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Tower Conquest: Tower Defense

Tower Conquest: Tower Defense for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Titan Mobile LLC located at 3901 Lick Mill Blvd Apt 202 Santa Clara, CA 95054. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I spent money and now its glitched I have tryed everything to get the game working it says you have enough cards to evolve a unit and all I can do is click it to bring me there then the game freeze and I have tryed waiting for it to un freeze I think my name on the game is gamerbuddy65 if you could somehow fix it that would be awesome cuz I love the game I used to play it a long time ago and just got it again and spent $20 I think to start me off good and now I cant even play
I have been waiting for ages for the new update for the epic heroes of robots and jade empire so i-uninstalled the game, I'll reinstall if the new update is available
Why in the actul f is some of the later levels so hard. Like 10-15 i can win the level but what a bout the time. NOPE. Cant do that. Why is it so unfair. Im not even kidding that level is so unfair you just say f this game it sucks. No joke. 10-15 isnt the only unfair level. THERES MULTIPLE. AND IT SUCKS. Only play if you dont get mad or dont mind losing. But when you lose all the time, it starts to piss you off. I only play this game to see my characters evolve and look cooler over time.
I loved this game only one problem I don't, t like that the levels are so hard but other than that I love the game.
I seem to have encountered a game breaking bug of some sort. I am bought one of those jade empire crates and the game says to upgrade a unit after this first mission. It brings me to there unit list but I can't upgrade then or move off the page so I am unable to do anything. I will update my review if you can help me.
It's a fun game with no forced ads But you have a very limited stamina and it's recovery rate is too slow, as for the strategy it needs improvement for those looking for a challenge in Single player, the pvp is acceptable (no hand holding tho). Comparing to most other available games this one stands above them. Unlocking cards will take time because Devs need money too but it's not a cash grab game. If this game is made more challenging and without the stamina limit it easily goes to 5 stars.
Game is a lot of fun and well put together. Lots of different strategies to use by changing your team up. People complaining about difficulty/paying to win must be struggling to come up with good combinations. I'm currently at warp gate 29, level 46 and haven't spent any money or had too much difficulty with levels. Sometimes they take a few tries or a change in team combinations, but they can be beat. The arena is okay, it's not real time but facing someones team as AI, still fun though!
It is a 2 star because it is a very fun game but if you play for a while you start getting so much ads it is so annoying and I gust was playing a arena battle and got no points form it and it and the app got shut down and the second time I didn't get andy pints and got moved all the way down to #4 and I and verry angry because when I started playing it is seemed very good but now I realized it is not that good for me.
Awesome! The graphics of the game is awesome, even the game is offline too. So this game got a 5-star from me
It's a good game, but there is a major problem. I used the free gems to buy a card chest, and then the game said that one of my units was able to be evolved. It only allowed me to click on the card inventory, but when I did I was unable to click any of the characters I owned. Now I'm unable to play the game because of this.
A nice time killer. Rounds are quick so great if you only have like 15 to 30 mins of game time in a sitting. Dont need to pay to make progress, but it'll be slow progress. I bought gems once, but price is steep for amount of gems you get. I would buy more if there were better in-game deals. As it stands right now, wont be spending any more. Good game though. Good job
Very Good Game, however if Ai can be developed more like if I can see my team stat, or oppnent team stat. Not talking about individual character stat, talking about if I am setting a team we should see the combined team stat, also please introduce new characters and add new challenges so it could be more existing. Grafix, character specifications are very good.
Best strategy game on mobile with a lot of potential... 4 stars coz of long gameplay and slow progress without spending money... This game is good and addicting.. I have played clash royale.. Castle crush... They all are very mature games.. But this one...its a tough competition for those games... Love this game
Stupid energy limit!!! Hate games, that doesn't allow to play as long as you want!! You mean, 1 minute play, and half an hour wait?? Why not let players to buy unlimited energy for real money, for example? Or developers want money (25 gems) for each minute you play??!
