving the game 4 stars because it is good but, it could be a but longer and different endings. Really good game.
This game has a deep meaning about ones another feelings and emotion. It's very well made. For me, SOMETIMES it's okay to run away to your problems, because sometimes, running away is the only way to find yourself and to find the solution to your problems. You need to unwind. You need a peace of mind. Anyways, this app is now my favorite. This has a wonderful story and definitely has a lot of lessons about life. Thank you for making this.
I love this book, altho i am not soo much into visual novels i would want to play games like these in the future, if i can find one that is as good as this one, this game speaks of a lot of my thoughts and it also speaks of the last 2 years of my life, hopefully my story turns out to be a happy ending too.
This is a really touching game by all the sad moments in it it is a great game and I really recommend playing it if you like games like that
Beautiful design and story. Could have been more interactive but it's more of a novel than a proper game. The pixel art style is perfect, wish there were more games looking like that.
This game was amazing and it really did make me emotional which is what I wanted and the work out into this game was awesome. Great work!!
Amazing pixels game. Beautiful story line. Really appreciate the game producers and whole team. Truly amazing game. I wish there were more games like this.❀
I keep telling myself: "This is just pixel, this is just pixel, this is just pixel, and a bunch of music and some words... But how did they do this? this is just pixel and here I am, crying my eyes out like a little kid reading a sad-to-happy book" if you have around 1 hour to spend your day, download this app and play/read the game, 10/10, ngl this game is... quite mind opening, it's not just about the Depression, it's also about the society we live in. Just give it a shot
It was wonderful! I felt so inspired, it just brings out lots of tears. I'm glad I installed this app, currently searching for more games similar to this. I mean, I'm only 15 and I STILL got a lot to learn, but really I can relate to the protagonist and Well, nonetheless, this is a great game! Feels like I'm reading a novel
OK, THIS IS AMAZING IN SO MANY LEVELS!! THE BEST GAME THAT IVE EVER PLAYED! ITS SOOOOO UNDERRATED! the story, characters, music, EVERTHING! i cant explain everthing but all you have to know that EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME IS AMAZING! Thats all keep it VERY UP!
I loved this game, not just because it was my first mobile VN and I don't know much, but more like... It touched my core, you know what I mean?... It's really like I was reading about someone close to me and it felt so immersive. I just cried near the end, and fell into my thoughts, "maybe my own tree of heart is withered" I said to myself. Well, I don't live near a beach but the stair climb is longer here so I'm close to it. Anyways, thanks for the game and I will recommend it for sure.
Hello the producer of this masterpiece game! Nice to meet you. I hope I'm not too late to say this that your game is the most emotional and beautiful thing I've ever played. The story line, those enchanting music, etc is literally making me rethink of how I'm going to live my life for good. But I still feel a little empty to be honest. I don't know what to do in my life. Thanks to this game you guys made, I am healed. Well, not completely healed. There's something inside of me that is. Thanks.