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Tower Defense: Galaxy TD

Tower Defense: Galaxy TD for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by AniBox located at United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's a great game and fun to play but can't see how much the upgrades cost and I can't see the start/play/begin button.
Very nice game indeed. Although several issues that destroy the good vibe of the game. First of all you can not load your profile/saved game data on another device - you must start from scratch. Second one (the one that bothers me most) is that apearantly the upgrades you buy so hard do NOT take effect on newer devices. I mean, in the upgrades menu all seems cool, but in-game turrets are weak as lvl 1. Funny, but on older devices (or older Android) this bug isn't appearing... pls repair it
guns are to weak to kill the enemy. I've upgraded in the gameplay and also upgraded my equipment before I start playing and it seems like the enemy is way stronger
Was good for a while but for some reason The upgrades that I bought stopped working after a while. Upgraded the gold tower cool down all the way and gold produced 3/4 but now for some reason whenever I place a gold tower it's been reset back to 5 gold every 20 seconds rather than 7 gold every 15 seconds, and I cant buy the upgrade again because it's already been sold to me. Really liked the game up until this happened. I suspect my other towers have also been affected as well.
Just DL'd it so far so good I'll update my review later once I've played it properly. If you like Tower Defense games this is a great one so far. Update: Brilliant defense tower game. A very good way of upgrading all weapons you earn credits per level fought and won through. By completing 3 stars per mission you get more credits for the least amount of damage taken and letting no-one through to the finish flag. You can also press a free credits button that gives random amounts from 2 - 50 credits
Looks like a poorly ported game from the web. Can't see half the icons. And they really want to nag you to have your Google account track you. There's no reason to need to auth with my Google account.
This game is fun and addicting once you get the hang of it. Their version of the tutorial is telling you a bunch of facts at the beginning and then don't mention which weapons are good against different enemies. Also when you go to upgrade your weapons it doesn't say how much each upgrade is. It either goes thru or said insufficient funds (the points that you earn) It would be nice to see how much the upgrades are rather than a blank button.
DAILY Bonuses aren't working..it is fun but now annoying that you can't get help with upgrading. Takes longer. Can't see how much upgrade cost either.
Just upgraded machine gun to maximum power, and the power reset itself to the original value. Exited the game and reopened it same value. Please fix.
A very nice tower defense indeed. Good thing they have included power ups for the towers. I am currently addicted to the game. Best TD game I ever played in mobile so far.
Works well and it's fun to play. Difficulty ramps up pretty quickly at level 15, then I really gotta spin the free wheel.
love the tower and graphics. Needs easier way to upgrade.Need lower upgrade prices. This game needs more points after each level win.
I still don't get the point it doesn't show how much it costs to upgrade???? And free money in Alot of points so............... This is not a fully developed games
I really enjoy this game. I really like Tower Defense games in general, but my biggest criticism is that I cannot level up might hours enough to pass levels Beyond 21. Also, I used to get a daily bonus coin allotment which has stopped which really impairs my ability to upgrade. I continue to play it in Endless mode now and then to get a few little coins but it's not enough to compensate for the time needed to sit there while it runs through level after level.
Good game. Would give more stars if it didn't take so long to get enough gear to upgrade with without having to purchase. Free spins are a bonus but it still takes forever to get enough gear.
Lacks a very essential part of Tower Defense mechanics. Being able to carry out actions in Pause mode. This would render this game Tactical / Strategy instead Arcade. Very disappointed
Beat it all in a few hours. Very predictable wave composition. Air units should have a path independent of ground units. Weakest towers pretty much eliminate even the strongest units. Towers have no special damage towards certain units nor do units have any special defense/immunity against certain towers which makes this game super easy to beat.
I couldn't make it past the second wave of the first level. That 'chiching!' sound is so obnoxious I couldnt continue:-( Please tell me i am missing a 'chiching!' toggle button. It looks like you can either turn all of the music and sounds off or on. No separate sound effects from the music, is this correct? Seriously I've been playing games for a long time and I've never had a more abruptly annoying sound affect my gameplay. please tell me that I'm wrong and show me where the toggle button is
it's fun. Too long to upgrade and upgrades are critical. It takes too much time, effort to advance but it's created well.
