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Tower Defense Heroes 2

Tower Defense Heroes 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Cube Software located at Head email address: [email protected] Support email address: [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok,great game, only the reason why I uninstalled is 1.there wasn't much of a tutorial. It kinda throws you in and gives you merely a fraction of what you need to know,for instance, I didn't know what oil was for because it didn't tell me. 2.too many ads. All in all,great game, but there is A LOT of room for improvement, and this game has a lot of potential.
The design and gameplay is very basic, needs visual improvement as well as improvement for gameplay. The game crashes just because i attempt to place a weapon. Cant even get past the 3rd stage
Fun. But with so many ads. I know i wont buy anything here and will only play when im willing to spend half my time looking at the same adds over and ovwr again.. did inkentuon too many adds...
Good game, however lol 28 glitches and an enemy ship just sits on a random part of the track. If you destroy it, it will just respawn and will slow down the game which stops the next wave starting. When this is fixed I'll give 5 stars
Too many bugs. Laser towers ignore air units even though they say you can use them against air units. Towers randomly stop working, only upgrade you can apply is lvl 2, rest same to auto apply but can't confirm.
One of the worst td games i have ever played. It's not even fully translated to english. If you try to check in menues they're in russian... Tho it uninstalls beautifully...
Very cool game but I have struggled a lot to get past level 24, can't do it with just 3 spots for towers, have tried various combinations of towers etc and i can't get passed, need help. Also need more types of towers.
The game is great but I'm getting bugs with the laser tower, they never work so flying enemies can't be killed. Unplayable at the moment.
Too many glitches. Got to a certain level and the game just glitched out. laser towers only work 50% of the time. Why have different turrets if you are just going to use rocket turrets every level. Not enough turret placements, what fun is it if you only have 2 placements for the whole level. Poorly planned. Will be unistalling right now.
I really like this game except some of the ads are borderline malware, one wouldnt close and just kept redirecting to download it. Also most of the game is in russian so a little hard to understand, other than that really really well done game! Graphics are really good Not too many ads Pretty fun Easy to play/hard to master
This game looked very promising, but in fact everywhere you turn this game had lots of bugs which disturbed the game play. Why do the towers ignore the enemies or suddenly stop shooting...very strange, impossible to complete some levels.
IF YOU DONT WANT ADS TURN OFF WIFI WHILE YOU PLAY NO ADS FOR ME! the turrets not firing really sucks please fix
I really enjoy playing this game, though it's almost too easy to get energy bolts by watching ads...not that I'm complaining, no way! I love that I can get my towers to level 4 so early in the game. The only thing I wish, is that there was a way to upgrade the towers even more. Maybe a way to transform them to a stronger tower, but restarting at level 1 or 2. Then upgrade them again, transform again, etc. Also, upgrading the damage the oil using weapons do. Maybe adding more oil using weapons as well, plus allowing the 1st tower to be upgraded to level 4, instead of 2, would be great. I never use that tower for that reason alone. However, overall it's a great game! Very enjoyable. Challenging at times, but fun...loads and loads of fun!
I like it but turrets don't work something can be right next to it and it's attacking something far away has potential though uninstalling for now
Level 7 is to hard for me I have been trying to get the level 7 to level 8 but level 7 is just to hard I have been trying to beat level 7 for 2 years now and I STILL CAN'T BEAT IT GAME i HATE THIS GAME SO !?#& OFF GAME SO MAKE IT EASYER DON'T PLAY IT PEOPLE THIS GAME IS A SCAM
At first i was like this game is dumb butt now i know the controls and found how to upgrade the skills i love it. Challenging and fun. Do you guys have a premium version no ads. I know unity does the ad thing but i just wnt it with out ads
Nice tower defense game. But somw towers dont shoot at the enemies and some levelz are very hary only 3 slots for turrets for a huge map? Impossible to win
I played for like 15 minutes and if you win or lose it's just ads and ads and ads. The actual game was okay, but weird controls. Also, If you hate ads about the game war dragons that last for 30 seconds, and a continuous stream of them, then don't play this game.
Ok you really need to work on your games they are cool don't give me wrong but there shouldn't be a limit to how much you can upgrade. Please look into fixing that.
good graphics, seems like a pretty cool game but its just really buggy. sometimes won't let you up grade or the screen wont move
Cool graphics game, but there are some issues: 1. Lots of ads, like you have to watch two ads for every stage. 2. Some text are still in Russian. 3. In high stages, you do not have much control and tactic as there are two or three places for you to put the towers. For this reason, you only can use rocket towers to win. There isn't much room for you to combine with other types of tower.
Would give at least 4 stars if I could find find a settings menu so I could turn off the bloody annoying music. Otherwise my first impression is that it seems like a decent TD game.
Ur game needs major fixing. 1. The towers dont fire 90% of the time. 2. The description of what is coming in next wave is wrong. 3. The wave counter dont work right. 4. Game is far to hard at start, ie- 1 tower at start of wave, are u serious. 5. Not enough towers. 6. To many enemys at start of level. 7. Not enough time to level up. 8. Cost of towers to what u get from defeated enemys not enough. 9. U should take a look at defence grid 2 on ps4. Thats a proper td game.