Everything is fine but in arena some time I matched with higher level players . My level gap with them is too much..... So do something about it
This game is terrible dont get it. Theres a point in areana where they dont match you up evenly. Everybody in my rank right now is 10+ levels ahead of me. I just lose energy and its not fun to play against. Its everyday i have to play these people and im stuck in the same rank because i cant win and get rewards.
The game overall is a lot of fun and due to the levelling up you get to play non stop for a little while. My main issue is that I am now level 17 and I can only play for 10 minutes before having to wait for 1 energy to refill. 30 minutes is way too long when you just want to enjoy the game so you're essentially making people get bored of the game quicker because they can't actually play it!
So if you don't mind NEVER being evenly matched up in the arena for a fair battle. Then this is the game for you. Providing you enjoy frustration more than enjoyment out of a game.
I love this game so much i really love ronin,mage knight and juggernaut because there are strong.i will be more happy if you add new troop and some free gift love you titan mobile
Love this game. I like how you can mix up your team to suit your gameplay style... Plus it's satisfying how you can come back to previous levels and absolutely decimate your enemies!!!!;
This is a relly good game but with this new updades the game have some connection ptoblems and its sooo annoying pls fix it
from my point of view ill rate this game 4star... or maybe i should say that its almost 2 thumbs up !!! but !!..., its just only for now that I sometimes feelin' only a little bit needs about some time extension or lenght of action per Level or FIGHT in a matter of few weeks that I played ...,but beside to that overall about this game I could say that its. "geniusly" DONE w/ a Heart push to "perfection" !!! so in the whole I really appreciate this masterpiece Thanks & may GOD Bless ur team :-).
My account has been successfully reset. I lost my level 72 status due to glitch. But it's ok atleast i'm back in action. Thank you!
I hve been playing this game for years, it is really entertaining and pretty enjoyable. I just hope that there will be more classes of heroes, like atlantis or greek or even the circus. I hope they would also add another tier of rarity. Over all, I really love this game.
I really liked the game...I got a few epic cards and raised their ranking too...i like the ranked mode but it makes me think that im playing with computer....if its possible could you please add some new features like in-game chatting, challenging other players in real time and an clan system...it will be more enjoyable that way....thats the only things the game on is short of...other than that it is marvelous πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Gameplay is fun, and even the online ranking system gives you a challenge. Only problem I've encountered so far is the Druidess. I just unlocked her today, but whenever I decided to use her she lags the game so much. If this bug were fixed I would change my rating to 5 stars.
I just love this game it is fantastic this game has many powerful heroes and many different type of heroes like = undead, Jade empare, kingsmen,invaders, robots I know 3 froms normal,rare,epic this game have arena also
This is one of the best games I've ever played but what's something I don't like it's how you need lightning bolts in order the play I want to play all day but I can't cuz what if I went out a lightning bolt so I don't like how that you add like
I love this game the game itself is good graphics are good and you get to choose enemys on your side from different castle
Good game but if you get to far it gets to the point it becomes a pay to win game other than that its a good game
Please Fix The Bugs Totally The Small Bug Dissapeared But When You've Updated It, The Game Became More Disaster. Sometimes The Game Crashes A Little Bit, Screen Turn To Black For A Few Seconds And Then It Will Exit. And This Crash Is Very Bad Timing In The Hard Levels Just Little Hits Needed The Tower Will Be Destroy But It Exits And More Of That, Your Energy Will Be Wasted And My Other Friends Experienced It Too. And Please Add One More Slot For Minions And Add A Queen Slot. Thank You!
Umm...This game add some memory because I trash tower conquest.This game has a memory?I want install back my tower conquest?Help me!I want back my Card!She epic!Has two sword in she hand!
Thank you for the 100 gems for the server outage yesterday. Tower Conquest is the best defense game in the Google Play Store.
