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Tower Defense: Infinite War

Tower Defense: Infinite War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Nudity/Eroticism) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Litturaly the worst tower defense game ever. I tried multiple times, and I can't pass the first game. Don't download it, because it's impossible to play.
Short: Amazing TD gone bad. Very bad. Longer: Used to be one of the best TD games under the "tower defense: lost earth" name. Got silently removed and replaced with this. Original gameplay gutted for a pay to win model. Ads flying into your face and worst of all, so much unnecessary data being collected, requiring way too much permissions to run at all. 1/10. I do not recommend buying from this publisher again.
Best Tower Defense game, wish there were more games like this, has good replay values & it's entertaining. I have played this since I had it on my iPhone 4S & still haven't found one better to always come back to. Please make a new TD game Com2Us!
This game sucks.. shake you down for everything.. too easy... Crashes all the time.. much better tower defense games out there
I used to be able to play it just fine years ago on my Huawei ascend mate 7. Now it's laggy on my 6mb ram P20 Pro.
Not very good. It lags when there are enemies on the screen and a bunch of towers are firing. The first levels are made for you to win, but the moment it let's you go you don't get enough money to actually kill all the enemies. You end up losing health so if you restart and finish to get a no loss win you lose all your stamina quickly. Then they ask if you want to refresh it for crystals that of course you need to buy.
Too good that I have downloaded it in all my android devices but I would have liked it more if it was offline, I am ready to spend more storage and data for download. But please make it offline if possible.
This game is fun for a while. Then u get to a final wave and they cram so much down your throat that u can't handle it. And the fact that you have to wait a certain amount of time if u burn through your "charges," this just makes me not want to play the game even more.
Uninstalling after I leave this review. I first played this game around 2011 ans absolutely loved. Downloaded it again only to find that all the updates have made it next to impossible to pass most normal difficultly levels with buying perks. Hard mode is essentially unplayable without spending money. No thanks. You took the best TD game available and absolutely ruined it.
I play this game when i was a 10 year old and its offline and now they make the new update a online....Pretty bad i hope you update it with offline,and online mode........ plzzzz put a offline mode
Dont waste your time on this game its nothing like what is was 6 years ago. Its all based around you having to buy literally everything now and when the game crashes you lose your currency! The currency you have to buy or spend hours earning? Solid uninstall and never install again on my end.
The toxic gas axis control is way too sensitive. Since upgrading my phone, I I now have the ability to move around the toxic gas cloud. The only problem is the axis control is way to sensitive, since upgrading my phone I have done much worse on the levels where I use the gas. If I slightly move my phome at all the cloud of gas will travel away from the enemies, a lot of times it is from me attempting just to place another tower. There should be more defense towers and more infinite levels.
It's a good game. I have a question, can you make some more unlimited wave levels or challenge levels.
I used to love the original version of the game. Now you cant beat the normal levels without paying or using coins. The game sends the random heavy super troops(new grey ones) in the first wave it's impossible to beat him with one tower. No strategy can beat it, just money. if this happens a couple times in a row I'm out of stamina......real fun way to keep engaged......
Amazing game but story could have been different. Its like we have invading like we are bad or are enemy.
This game is awsome but im giving it one star because ive finished the first 6 level and havent recieved one coin at all to upgrade my towers ......ive contacted them and they refuse to fix the problem ....plus obce you get into the higher levels you can only play 3 levels until you have to wait forever to refill your energy .... Dont waste your time
Major downgrade so sad to see, this was a fun game, micro transaction and stamina bar have destroyed what was a fun game, if you were that desperate just sell the game for $2 or $3
I played this game and enjoyed it enough to spend some money on it. One day it asked me to sign in again. When I did all of my accomplishments were gone. I would warn anyone to not spend money on it.
This game used to be one of the best. It is now ruined by typical micro-transactions and a trite "stamina" system. Sad, I have had this game on every device I have ever owned, and now that I have switched to Android, I can't enjoy it anymore.
I've played, and beaten I think, this game in the past. One of my favorite TD games due to its simplicity and straight-forwardness. The towers are not complicated, and the upgrade system is easy to understand. My one complaint, and the reason this game does not get five stars, is I hate the energy system. If I want to play the game nonstop, why should I be restricted from doing so? Any game that has this feature is quite flawed in my opinion.