Good gameplay, many ads and the AI is stupidly dumb, when you fire a cruise missile it lands where no enemy's are and after every game you watch an ad even if you lose would rate higher but unskippable ads and poor AI
It starts off really fun and is really addicting, but some levels are damn near impossible. 4-2 placements is ridiculous. Also, there are too many ads, this will drive players away from the game. The turret AI also needs improving. Making them track the target (aim ahead of it so the shot will hit it) will help greatly. One last thing, redefining some of the levels would be appreciated buy all of us. Some are impossible even with everything maxed out.
This game feels like early access. There is no laguage option, and there is no settings menu either. It really just throws you in and you have to learn by trial and error as ypu may or may not be able to read all the text. I would have a better review if not for the laguage barrier tbh. Its fun but confusing. Please keep updating this game it has really goos potential to stamd out against all other TD and mobile games especially becuase there is no fuel or energy system that limits how much you can play. Pleae add an option to remove ads. They are intrusive as It pops up evem when Im out of the game window while ts still running. They have started to become a bad nuisance and make me want to lower it another star. I'd happily pay a dollar or two if you had that button to stop the ads.
Neat game... glitchy tho, ads between each menu access is excessive. Without a backstory, different languages on game play buttons is awkward & confusing almost gave up on it in 1st 5 minutes
Cons: Was expecting greater difficulty, more building spots. Items drop through raised locations and become unseeable. Tapping all icons not very responsive, have to hit a few times to operate, including menu and pause icons. Tapping next wave icon locks me in place and I can't deselect it, forced to start next wave. Can get energy to Max out upgrades from watching free videos in no time. All stages look redundant, change of scenery would be nice not just a base and a path. Pros: Love the concept of buying tower spots. It's unique to me. Haven't seen that in other tower D games. Graphics look amazing, difficulty is fair while gradually increasing even with full upgrades. Simple and easy to play, not too many towers but could use a few more to mix it us. All in all a good game. Enjoyed playing it but some of the Cons I listed brought down my rating.
The game has a good concept,allthough needs some work on the layout.Ive reached lev. 24 with everything upgraded to the max and can't get past the stage.there are only three places to place turrents and ive tried all the different turrent formation with no sucess. :(
A good tower defence game. Woulb be better if everything was in English and not just part instead of what looks like a Baltic language.
The coding is good, it has potential. The game isn't even in fully translated to english and what is translated is poorly done. There isn't much space for progression. It's just a half assed production.
More turrets maybe ingame purchase not to over priced like 5 dollars up to 15-20$ irl more maps great work 5 stars even if it's not much love it so much
This is amazing game you can play every single day 😊😊😊 I smile on it this game easy 🙂🙂🙂
Everytime my device gets an ad, it shuts the app down and reloads it. Literally making it impossible for me to advance. SM-T230NU. Thats my device. Also, most of the words are in russian i think. Its in another launguage other than English and thats all. Thanks.
You have maximised all towers at LVL 10. After that it's just boring. Could have been fun with more upgrades and more challenges. You also get bombarded with advertising between every single lvl you complete.
This is pure adware, you get an unstoppable video ad after every mission. When it can be played, half the game is Russian and Chinese, with occasional English as well, although the English seems to have been translated on google translate, it is very bad grammar
A critical part of the game is the stun/bomb crates drops, without them winning is next to impossible. However, these crates have a nasty habit of falling through the floor... Some enemies with shields have unlimited shields, the shield drops to zero then its strength suddenly goes back up to full again repeatedly. Impossible to kill. Many maps only have space for 5/7 towers, once the rush to place towers ends there is nothing else to do then wait for a box to drop and click it. If I can see it..good luck
Has great graphics, but is fairly simple and the inability to select which target your turrets shoot at is frustrating. The machine gun turret doesn't target the enemy heading for the exit so you loose a life. Lots of ads compared to other games.
As you progress thru the levels, it gets harder, naturally. But for f**ks sake, only 2 turret points on the later stages? Combined with the dumb turret AI, your turrets do not shoot at enemies close to the exits. Come on! And there are tonnes of ads, restart - ad, start game - ad, ads ads ads everywhere! I don't mind ads, but this is overkill!
This game PHUKING BLOWS, just started playing this game today and I get stuck on this level that only lets me build 1 tower to start with which is COMPLETELY USELESS because a whole bunch of enemy comes out at once and I'm only able to kill about 2 enemy before they overtake the base causing me to lose and I've tried placing each tower in a different location with no freaking luck what so ever, UNINSTALLED!!!!!
Plays ok but when you click on towers it locks up at times and also sticks when you move rally point for troops. Fix these things and it should be a great game. Also language goes from english to other in shop section.
Game's quite glitchy. The language between Russian and English anytime. But that is still tolerable. The 1 star is for Level 24 that is glitched. IT WON'T LOAD THE SECOND WAVE OF ENEMIES and will suddenly get very laggy and slow. Because of this glitch, you can't complete the game. I also wrote to their support email about this glitch, to which they did not respond even after 24 hours. Poor level design/testing. Poor tech support.
The game is good and the rockets are op but there are limited amount of placements. And when I restart, exit, upgrade, choosing which map, it gets ads and it's not healthy putting ads when said things to do. Also, the touch of the game is not sensitive enough to execute a command.