So much tactical fun... EDIT: After reinstall ads are back, regardless that I purchased No Ads, for which now says it is sold. I clicked to restore purchase in shop but no changes. So try to resolve this or return my money.
Fun TD game. Has different enemy types, and related weapon types to defend against them. I would like it if the devs gave information on which weapons were most effective against shielded enemies, as it's unclear how best to attack them. Also, if the free gears are earned through the use of an e-currency miner, I don't mind, but would appreciate if a) that were made clear b) the process was automated so gears can be earned without tapping for those who paid for no ads.
It was okay, would have given it 4 stars, but they have removed the free currency that you got, for time passing, really makes game unplayable. If it's not replaced, will move onto another game.
Unoriginal and not worth a download. The skin is nice but the game is dishonest with it's currency system and repetitive. At least two of the towers are useless after the first few levels. Without heroes or abilities or anything to wash away the tedium it starts to feel like another game that requires you to spend a bunch of money to have fun
This game has great potential but there are some obvious bugs and the developers are completely unresponsive, obviously caring nothing for their own game.
for a tower defense game this is pretty good * they're not very bright because they keep asking me to rate this game and they lost a couple of stars for it.
As another player has said, I can't see how much I need to upgrade a tower because of the incorrect positioning of certain graphics. Also some of the main buttons in the game are missing their text so I have no idea what they do. It's a real shame because I can't play the game properly, it seems like it has some promise but is let down immediately by basic errors. Last updated Jun 2017 so obviously this game has been abandoned. Uninstalling as a result.
I gave it 5 initially even tho you had to grind a little but it's very straight forward and a great time killer. BUT then the daily bonus gear points stopped so now I'm dropping down to 3... I'm not even that far advanced and it just stopped 😞
Not bad so far. Hard to rate a game after 2 minutes of playing it. So they really shouldn't expect a good review.
this game has some real issues. I love Tower Defense games and I have played them all. This game is very simple, which I love. But one issue is that it is worth way more to just spin the wheel for currency than it is to play levels. But also, you desperately need the currency because the levels become incredibly difficult very fast. Playing levels is so worthless that getting to level 150 in Endless mode, which takes 25 minutes, doesn't even give you 300 currency. Ouch! I won't do that again...
A good game but it takes way too long to upgrade towers so things get boring quite quickly. The only options are to replay the first few levels or just spin a wheel over and over before you can progress. If towers could be upgraded at a speed that matched level progression it'd get more stars
when you hit the bomb,it sometimes doesn't work. And when you try to move the screen,it freezes. Basically,all the controls are pretty bad. Have better controls in the next Tower Defense game!
Pretty lame version of a tower defense game. The broken Engrish doesn't help much either. Descriptions of towers do nothing to explain their use. Uninstslled after 5 minutes of play.
It is a good concept, fun, but very difficult to get far without p2p. There isnt much in freebies after 2 weeks.
Pacing is not good. But that's to be expected in a TD game with microtransactions. But the real issue is with. Your own tower selectors block your view of your upgrade buttons. And the worst thing is the cost of upgrades in the main menu screen aren't even visible. All I know is I don't have enough funds but I can't even see how much I need to save up to upgrade!
its fun, cute and challenging game but imposible to pass level 8 without upgrading the defense. limited gear up 😢 I have to click free gear up over and over again just to gain more points. playing level 10 now (snowing 😍)
I love the game. But, the reason only three stars is that I paid to have no adds but I still get adds. What the hell?! I tried contacting the developer a few times to no avail and google was about as useless as a politician trying to be honest. Lmao
Needs improvement. Poor English translation. Cannot see the amount costs for upgrading towers. The bar is just blank. Same when going to choose a level. What I imagine is the trigger to play is just a blank orange bar. Looking forward to future fixes
The game is fun. I have two improvement suggestions: 1. Instead of a slot machine, just give a set reward for watching ads. 2. Upgrades for most towers are not worth it. It costs more than double to upgrade them and the benefit is not worth it. I uninstalled because it's impossible to beat level 8 with three stars.
very good game love it..would recomend to download. lots of upgrades on weapons and lots to do. very fast loding and very responding when doing anything on gaming ..
Fun tower defense game at first, nice variety of offense types and map layouts. Unfortunately it's too frustrating to play beyond the first 12-15 levels. After playing the same levels over and over for a week for multiple tower upgrades, they actually made no difference. That was $10 worth of upgrades if I'd paid for them, and it was useless.