I should have given 5 stars but the game is unfair. Most of the stages are already hard even at an easy category. And then, why can't a player buy new towers or upgrades by using the golds earned within the game. Or a player can buy perks or upgrade by golds earned within the game but only to be used in one game - not permanent. How unfair is that. Of course, it's business. Sorry, l'm uninstalling it. I'm fed up.
Great for years but just one big problem, the stamina bar is horrible and failing a mission is arguably worse than the death sentence
I used to love this again. But now, using microtransaction n energy?? Where's the button for previous menu???????
If you played this before, you'll know that they introduced things for the sake of money. ie. Needs interent(adds), energy(money), gold(also money), buffs(MORE MONEY)
Very good. Please make some more interesting stages because you have not added any stages since you released it. Thank you!
It's fun and challenging. A lot of other TD games make it way too easy to win. You actually have to use an assortment of towers to win. One fallback is the upgrade system. Seems like you have to pay to get stronger upgrades Haven't done it yet.
Sadly, this game has become "pay to win". Before you needed strategy and intelligence to win. Now, you need a credit card. Even at an early stage like Level 3 (Normal), you cannot beat it with what the game gives you. I used to respect the publisher, Com2us... Now I'll have to ignore their games. Very sad.
I love this games but there are some drawbacks. That you have to have wifi or data to play is annoying. Play infinite for an hour and be told invalid data instead of getting your reward is annoying. The do respond to feedback, which is always appreciated. I raised my stars to 4 from 3 when they responded to review, but playing infinite mode for a hour and then being told invalid data on my mission reward made me put it back to a 3.
It's fun for what it is. I see some reviews complaining about difficulty, yeah it's challenging. If it wasn't it would be boring. Learn new techniques. Also, gold coins and other gifts come in the mail. Check your mail often. I do agree though, on the higher levels you can burn through the ability to keep playing quickly. Unless there's something I'm missing?
Fun and challenging! Tower placement to key to take on swarm of enemies. Spending gold on damage and fire rate helps along with difficult missions. The healer is kind of fast and tough to deal with.
The old game was excellent, campaign and other maps and challenges were really enjoyable. I won almost all levels in easy, normal and hard. This new game is really a backwards version. What is the need for health, we should be able to try the level as long as we want to play. Why should I have to connect to Internet everytime I play, it is important only when I update my progress. I was a big fan of the one and unfortunately I uninstalled it to install the new version, to be completely disappointed and I have uninstalled your latest version. I will be waiting for your new update hoping you fix all the drawbacks.
Make it like it used to be. Not the same anymore I had it on every phone but seems like everyone and I have same opinion on it now vs then and yea offline would be cool.
I used to be a massive fan of the original tower defense, but they had to go and ruin it. Very disappointing. Need to be online to play, Need to get Stamina to play, Need crystals to get stamina, And guess what... You got it.. Crystal's need to be purchased. A good example of taking something good and totally ruining it. What's next com2us brown gloss paintbrushed over a Red Ferarri..?
Don't waste your money on things, every night it makes you re-log in, if you somehow bypass this screen, then you lose everything. This happened to me, so go to their log in screen, log in, and then get asked 'now' or 'before' im not even sure which i chose, but I now have a whole new game with all my stuff gone.
This game was much better. I feel towers and stages need to be more diverse. Now one thing I like is that it's a lot more challenging than it used to be. Its right where you can beat the stage before it becomes a pay to win or there's no chance. I give it 4. Please also be more clear with the game instructions. I had to figure out how to upgrade towers, unlock enhancements, etc with nothing but guessing until I got it.
WAY BACK 2012, This is a very fun game. THE BEST TOWER DEFENSE EVER and I FINISHED IT.VERY SATISFYING! However, when I came back to install it again. I was really shocked and found out that it was already in online mode and you need to set up an account. I WAS VERY SAD BECAUSE THIS WAS MY FAVORITE GAME. MY FIRST EVER GAME. I'm sorry, but I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME BECAUSE OF ONLINE AND STAMINA ISSUES. IF THIS GAME GO BACK TO ITS OFFLINE SET UP. I WILL 100% SUPPORT THIS GAME ALL THE WAY
Great game. Entertaining. Several options to win by changing strategy, towers or placement of towers.