Am creator I appreciate that you wanted a better game resolution but i hope that you are aware that the gaming having a high resolution has cause a lag , well the game dont usually lag except if theres so many wujen, we love your game so plss fix it , luv you creator keep safe , and please don't ignore your players, we all hope for your action😊
It's a great game but there are a few flaws, like the overatted character designs, some characters have really bad names, like the "leaper" (which should be werewolf), "golem" (which should be frankenstein's monster) and the story, only the beggining of the story was shown. Please address these problems.
Progress is painfully slow and the AI gains strength too quickly forcing the player to either pay for upgrades or keep repeating the same thing over and over and over and over.
Good game but rogue passes more than just first soldier so can't strategist against it as she is transparent until the tower . Even if you time it with enough gaps between soldiers she passes them all and hits your tower . It states that she passes first enemy so this should be fixed as it doesn't do what is stated . Also once daily challenges are met they should refresh to keep the game flowing . Once all levels complete can we start again from scratch with some rewards obviously and a new rank
Omg im off plants vs zombies heroes! ,Ive been trying to quit that game for a new game and youve done it ! Thank you awesome game fun to play and evolve characters , running out of energy to battle sucks ,but gives me a break to do real life stuff lol Great game
Why do I have to watch adds after every battle. Sometimes an add pops up during a battle. This just started happening yesterday with the adds. I'm uninstalling this app. You ruined the game.
To me this is the best tower defense that I played. However it would be more fun if it had some sort of lifeline just in case something goes wrong. More power.
Great game but ruined by way to many 30 second ads. Yes you don't have to watch them but you then have to rely on microtranactions to keep you in the game. Would be a Fantadtic game if they ripped out the energy + ad revenue components and let us pay $$$ for a regular game. Tired of all the ads in hand these days (and yes I know it's profitable - just ruins the gaming experience and I'm fed up with it).
Its a really fun game and I enjoy how the character changes everytime you rank them up. Its just that the daily challenge is really hard especially if you are s high level player, but its a really great game and I hope you continue to develop it more <3
I like this game but I can't defeat pumpkin head it is very hard to defeat pumpkin head and the life is only 3 and energy for match is only 5
Why in the arena ..the game keep choose players that have levels very high to my level .. and always get lose because of this unfair play
This game is fun, but can be pretty brutal sometimes. There are some bugs too, ones that say "you need an internet connection to attend these events", when I clearly have internet connection. If you like strategy games, I would recommend this one.
This is the best game it has awesome graphics and super sprites and it is incredible . it is the best of the bests and i give it no negative review . great job devlper . keep it up........
Great game! I wish there was a way to see team attack points total between team A and B when switching sides. Would love more options to use diamond for character cards. Had great time playing.
its the best game make dis game in to part 2 and world chat to my kids just love dis game but first you gonno make the shop heros stay in like if you sale a hero just there first sale πŸ‘Œok
I like this game... but its using energy to play. And it takes sooo long to get even 1 energy i wod rate 5 star if you make it faster to regenerate the energy. i like it tho
I really love the game, but ever since the new update ive been getting bugs. Whenever i use the druidess my screen would freeze and sometimes when i do the daily challenges my screen freezes too. I really hope this would get fixed soon because this is such a great game and i would love to be able to play it properly
You don't have to pay money! All cards are obtainable without the need to fork out cash, fun and addictive as hell gameplay.
It was a very good game.. But now it's lags very lot.. When the internet connection is gone the game lags and stops... Very much disappointed .. But the older version was much smoother... Some of the bugs in the older version are improved... New version hangs the phone very very much.. I once played this game i connected to my facebook so when I again installed it i have no problem recovering my old data.. So thanks fo that... I would have given it 5 star but because of the lagging I'm giving it 3.. Believe that Titan mobile and june wil improve it.. Without the lag It's one of the best ever non paying games
the game was very great but it would be better if the energy charge time or shorter because it too long to wait 30 minutes just for 1 energy
Ok so the stamina has never been a favorite of mine but I understand the mechanics behind it at the same time. Some will find this very annoying. The game play itself is smooth and I have found myself supporting this game without question. I look forward to the future updates. Fingers crossed for more epics.