Fun yet P2W. You used to get gear when you're offline, but that was either removed or just stop happening after a of time. You can't progress without either going for "free gear" which means watching ads. Even if you disable the ads, and spam the spins. You gain so little gear that you'll be sitting there for hours unless you pay. Other option is setting up a macro to constantly spin while have the game on airplane mode to prevent the ads. I did play until around level 17, but deleted it.
Please fix (android) Ugrade menu doesn't show prices for each upgrade (to the left of where it says 'ok') I looked up images for the upgrade menu and I saw the prices there but even though I have said amount, I still get "you don't have enough to upgrade"
The levels start off easy, but get exponentially more difficult to the point where you can't win without upgrades. Oh, and the upgrades will require you to either do daily spins for money or pay with your credit card. Would not recommend.
typical TD game, first few levels are good, then you have to constantly repeat them to get enough points to upgrade. The free spin also doesn't work, just says "please wait", probably would have kept the game if i at least had that option.
I installed the game on my 2nd device. The levels and upgrades I bought on my 1st device does not show on my 2nd device even though I am using the same Googleplay acct. Is there any fix for this?
Played for 2 days. Merely reached level 13. Game balance is bad. I'll give up on it for some time to see if the updates will change anything.
fun game, hard to level anything up. Becomes less and less fun to play when you have to repeat the same level just to get the gears needed to upgrade your weapons, and for them to still not be strong enough to defeat enemy.
Game is fun, but upgrading is too difficult. Takes forever to do this. Not the game you spend money on. So Im curious to the designers of the game, breaks over make a better game. Unless you are voi g after people with little intelligence.
Level 17. That's the level I could get two without shelling out real money. Some TD games top out at 7-10 levels. This one isn't overly complicated. It's fun and the pace is good. I won't dedicate hours and hours to advance without cash so when I hit that wall I move on.
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Games like this are not fun, Because of all the ridiculous grinding you have to do. The towers suck. The level rewards are a joke. The upgrades are overpriced. The enemies are overpowered. Don't waste your time like I did.
It is a nice game but after i changed a phine and reinstaled it i have problem viewing the prices in the upgrades part. also some of the buttons don have the the name of the function shown on them.
it's cool. could use a menu that describes the weapons. and some of that icons don't have words were they should... but still a decent game...
This game is everything I love about td games. Simple to play and difficult to master. My two criticisms are; 1. The buttons to start a level are just gold bars with no writing. How am I supposed to guess which button does what? and 2. There are no prices listed in the upgrade menu, so I can't plan an upgrade strategy. Every couple hundred dollars (gear) I save I go click on upgrades to check if I have enough!
To begin with it seemed ok and a little fun however it is very unbalanced in favour of the challenge against you, for example the ability to build and upgrade more turrets is insufficient to the rate of spawning enemies due to the lack of gold production available. You have to make a choice either skip building a gold producer which costs 30 gold and build 3 basic turrets or one better turret to cope with the spawn rate of enemies and fail slowly or build a producer and fail quickly
A little rough on the English translations for the directions and could use more accessible information about the weapons and the enemies after the beginning of the tutorial but other than that its an awesome game so far! Thanks!!!
Was decent til I updated to an S10. The free gift is now missing, never there when I log in anymore. And the button for play and endless is blank, I can't read what is says anymore. Plus the upgrade amounts are missing as well, so I don't know how much the update costs. Please update and fix, will change rating.
Stupid , costs to much to upgrade with no real way of earning. Set up for pay and play . To challenging for most players unless you have the money. Good luck.
Fun for the first level or 2 but the ui obcures your view or lot.also when you try to upgrage passive stat you cant see the cost of the upgrade and no matter how much"gear"you you get it never seems to be enough to afford an upgrade .lots of work need to be done to be make this game playable
I like the game but after you reach level 8 or 9 there's no more free daily point packages to buy up grades and the free spin would take you months to get enough points for a good upgrade. it becomes pay to play, I'm deleting the game.
The upgrade popup window is partially obscured by the bottom menu. There is no pause feature to keep up to the onslaught. Maps could/should be larger.
fun and easy. defeating the levels to earn "gear' to upgrade your turrets is enjoyably progressive. I'll try to take this one to the end because unlike so many other tower defense games I've played I actually think I can.
