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Towerlands - strategy of tower defense

Towerlands - strategy of tower defense for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Black Bears located at Russia, Tambovskaya Oblast, Tambov, Studenetskaya 9. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Honestly great game got it today grinded to level 40 and I haven't paid no money and I don't mind watching 15 second ads to get a little in more game currency if you haven't played it the game I would give it a try if you were into tower defense games
I upgraded to the s21 ultra today and I have lost almost 1000 levels. I was around stage 1200 and now I'm level 350. Lost so much progress, what the hell has happened. I have synced my progress from Google play but nothing. On my old phone I still have all progress but not on my new one with same account. When I press restore progress it says something went wrong.
The game is enjoyable but it tries way too much to try to get you to spend real money and gets annoying. I was already annoyed of it after 20 minutes of playing and the ads are super long. It would be more tolerable if the ads were short. To get a "pro membership" or whatever is a monthly fee, which is pretty high. If it were a one time fee I would consider paying 9.99.
After some struggle from my end and the developers end i got refunded for the purchase i didnt receive. Once i got ahold of them they were helpful and worked through refunding me
Pay to win,i just cannot enjoy the game when its full of ads and they have made it so that in order to progress in a satisfying speed u have to pay a monthly subscription,a lot of heroes can also only be unlocked by paying real money,overall great money grabbing methods.
I gave this a 2 stars because as I was having fun playing it over the couple of days, it suddenly began to change into "need internet to play" game, and I was like WHAT?!! Why would you do this to a game, that exceeds expectations of fans because you can play it offline. I HIGHLY suggest you make this into a game that can be played offline because now, a game like this that needed wifi to play is unacceptable.
I had seen pay to win games but not only is this game pay to win but also see ad to win and perceed ! Not recommend it has nice idea but poor design... waste of time
One star for deleting my previous review. Was 3, now 1. Game lags even though it's low quality, pointless subscriptions, all characters are slow and cool down times are ridiculously slow.
Since the latest update the game has stopped crashing. I very much enjoy the animations and style of the game. Very easy to play this game for 2 minutes or 40 minutes. The art style of this game is amazing and it's fun watching your rickety tower battle tons of mobs. Very creative game with lots of customization!! Glad to be playing again. Thank you to the devs for reaching out and letting me know the game had been patched.
Great game if you enjoy watching ads. It has a really nice money grabbing systems. Watch 5 adds for the opportunity to scroll every 10 minutes across the whole shop to grab pathetic,,free,, reward. Game speed... oh boy let me tell you it is slow ... painfully slow. Feels like the game speed been slowed by 50 so they can monetize normal game speed on top of that they sell it as x2 speed ... and even than it feels like you are fighting slugs slowly crawling towards your tower.
This isnt really a strategy game.. Just spend some money on unique heroes and the pro subscription and you can easily go very far.. But the idea of putting "impossible to get by playing" heroes makes the game 2 star :) why would i waste my money if i know that top players are all those whales? Theres like 10 heroes that cannot be obtain without spending real money,, unless the devs brings fairness to all players, i wont even call this a "strategy game".
Is crazy game and I like is very classic 👌 👍I love if the new update comes with add more the towers please make and please make 5 ultra towers make 15 slots please and thank you so much amazing awesome company
Sad... Wonderful game but every once in awhile while your watching a add and it finishes you go to hit the exit button for the add and it force installs the game it was avertising you can click cancel the download as much as you want but it will continue to download the game. I never hit install on the google play option it just installs it automatically despite you exiting properly out of the ad. Its a dirty tactic. Both "bigo" and i believe "forge of empires" are the culprits.
Great game, vibrant color scheme, but gets 1 start just because it forces you to watch a video after each battle. The put the "continue" button convinienlty in the middle, but the skip adds one , to the furthest top left corner. Thug move
I love this game, so that's why even after losing my wave 105 progress I still play this. Now I am in wave 45. The game says progress is saved but when u uninstall then reinstall, it goes back to wave 4. Pls Fix this game saving progress issue.
False the paywall huge and makes the game boring also the game is p2w due to the fact there are units that can be only bought with cash and as i said p2w and paywalled also very greedy
DO NOT GET THIS GAME! Ignore positive reviews before recent update. I have been PAYING for the pro version & they cut rewards in half & THEN cut them in half again w/each update & further restricted rewards you can get for playing & capped how much you can get in a day of playing without having to pay even more. This is an idle grinding game that has been paywalled to the point of being joyless. I'M CANCELING. Don't bother starting. I should've canceled after the last cash grab update!!
Since the update, I have lost all my ad chest (110) which I save for so long and now struck with 10ad chest a day. What is this man. Leave the chest to upgrade my training ground when it comes. Now this. Please return back my chest or this will be a star until it is fixed.
I was actually enjoying even though it was all about grind, but when i saw the piggy bank, the way it was described I grinded a little more for it, i was happy thinking that they'd give 13€ worth of diamonds for free if you played enough, nah, after you finish 400 battles, "pay up to redeem your 1.2k diamonds, 5€" Its better not to start playing it, believe me, you must watch ads to progress, the battle base reward is 10k, if you watch an ad its +100k, also buying 'pro' is only 11€/month, cheap
The gameplay, concept, and art are phenomenal. The problem I have is mainly just the pay to win. So much is behind a pay wall for a pro SUBSCRIPTION. I can understand a few bonuses to being pro to make people pay, but even the statistics, just to see what units are performing better, requires pro. The money you get from waves is negligible, you 100% must watch ads for extra coins. This is solved with pro, where you receive all coins without ads, but the price is nigh robbery.
Fun game. Ads galore, and they "finish" 3 seconds before you're actually supposed to close the add to get the rewards. Just don't spend money, there is no way to cancel, and will charge you over and over. Customer support takes weeks to respond.
The game is fine, although the progression depends too much on afk resource gathering. Otherwise, the resources from clearing stages is just too low, it doesn't have any effect honestly. This would be solved if you get the in-game subscription, that gives you many benefits, although it kind of feels like a pay to win... You might get like 4x resources, and for some reason, it's a monthly subscription... Honestly, it's playable, and somewhat fun, but trying to pay for it feels like a robbery...
It's a great Grow Castle replacement for me seriously because of the same mechanics but in a somewhat realistic way. The thing I just didn't like are the archer priority zone because when I aim the archers for the harpies they immediately change after one shot which sucks! Please fix that because I always lose when my units prioritize ground while the air enemies obliterate my Tower! The other parts of this game are good though.
Game is standard tower builder defense game up until the point where you realise practically everything is either monetized or stuck behind an ad. Ad incentives aren't so bad, what is terrible is monetized 1.5 and 2x speed. If i'm going to watch an advertisement every 30 seconds I'm not playing the game on 1x speed and you don't deserve my money.
The games is super fun but if you dont watch ads you cant upgrade anything, also if you dont buy some features even if you watched every single add you will still get stuck in campaining and watch even more ads since you cant win a single penny...
Someone complains about too many ads/ p2p features to which the developers respond "you can purchase a subscription to remove ads". That pretty much sums up the game tbh
They said that it can be played off line yet i cant play it because it needs to have internet connection planning to spend on this game unfortunately it shows some anomaly it crushes be so bad i hope fix the game where it can be played OFFLINE simultaneously cause im a sailor and not all the time we have connection