The towers need very much card 700πŸ™„why?!! How i must collect 700 card for update to level 4 that enemy very stronger game give us very few card just daily and arena give us bring more hero All of heroes exist from begening Please update faster Game have very bug after 100000 year you give update What's news: bug fixed are you kidding me β˜ΉπŸ˜’ One thing if we could change wheather in the game be awesome
It's a great game with minimal ads, but the developers kinda suck. Don't buy into the game because the payout features are bugged--and on top of that, the devs haven't even responded to my inquiries. If you play, DO NOT PAY.
I really love this game. Can you just add more cards. I will appreciate it a LOT. I will then rate 5 stars. Thank you very much for making this game. ☺☺😊😊
It is extremely rigged and especially the Rogue's they go past all of ur troops and go to ur tower so tht means they go right past all of ur troops and go for the tower and if u spawn something and basically instant kills and I really hate it because it go's past the whole arena.
Graphics and levelling units is the only good part of this game. Everything else is a failure. Repetative fights on islands, completely unbalanced arenas (first week you are always first, rest of the month can't kill anyone), terrible freezes on top hardware that make some fights impossible to finish.
In the latest update after every battle there are a terrible forced ads in addition to voluntary ads for double points. Well done, developers: the game rolls into the trash πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Upd. Well, I forcibly-voluntarily watched ads every day to level up the army faster, but now you FORCE to watch ads after EVERY battle. No, thanks. Like any normal person I HATE being forced to do something without leaving a choice. Uninstall.
really enjoy the game but there are a few flaws. when there are alot of guys on the screen the game becomes very laggy even on the highest setting. can you please make more factions, ive almost unlocked every guy and have only been playing a few weeks. also why are all the levels the same? it gets repetitive mabey make some further apart with no time limit or something? also please make it so we can upgrade the mana counter this would be good if we can have units worth more than 500 thanks update
This game is rediculis some times and it's kinda hard but like this game is the bom I can play it all frickin day there is no stopping , me for playing this game down lode for free
I only liked the way how they fight ,but when I am playing sometimes it freezes sometimes and it automaticaly quites to the homepage.I did not like this game much and I want them to improve the game............πŸ˜žπŸ˜žπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
I was very excited at first but then it just got me very frustrated because that when I tried to get my castle I did not see a castle I'd not have a castle so download the game if you want 100% frustration and it's annoying
Given it a 3* but it could have been 5. The first star is because there's no bugs or glitches, the game works as intended, 2nd star the game is good and highly addictive, 3rd star is the frequency of the ads is appropriate and doesn't put you off the game. It's missed out on the final star because the daily's are almost impossible
Fun game. so many different unique units, great art style. Doesn't gate you with difficulty only with energy which i appreciate. Only criticism is that i bought a $10 special deal and was under whelmed by the value, i often feel this way with loot box purchases. i don't feel that what came out of the box was a $10 value which is ashame because i would probably spend more money on this game if the purchased content was generous.
This game sucks when it come to daily challenge, I'm tired of using weak peasants,it's even harder to collect cards due to the power of units.
This game would easily be a 5 star if the energy system weren't so absurd. Such a great game, but having to wait half an hour once the ads that grant you an energy point are used up (13 hour cooldown), and relying on a total of 5 max energy is just plain stupid. Either add content to spend 13 hours waiting, make arena free of energy, or raise the max energy to 15 and lower the energy recharge time to 10-15 minutes, so it's still playable.
Very nice game. But can you please fix the problem about the lag when I summon the druidess and please add some new unit. I really like this game tho. Keep up the good work😊
I love the game and I hope that you make more troops or soldiers in this game. And I wanted to add some new events.
