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Tower Duel

Tower Duel for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Forest Ring Games located at Forest Ring Games GmbH Gründerlabor im Cube Hublandplatz 1 D-97074 Würzburg. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a very fun game the only 2 things that they need to sort out is ghe fact that where i am now on the map when you win it is +1 or +2 or +3 but when you loose against someone you loose - 15or so and those flying aircraft that is not following the route that is unfair to everyone that doesnt have that card as it doesnt matter what you build to try and prevent it from getting to the goal it always just goes the sortest route passed the route that you have build unfair advantage.
Great strategy game a bit of RTS elements a bit of strategizing a bit of tower defense overall it's fun
Great game and amazing concept but HEAVILY pay to win with deals that aren't even worth it. Made it 2 the second best arena with 2 legendary cards in total both level 1 aswell as my highest card being 7 (a common) I stood no chance against ANYTHING (except for marrines) when they were maxed. What a waste of a game and what a waste of time.
would be better if you could earn exp faster.. would make me want to send the moeny for the month sub after ive gotten half the levels... you feel me.. bad tactics for getting people to sub...
Love the concept of game it still needs some speed and some graphics and I believe soon it will become my favourite game 🙂👍 Keep it up bros
Please update to 2.0.2 asap..i want to crossplay with ios friends..this game is very fun. Dev response: thank you for the info, :D already gave 5 stars. Great team and game <3
very nostalgic, i use to play TTW mods on warcraft3 and havent seen similar games in years. thanks for creating this game, goodluck and keep up the good work. And just a suggestion, make it more bigger so we can make better maze and make the game more challenging.
The core gameplay is good but there are not enough maps, tower types or runner types. It feels like it takes forever to unlock new cards and items. The character Maxx should be dropped.
Undoubtedly the best Tower Defense game in the Google Play Store. I could literally play this all day. You can stick to AI matches, or do PVP. Either way, each battle has different terrain, so the battles are always fresh. Also, you can create your own "decks," so you never know what towers or minions your opponent had till the use them.
The game is not bad , but the winning & loosing point calculation is very unfair , when we win , just 1-5 points, when loose deducted 7-16 points, and we send feedback to the game customer service, not one will reply us . Some more , when you play for a time , you will realise that this game , they will insert an AI enermy with high level of weapon but level on points to drag down your score.
Good idea for a game, but it's abandoned, really cool grafics concept, some balancing needed with the jet pack guy that jumps over the towers... In some maps it's just Overkill, the lack of updates and news made me desist from the game after playing it for 8 mounths, but it's cool ... Many bugs to be fixed still...
Would not start for some reason although looked pretty cool I never got to play it, the description and game previews are all nice and I haven't checked to see if it changed but when I opened the game it just always became a blank screen with no loading bars or noises and then stood like that until I closed it and then i saw a tiny frame of the game before it closed. For those who got it working yay. I might try redownloading to see if it has been fixed but just letting the devs know.
Having a limit on how long the match is kills any strategy so its p2w I wouldn't waste time with this one its obviously a cash grab the map is to small to make a good maze so you got like 2 options and then the time limit in matches makes it so whoever's got the better cards wins that's it......its trash p2w dont waste your time
Most fun game ive played for a while, its not bery pay2win and its a pretty balanced game. No hate but like 1 thing. The time limit seems a little too short for the amount of stuff going on, id really like to see improvements of the game and keep it getting better and better. Overall its a great game!
Last update ruined this games "balance". You wont win in top tier matches anymore. You will only draw. Wont be playing this game for a long long while. After being top 20 in the game for the last 2 years. Good times.
I really enjoy playing this its been so fun! The game is great do to good graphics, king Maxx, and the sense of defending and attacking at the same time. Overall I think the developers did a very good job at this game. Keep it up 👍
Very fun. It does get a bit boring after little bit cause once you get what you need to get thats it youll have to wait until the next challenge comes.but over all its a very fun game
Very fun game that I definitely recommend. The only thing I'd like to see added is different game modes. Similar to what the game 'Clash Royle' does to keep the game interesting.
At first I expected some post apocalyptic TD game, I mean that kinda is what I got but WAY MORE FUN THAN I EXPECTED 5/5 stars 👌 Pretty Pog
I've haven't seen a game like this and the ones that are similar aren't mostly duels such as the one of the tablets in the restaurants, but this defense game i can adjust where they come from
Hi admin first of all i love this game the only factor to consider is the pointing systems is really bad when you win i get 2 to 5 trophys when i loss it takes 7 to 15 ill think you should adjust the matchmaking to have an reasonable triophy winning
Really god gameplay but i don't know if its a glitch or the actuall game but one match i lost for no reason i had 13 lives left and then it said i lost after like 1 second i would recomend this game when that is fixed but right now i do not recommend this game
Fun game, except when their matchmaking is broken due to constantly pitting you against new players so you gain almost no trophies when you win..... even when you set the matchmaking to long to get a good player it pops in 5 seconds....