Perfect example of a company that cares more about money than their fanbase. You take one of the best TD games out there, repackage it, and make it pay to win. All the successful games you have and you still try milking people on a TD game that wasnt broke. Stuff like this limits my options. I cant support a company that does things like this so I miss out on many games. No more EA, Netmarble, and now Com2us. I only wish I couldget refunds on the hundreds of dollars I've spend on yourother games
This game is fun at the first,but after you complete all mission,the monster is very hard to kill if you didn't spent money.This game need more update and also put more effort in it and will become very successful because it still have many fun inside.
Was one of my favorite games growing up as a kid, and it still holds up graphicly to this day. Such a great game, please give it a play.
This game is great dont get me wrong, but even on easy it's really hard sometimes but the game overall is amazing
Been playing for years l like it so much. Just got a new phone and points and Crystals didn't download so am having fun starting over. Finally got signed into my account so my money, crystals and ranking is back. Much nicer than starting over. I started over when I got the last phone but that was 4 or 5 years ago. See I told you I had been playing a long time.
Great time killer, controls are pretty simple. So far I didn't have to pay anything to play the game. The ads are not very bothersome pretty much a well-balanced game.
The game is simple enough to beat on the easy level but has been designed to be impossible to beat on most nornal and all hard difficulty with using boosters at the start of the level. In addition, the last "bug fix" just added more bugs. Now the specials that use the phones position sensor don't function. Both the slow monster special and poison cloud are both useless.
Nice Tower defense game, challenging, but kinda too... Umm... Hard when played casually though... Especially the Goddamn Fast, Strong, HEALER enemy that run much, MUCH faster than supposedly fast enemies. Come on, have the healer be either slower, or make it much more fragile.
Money hungry after a couple levels . No way to progress without pouring money in and even then what you buy is currency to spend immediately.beyond that also isn't compatible with Android 9 or later so most peoplewo t even get to play , I say don't fix it , just bury it .
This game is one of my favourite TD games, but sadly after the P2P update, it got ruined by greed for money :-( I only have really fond memories from this game many years ago left i guesd...
I used to love this game. Utterly ruined by new system that pushes endless microtransactions. No longer any fun.
Let down. Takes forever to get crystals and gold. Can play a round and then you have to leave the app because you must pay to keep playing. Rewards are weak. Have played for a week and have been able to upgrade one tower, one time. Can't play enough to upgrade anything because i would have to buy more crystals or gold to play. Can download apps for free crystals but thats lame. Worst com2us game ever. Such promise but i can never play it because everything is always depleted. Waste of a great gam
i used to have this game years ago. it was one of the first games I downloaded from the play store and i greatly enjoyed playing it. It was to my pleasant surprise to see it again after so many years. I downloaded it again for nostalgia, only to be hit in the face by the unreasonable microtransactions that now plague this once great game. Can't even play for 30 minutes before having to wait ages to play again
Money driven play! You can pay maybe three times in a row, then you have to purchase items in order to play. Game has potential, but ruined by pay to play.
A once great game destroyed by a scum company. Super pay to win, always online and has a time limit via stamina. Clearly no fun can be had here
Ive played this for years. Got rid of it and decided to get it again. Now they've added energy restrictions? Gold? I cant power through the game how i used to and am required to come back every few hours/days. Why ruin this perfectly good game. What a shame.
Great game, but the pay wall to beat levels on hard mode has absolutely ruined it. Was the best TD game ever made, but not anymore. Level A3 on hard cannot be beaten without buying upgrades.
I played this years ago when I was in my early teens and it was fun now I'm playing this again years later and the controls suck I remember moving around my tablet to use the special weapons and now they don't even work when you need them to they got to fix this game
The game is okay. The older version was much better! Now you have energy or whatever and when it runs out you have to wait to play. Plus, that added these random monsters that come in with the harder difficulties and its basically impossible to pass the level with all your lives unless u spend money.
They've changed this game and ruined it. I used to play this ago and loved it. Now they've added all this extra purchases and limitations. The game is clunky.
I have been playing this game for sometime now, and twice it has lost my save data. its is a good game, does not push ads at you. however the fact is when it logs you out at random it is very confusing to pick which save data to load up "before or now" that is the choice does not explain which is which. so twice I lost everything and had to start all over
I used to play this game non-stop years ago and randomly thought of it. Turns out it's by com2us (even by gatcha game standards, very money hungry company). Its unplayable now. I'm legitimately sad that this game has gone so downhill while summoner wars (their most popular game) still rakes in money.
Straight trash. Graphics start to lag when levels have many characters on it. Used to be a good game...not anymore.