I installed the game because i got bored of other games and i played the game before and i saw everything was the same exept i had a lvl 30 Reaper at evolution 4 , a lvl 32 evolution 5 undead tower the skull one i forgot its name , a lvl 27 evolution 4 assasin bug and a lvl 31 evolution 5 Teracotta Warror and it took away 12 levels of my account i was lvl 44. Its fine if you dont give the levels back but all i atleast want back is my troops because i worked months to get them almost a year.
Been playing the game for a while now,I found that the lagging is terrible and the matchups after you've been playing a while become ridiculous and you cannot win unless you spend a ton of money. I've already spent all the money I'm going to on this game. Fix it or I'm moving on.
Solid game, yes repetitive but still enjoyable. I have one issue, the save progress. I dont want to give you my phone logs just to save my game to Google Play. Can you either tell me why or make it normal. Because that makes your game look EXTREMELY suspicious. I also dont want to give you my facebook account either. I will do a bit of my own testing on this app but so far seems interesting.
LV100 finally finished the grind and never felt I needed to buy gems, just did the dailys. My only complaints are with the arena. The matchmaking is pretty garbage if you go a division higher than you should. But the real issue lies with the boredom of it. The AI playing the part of the characters the same way....would a live arena be possible????? Even for the end game LV90+ or so? It would certainly breath new life into the game. THE LAG!!!!! Fix this please!!!!
This game is great I used to play all the time as a tiny kid and I still do visit as a teenager one of my favorite games not the best one I played but still five star and plus the energy limit is a little annoying but you got to notice that it gives you time to go outside do other things learn how to appreciate that and you'll love this game a lot more
There's something wrong with the enemy crypt tower each time it uses it's skill to my troops they get stuck even the cage is broken please fix it because it's unfair
the game was great, but I think you should shorten the reloading of energy or add an extra energy so we can play a little longer
I love this game, but for all the units, I wish you could choose what you wanted them to look like after everytime you evolve. like...lets say you have a 4 star hammer toad, and you wanted it to look like it's level 1, because a good amount of people like me, love being able to do that, and I really want to be able to change my invaders to their level 1 look. I would highly appreciate it if you put this idea into play. thank you and have a nice day.
This went from one of my favorite mobile games to one of the most annoying. There must have been some update because now after EVERY match I am forced to sit through two-part ads. Unless this feature is removed I will be uninstalling and keeping the one star rating up.
Good game for a while very very grindy and monotonous game. Great selection of characters with different abilities. But its longevity is painfully slow and single player is boring .
Meh.... I enjoy it so far, good grinding game. This game is very repetitive and needs away to acquire cards quicker, not in the sense that you can beat the game in a day or have maxed out characters in a week but away to grind cards faster than the slow set up they have now, the slow repetitivness might make me want to uninstall. But right now its keeping me interested. So I guess we'll see in a couple weeks. Be back with an update to let you know what I think.
This was fun & awesome while i played it howerver i rated this game a 3 stars because the strategy gets dull , simply put it your broken or the enemy is unfair theres no other challenges besides from defeating your enemy base , Can yall add a canpaign where there's quest to do , like defeat a giant dragon or slay a migthy Minotaur or something instead of doing the same areas over & over again? i really love this game i just wise there's more to do...
Best offline game no lag graphics are mind blowing but make part 2 of this game and remove energy points from this game
Tower defense strategy. Emphasizes strategy over numbers. Cute and cool character designs. Long term fun with quick play. Exactly what a cellphone game should play like. Ads are optional, but rewards make them worth it.
No option to restart the game , i tried to uninstalled it and download again but still same progress plz fix this , anyway nice game πŸ‘πŸ‘
Am the best in the game currently over level 55,and have all of my heros max out except one that really hard to come by, great game if you interesting in strategy game this is the game to play, very fun and help to keep you level headed.
A fun games. You can use different strategies in every match and also it's hard to maintain to be the top player all time because being in a high level can make a disadvantage on you.
The arena ranking system needs to be fix. I am level 48 right now, but somehow I get promote to Platinum 5. Every single player in my rank is 5+ level higher than me. Players need to get demoted too!