Awesome concept of managing attack and defense. Would love to play it, but I am not waiting 3 hrs for a reward crate.
Fake multiplayer. When you turn on airplane mode it takes far too long to disconnect you, it's clearly not sending game data
Hands down, best td game available in app store. It's like a mini version of Tower Wars from Warcraft. And devs and support are too notch
can't give more then 3 stars cause u want me to review a game that I'm jus barely learning controls on. how the hell am I supposed to give a review without playing the game.....
WTH? i cant play the game. i cant get past training screen. as i start game, it shows level map and training pop up. i press it and keeps loading forever. i liked game's concept. but cant play. please fix the issue. region:India device:Honor play.
I liked the game alot at beginning but the more I played i quickly realised that without buying into the game it's almost Imposible to move up in the game. If you aren't buying one of their promo upgrade packs it'll take you ages before you will ever get new tower or runner cards. I made 1 purchase now they want me to spend more money. I get it you gotta make your money but don't take the genuine fun out of the game. Dont take away the ability to do it with skill and hard work. #nomegusta
Fun game but it's to easy and if you could use your units to defend your defense and to attack would be nice
Great tower defense duel game play, even has the upgrade feature and you can choose the additional upgrade so your deck would be unique, even if someone else is using the same cards, as you chose what to enhance. Totally recommended.
I love this game! Been addicted ever since I started playing. It reminds me of WarCraft's custom tower defense games. I would leave 5 star review, however you lose trophies when you lose a match and when you get to the diamond pro games, it's just to hard to progress. I absolutely hate that about this game, the fact you lose trophies if you lose. However would highly recommend you try this game!
It's disent. But the maps are way to smal. And no rom for a real maze. I would like to see maps that are twise the size and longer timers and more towers.
Deceiving experience. The concept is great yet the progression is to slow... I seems the only way to enjoy the game is to pay for it... And it is not cheap! All the that for game that is extremely repetitive! Same turrets, same units and same arenas. What a disappointment for such a promising game!
Really enjoy the game but about half or more of the time it crashes when finding a match. Very frustrating. Edit: crashes have improved a lot, really enjoy the game! Challenging!
This game is awesome and you have made nice gameplay. Can you make it more exciting by adding text or message to enemies when we are in battle. Also can you have bigger land to have more towers and more tactics. Thanks well-done.
This is a Genuine 5-star game. It runs smoothly, I've never had it crash, the game is a perfect balance of simple and challenging, gameplay is easy to get and addicting, controls are explained well, and easy to use, the graphics are simple but charming, basically everything about it, I think is flawless. Best of all? ITS ADLESS. NO ADS except for the one you can choose to watch for some extra resource grab, and even that isn't shoved in your face like other games. This game is a PERFECT 5 to me.
2 stars because i have to give some credit for the concept but making this a damn card game was a terrible move for quality of gameplay but i guess good for business.. and why is therre a cap on income and upgrades? Also its dumb that i cant use every tower in the game in one match... actually i changed it to 1 star because the matches have a time limit smh... disappointment.. in response to your response.. i didnt know people actually liked pay to win games... n i lose when im winning cuz time
This game is phenomenal. I haven't enjoyed a tower defense game in about 10 years but this brings out all the stops. Upgradeable and customizable units, quick game times and queue times- just needs a larger playerbase!
Its a very good game and you have taken tower defense to another level only one thing i would change is the amount of time when dueling with someone because when ive got 30k generation its already like 1 min then i have to save for another like 10 15 seconds to get my push ready but its already 30 seconds left and then theres no point sending it because they are meches and meches are slow and wont make it to the end edit i really dont feel opening a crate for 3 hours to get 1 card
Fun! Needs a tutorial for Flight Troops, they're just thrown in and you have no warning or clue as to their path lines. Other than that, great game, almost well-balanced.
so I didnt know about this game until I saw an ad on YouTube, I am a big fun of endless rush and many other tower defense games and when I saw this one was a 2 player PVP, I had to give it a try, everything you'd expect in a tower defense game is here, hard opponents at time but it's ok cant win all the time, I purchased a 10$ pack from the store to help me out and an error happened i dont know where, reached the developers and they handled quickly and promptly and sent me a code to redeem it!