This game is awesome and the graphics are great too. It gets hard fast though. However, on level 19 my game glitched and on round 36 of 37 the npc units stopped coming out, so therefore I cannot finish level 19. Everything continues to work, I can upgrade if I have gold producers, but the things you shoot at stop coming out. I hope there will be a fix for this.
Challenging but if you're willing to repeat levels it's possible to stack up an upgrade everything. So it's nice to play a game where I'm not cornered into selling money.
Nice game for first 7 levels. After that, hard grinding is required and it's impossible to finish it. They want you to pay instead. Pay and play model, what a shame.
This game is great! Can be very strategic game play. Simple concept but yet captivating. My children and I play and play.
Fun game. I'm really enjoying it. Thank you.. :) the only problem is only half of the upgrades say how much it costs to upgrade them.. It does say insufficient cash... but it doesnt say how much I need to upgrade them... 5hatsv3ry annoying. Also yheres ribbons with no writing on them at the beginning of each level...
i don't like that the tower places are pre set, i want to place them where i want like in many other tower defence. aside from that it's a good game, more levels should be ready though.
Planes should have less armour than tanks. But the planes in the game is so imba, having high armour. Later in the waves each plane needs at least 6 rockets to kill.
Not bad but it doesn't tell you how much upgrades cost using the in game currency. How are you supposed to know?
Typical garbage. First 5 levels are easy to get you hooked. Level 6 and up you have to upgrade everything to go anywhere. You can do this in about 3 years with their "slot machine" or pay-to-win, which is what they prefer.
Great game, you don't need to spend to progress. Only problem is that it does crash a lot, hence the 4 stars
Great game but it takes too long to earn gear for upgrades by playing levels. I refuse to pay for upgrades so at level 16, I'm torn about having to delete the app or just spin that damn wheel for a few days straight!
Good solid tower defence, I seem to have some trouble with the display on my pixel though. I can't see the cost of upgrades and a few other minor things
It's a really good game. The only problem I have is I cant see the cost of the gear upgrades and the start button doesn't say anything
The game is good and interesting. But it also designed to milk players for "gear" points. Without them you can't get upgrades, without enough upgrades you can't win. You start feeling it at level 13.
get tired of playing the endless mode and an hour into it the game glitches and quits sending out enemies. so you have to quit with no rewards. happens a lot
Nice visuals and graphics and audio. Beautiful pacing and gameplay. My favorite thing, though, is how respectful it is of the player. No money grubbing single use items you have to buy, no steep ramp up in difficulty just to complete a level, forcing you to grind or pay to win. No Skinnerbox techniques. I adore that it takes some strategy and trial and error to perfect each level. It's not trivially easy to get 3/3 stars, from the very outset.
great game, but hard to get past some levels, you have to upgrade, which takes forever, you should get more for beating a level, so you could upgrade enough to do the next level, anyways it definitely helps pass the time if your stuck somewhere bored
Fun for the first level or 2 but the UI obscures your veiw a lot. also when you try to upgrage passive stats you cant see the cost of the upgrade and no matter how much "gear" you get it never seems to be enough to afford an upgrade. lots of work needs to be done to make this game playable.
I absolutely love tower defense games of all kinds im kinda stuck on level eight tho but im not giving up...
Fun to play but only if you plan on spending LOTS of money. Rewards are paltry at best. If you like frustration and being boned by video game companies this is the game for you.
Nice balanced game by far. Good job to the creators. Need some fixes but iam looking forward to newer updates !!
Pay to win. You can play without stopping buy you can't advance freely without paying. The game gets to hard and the upgrades cost money or watching ads.
Got this game for a few days. 2 main problems here: its difficult to target then spot to build a new tower. Why not make the spot "magnetic"? Second thing, the hell are upgrade prices? The fields for upgrades are blank blue so its impossible to know what costs what.
The greatest defense game out there. Download is a must. After 1 month of playing I got up to 5000 and change from my free spins. Then it got stuck.so now I can't clam it and it's still stuck sooo I'm taking bac my 5stars please help me on my free spins not working
pay to play after the first 10 levels or so. You won't be able to up with the increased health of most jobs unless you pay for power ups. I refuse to do that for any game now a 6 months of collecting free credits and can now pass 2 levels.