Just a fun game with large variety of towers and enemies to send so you can beat your oponent. When you have some time you just pull out your phone and do a quick match.
Would easily be a 5* but maps are too big for the stupidly low match time limit ... Barely set up any type of strategy most games and before you know it it's a draw as no one had time to do anything , but if the match times were up'd by even just 2 minutes then I'd happily say it's a 5 star game
good idea. nicr gameplay, BUT! Most of the time you have to press "relogin" because "there is a fault on our side" and basically tku have to wait 3hours(!!) for a chest to open, and almost every time you CAN'T get its cards.... due to your fault! im waiting for reply and solution
Gotta love when a unit and its counter are both locked behind the same wall, so you cant actually progress because everyone in the league above you has that unit, but you dont have the counter
terrible micropayment system. After the first hour you can only get rewards from winning once every 3 to 6 hours. A game is 5 minutes. That means you can only play 5 minutes every 4.5 hours if you want to get win rewards. rediculous
Hi i really enjoying this game very much i made it to the diamond pro without buying anything i must say im good in this game i can do 15 winstreak but i notice that i have four cards to unlock one of those is i dont know the name because its lock but i do know this tower is like push the runner back is very far and overpowered the one that do not own this is very hard to win i can barely won but the catch is the match making i think this tower is very strong
Easy to learn. Hard to master. Great graphics and sound. Character and graphic design are awesome as well. Recommending to every one.
really good game you defend against other attacks and you can play with friends the only thing I say is to add more things.
I love the strategy and complexity of this game. You are constantly facing off people near your level and with different tower mixes, runners, and maps it's always a new and challenging battle. It takes a while to level up everything but it is completely free to play and advance. I have played for sometime now I am in the top 20 and haven't had to pay anything.
This game is pay to win and has very clunky game mechanics when switching cards. If you have a deck with more than 5 or 6 cards and you try to swipe through your deck, it sometimes bounces/pushes back forcefully, making it difficult to select units or upgrades in a fast paced environment. Games like this lose so much potential players due to the uneeded P2W. If you want to make money just allow people to pay for skins.
Very fun game, I dont leave rating on very much games but this deserves it. I have shared the game with family members and we play together. I think this game deserves 5 stars Thank you :)
Need more defence games like this // think you should make maps instead of us making our own path like BTD and make everything like the turrents smaller so you can make maps/ add 2v2 mode
This game is super fun but the map is a little tiny make more maps And yeah this game is super fun try it out
Talk about a game that you have to pay to win. And the aren't shy about it. If you don't but the monthly, you will fall a hell of a lot of spots . . .
Are you overburdened by money? Fear not, tower duel is here to help! Nonstop popup "super deals"? Check. Infinite money if you have infinite real money? Check. Stupid annoying mechanic designed for the sole purpose to stall and force you to spend premium currency? Check Lootboxes. Double check. On top of all that a "seaSoN pAsS". Yet, the developers have no shame and talk about competitiveness. Lol. The game was fun tho. Its a shame, someone is just too greedy.
It's definitely the best tower defense game available on playstore. The match making, and lag could use a little attention though.
I see a classic trick someone is using, AceCoconut16 is lagging out the game to create a draw after repeated disconnections when losing. 46 seconds left in the game and it creates a draw? Terrible sportsmanship. Edit: uninstalled because jetpack marauder is too over powered in small enclosure maps. Delete them and I'll come back. Edit Again: doubling towers isnt an option when they also use the surf board units and maps sometimes don't have the space for it.
Disappointing... chests ruin this game and is nothing more than a cash grab! First chest awarded takes SIX HOURS to unlock! Removed
Awesome game!. Would recommend 'Sudden Death' instead of 'draw. Or perhaps a minute or two of sudden death before draw.
Talk about a game that you have to pay to win. And the aren't shy about it. If you don't but the monthly, you will fall a hell of a lot of spots . . . This game will straight up cheat you.
it's been a long time since I've found a good multiplayer td last time was on an old site called nonoba or something along those lines.
I am still going to give thisgame a 5* because its a ton of fun. Though the most recent update has really killed more than half the fun for me. i am a neckbeard and dont have the ability to invite a ton of people to lower safe timers.i dont mind watching ads to help the devs but that change has really killed the time i spend playing and enjoying the game.
Dear Mr. Tower duel There is big problem in you game When i play a with player some of them are lose But look whene he know he will lost the Battle He turn the wifi network from his device And your problem this is network issue